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    will this ram work

    So I have this Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2133 MT/s (PC4-17000) SR x8 Unbuffered DIMM 288-Pin Memory - CT8G4DFS8213 will it work on a ryzen 3 1200
  2. G

    Faceing bios problem knowledge

    I am subjecting to build a Ryzen R5 2400g pc, but can't find a compatible motherboard with updated bios, and i am new in this field, can i buy a pre build bios updated motherboard ?
  3. K

    Overclocked 800Mhz or just 1333MHz?

    So, i have an old pc with: ECS G41T-M16 Motherboard Running in Windows 10 Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core E5300 2M Cache, 2.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB 1x2GB DDR3-1600 Samsung M378B5773SB0-CK0 GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6570 I was planning to buy a DDR3 1366MHz 4GB RAM. but when i check the ram with HWinfo, its...
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    Is this normal cooling for Ryzen?

    CPU is 2600. If I go into the BIOS the cpu sits 27/28. Once I go into windows I can't ever get it below 30 no matter what. I can set all fans to max and best I can do is 30. I can be in the BIOS with fans set to 40% and it's still below 30c. Everything else seems pretty good. During stress test...
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    SSD Won't Boot Windows 10 After Installation

    Hello, I purchased a Kingston SA1000M8 240GB M.2 NVMe SSD drive. I installed it into my H97-PLUS motherboard and tried to clean install Windows 10 on the SSD. First thing I got was errors saying the current select disk is GPT. I was able to fix it by updating the BIOS and downloading Windows...
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    Master case h500m

    Could someone tell me how to hook up the front fans that come stock on the case? They both have two cables one is for power that I believe goes to the fan headers on my motherboard, then the other is what I can’t figure out. It’s a cable with 3 holes but between two of the pins there’s a blank...
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    Okay to used duct tape on WLAN card?

    Okay so this wlan pci-e cars I got has a heat spreader that came with it, but it does not come with anything to hold it onto the card. There's no screw to hold it in place or anything. Am I allowed to use duct tape to hold it down? (WLAN CARD)
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    Laptop sent in for repair but not fixed.

    So recently I sent in my laptop for repair because when charging and playing games, I would have massive FPS drops. They sent it back with a replaced motherboard and updated bios. The problem still occurs, and I wonder if the problem could be my charger? -Specs Intel i5-8250 MX150 8 go ddr3...
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    Error 2E DZ68BC

    All of a sudden when I turned my computer on I got on the mobo screen error 15 and then error 2E and it turns off and then turns back on again and it repeat the same process I’ve mentioned above. I tried yo find what 2E error is but I’ve been unlucky, please let me know what the devil is going...
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    Is it OK to install graphics cadrs next to each other if there are fans blowing in the gaps between?

    Hi All I'm planning to build a computer with four 2-slot graphics cards. Installing them right next to each other would leave a minimal gap between them, which is of course unacceptable. The cards can't work normally like that no question about it. However I thought if I install an array of...
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    Size of icon fonts custom

    I just bought my mother a new computer. She has a very hard time seeing. I have messed with the DPI and also the resolution of her monitor. Windows 7 I believe had settings for each part of the operating system. Is there a way to get some other options on sizing items and colors. I will change...
  12. rvidd

    Update Dell Laptop bios without battery

    My friend has Dell Inspiron 15R-5521. It says battery not charging. But battery is not dead. So I tried to update BIOS, which might help. But because of no battery, I couldn't update the BIOS. I even tried to update the BIOS by CMD with /forceit. But it also didn't work. Please give me some...
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    Can I upgrade to a faster memory speed?

    I got this old laptop, an Acer Aspire 5741, and I wanted to upgrade it. I'll only use it for a lightweight workstation (running a Debian kernel and XFCE or something), so I'm thinking of grabbing a cheap 250GB SSD and some new RAM. According to the CPU information, it only supports memory...
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    Opinion for Acer aspire 7

    Hey guys, could you give me opinion about this laptop, planing to buy it soon. What you think,laptop would be used mostly for surfing watching movies, that kinda stuff, games sometime.Thank you! Spec Intel Core i5-7300HQ Quad Core Processor 17.3" Full HD IPS Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home...
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    "Graphical, mouse lag" ?

    Ok guys, problem is rather complicated to explain, because i cant even explain to my self what is going on with my pc, i play battlefield 4 and i have lag. Its not regular internet lag, am not rubberbanding, i have a good constant ping when i check scoreboard, its graphical lag or mouse lag, i...
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    Asus vs monitor DVI no signal

    I bought a computer from someone. It worked when he showed it to me. When I got home though, the monitor keeps saying DVI no signal. I've checked all of the cords and power supply. I hooked it up to a different monitor and that didn't work. I opened it up and it. Looks like everything is in...
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    Having issues deciphering temperature readings on HWMonitor?

    I'm looking at HW Monitor and it's saying my CPU package temp is running at high temperature, anything from about 60C to 110C. However apparently TMPIN1 on the same software relates to CPU temp, and this is running normal CPU temps. Any info to help? Note: When the CPU temp moves, it jumps up...
  18. L

    Brand New Acer Nitro 5 laptop, after updating black screen at boot up

    Hi, I am on my second Acer Nitro 5 (the first one I took back to exchange for this 2nd because I thought the first one was defective). Here's a link to the EXACT laptop I am having problems with the EXACT same specs...
  19. A

    Gigabyte x370 K5 Rear Audio I/O not working

    Recently I moved My ryzen 1600 to a x370 mobo, and after doing a BIOS update to F22 from the stock one at shipping, my rear Audio I/O has stopped working. My USB headset still works, but the rear speaker will not give any sound, or even show up in the audio options on the task bar. References...
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    problem with leds on my fans pn the new pc

    so i just build at new pc, and i cant for the love of god find the connector for the leds on my fans. got an " cooler master lite 5 rgb" and a " MSI B360-A pro" moatherboard any help plz