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  1. R

    Why does 30 FPS look better on consoles?

    Hello! I have a laptop with GTX 1050 and i7 7700 HQ. I saw gameplays of games like GTA 5 on youtube for that setup and at high-very high, it easily achieves about 35 FPS. So, I bought this laptop as 30 FPS was enough for me. I thought that consoles usually play games on 30 FPS too so I would get...
  2. G

    Is it possible to put the EVGA ACX 2.0 cooler from a GTX 970 on a reference GTX 980 TI?

    If anyone knows if this whether or not this is possible, please let me know. I have an EVGA GTX 970 with the ACX 2.0 cooler on it and want to try installing it on a reference GTX 980 TI from Gigabyte. Thanks!
  3. G

    Gtx 1070 only getting like 60 fps or lower in games

    So I have a gtx 1070 with i7 6700 and i have had this rig since christmas and I have played games at consistent 60 fps at 1080p but now for some reason witcher 3 is stuttering when i am going fast on my horse sometimes dips into like 50 fps or 49ish when before it would stay at 60 fps and never...
  4. S

    Temperatures going through the roof after BIOS update

    i52500K ASRock Z68 Pro 3 Thermaltake ISGC100 My hardware is a bit old but before updating the BIOS yesterday I had a stable 4.4GHz overclock with reasonable temperatures under load. After updating to 2.10 and trying the same overclock with same settings, my temperatures are quickly hitting...
  5. L

    need help clearing files from ssd

    so i had an ssd with some files and windows 7 on it buy ive just bought a new ssd and downloaded windows 10 on to it and now i want to remove all the files from the old ssd with windows 7 on it because i want to use it still, the problem is i keep getting a message saying i dont have permission...
  6. U

    Failed to connect to a window service

    Hi I was trying to log into my laptop and after I select the user it gets stuck on the logging screen. I forced shut down and restarted, didn't help. So I went to system restore and restored at earlier point, that didn't help either. Logged in in safe mode ran ccleaner on registry fix. Now the...
  7. J

    Used ram to new build - PLEASE HELP

    I would like to ask the community if you need to clear or wipe the ram before using it in another motherboard or new build. Of course the ram sticks need to have the same socket type but when putting it into a new build would I need to do anything special before I use it? I was just wondering...
  8. V

    Graphics Card Performance Issue

    I have a Gigabyte GTX 970 and I was wondering why my graphics card isn't performing to the best of its ability. It is paired with an AMD FX 8350. I know someone with the same rig as me and they are getting a lot more frames in most AAA titles than me. I was wondering if it might be because of my...
  9. M

    GTX 750 Ti voltage stuck at 950mV after overclocking? Clock speed greatly reduced.

    So I decided to overlclock my GTX 750 Ti and I'm not the worlds best Overclocker, don't have much experience. I was using MSI Afterburner and I wasn't messing with the voltage of the card only the clock speed. I ran a benchmark after every 5-10 mHz of the clock speed to check for artifacts...
  10. R

    System Crashing shortly after startup, New RAM installed.

    First off, let's start off with the system specs. OS: Windows 8.1 64-Bit CPU - Intel i5 4670k PSU - Ultra U12-40874 LSX 750-Watt GPU - NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB MOBO - ASUS Z87-A If I'm missing something, please let me know! Anyways. I just bought some Crucial Ballistix Tactical Low Profile 16GB Kit...
  11. W

    Internet connection slows down drastically after turning on PC

    Hey guys! Yesterday I encountered really strange problem. About 30 minutes after turning my PC on my Internet connection slowed down significantly (to the level that didn't allow to use it in any way). The ony way to fix it was by restarting a modem and, after it had restarted, restarting...
  12. sV LoKi

    Razer Driver Problem!

    After shutting down and unplugging my PC when I powered it back on in device manager there are yellow triangles next to "Razer Mamba Charging dock" and "Razer Blackwidow Chroma". I tried uninstalling the drivers and uninstalling razer synapse. I got the keyboard to show up as a HID Keyboard...
  13. L

    How Many Watts Should My PSU Have?

    Question: I'm building a system with plans to upgrade in the future and I was wondering how large of a PSU should I have for the parts i'm looking at? Parts: CPU: i7-5820k Motherboard: MSI X99A SLI Krait Edition LGA 2011-v3 GPU: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: Crucial Ballistix...
  14. S

    White Ram Sticks?

    I need 4 sticks 16 gb or 2 sticks 16gb and I am willing to paint if you have any suggestions about that. Thanks!!
  15. T

    which is better?

    Hi,not sure if this is the right forum but whatever.which one is better for my build.
  16. I

    My power supply broke

    It also broke my mobo. My question is could it have broken more or did it just broke that and, how to get a refund.
  17. C

    Gaming Monitor between $700-$1200

    I'm currently running a sli GTX 980 setup and was looking for a gaming monitor. Thus far, the ROG Swift has seemed to be the best choice, but I'd like to not make the purchase until getting educated on my other options. Here's some background on games I play and plan to pay: DOTA 2 GTV 5 The...
  18. P

    z97 buget mobo

    What is a good z97 mobo for price? /
  19. S

    Whats a cheap Mobo for G3258

    Whats a cheap mobo for a G3258 processor must be crossfire compatible and hoping it does OC but dont have much money so need the cheapest one possible
  20. M

    Does this system look good?

    Does this system look good? Case - Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Windowd PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA G2750 750w CPU - Intel Core i5 4690k MOBO - ASUS Z97 Gryphon Armor RAM - HyperX Fury Black 2x4GB GPU - ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 HDD - Seagate Desktop 1 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Cooler - noctua NH-D15...
  21. S

    computer freezes playing certain games?

    My computer keeps freezing while playing dota2 and renegade. starcraft cc youtube everything else runs fine. tried updating the computer because my boyfriend hasnt sense 2011 but that doesnt work. need help!
  22. D

    where is the battery located on my lenovo a10 android 10 inch tablet. it says reboot

    got ready to turn on tablet , it said reboot, couldn't power down ,stayed on startup screen, please help me reboot my tablet
  23. T

    New Build No POST

    ASRock Z87 Extreme3 with Intel Core i5-4460. I have removed everything but one stick of memory and do not get any video from it. After hitting the power button both the case fans and the CPU fan will spin. The CPU fan initially spins very rapidly and then reduces in speed. When I had a video...
  24. F

    Please recommend an upgrade

    I am thinking of upgrading my SFF gaming rig which has the following specifications; Core i3 2100 2x4GB G.Skill 2133Mhz Gigabyte WindForce HD7950 120GB Kingston V300 2TB WD Red ASRock Z77E-ITX Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 550W Corsair H80i Cooler Master Elite 130 I am considering a CPU and/or...
  25. 7

    Isolating the two drives on a PC

    I have a PC on which I work and I game ! So now I thought of buying a SSD hard drive and install it on my PC ! What I want to do is , one Hard disk for my os printer and all other drivers that I work on ! And the other only with my os and game ! When I boot one drive the PC should not read the...
  26. lxgoldsmith

    Faulty internet at school

    So the whole dorm is having this problem, and I don't think I can handle going without internet :|. (brighthouse networks) In the first week, I couldn't get a solid connection and solved the issue by switching to large send offload v2 from v1. There have been posts about internet problems on...
  27. C

    Worth-It 770 Benchmarks?

    4670K with a Zotac GTX 770 2gb. Disappointed by the benchmarks. Unigine Heaven: 4.0 :FPS=37.8/Score 951/min19/max84.8 Unigine Valley: FPS=43.7/Score 1827/minm 22.2/max80.1 3DMark Firestrike: 6503 (graphics 7619/physics7081/combined 2929 I know benchmarks are subjective but my scores seem very...
  28. M

    How long does it take to flash a bios?

    I'm trying to flash the bios using the usb. The instruction manual tells me to hold down the button until the bios led comes on and wait for the led to turn off to signify that the flash was complete. Its been about 24 hours at time of post and that light is still on. This bios is on an ASUS...
  29. L

    Radeon R9 280x price

    So the card is going for $400 or more in places like amazon and newegg but a lot of places say the release price is about $300, it even says that in the amd website. Why are they so incredibly expensive? are they going to stay at $400 permanently?