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  1. U6b36ef

    Problems installing Windows 7 on Z370 motherboard and Coffee Lake CPU.

    I am trying to install Windows 7 on a new Asus TUF Z370 Pro - Gaming motherboard. However I am hitting problem after problem. The first and most important problem, is that Windows 7 will only update so far, then stop. The OS is still showing at Service Pack 1, although I have managed to update...
  2. S

    Installed a new gpu cpu motherboard and psu and won't receive any commands on the screen

    So I bought s new gpu cpu psu and a motherboard and attached all the cables properly.When it gets to the windows repair it just won't receive commands please help
  3. V

    PS4 or PS4 pro? PC guy here

    My last console was probably something like Sega mega drive or something similar many many years a go and it was PC gaming for me all this time. I am at a point where i feel like PC gaming is not what it used to be and i would like to experience all the exclusives on the PlayStation platform...
  4. J

    After installing CPU Fan, PC no longer boots

    I tried to install an aftermarket CPU fan, and now my PC only flickers for a split second and then shuts off. At first, it would be in a boot loop, and I kept getting an error "55" on my Z77 Extreme4, which was that memory couldn't be read. The boot loop would occur with any combination of RAM...
  5. R

    6700k vs 8700k cpu spikes?

    Hello, recently while playing games like PUBG iv noticed CPU spikes. If i have any browser open with a stream open as well as PUBG my cpu will randomly spike to 100% causing frame issues in game. I was basically wondering the potential cpu usage of a 8700k vs my 6700k for games like PUBG. Would...
  6. P

    when i open my laptop it make noise

    when i open it make more noise.i also chanmge my software but problem has not solve what can i do ?
  7. C

    Aura sync won't launch

    Hi everyone, Just finished upgrading my system and decided to go with a few aura sync items while I was at new case is the noctis 450 rog and I'm using 2 sticks of gskill trident z rgb. Unfortunately aura sync instantly stops working when I try launching it. I've tried updating my drivers...
  8. J

    GPU update no again

    My son has an Optiplex 2010 i7 (3rd series) with 16GB RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5 GPU running Windows 7 from an SSD. He bought a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 which didn't fit and so we squeezed it into another Optiplex (990 i7 2nd series) also with 16GB RAM running Windows 10 from an...
  9. Z

    Asus N53SN Replacement Battery

    I'm starting to feel like an idiot. I'm currently researching new laptop batteries for a model N53SN laptop from Asus. The model number of the battery for reference is A32-N61. My current battery seems to have a runtime of at most 40 minutes when doing general web browsing and I'd like to...
  10. R

    is it good?

    Is AMD Radeon R5 Integrated Graphics for playing Rainbow Six Siege on low graphics?
  11. M

    Browsers I didn't open showing when I opened laptop

    Hi crew, This morning I opened my laptop to two Chrome tabs I didn't open. And not just a "new" tab. One was a webpage to PODS Storage, and the other was looking at the "Foreigner" movie on Redbox. Two very specific pages on two different websites. This happened at 6:30 this morning (I accessed...
  12. H

    What is the best Graphics card upgrade for HP 3300 (HP pro slimline)

    Hello, I am learning about upgrading and fixing PCs and I am starting with an HP 3300 (Pro Slimline) with Windows 10. First I am thinking about changing the graphics card so that I will have an HDMI output. I have read through all the threads on this board and on others about upgrading the HP...
  13. S

    Nfc on samsung j3

    There is no nfc on the Samsung j3 2017 its europe version j330f PLEASE HELP
  14. P

    Pc won't turn on

    Hello, I've been using the GTX 960 for like 3 years now with an xps 8700 and now it suddenly shut down and won't turn on I've test the ps w.o the GTX 960 plugged in(6pins) works fine. It won't turn on with the gpu is plug. I put the old gpu(GTx 720) back in and it works fine. It this a gpu or...
  15. A

    Help with fan controller on Corsair case

    I have a Corsair Spec Alpha case for almost a year now. It has a three speed fan controller that connected to the fans (I have 4) and sata power. Recently I have a problem with it. The medium speed (the middle one) has the same speed as the low one. So, the speed of the fan become low-low-high...
  16. TroyAllan

    PSU failing. Time to upgrade?

    Hey everyone. I have my old gaming PC setup for my girlfriend and for a while now it has been making a high pitched squeal. Not unbearable but you can definitively hear it. It will go away after a few minutes have passed, but, it seems to come back once she starts playing a game. At first I...
  17. M

    Problems with PC

    Hello, Recently I had a problem with my gaming PC. I was playing a game one day when it just suddenly turned off on me. Now since then it constantly boots loads windows for a minute or 2 shuts down then restarts and repeats over and over. Or it wont boot to windows it will cause my fans to...
  18. S

    144 hz monitor flickers on overdrive

    I have a r9280x with latest drivers and when i change anything in AMD overdrive section (power to memory to etc) my monitor starts flickering and screen starts tearing at 144 hz. When i go down to 120hz everything goes back to normal. What seems to be the problem? Is there a fix? My monitor is...
  19. D

    AMD Adrenalin Causing Computer to Micro-Freeze

    Hi All, Here are my computer specs (Please let me know if you need more information): Computer: Desktop GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz RAM: 24 GB OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) Motherboard: MSI z87 MPower PSU: Corsair TX 750 Monitor Tested: ViewSonic XG2401...
  20. D

    Is 11.8V on 12V rail safe?

    I am currently using a corsair Vs450 psu on a build with the following specs: Core i5,gigabyte B75 mobo,4+4=8 gb ram,3 HDDs,750ti gpu. Usually the voltage on the 12V rail of this psu stays at around 12.1 V under normal circumstances,however I have observed that whenever i start some...