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  1. Dreagnout

    Question Motherboard don't post, GPU start spin 1 sec then stop

    Hi all, I was building my first rig, all was ok at first, gpu recognized by the drivers, just had all time watchdog violations (I tried to go max VRAM pagination but didn't worked -My SSD is a Kingston 120 GB). At least, the gpu fan were spinning (If I connect the moled fans near the GPU (Anima...
  2. TMargilaj

    Question My PC wont Boot ,only Post then keep Reboting

    hello guys any help , today i just want to try to using lolMiner and it runing for 1/2 minutes Then PC itself Restarts and no more Wants To Boot , its POST it showing Gigabyte Logo im Trying to enter BIOS i cant , i cant event to bootmode , i tryed all CMOS clean jumper , removing / replacing...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Why does all 4 of my GPU PCIe slots on my Z390 Godlike Motherboard recognize my RTX 3090, except for lane slot # 1?

    Hello all, This is my Z390 Motherboard: My ultimate goal is to fit 3 RTX 3090s on this Z390 Godlike motherboard for mining: Today I tried an experiment. I have listed the PCI-E lanes numbers in the picture below for reference: View...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Does ANY of the RTX 3090s from ALL the AIB partner cards only require a 2 - 8pin power connector? Also which of the RTX 3090 in existence is thinnest?

    Hello all, I have a Z390 Godlike motherboard: I am trying to fit 3 or 4 RTX 3090s on this motherboard for mining. I figure that the only way to do that is to either remove the AIB heatsink/fans from each of the 4 RTX 3090 GPUs and put in a custom...
  5. S

    Question Can I fit 4 x RTX3090s or 4 RTX 3080s into a single Extended ATX motherboard's PCI-E slots for mining? (My Z390 Godlike)

    Hello all, this is my Z390 Godlike motherboard: Do you think I can fit 4 RTX 3090s or 4 RTX 3080s into the motherboard's PCI-E slots for mining? Do you need to connect the GPUs with SLI NVLINK connectors for mining? How do some people online fit 10-50...
  6. O

    [SOLVED] off grid mining?

    i'm not sure where to post this ... i wanted to set up a couple of mining rigs to mine off the grid using a home solar system with a battery bank to power them with .... is this a pipe dream or can it be done? any info/advice greatly appreciated.
  7. tanmaypatel

    [SOLVED] am I mining right way with RTX 3060ti ??

    hey, I recently started mining with my new colorful RTX 3060 ti, Please can someone tell me that is it going well or not? or MSI afterburner setting right or how can I improve it. I have attached links to my screenshots...
  8. ThiisKiid

    [SOLVED] Combining a non modular psu with a modular psu

    Hello! so i have a pre built pc and i want to add another GPU for mining purposes i only have a 600 watt non modular PSU and im pretty sure its gonna be short. so here's the question. can i add an external PSU to power the added GPU (possibly multiple ones in the future) OR am i gonna need to...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] RX 580 8Gb mining

    If its not related please move it. Hi all. So im new in mining using nicehash and im messing around to find best settings for my gpu.I own an XFX RX 580 8gb i run on stock bios and only changed settings on radeon software. Temps are mostly under 60c on ~95Watts My settings are : Clock speed...
  10. S

    Question Which part of the GPU is being used when mining crypto currencies? (versus gaming)

    I have a RTX 3090. When I play games on maximum settings. The maximum temperature is 86'C-91'C. When I mine crypto currencies. The maximum temperature is only 76'C. So I assume that when mining cryptocurrencies, the GPU doesnt use some of its components fully as opposed to gaming at 4k. Does...
  11. Turtle Rig

    [SOLVED] What can I do with a Core 2 Quad Q6600

    We have a ancient Q6600 Core 2 Quad chip with a 760 GTX rig that is slow as a Turtle ,,, no phun,,, I want to dismantle the computer and put it in another case that we have which is a really sweet looking case as the Q6600 is on a crummy small ITX case. That is my current project as a must do...
  12. labgeek

    [SOLVED] Problem with MSI B360-F Pro motherboard?

    Hello! I just bought the a MSI B360-F Pro and am having issues as I can't get any display to be produced. The EZ debug led goes through the normal progression of CPU, DRAM, holds at VGA for a few seconds, then moves to boot where it just sits. Power is getting to the motherboard as all the...
  13. W

    Question Can a broken Gpu still heat up?

    So i was mining with my p106-100 and the usb riser I was using shorted now the card isn't detected at all. The weird thing is that usually when a card isn't working anymore(at least in my experience) the card will not heat up at all. This card is still getting hot, all parts of it from the die...
  14. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Should i buy mining used RX 570?

    Hi. I wanna buy a gpu. I've found mining used MSI RX 570 Gaming X 4G. The seller reliable and sold many cards and buyers are satisfied. Card used 3 months for mining. It has 7 month warranty and full box content. In FurMark test it giving average 88 FPS at 1920X1440 resolution without MSAA...
  15. X

    [SOLVED] Bought used RX 480, random black screens

    Hi all! I just bought a used RX 480 4GB (Sapphire Nitro, not Nitro+). I installed it last Sunday by doing this: I downloaded the latest RX 480 drivers from AMD's site, rebooted into safe mode, used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers, shut down PC, replaced my GTX 750 TI with the RX 480 and...
  16. T

    Question Troublesome Mining GPU

    So I finally found a good deal on a graphics card and upgraded from my 1050 to an Rx 580. However, this graphics card has given me a lot of trouble, since it was an Ex mining GPU with a mining BIOS on it. The seller told me to Run AMD ATI Pixel Patcher and install the drivers, I did, and when I...
  17. P

    Mining with RX 580

    Hi guys. I found a way and my electricity bill can be zero ,so I wanted to get into mining. I'm willing to buy 4 to 6 RX 580 (170€ in my country). Can someone suggest me a coin that would be profitable enough and what earns I can expect per month???
  18. M

    Question Which one to chose? (Gaming+Mining)

    I'm gonna build a pc. I'll do gaming, graphic designing & mining the rest of the time. I'm confused within 2 graphics cards.
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Nvlink size

    Hello, this is my motherboard: I currently have a 2080Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC. I want to get another 2080 Ti and...
  20. jroshier

    Question RX480 random crashes - buying a mined RX580 8gb

    (just FYI I'm in Aus) Hey all, Haven't been on here in a while. My current gpu is a Gigabyte RX480 8gb G1 Gaming. It is crashing a lot in games like Asassins Creed and Just Cause 3, as well as Borderlands. I need to upgrade it as its getting on my nerves having a card that keeps crashing, and...
  21. A

    Question myetherwallet to real money

    Hi I have completely no idea about mining. I have a RX580 I used it to mine Ethereum using Claymore's Dual miner on nanopool now it says I have 0.05 ETH in mytherwallet so how do I convert the ETH into INR or USD or any other real money and send it to my bank account? Please guide me step my...
  22. S

    Question Does it worth buying this second hand (used for mining) GPU?

    Hello guys. Do you consider SAPHIRE RX 570 Nitro 8GB that was used for mining six months a good deal to buy for 130 euros? Guarantee for the item hasn't runt out yet. This item, if I buy it brand new, it will cost me about 195 euros.But I can't spend this amount. Also, with 132 euros I can...
  23. C

    Question Virus preventing some operations

    In the last few days my PC is totally unusable, I got some kind of virus on my PC which deleted my Antivirus, disabled Windows Defender, disabled Windows update, every time when I turn on my computer it probably starts to mine bitcoin because my GPU is much louder and it's usage is over 50%. I...
  24. O

    [SOLVED] I bought a used GPU, I think it was used for mining, should I return it?

    Hello gentlemen, I recently bought a used card from a known online store (even though the seller was a third party), specifically an Asus Rog Strix RX580 O8G. It was listed as “as new” and came at a little under 200€ which seemed like a good deal, and given the fact that I could return it and...
  25. Cybertronian109

    Question 1060 or 580 mined ?

    Hi need a suggestion, I have I5 4590 which one should I buy 165$ (23000 PKR) Inno3D or PNY GTX 1060 6GB with complete accessories used (not sure about minning) or GTX 1060 6GB Zotac amp! or Sapphire Nitro + Rx 580 8GB used with complete accessories for 160$ ( 22500 PKR) used in minning for 1...
  26. I

    Question PCIe risers with 3 1060s, only recognizing 1 1060 for mining

    Hello Community. I recently got into crypto mining and all has been well. Recently I acquired 3 asus gtx 1060s 6 gb, and installed on my mother board with risers built onto a wooden frame.I confirmed all 1060s are functioning...