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  1. KaiiEatsCake

    [SOLVED] Any good Ultrawide 60hz monitors

    Hi I want to upgrade my monitor! I want an Ultrawide with 60 hz (I'd like the 60 hz for performance and cost reasons) I have found 2 but I'm not really sure.. My budget ist 250 dollars... btw My gpu: 1660
  2. D

    [SOLVED] New monitor 1440p

    Hello everyone, First, I know there are a lot of threads with these topics, but in my country I can just choose from a few in the 1440p range monitors out there (that I can afford of course). I'm from Colombia, if it maybe helps. I will use it mostly for watching anime and play videogames, I...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] What Laptop for 4-6 x 2K monitors

    Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for laptop/docking station/monitor combos that could run 4-6 external 2K monitors? I was thinking one of the new Dell XPS 15 i9 8 core processor laptops or would I even need that much power??? For the monitors I was thinking I could even run 4 wide...
  4. L

    Discussion LF new monitor need advice!

    I had recently bought my first decent monitor (so i though) a Asus tuf vg27aq but the thing has so many reverse ghosting its almost unplayable even with overdrive at 20-60 still too much of reverse ghosting... Now i am thinking of returning my monitor and buying a new one but for the love of...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] About to buy a monitor, need opinions as if my rig can handle it.

    So, my current tv-monitor is starting to fall on it's knees (i've had it for 6yrs now), i wanna buy a 1440p (i'm not sure how many hz, that's one of the reasons i'm making this thread) monitor, my current rig is the following: i7 8700k asus rog gtx 1070 16gb ram samsung m.2 960 500gb 2tb wd hdd...
  6. prpavadm

    [SOLVED] Monitor upgrade advice

    Hi Can anyone please suggest me a monitor, My budget is Rs.30000 (or 400usd) I do mostly gaming (fps,tps and rpg's) and movies. I was considering Acer Nitro VG271U but i guess my gtx970 dosent support freesync. (Currently i have CPU: i5 3570k Video Card: Zotac GTX970 SSD: Samsung 840 EVO...
  7. B

    Question VA vs TN for competitive gaming

    Hello , i wanted to know if there is noticable difference between VA and TN panels in games , csgo to be exact when i say difference i mean blurring , dimming or slower response time / input lag and if its noticable ingame two monitors i had in mind were AOC C24G1 and Viewsonic XG2402 AOC one...
  8. R

    Question Monitor sometimes shows "No Signal"

    Hi, In about the last month I have had some trouble with the connection between my BenQ GL2450 and my computer (see below for specs): Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0, Socket-AM3+ ATX, 970+SB950, DDR3, 2xG2-PCIe-x16, CFX, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0, UEFI CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Socket-AM3+...
  9. toasty-waffle

    [SOLVED] Mix Gsync and Freesync monitors?

    I currently have a Dell s2716dg. This is a Gsync enabled TN monitor. I want to get two Freesync IPS monitors of the same resolution to put on either side of it. What I want to know is: can I enable variable refresh rate on all three monitors while mixing Gsync and Freesync? This is likely a...
  10. czcina

    Question Monitor recommendation

    Hi all. Looking for some recommendations. Trying to find some monitor for myself as a upgrade from 24" 1080p... I think I want VA or IPS, 27", 1440p, 144hz or 120hz, curved or not - don't care. Budget around 300-400 euros... Mainly for gaming, youtube, netflix, that kind of stuff generally...
  11. themiziko

    Question Best dual monitor setup in terms of ergonomics ?

    So I have 2 27' monitors with this same resolution. I saw 2 possible alignments of 2 monitor setup : One dominant monitor in front, and one on the side 2 monitors next to each other, and sitting int he middle. Which one is better ergonomically? or more popular?
  12. N

    Question Being a VA panel, is BenQ EW3270u good for photo editing??

    Hello folks, Currently I was using a mid 2017 MacBook Pro 13inch for my programming, web designing, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and designing. After two years display of my MBP is giving me some issue and now it’s totally dead! And Apple gave me an expense of $650 for...
  13. O

    Question GPU 100% when using 120hz and 144hz

    so I just bought a new 1080p 144hz monitor and the first day I had it I was running 144 Hz fine no problems but the next day I was getting a lot of stuttering and rubber banding in games and discovered that when I use 120 or 144 Hz I get 100 GPU usage even on lowest graphics settings on any game...
  14. L

    Question do I need 144 hz?

    So I am buying a laptop for light gaming playing games such as rainbow six siege here is the link to my laptop. I’m going to buy a monitor with a better hz and I’m...
  15. buggaby

    Question Curved monitor broken - causes?

    So I went away on vacation for a few days came back to a monitor that doesn't work. It sat plugged in to the mains, but unplugged from any computer. Here's a pic with the monitor unplugged from a PC (but powered on): View: Could this be a power surge issue? I know...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] What is in my case better to upgrade: my CPU, GPU or monitor?

    CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz GPU; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Monitor: PHL 243V5 (1920x1080@60Hz) PC: Medion Akoya P5370 D ( I was thinking about buying a 144hz monitor because i game alot(fortnite)...
  17. L

    Question Need help for choosing between these 3 1440p gaming monitors for my PC build

    Hi so my first PC build is comng up and i already have my list of components. I'm aiming for 1440p 144hz and i after a lot of research im left with these 3 options: Samsung C27HG70...
  18. F

    Question new pc build working but monitor shows no signal

    my build: i built my first pc and everything seems to be working fine (case and cpu fan spinning, lights on case, mobo and gpu) but when i plug it into my monitor it says no signal. i know my monitor isnt the problem because i plugged my ps4...
  19. AlaskaInSight

    Question Choosing a 75hz or 144hz monitor.

    Hello, I would like some advice when choosing a monitor which has 75hz or another one with 144hz. My specs are: 16gb of Ram AMD Radeon R9 390 Ryzen 7 1700 MSI X370 Gaming Pro The main use would be for gaming at 1920x1080 on FPS mostly, and on secondary for editing and programming(but I...
  20. Q

    Question Suggestions for a good 144hz (or more) 1440p monitor that wont break the bank?

    current build list: CPU: i7-9700k GPU: RTX 2070 Super Ram: 16 gb Trident Z 3200 Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i Im currently building a pc where all i have purchased so far is the CPU cooler and storage, i currently have a 144hz 1920x1080p omen monitor but with the...
  21. Aweilding

    Question Broken monitor (two thirds of the screen green)

    I’ve been given a monitor by work for free as it’s broken. The bottom two thirds of it are green, there is a clear green line where it starts then the rest has a tiny. I can see it whe the monitor is on with our any cable in so I know it’s not the PC or cable. The guy using it said it just...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Will my computer keep up with my 144Hz 1080p Monitor?

    My build - Ryzen 5 3600 Rtx 2060 SC Ultra 16GB (2x8) 3200Mhz Cl16 Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero Planning on using Medium-High settings on every game. Thanks for helping if you comment!
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Not sure about upgrading my monitor

    Hiii, English is not my first language so if you find something bad written don't kill me please... I have already seen some posts about it, but I'm not sure about what to do. I have a 19"720p monitor (max resolution of 1366 x 768) and I want to know if upgrading it to a 24" 1920 x 1080 one...
  24. D

    Question 240hz monitor with low fps

    Hey, So I can get a 240hz monitor, Asus LED ROG STRIX XG258Q or Dell Alienware AW2518HF for the same price as a 144hz monitor, problem is, I got R9-390X, so I cant run most of the games on 240fps (I mainly play Diablo 3, Divinity, LoL OW , The witcher) From what I read it can cause alot of...
  25. E

    Question Alienware Aw2518hf, problems.

    So i basically just got the monitor, i wanted to try out 240hz (replacing my cpu in 1 week to an i7 8700k.)(Gpu:1060 6gb) and its connected via DP. my problem is how do i know for a fact that 240hz is going, the control panel says 1080p 240hz but i cant even go down with the hz if i want, or how...
  26. A

    Question Which 350$ monitor?

    Hey. I need a need monitor but I don't know which one to buy. My pc specs: Gtx 1060 3gb, i5 7400, 16gb ram. I need a monitor both for gaming and photoshop. Best with an ips panel. I have around 350 USD, I can go a bit over. I am thinking about and...
  27. Ali_uae

    Question Gaming Monitor: 24" / 1080p / 120+hz / under 5ms

    Hi, I need suggestions for a monitor with below specs: 24 inch 1080p 120+hz less than 5ms TN Budget: under $300 Thank you.
  28. CamperJoe18

    Question Need Advice: Single 27", or Dual Setup?

    Right now, I have a single 27", 1080p monitor. In a few months, I will be going to college, and taking my system with me. I think I want a dual monitor setup, because studies show that it can increase productivity (and because I personally enjoy using two monitors at work). My question is this...
  29. S

    Question 27" Triple Monitor Stand or wall mount that works with curved displays

    Hi, I am looking to purchase new monitors that have to meet the following criteria; - $550 or less for all three monitors -27in and 1920x1080 -5ms or less response time -60Hz or more refresh rate -Curved -VESA Mountable And I have found these; For the middle display (Main gaming display)...
  30. T

    Question G sync compatible monitors

    G sync monitors are way to expensive, so are there any freesync monitors that are 100% compatible with nvidia g sync and have no tearing problems.
  31. S

    Question Need help looking for a 1440p 144hz 27" Freesync monitor for my gaming setup

    As the title says I have been looking for a 1440p 144hz 27" Freesync monitor for my setup however I have really been struggling to find one that isnt a ridiculously high price. Could anybody give me some advice or suggestions on what monitor I should look at buying? Should I look at 24"...
  32. Z

    Question Vg270u ASUS 1440p 75hz monitor looks blurry slightly in game and texts and some video. Can't work out why, anyone able to help?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a new 1440p monitor as thought it was time for an upgrade and was first super happy with my purchase, IPS panel looks miles better than tn and so does 1440! However when I played assassins creed odyssey I noticed slightly certain things were a little blurry, as...
  33. C

    Question I need advice on what monitor to get for my new gaming rig.

    I'm building a new PC and the specs consist of a Ryzen 7 2700X and an OC ASUS RTX2070, all I need is a new monitor under the cost of $500 and I needed some advice. I want something with smooth performance maybe a 240HZ and a 1440P, I also heard G-sync is a must have, id like to know what that is...
  34. I

    Question Will G-sync help me in this situation?

    So there's a big sale in my local shop on monitors, and I can't quite decide which of the three would be the best for me (mainly gaming). If it helps, my rig is quite good, and my GPU (Phoenix GLH 1080) does support G-Sync. I would prefer to play on 1920x1080, as I don't really need more...
  35. Z

    Question I need advice on what monitor to get

    I have a few in mind but I don't really know which to get. Acer's XG270HU MSI's Optix MAG271C or the ROG STRIX XG27VQ What would you guys think? The most expensive is Acer's at $550 (CAD) but on sale for $450, what makes that a $550 monitor?
  36. L

    Question Are these good budget options?

    I need a new monitor, but in my country there are just a few options between models that are worth buying, but unfortunately, my budget is just $150 at the moment. On the good side, I'm looking for a 22 inch display, due to my limited space on my personal desk. I want this monitor to edit...
  37. D

    Question Trying to decide which monitor to buy

    AOC G2460PF or AOC G2590FX. The only differences I see are color contrast, built in speakers and portrait mode(being able to turn monitor vertically) which isnt necessary for me, as for speakers, i have my own thus I dont need built in speakers, yet is it worth to buy one over another just...
  38. B

    Question Help me with monitor pick: 1080p, 24", IPS, <200$

    Hey folks, need some help! I'm about (for real this time) to buy a new monitor after more than 10 years, and I need some guidance! So far I found DELL P2417H looking pretty decent, but I'm still not sure. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Here it goes: Location: Serbia Planning to use...
  39. T

    Build Advice PC Upgrade Advice For Toms Cat

    Hello Tom's Hardware ! I'm making this post because I need some advice on upgrading my PC. Perhaps you kind folks could help me out ? I do apologize in advance if this is not the correct community to post this question, and kindly ask to redirect me to the correct community. A small...
  40. D

    Question question about g sync/adaptive sync monitors

    I'm in the market for a new monitor and the smoothness of g sync is very enticing but I don't really like the idea of fluctuating FPS in games as most are 75hz and above and maintaining that frame rate would be difficult with my hardware. So I was wondering if you cap the frame rate at 60fps...