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  1. D

    Question Lenovo G580 not starting up ?

    I just got this Lenovo G580 in a laptop lot, and it won't turn on. When I press the power button, the power light comes on and the webcam light comes on, and they stay on. The fan spins for a couple seconds, then shuts off, then it turns back on, then shuts off again after a few seconds, then...
  2. LordElites

    Question Pc wont boot after trying to play gears of war ultimate edition on windows dos 10

    Motherboard lights turn on but when I press the power button on my case nothing else turns on. Before I downloaded gears of war my PC was running fine, boots normal and it's only a couple of weeks old. I don't know what to do please help. The first time when I downloaded the game it ran fine...
  3. O

    Question Newbie - Need Breadboarding Help!

    Last week, my rig would not start up. MOBO: ASUS|RAMPAGE IV EXTREME X79 2011 PSU: Roswell Valens 600W CPU: CPU INTEL|CORE I7 3930K 3.2G 12MB R MEM: 4 x 4G|CORSAIR Dominator-GT DDR3 CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 COOL: CPU COOL NOCTUA|NH-D14 R I am breadboarding with these components and 1 memory module...
  4. artavasdes

    Question PC Shuts Off Immediatly After Turning On

    I recently built a new pc, the specs are as follows: CPU: ryzen 7 3700x Mobo: Gigabyte X570 wifi pro PSU: Thor Platinum 1200 watt Asus Gpu: 5500xt RAM: Crucial Ballistix 4x 8gb 4000mhz When I press the power switch, it turns on for a millisecond then shuts off. Evey time I try to turn it on it...
  5. Andyboo

    Question why won’t my monitors, keyboard, and mouse turn on

    Last night i updated my windows, graphics card, and malwarebytes. I then restarted my computer, however, when it turned back on, my monitors did not show the windows screen, my USB keyboard and mouse did not turn on either. the only thing that i could turn on was my USB headphones. I have a Asus...
  6. Puny

    [SOLVED] My Pc Doesnt Turn On Even After I Unplug The Power Cable

    I recently bought this pc, and when i got it, it had the same problem. However, over time it has been getting worse. I have to unplug and plug in the power cable multiple times until it actually turns on. I switched psu's and its still giving me the same problem. A few minutes ago, when i plug...
  7. W

    Question Computer shut off and won’t turn on

    Hi all, I recently was browsing chrome on my computer when it shut off randomly and hasn’t turned on since. I got warranty on my PSU thinking that was the issue and it wasn’t. I then sent back to PCCasegear (The retailer I brought the items from) my CPU, Motherboard and RAM. They ended up...
  8. itsNecx

    [SOLVED] Computer shutting down randomly during games and won't turn back on for a while. I cant figure out what is wrong.

    My PC is about 7 months old at the time of this post and my PC has started to act up quite frequently when I play games. The issue started a few days ago when I kicked the switch on the power outlet extension effectively shutting down my computer. It wouldn't turn on for a while after and I...
  9. ro101

    Question Computer shows no signs of power

    Hello Everyone, I just built a PC a couple hours ago (AMD ryzen 2600, Gigabyte B450M DS3H, 16gb Corsair vengeance ram, 1650 EVGA, 600W Thermaltake PSU, Cooler Master q300L) and when clicking the power button it will not turn on. No fans move, and no signs of power. I did the paperclip test on...
  10. ryeann

    [SOLVED] Computer won't start fans spin fine

    So, my computer stopped working a couple weeks ago. Initially it seemed like the motherboard was the problem as nothing would happen and it wouldn't even POST so I bought a new one and now it does, and power runs through the system as the fans are running but now I get a black screen. I figured...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Desktop PC switched off and produced faint burning cables/plastic smell

    Hey team, my good old hardy PC is having trouble and I am hoping that you can help. I left the PC idle after taking a pause from playing Civilisation VI, and when I came back I found it shut down and noticed a faint smell of burnt plastic/cables. I gave it a clean from dust and tried switching...
  12. C

    Question Computer doesn't turn on when it has 4 ram sticks in it but with 2 it's ok

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-8700K Processor MOBO: Prime Z370-A RAM: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 LED Desktop Memory- White OS: Windows 10 I have already updated the bios, manually lowered the dram frequency, and enabled XMP, but nothing worked. I've already tried changing...
  13. P

    Question Asus Prime B450MA not turning on

    My pc is working fine until after I cleaned it. Removed the dust and all, then put it back as is, now it won't turn on. All wires are properly connected and there's an indicator that there's a power in MOBO (lit). Been trying to figure out what happened. Anyone knows some work around?
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Motherboard LED turns on but nothing else

    So I have just put together everything together for my new gaming pc, apart from the gpu but I don't think thats the issue. When I turned on my computer to test if everything is working,the only thing that happened was that the motherboard LED turned on. Nothing else turned on in the PC. I don't...
  15. Chrisjhill

    Question Acer Aspire VN7-591G Not charging or powering on after taking apart to dust

    Hi everyone, I really need some good advice here. I've been looking all over every forum I can find and it seems like anyone else with the same issue doesn't get much response. As titles states, took apart my laptop just to clean the dust out since it had been a while and my performance was...
  16. T

    Question PC build not working (no fans or leds on)

    I have a Ryzen 3 1200, a MSI armour rx 570 8GB and an MSI B450-A Pro. I have built it all now and plugged it in and nothing works. When I click BIOS Flashback is flashes white three times but still nothing happens. Please help. (I am very new to all this and I don’t really know what I’m talking...
  17. B

    Question Can a magnet kill my power supply?

    A few weeks ago, my PC was working perfectly. No problems. Until we moved the room around and moved the PC to another corner of the room. It worked fine still, used it over the weekend for assignments. It wasn't until a week later after not using it for a while, it wasn't turning on at all. I...
  18. J

    Question Alienware Aurora ALX Not Turning On

    I haven an alienware aurora alx with an i7 930 24 gbs of ram and i put a gtx1070 in it to test it and it wont turn on only the lights over the motherboard and hard drive cages turn on could it be a motherboard issue?
  19. C

    Question PC turning on and straight back off, repetitively.

    So I hadn't used my PC in a while but before that it was in good working order. Now when I try turning it on, it starts to boot up for about a second then switches back off. Without pressing the on button it will do this repetitively until I cut the power. The specs for my system are as...
  20. J

    Question Motherboard power cable looks melted, not sure what to do next

    I’m building a server with a SuperMicro motherboard, 2 sticks of ECC ram, and a Xeon CPU. I just got all the components in, but when I turned it on, something wasn’t right. The BMC led was blinking green and normal, but the power led wasn’t on at all and the CPU fan wasn’t spinning. So I shut it...