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  1. L

    Want to thank someone??

    I want to thank one of the techs here. COIF? I had a problem and followed your solution to someone else having the same issue and it worked perfect for me so far! I can't seem to thank you any other way than this, that I could find. So, thank you Coif! You solved my problem. I have a few...
  2. R

    Did I get the wrong PSU?

    Specs: 1950x Enermax LickTech 360 x399 Taichi 128gb DDR4 1xGTX 1080ti 2xGTX1080 1xSAS RAID Card 2xSSDs 5x7.2k SATA 1xBluRay Burner 10x120mmFans EVGA SuperNova 1200 Platinum CyberPower 1320w UPS Usage: Professional, 8-12hrs a day VIdeo Editing, Compositing, 3D Animation and Rendering. I...
  3. A

    Building a New Multi-processing Desktop.

    Hello, My computer is quite dead (literally) and just cannot handle what I want it to do anymore. Therefore, I am looking to build a new system. Up until now, I have always been using AMD, but now I just want whichever system can handle what I want done. I will first list a few components I...
  4. T

    NZXT Sentry 3 PWM functionality

    Will my NZXT Sentry 3 control my fans via PWM if i connect PWM fans to it?
  5. B

    Did I Trash My CPU Socket?

    Hello, I have an ASUS Z270E Strix motherboard. Long story short I accidentally touched the socket and am wondering if the pins are bent or otherwise unusable? It does seem that 1-2 pins are raised higher than others. Have never built an Intel system so the CPU socket interface is new to me. If...
  6. K

    Need some help with a new build

    So, i'm planning on building my first pc. I've been a laptop gamer for a few years now and I've grown tired of the constant lag and stuttering. Basicly i need some help double checking the parts. Here's a link to my pcpartpicker list: I'm thinking of...
  7. valeman2012

    Asrock Pro4 H270 BIOS Update

    What does C-State Auto Rule do?
  8. B

    Contact lenses for VR headset?

    Hi I´m using prescription glasses and don´t see very well both near and far away. I want to start using contacts with my Vive, but is not sure if the contacts shall be for good near-sight or good sight far away Any one with good experience in this field? Regards /T
  9. S

    how to clear bios password on dell xps l702x

    bios password is set and system is usable but cant get the password reset to factory(no password)
  10. Sam Hain

    Recommended CPU Paste

    Hello Community, Currently using an i7-4790K @4.5GHz/1.35v on all cores (nothing over the top here) and using an H-105 cooler w/stock fans, which are in an intake direction; fans set to "normal" in BIOS, plugged into CPU header and pump connected to PSU direct via MOLEX. I installed the CPU...
  11. L

    Best tablet for usage

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for a tablet, in th next month or two and I'm kind of hesitant between the big three. I'm unable to decide between: Ipad Pro 9,7 128GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 32GB Surface 4 Pro (i5-6500U/128GB/16GB RAM) I will mainly will be travelling with the tablet for...
  12. D

    Not showing the right amount of space on my HDD

    I have an external HDD I wanna use for videos so my SSD does not get full but previously I loaded The raspberry Pi os into it making the HDD a fixed 57.7MB meaning I can barely fill it up. The thing is I know this HDD has 1TB because before I loaded raspberry pi it worked fine and now I'm stuck...
  13. A

    which is best

    is pentium dual core is best for gaming or intel pentium d for pc
  14. S

    Water-Cooling Graphics Card

    Not too long ago I bought the ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080,, with the mindset that I wouldn't water cool it because i just didn't have enough money to do it. But now, starting off the New Year and ending the holidays, I got some...
  15. V

    problem in play video in vlc player

    when i play any video in vlc player pc will restart automatically and then pc show the msg that pls window start normally. in other player any of video play normally. the problem in only vlc player when i play video.
  16. C

    DVD Burner melted power plug cause?

    Hello all, Based on the photos below, what do you think has caused the burned power plug area on my DVD burner? 1. DVD Burner gone bad? 2. Power adapter (molex) gone bad? 3. Power supply issue? 4. other I'm assuming it was #1 or #2 and I will replace both since they are burnt, but I wanted...
  17. p3r02d3r0

    Please help: I have a weird performance dip in almost all games, and I have a good PC with GTX 970

    Hi all, First, happy holidays to everyone. I bought MSI GeForce GTX 970 4G Gaming 4 GB about a year ago, and almost all 3D games stutter when I play. Some more, some less. But that started to happen after a while. At first games did run well. Here's my PC: Core i7-4770 3,4 GHz MSI Z87-GD65...
  18. FMJ_Twitch

    High CPU usage lowish end game

    Can someone tell my why my cpu is at like 90% while playing MWR its a stable overclocked I76700k and also im getting 17 fps in the menu Btw my graphics card is a GTX1070 link provided for SS
  19. S

    Difference between LED and IPS LED monitors

    I am planning to buy a new monitor. I was searching on flipkart the other day and in the filter tab,i saw that there were many options such as 1)LED 2)LED backlit LCD 3)LCD 4)IPS LED 5)Backlight LED 6)ips led 7)LED backlit LCD(non gsync) Guys,please help me in selecting one which is good...