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  1. P

    Question Asus x555l Black Screen On Battery

    I got an used Asus x555l from a friend recently a the screen goes black when you disconnect the charger. She originally was told it may be a battery issue, but the laptop still projects to an external display (monitor through hdmi) when you disconnect the charger and the battery seems to be...
  2. L

    Question My pc dont turen om!! Help

    So i havent ude it In a long time so i booted it up and worked but while updating a game my pc froze then I shut it down and tried again same happened the third time nothing came on the screen and no keyboard or mouse lights. The graphic card fans spins, motherboard lights up and all the other...
  3. maxx0531

    Build Advice EZ debug LED on MSI B450 GP

    Hello Just finished building my workstation. have checked all components in other builds. when boot up, I get no post only EZ debug LED signalling DRAM but I have checked RAM compatibility and it should be compatible with the board I dont have any other RAM so I cannot check what should I do...
  4. M

    hdd install ?

    what would happen if i would install a hdd wrong i installed one and it came with a cable that goes to the hdd and then to the motherboard and one cable from the PSU and to the hdd and i want to install another one but the cable thats suposed to go to the motherboard comes from the PSU and it...
  5. dljcoolguy

    RGB fans not turning on

    I recently bought one Corsair ll120 fan off amazon. The lights won’t work but it does have power pls halp. Mb: msi b350 gaming plus CPU: ryzen 3 1300x Fan: Corsair ll120 rgb
  6. J

    Home/Local Private Server using partition?

    Hey PC addicts, I would like to ask if it is possible to create a new partition from your hard drive and allow local sharing or something which I could use to store my data from multiple devices on the same network.. Is there any software required or how could I set it up...? Thanks
  7. X

    What pc to get

    I have been looking at gaming pc's for a couple of days now and I think I have a good idea about what a good PC needs. I need a good amount of RAM ( Crucial 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 2133MHz, CL15) a good graphics card ( Nvidia GTX1060 6GB, DVI, DisplayPort & HDMI) a good microprocessor ( Intel Core...
  8. P

    Disable fan warning on desktop video cards

    I assume that all desktop graphics cards with fans have a warning in case the fan dies or is disconnected, but maybe that's not valid. Can this warning be disabled and is it saved between boots? Please list the manufacturer and model number with your answer. Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    Windows 10 .old Preventing boot?

    I posted another thread over in the Storage part of the forum when I thought this issue might be with my SSD. Looks like after some diagnosis, the problem is with my Windows installation. Right now, my SSD...
  10. C

    CPU Temperature Getting High

    I recently bought a PC off of a friend, the parts are: GTX 970 Evga 17 4770k z97 asus sabertooth ect My CPU Cooler is a Corsair H100i Water Cooler but the problem is even whenever Im playing non graphical intense games my cpu gets to 70C+ Is there something wrong with my Water Cooler? Im new...
  11. moondawg009

    Weird Keyboard problems

    Hi everyone my keyboard seems to be acting up I use a natural ergonomic 4000 keyboard and whenever i press my spacebar, it does an F and a space, If i press Z it does a ZXC my f1 key causes a space, and my L key causes my page to switch back and fourth, any suggestions?