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  1. S

    Question Can I mine the same on PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 with RTX 2080 TI

    Hello guys! My question is this: Can I mine the same if I switch my RTX 2080 TI from PCIe Gen 3.0 to 2.0. I want to do this because I want to buy second card for mining(RTX 3060) and insert it in the PCIe 3.0 Gen slot . The 2 slots are PCIe 3.0 x16 and PCIe 2.0 x16. My motherboard is Asrock...
  2. fgalu

    [SOLVED] Mining rig don't start

    Hi! I have a problem with my rig when installing the sixth GPU, I currently have the following specs working: AORUS z270 K5 I7 7700 4GB Ram 2 x 750W PSU 5 x RTX 2060 the problem begins when I try to install one more GPU, as I don't have video I realize that the rig starts correctly because...
  3. SuPanda

    Question Massive hash-rate drops on Gigabyte RTX 3090 Gaming OC when mining ?

    Hi guys, So I recently decided to mine on my gigabyte rtx 3090 gaming oc and the first week everything was fine and I had constantly a hashrate of 120 mh/s but gpu memory temp was getting quite hot (110 C) so yesterday I decided to put some thermaltape, heatsink and a 3000rpm fan on the...
  4. Shidaro

    [SOLVED] Mining rig problem

    Hello so i use my pc for mining and decided to put my RX570 tu use and added it in the second PCIe slot that i have on my board, but my pc wouldn't detect it. I tried to install it's driver change some BIOS settings and even asked some of my tech friends for help but still nothing worked can...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] A few options Keep my MSI Suprim X 3080 or Take the Asus Strix 3080 ti

    I came into possession of a Asus Strix 3080 ti. I currently have a MSI Suprim X 3080. I am wondering if I should keep the Asus Strix 3080 ti and Sell my Suprim X, or should I keep the Suprim X? Is there any draw back to the Ti cards? I know they are better but what are true cons? Thank in advance
  6. KraKehn

    Question Is there enough PCIE lanes in my cpu?

    Well, I want to build a rig, in a MSI x470 with 2x RTX 3060 wich will be mining 24/7 and use my old 1050 ti just for gaming, pluged in the last pcie port of the board. The problem is that I want to use a ryzen 1500x wich has 20 pci lanes 16 for graphics and 4 for storage, and when plugging the...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] 1060 6gb or 1650

    what should i get ?upgrading from rx 460 4gb .A used 1060 6gb or new 1650 for 20000 inr (270 usd)?
  8. M

    Question AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Miner not displaying output

    Hi guys, So recently I've acquired some gear from a friend and it's to mine crypto. The gear I have is as follows: AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ 2x4GB 2133MHz Corsair Vengeance RAM Intel I3-9100F 6 x GTX 1060 like GPU's from China Corsair HX100i PSU WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive The issue I'm having is that...
  9. U

    Question Mining rig won't start with Asus Strix RX 570 installed ?

    Hi guys, first of all thank you for taking your to read this. My issue is pretty weird, I recently purchased a ASUS B250 Mining Expert, and I have 7 video cards, 4x MSI Radeon™ RX 470 GAMING X and 3x ASUS STRIX 570 4GB. The rig works perfectly fine with the RX 470 cards ( only 3, because i...
  10. banshii

    [SOLVED] My mining rig won’t boot with more than 4/6 cards

    I just built a 6 3069ti mining rig with a z390 a pro motherboard and a i9400f cpu. I have 2 1000w power supplies one by Corsair and the other EVGA. My rig booted fine with 1 card when I first went to go change bios settings and install windows, but when I got to installing the 5th card, the EZ...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] 6-pin to 6-pin for powering risers on EVGA 1000w G3?

    I'm building a mining rig and have a EVGA 1000w G3 PSU. I'm currently powering the risers with an 8-pin to 6+2 cable that I've plugged into one of the VGA slots in the PSU. I'd like to free up the VGA slots to power more GPUs and power the risers from different ports on the PSU. Can I power...
  12. [SOLVED] Any One Can help me? XFX RX 570 RX570p8d VF.0

    Dear Readers. i am in trouble. My Card Model is XFX RX 570 RX570p8d VF.0. And Other Model line is also on mentioned is RS XXX ED RX 570 8GB 1286M D5 3xDP HDMI DVI. I lost its Official Bios. Please any one help me about this to solve it. And also guide me how to programme it, And when Programme...
  13. U

    Question Mining Rig won't boot with 2 or more Video Cards DELL OPTIPLEX 390

    Hello everyone! I had a few video cards at home laying around, and i decided to start mining some crypto. I have Installed windows 10 on my machine, a Dell Optiplex 390 that I bought for really cheap, the motherboard has 1x PCI-E x16 3x PCI x1 slots. I have Risers connected to all 4 GPUs (4x...
  14. beeko

    Question Mining rig doesn't recognize GPU anymore

    Hey I have 2 rigs, first one is 5x1060's and second one is 2x1060's and I'm using pcie splitters to connect the gpu's to mobo with risers. I tried to connect the 2x1060's to my second rig with a confirmed working pcie splitter and it worked, but now I received a new splitter and it doesn't work...
  15. K

    Question svchost pid 11604 high dedicated gpu memory usage

    Guys, I need help. 2 days ago, I noticed my system is stuttering to every game I play. everything in my cpu/ram/gpu/disks shows no high usage. However, when I checked my gpu from task manager, I noticed my dedicated memory is used up. Around 4.6gb is being used. I checked task manager in details...
  16. L

    Question GPUs hang, no dag buffer

    Hi. I have been mining for almost 4 years, and recently i got some kind of error i dont understand. I bought some used GPUs,3 of them always hang right before creating dag buffer (which means there is no 'creating dag buffer' words on miner),i dont know whether the bios are still original...
  17. F

    Question PSU doesn’t turn on after power loss even by shortening MB 2 pins

    Hi there I have an Asus PRIME H310M-C R2.0 motherboard & a seasonic 2500W power supply, using to mine 2 GPUs & also turning on several HDDs for farming, anyway everything was ok, specially the ability that PC turns on automatically after a power loss as in my country power loss happens seldom...
  18. ViktorParchev

    [SOLVED] Problem when Mining with two GPUs (AMD + Nvidia) on same PC ?

    Hello, So I have this pc: Ryzen 5 3600x AMD 6700XT Hellhound + RTX 3060 Asus Dual-fan Asus B550 Tuf Gaming Plus Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600mhz ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO Corsair CX750M CP-9020061 When I mine with the 2 cards - the Nvidia mines at half its hashrate. I installed the old working...
  19. kapps1243

    [SOLVED] Computer boots, but no display and 'breathing' MOBO (HOBBY MINING RIG)

    Hi guys, I am completely stumped. I am putting together a hobby mining rig for the first time, but am an avid PC builder. I was able to boot into the BIOS no issue 30 minutes ago, but now, I boot up to a black screen and 'breathing' motherboard LED's. The only changes I made since the last...
  20. Llezner69420

    [SOLVED] Any good PSU suggestions around $70-$80 budget ?

    Hi guys I'm mining ETH with Phoenixminer only when I don't play games or don't have commissions, I'm mining so that I have some extra income and help with the bills. Before when mining with my old set up an Asus H110M-K Motherboard paired with a Pentium G4560 I can Easily get 27Mhs with stock...
  21. Y

    [SOLVED] Overclocking RTX 3070 for Mining

    I have an overclocking question. I started experimenting mining ethereum with my alienware laptop that has a Nvidia RTX 3070 8MB ram. I am running the gpu memory clock at 1700mhz & the core clock at -502mhz and its drawing 140w of power and the fan is at 100% . The temp of gpu is showing 62C. Is...
  22. r.vartanyanov

    [SOLVED] Mining with Rx 580 and Rx 480 but can't OC Memory

    So I have a mining rig with 3 GPUs MSI Z390 GAMING Plus I3 9100F ( using the 580 card for monitor) DeepCool DA700 Watt PSU 570 Micron , 580 and 480 both samsung I get 570 to 2200 with 1150/950mV up to 31 mh/s with no bios modding /doesnt work on it. but with 480 and 580 whatever i do I cant...
  23. M

    Question Mining on 1x slot with 3060s?

    Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the 2 PCIE 3.0 1x slots on my b250m for mining? I would use a 1x to 16x riser if that's doable. Also, is it possible now to mine bitcoin on a 3060? I was thinking of picking 2 of them up to populate those 1x slots if this is in fact...
  24. M

    [SOLVED] Will AMD RX 580 runs in old motherboard american megatrends ( version 080015)

    hello guys I have an old PC with these specifications : -motherboard : PCI-EXPRESS 1.0 in the graphic interface -CPU : intel core 2 duo E6850 @ 3GHZ -memory : DDR3 4GBytes PSU : GAMEMAX 800W BRONZE a picture taken from CPU-Z is attached . View: could this run...
  25. heavenlee147

    [SOLVED] Unable to detect all the graphics cards connected to motherboard ?

    I have an MSI H270 M3 Gaming motherboard with a celeron g3930 CPU. I have attached, 4 3070's to the motherboard and a PCIE wifi card. When I install 3 x GPUs (1 in the pcie 16, 2 in the PCIE 1 and the wifi card in the 2nd PCIE16 slot) everything runs fine. When I try to connect the 4th 3070, my...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] Is it a bad idea to power 4 x RTX 3090s using only 8 original 8-pin VGA power cables from the PSU while adding 4 x "8-pin to 2 8-pin power splitters"?

    Hello all, I am currently mining on 3 RTX 3090s (Each card requires 3 8-pin power connectors), so that is 9 power connectors TOTAL from the PSU. My PSU is a EVGA 1600 watts Titanium SuperNova Power Supply (It has a maximum of 9 VGA cables for powering the video cards) Currently, mining only...
  27. H

    [SOLVED] Low hashrate for ethereum on ubuntu

    So i used to get 18-19Mh/s when mining Ethereum on ubuntu back in 2018, but i now however regardless of the miner, seem to only get around 3Mh/s, which is very poor compared to before. I've got a Zotac Geforce Gtx 980 Ti with 6gb. I've tried using the nvidia drivers 460, 450 and 390, but they...
  28. G

    Question Help needed with "Insufficient PCI resources" ?

    First day trying some mining with my PC, and suddenly my PC reboots to bios and displays "insufficient PCI resources". PC only boots without my GPU, when i plug my GPU in it goes straight to BIOS saying "insufficient PCI resources". I tried a lot of solutions including setting "4g decoding" to...
  29. T

    Question 5th and 6th PCIE Slot for GPU, is not detecting the Cards. (Mining)

    Hello there, I've been strugling the last few days on this issue.. The issue is that on my new Mining Rig, I've tried to connect the 5th and 6th GPU on the Motherboard, but when I do so It just opens and it doesn't boot Windows at all. When I'm only using the 4 GPU, everything boots up normally...
  30. K

    [SOLVED] Why much lower fps after a few hours of mining?

    Hi there I have troubles with my RTX 3080. As an example I will use the game Red Dead Redemption 2. I used to get almost 90 fps in the built in benchmark on 1440p with no msaa and disabled tree tesselation. A few days ago I tried out nicehash (cryptomining software) for just a few hours. Not...
  31. K

    [SOLVED] GPU 3070 - Only pulling ~80 watts

    So I've built a mining rig - currently runs 5 RTX 3070s. I've OC'd to 67% power limit, 0 core clock, 1337 mem clock and fan speed auto. The gpus are only using ~72-80 watts each. I believe this is effecting my hash speed. Why is power usage so low per gpu? To expand - 1 gpu gets ~ 55 mh/s...
  32. Menelaos1996

    Question Got a deal for 2 Asus GTX 1080 Strix at 800€

    As the title states, I have a deal (I don't know if it can be called one :) ) for 2 Asus GTX 1080 Strix at 800€ from an internet cafe. I will buy them so that I can start mining Cryptos. The thing is that they won't be giving me any kind of insurance if any of the cards go bad and the price I...
  33. S

    Question A little help around BTC

    Hello guys! I am recently new to bitcoin and mining. So I started to mine with NiceHash. My question is what is the best way for me to convert my bitcoin into real money with smallest amount of fees. I want to transfer it and to stay in my bank account, but I read that first I need to send it to...
  34. T

    [SOLVED] Nvidia Tesla Mining

    Hello, since mining seems to be the new trend i was looking around for some "budget" gpus to give it a try on my own. I found a a guy that has a Nvidia Tesla M2090 still in its box and he is giving it away for around 30 usd. Is that a good deal ? Should i go for it or search for something else...
  35. [SOLVED] Asus RX 470 4gb mining - cant install driver

    Hello, i bought second handed Asus rx 470 4g mining. The problem is that after driver install it says : "No AMD driver installed or not functioning properly" . DDU didnt help. So I was thinking that I could try reinstall bios but unfortunately amdvbflash win does not see the gpu, its only...
  36. R

    Question Mining system components advice

    Hi Advice for the system my friend needs he said he wants 6X 3090 and I9 processor can someone write me down compatible components list that I can share for him? All things like CPU PSU he wants it for bitcoin ethereum a doge coin Thank you
  37. swoopeyloopz

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me build a 6 GPU mining rig (excluding the gpus) for 400$?

    Hello i am trying to build my first GPU mining rig (Motherboard, CPU, Ram, Mining frame, Powersupply and GPU risers) for a 6 card build. I was wondering if someone could help me build that for 400$ not including the GPU's. I am newer to crypto mining but have spent months learning the ins and...
  38. Rozi05

    [SOLVED] Memory temperature high and and core temp is low

    I am using rtx 5600 xt for mining and it's mem temperature goes to 80 to 82 and core temp at 38 to 42. Is it normal?? What is the normal mem temperature ??
  39. L

    [SOLVED] Overnight mining on my gaming rig

    Hi, I'm currently doing online schooling so I'm mainly doing document work and admin, In my spare time I play some fairly demanding games graphically, things like 'Escape From Tarkov', I've recently been toying with the idea of mining Ethereum during my schooling hours and overnight, my RTX...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] What is the best PCI-E x1 riser cable extender adapter I can buy for a 3rd RTX 3090 that is compatible for my Z390 Godlike motherboard?

    Hello all, I own a Z390 Godlike Motherboard and this is my set up (ZOOM IN): View: I currently have 2 RTX 3090s in the PCI-E lanes 2 + 4 I want to buy a PCI-E x 1 GPU Riser Cable Extender Adapter to put a 3rd RTX 3090 into my PC Something like this...