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  1. H

    Help Upgrading RAM in laptop.

    I recently received a laptop, an HP g60-231wm, and I'm wanting to upgrade the ram. It currently has 3gb of RAM (1 x 1gb + 1 x 2gb). Max supported size is 4gb. RAM type: is DDR2 SDRAM. Form: SO-DIMM 200-pin. I have found some RAM that I think will be perfect but the RAM is dual channel...
  2. S

    TP Link TL-WDN4800 Wireless Network Card

    I am installing a wireless network card for the first time ever. I've built probably 20-30 PC's, but honestly never have installed one of these. I have always ran a wired connection, but recently have been in a situation where I could really use a wireless connection. I purhcased the above...
  3. J

    Utorrent bo3 1 week download?

    So i just got utorrent, and i decided to download black ops 3. I started the download 30 minutes ago and its 0.2% downloaded. right now im at 124 kb/s. this isnt normal is it??
  4. A

    I have a Acer Aspire R11 and It has some CPU issues

    I just bought a new Acer apsire R11. I was very excited it looked so good. However when I opened it and downloaded skype and started to video chat with my friends. I found that the cpu usage is always at 100%... Skype uses 60% and any other program uses nearly the same percent. The computer...
  5. straightouttahometown

    DDR3 vs GDDR5

    First of all I know GDDR5 is way better but I have the choice of buying either Sapphire R7 250 2GB DDR3 or Sapphire r7 250 1GB GDDR5 (both with boost). Both have similar prices (1gig is a little cheaper). Halp me with this guys :D Thankks
  6. S

    R7 360 on this PSU

    Hi, i'm wondering if the Gigabyte R7 360 OC edition can run on this PSU.
  7. M

    CPU Temp at 79 only while Gaming

    Hey all, first time PC build and I'm running into an odd issue with my CPU temps. I've got an i7 4790 chip with an aftermarket cooler, an EVGA GTX970 with ACX 2.0. I used a Silverstone HTPC case but outfitted it with all Noctua fans...two 80mm exhaust, one 80m intake, and two 120mm intake...
  8. E

    gpu not using its full potential

    Hi i just built a new pc and my gpu usage at witcher 3 and gta v and many other titles is just low it doesnt get above 50% and the gpu core clock keeps underclocking to 132 and its not thermal throttling because the temp doesnt get above 40 while under load and 28 idle.any suggestions ? Specs:i5...
  9. stl522013

    Which R9 390 should I get?

    I was planning on getting an Asus Strix OC R9 390, but I read some reviews and apparently there are some cooling issues. I was recommended the Sapphire Nitro. Which should I get? Are there any other i should consider getting?
  10. A

    my ethernet cable is blinking orange and has a sold green

    On November 25th my computer says that the ethernet isn't plugged in, It was plugged in and I'm using a insignia ethernet adapter because of a problem the wire had, I noticed that instead of just a soldi green light that a slow orange light blinks, does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. T

    Blue Screen after CPU upgrade (i5 4670 to i7 4770k)

    So I just upgraded to a i7 4770k from an i5 4670. Everything was going fine, idle temps were around 25 c. After about 20 minutes of use (I wasn't gaming so it shouldn't of gotton hot) my computer ran into the "your pc has ran into a problem, we'll restart it for you" message. Things that I...
  12. Joshua Fredricks

    wireless network adaptors

    Hello, all I have a hp pavilion dv8000 and right now I have it hooked up to a plug lan I was wondering where I could get the wireless drivers? When I go on view device drivers it only shows the family lan. Thank you for your help. Josh.
  13. Z

    MSI Stealth Pro GS70-098 BIOS/Blue Screen/Wireless Card Issues (New- Refurbished)

    Hey, Guys. I recently bought a refurbished GS70 Stealth Pro-098 and have run into some issues. I first received the laptop and was having big time issues with the Wireless card which would intermittently show up or not in Device Manager. Ended up sending it back in and they replaced the wireless...
  14. M

    r9 380 vs gtx 960? who performs well?

    which is the ebst card to buy guys? i have an a85600k and 8 gb of ram and i am choosing between this 2 cards, help me guys.
  15. K

    120mm fan PWM or not?

    I have an HAF922 case and 2 of my fan are dead (Been more than a year now, I'm lazy). After many reviews and setted my requirements in term of cooling and noise I stopped my choice on Corsair SP120 Performance and Corsair AF120 Performance (Need 1 SP and 2 AF). About to make the order I notice...
  16. O

    New Gaming System for 2000€

    Hello everyone, im trying to build a new gaming pc. my old one is just mehh, lets say i need a new one. i used to buy cheap stuff, but that didnt really pay off in the long run, so this time ive gathered around 2000€ and want to get the best out of it. i used the search option and im really...
  17. Halo Diehards

    Is a backup image one file, or many?

    Hello, I'm having an issue where my 2TB Canvio external drive is full, when my files and folders only add up to 291 GB. When I take a peek in the Images folder, I see upwards of 50 .NBF files. I'm trying to figure out if each of these is a backup image (I don't see settings anywhere to delete...
  18. M

    Thoughts on MSI gtx 970 100ME

    hey guys, Sorry for my bad english! Well, I thought of upgrading my current R9 270x to a gtx 970...First of all is it a good upgrade? Well the only thing that is on my mind is the MSI Gtx 970 100 ME edition card...Since I have a Gigabyte G1 sniper B5 Gaming mother board which emits green light...
  19. D

    First time budget Desktop building advice needed. That's the build I've contructed so far, mainly for gaming and personal use. If it can run witcher 3 720p at 60 fps I'll be one happy camper. Anyway, a couple of questions... I'm not certain that I chose a good motherboard, if anyone could reassure me in my...
  20. Eric1180

    First time setting up a NAS - 10 TB MicroNet Platinum raid sata pr10000sata

    Total newbie to NAS, been wanting to build for a while now. The other day I found this gem with 10TB storage never used and bought it for $150 Besides setting up the raid (raid 5), communicating with it over the network and pinging...