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  1. munastronaut

    [SOLVED] What hertz of monitor should I use?

    So should I use 60hz, 75hz, 120hz or 144hz?
  2. Jamok23

    [SOLVED] Laptop style display

    Hey guys, a little back story. I'm a family man, with a wife and 2 kids, so I like to be in the living room, rather than upstairs out of the way, messing on my computer. So I'm looking for ideas. Basically I want to be able to use my computer in the living room, but I have no room for a desk...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] 1080p75hz vs 1080p144hz vs 1440p75hz vs 4k60hz

    Hey guys, help me choose between a 1080p75hz ultrawide monitor, a 1080p144hz (not ultrawide) monitor, a 1440p75hz (not ultrawide) monitor and a 4k60hz (of course, not ultrawide) monitor. Just to mention, these are the monitors available to buy where I live (there aren't no 1080p120hz, 1080p144hz...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Can anyone recommend external monitor for laptop with 1660 TI (Lenovo, Ryzen)? 82B1000AUS Lenovo

    Can anyone recommend external monitor for laptop with 1660 TI (Lenovo, Ryzen)? 82B1000AUS Lenovo Looking for 24 inch at minimum. Max 27 inch. I will not be gaming but watching videos, using Microsoft Office, Teamviewer, Zoom and the like. Might edit a few movies but only for personal use. Not...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Overclocking monitors is bad?

    Hello, I was testing an HDMI today because my old HDMI just stopped working and this one just gets artifacts at 72 Hz that is the max clock my monitor can achieve by using the ultimate engine that freesync offers. I overclocked 3 more Hz to my monitor to test the HDMI reaching 75 Hz but now I'm...
  6. H

    Question Entire PC locks up after fullscreening video on second monitor

    Hello, I recently upgraded (most of) my PC and added a monitor that can do 1440p. This is the main monitor I use for gaming. On my second monitor, which does 1080p, I often have a stream of some sort running. Lately, whenever I go to exit out of fullscreen on the second monitor, it causes my...
  7. Duklin__

    [SOLVED] looking for a very low input lag 144hz gaming monitor

    Yo, I was just wondering if any of y'all had any recommendations for <$250 144Hz TN panel monitors. (if necessary, I can go up to $350) I don't have a problem with VA or IPS panels as long as the input lag is low enough for competitive fps games As for size: 24"-27" 1080 FHD Having it curved...
  8. mraazx

    [SOLVED] Which One Should I take BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M?

    Hello, I need a new monitor. I usually do work and gaming on my pc and I have RX 580 GPU. Which Monitor Should I take ? I need better build quality and colors BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M both the monitors are same price and I want to buy from these two models
  9. Arno__Dorian

    [SOLVED] Monitor comparison

    Hi guys, I m looking to buy a new monitor and I m confused between Asus VG278Q and the AOC 24G2. I need your opinions to finalize my decision. I play story mode, single player games mostly and hardly competitive. I have a rtx 2080 bundled with i7 8700 so framerates arent really an issue. Thanks...
  10. J

    Question IGFX refuses to enable.

    I have attempted to activate IGFX in BIOS in order to use a second screen running from my motherboard. But every time when I save and restart, it reverts itself. No matter what setting I change it doesn't change anymore. How do I fix this please?
  11. Hatsune Miku

    Question Do eDP versions matter?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my laptop's screen (also because it has gone pink) and wanted to get something faster, say 120Hz+. The problem is I'm stuck on what to choose. My original panel uses 2-lane eDP 30-pin connector without specifying its eDP version. It was 60Hz IPS. My laptop...
  12. M

    Question what display should i buy?

    Hey everyone! I do editing and a lit bit gaming tho, so here's ma question: what monitor should i buy? I need this options FHD not 4K " i don't have a lot of money" its better the size would be between 22" or 24" standard screen" i mean not wide or something like this" shows color for real "so...
  13. evedragon

    Question Is the dithering on IPS panels should/can be visible?

    Good day everyone! I have bought a cheap monitor recently (Asus VA24EHE) and it is pretty good for the most part (the colors, no severe blacklight bleed etc.) But it appears that I can almost see the seperate pixels on darker tones, and it is quite visible on lagom black test as most of the...
  14. Slothify

    Question My display keeps freezing/ black screen.

    My Monitor keeps freezing and black screens after I play a video game. This also happens when I'm not playing video games and just web browsing. The way I'm trying to fix this is by using event viewer and diagnosing it from there.please help me find a fix and thank you.
  15. F

    [SOLVED] Which 24" 1080p monitor for gaming?

    Hello. I'm trying to find a good monitor for my brother. He's currently playing on a budget monitor from 2013. It's rather terrible. He mostly plays CS:GO. He doesn't have the hardware to run high resolutions. So it makes the most sense to continue with 24"/1080p. 144 Hz and low response time...
  16. AmarBiH

    [SOLVED] 1080p 144Hz with i7 4790K and RTX 2060

    Hello guys, I am considering buying 1080p 144Hz monitor to replace my old 60Hz monitor. I have a i7 4790K overclocked to 4.6GHz and a RTX 2060. Is that enough for 1080p 144Hz monitor to run games such as CSGO, COD Warzone, Forza Horizon, F1 2019... Cheers
  17. O

    [SOLVED] 144 vs 240 hz monitors

    Hello all, I ended up dropping my monitor in a move and decided this is the best time to upgrade. I have the money to spend and was wondering if my setup could handle a 240hz monitor or should I go for a 144hz? My current set-up uses a GeForce RTX 2060 and AMDryzen 5 3600 Thanks!
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Is a 1080P monitor with 165 HZ good for a 2070 Super?

    So I ordered a PC a few weeks ago, and I haven't got a monitor yet. I was wondering if a 1080P with 165HZ be good enough for a 2070 super GPU. Sorry I did not mean to put CPU for the hardware.
  19. T

    Question URGENT: TUF GAMING VG249Q EU power slot and power cord

    Hi guys. Yesterday i received my ASUS TUF gaming VG24Q After unboxing i noticed it came with both an EU and UK power cord HOWEVER, the slot on the monitor is EU only/ not compatible with the female end of the UK cord. Will an EU-to-UK adapter...

    Question 144hz questions

    I'm searching for a main monitor 144hz 24-26" up to 200$ preferably TN panel because I read they have the fastest response time. I also read that nvidia made their cards compatible with freesync last year so I'd like the monitor to have that as well( I have a 1060 6gb strix overclocked) I'm on...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] My active adapter won't support 144hz

    Hi, I have an issue with my active miniDP-DVI adapter( from what I understand, this is not a real active adapter, but my question is, if it supports 4k@30hz, can I use a smaller resolution with 144hz...
  22. D

    [SOLVED] Use 144 Hz and 75Hz display together and what 144 Hz monitor to buy?

    Hi, does anyone have experience with using a 27" 144 Hz and a 27" 75 Hz monitor together(with the same PC)? I've read about people having issues when using two monitors with different refresh rates, causing bugs and having them to turn down the refresh rate on the better monitor. And what was...
  23. K

    [SOLVED] 1080p 144Hz vs 1440 75Hz vs 4K 60Hz

    Hi everyone, I currently own a 28" 4k 60Hz monitor, which is great for the most part but made me wonder if I really need it, especially with it being quite demanding on my 980 Ti forcing some games to run at 30 FPS or less. Now I found two potential monitors in my local store, one is a 27"...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] Monitor support 144hz DVI, my laptop only has HDMI port

    Hello! I have a BenQ Zowie XL2411 monitor, i am stuck at 60hz because 144hz is only supported trough DVI. And i use that screen as a secondary screen to my laptop, and it does not have DVI, only HDMI. And it annoys me that it is not showing 144hz as it should, so my idea would be that i could...
  25. mr.obayed

    Question ASUS TUF VG249Q OR Benq Zowie XL2411P OR Asus VG258Q

    Hello good people, I wanted to buy 240hz monitor but I changed my mind and now want to buy 144hz. In here I found 3 monitor which is in my budget. Will play PUBG, PUBG LITE, APEX LEGEND and other FPS game. please help me to choose one monitor. The asus tuf has IPS panel with 1ms MPRT where...
  26. evyosh

    [SOLVED] When ELMB is ON and low brightness?

    So I turned on ELMB on my ASUS VG278QR my monitor brightness drops so much. how to get it fixed? is there any other settings that I need to apply?
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Is This GPU Too Much?

    I am going to build a computer and have been struggling to determine if the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is a viable option for the curved montior I'm going for. The monitor I've selected is a curved MSI at 1080p, 165Hz, 1ms, and 32" for $250 (Optix-AG32C) The reason I'm struggling is because I read...
  28. P

    [SOLVED] (GPU & Monitor) Optimizing PC Configuration

    I am building a budget PC (<$1,700) and am struggling to find the best configuration. I have attached my current hypothesized PC build. I am looking for a curved monitor and am still considering if 1440p is worth it. The one attached is 1080p. I was reading...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Choosing the right 144 hz 24“ or 27“ monitor

    Hello, I love in germany and I‘m lf a „gaming monitor“. That‘s the main purpose but ofc I wanna watch movies and weeb series on it too. Until now I only have experience with 60hz monitors but I want to experience 144hz gameplay. Targetted resolution is 1080p but idk if 27“ is as bad as some ppl...
  30. U

    [SOLVED] Does SL-DVI-D gpu port work on DVI-D monitor port ?

    I have a Gt1030 itx gpu which has a SL-DVI-D output and im thinking of buying a new monitor but that one i want has a DVI-D port and i was wondering if that would work/ connect with the same cable or would i need a adapter for it. (Btw same would question would apply in the case of a HDMI...
  31. Skydaz

    [SOLVED] 75hz Monitor limited to 60hz Refresh Rate

    Monitor : 75hz Viewsonic VX2771-smhv-2 27inch Full HD IPS , no freesync support Specs : Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac Gtx 1070 ti 16gb dual channel xpg 3000mhz ram b450m steel legend Win 10 pro latest Connection via hdmi cable, since my monitor only support hdmi or VGA. So, my monitor is capable of 75hz...
  32. imluckysherman

    [SOLVED] What cable should I get? Is it even possible?

    I'm trying to run my Acer GN246HL monitor at 144hz 1080p. The monitor has a DVI and HDMI only, while my 2080 RTX only has the HDMI and DisplayPort. Is it even possible to have a 144hz since they don't both have either DVI or DP?
  33. A

    Question New Monitor = Really Choppy Gameplay?

    Hi, I've recently gone from a 1080p 60Hz TV from a 2k 144Hz monitor (ASUS PG279Q to be exact). When playing on my TV, in pretty much all games I could play with high setting and in some cases fully maxed out with a smooth 60fps and the games would look like butter. With my new monitor its so...
  34. D

    Question Monitor no signal, in depth

    My monitor has no signal, and I know how I did that, I was trying to use a splitter to connect more hdmi monitors but when I plugged it in the splitter starting smoking, after 5 seconds I unplugged it, I told my mum about it and she said the splitter is 5 volts required and Might’ve put a plug...
  35. Matheusgasparotto

    Question My Monitor Supports 144hz But I Can´t pass the 120hz

    Hello, i bought an AOC C27G1 144hz, but in the nvidia settings i can´t pass the 120hz can someone help me ? Have a good day.Image From Nvidia Control Panel Pc Specs Ryzen 7 2700 Gtx 1060 3gb 16gb ddr4 AsRock AB350M
  36. iShoTz

    [SOLVED] Asus VG248QZ

    Does anyone have the Asus VG248QZ 144hz and have problems? if no, please tell more info Because I'm willing to buy a budget 144hz monitor. buying it from official great rating computer & cellular company in my country.
  37. B

    Question No input when I try to use two monitors

    I am trying to use two monitors for my setup but when I plug the secondary one in, both will not display. The main monitor is a MSI MAG241C (1080p 144hz) the second one is a BenQ RL2455HM (1080p 60hz). I use the main monitor with display port and I want to use the second one with HDMI. My...
  38. I

    [SOLVED] Second monitor, best cable to use (HDMI vs Displayport)???

    I recently bought a RTX 2070 Super, which means no more DVI port. My second monitor, a old monitor (Samsung SMEX2220), but still doing great, (1080p, 60Hz and essentially used for anything else except gaming) was using a DVI port. I am now looking for an adapter to convert my DVI to either HDMI...
  39. Z

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU damaged?

    When I press the power button my whole pc starts running but I don't get a display or a post. Does this mean my CPU is damaged? I am also considering it is a graphics card problem, since one of the lights on the graphics card turns red when I turn it on. I have reseated my ram, but I don't get a...
  40. S

    Question Got a new monitor for Christmas and it repeatedly goes black at seemingly random times.

    This may be long winded, but I'll do my best to explain. I had dual monitors before this Christmas, but I got a new, better resolution one to replace my lower resolution 2nd monitor, and my main monitor became my 2nd. My new (main monitor) Is hooked up via hdmi and my 2nd monitor is hooked up...