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  1. D

    Is 11.8V on 12V rail safe?

    I am currently using a corsair Vs450 psu on a build with the following specs: Core i5,gigabyte B75 mobo,4+4=8 gb ram,3 HDDs,750ti gpu. Usually the voltage on the 12V rail of this psu stays at around 12.1 V under normal circumstances,however I have observed that whenever i start some...
  2. labibhasan731

    Core i5 for my Gigabyte H61M-DS2 (rev 5.0)!!

    So, I have a motherboard "Gigabyte H61M-DS2 (rev 5.0)". I want a core i5 for my PC. It supports "3rd Gen. Intel® 22nm CPUs and 2nd Gen. Intel® Core™ CPUs (LGA1155 socket)". I just don't understand!!! Will upper generations' i5s work on my motherboard? Or I need 2nd Gens? Thanks in Advance!
  3. L

    Overclocking a cpu with 1333fsb on a motherboard supporting max 1066

    Hey, so what the titlw says. I made a dumb mistake by purchasing a motherboard with max fsb speed with 1066 with a cpu that needs 1333mhz fsb. System works normally like is. But the cpu is clocked at 2.4ghz (from stock 3.0). If you can give me any tips how can i overclock it to at least 3.0ghz...
  4. M

    Will a i5 cpu fit in a ah68m grenade motherboard?

    If it does which i5 will be a good one for a gtx 1050 ti and 8gb ram?
  5. The Paladin

    Player's Unknown Battle Ground graphic issue ?

    okay I will make this simple, yes I have updated my drivers, yes I have removed them with DDu and downloaded/reinstall a new version of my video drivers, I have removed the games reinstalled it, check file integrity, and yes I have this issue which is odd. anyone else get this; if I go to First...
  6. W

    Strange RX 480 Issue with 240Hz DP 1.2

    I have a strange problem with my RX480 at 240Hz on DP 1.2. So what happens is, on Display Port sometimes when starting certain games, especially source games my monitor black screens on the games starting up, sound all works fine, and i can still use the mouse and hear things being clicked and...
  7. S

    Gpu upgrade help

    I just bought a dell optiplex and a 1050ti. I know your supposed to disable your dedicated graphics card before you put the new one in. If my dell optiplex came factory reset can I just take out the integrated and put in the 1050 ti without having to uninstall or disabling anything. Any help...
  8. marquinho.osorio

    Is there any VGA Splitter?

    Hey everyone, so i have 1 Monitor that only has 1 VGA Port and I have my Computer and my Xbox that need to connect to it. I have 2 HDMI to VGA adapters for each one (Pc, Xbox) . But my problem is: When i have my pc connected to the monitor to i switch to the xbox i need to Unscrew the VGA cable...
  9. jmcclelland1844

    Which system is the best value? (Ryzen 5 1600 or i5 7600k)

    Which of these systems would be a better value? Specs (intel) CPU: i5 7600k Mobo: ASRock - Z270 Extreme4 Graphics card: Asus dual gtx 1070 Ram: 3000 mhz corsair vengeance lpx or CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo: Asus strix b350 Graphics card: same as intel system Ram: 3000 mhz corsair vengeance lpx
  10. N

    4/2 internet speed

    So i just got a new internet with the speed of 4/2 Mbit/s. I know that's not fast but can someone tell me how slow it is compared to a normally fast internet? And how fast would it download a 10 GB file?
  11. T

    Only half of memory is usable after overclocking

    Hey guys, I am running following system: MB: GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3 CPU: AMD Vishera FX-8300 GPU: SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 470 4GB RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1866 PSU: Seasonic S12II-620 620W Case: NZXT S340 SSD: Kingston HyperX Savage - 240GB HDD: WD Blue EX - 1TB...
  12. A

    Gpu does work, but not with the right board

    My gpu does not work with my motherboard, it does not show anything on the screen. I have tested everything amd all works, but gpu does not work with my mother board, but works with another. Motherboard works with different gpu, but not with mine. I can use integrated grapichs to get in to bios...
  13. D

    What graphics card is compatible with my PC?

    Im considering of getting a better graphics cards for gaming Any recommendations? My specs Computer: Acer Aspire X3-710 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 (Skylake-S, R0) 3400 MHz (34.00x100.0) @ 3789 MHz (38.00x99.7) Motherboard: Acer Aspire X3-710 Chipset: Intel H110 (Skylake PCH-H) Memory: 8192...
  14. M

    Building Quad-core Xeon 4650 server... Case, fans, and power supply?

    Hi all, I am working on a "home" server to use as a compute server (running large parallelized computational workloads, 24/7). I have 4 Intel Xeon E5-4650 CPUs (8 cores each, 130W TDP each), and a SuperMicro X9qri-F+ motherboard. I also have 96GB of DDR3 ECC RAM for this motherboard from...
  15. S

    PC died and now I need to know whats wrong

    I had a gaming rig set up with a msi 970 gaming mobo and a r9 270 gpu. Both were oc'd and then it died one day after running for about 4 months. I realized after it died that after my oc the psu wasn't up to par with the oc's power consumption. Now the pc wont turn on with a new psu which is...
  16. A

    computer blank screen crashing after a while of playing games.

    as the title says, my computer crashes after playing a game for a while. what it does is the screen goes blank and sound abruptly stops. the computer is still running, including the fans, the interior lights, but all input and output doesn't work. sometimes it reaches the preboot screen but it...
  17. V

    Issue after upgrading CPU

    Hi, guys, I am having the following problem: A few months ago I upgraded my CPU from an i5 4440 to an i7 4770. I had an EVGA GTX 1060 6GB and, before the upgrade, everything worked flawlessly. However, after upgrading the CPU, my rig started rebooting at random. At first, I thought it could be...
  18. K

    Buying Gtx 1060 wich one?

    Im looking to buy a gtx 1060 for gaming Should i get 3 gb or 6 what difference does it make to gaming? Also there are a number of companies selling the 1060 which one should i choose? Which company has Best price and performance for that particular card Thanks!
  19. B

    cant overclock my gpu?

    when trying to overclock my gpu the sliders wont move and if i click accepts after putting in what mhz i want, it defaults back to zero. this has been happening a while and i cant remeber when it started. ive reinstalled amd drivers and uninstalled msi afterburner several times. it doesnt even...
  20. X

    Poor Wifi Coverage

    My home is two stories with a basement (so B,1st, and 2nd floor) and the wifi on the 2nd floor is not the best. Normally I wouldn't care that much but we recently had a kid and the wifi camera in his room struggles at times. The modem and router are in the basement and there are 2 ethernet...