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  1. S

    Question What is the use of GPU Copy?

    hello, thanks to taskmanager i noticed that both games and programs use "Copy", some games use more copy than 3d, i would like to understand, what is the function of Copy? searching the net i found little and nothing screenshot: Notebook Ryzen 5 5600h rtx 3060 laptop amd...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Laptop SSD 2.5 through Sata to 3.0

    Question is: Will it consider as basic pocket USB, or will the windows want to format the ssd every time i unplug or plug in ? Bcs i want it to use the 2.5 SSD as a USB basically, sometimes use sometimes not, wont be plugged all the time, this is the thingy...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Question Is this RAM compatible with my laptop?

    I got a recommendation from Crucial's System Scanner, saying that Crucial 8GB DDR4-3200 SODIMM is compatible with my Acer Aspire A315-22 laptop, . But according to the information presented on this website: , my CPU supports only DDR4-2133, and not...
  4. V

    Question Old laptop NB Chipset upgrade ?

    Hello, I've got an old laptop. It's Toshiba Satellite L450-18P. I managed to upgrade the CPU (It's not BGA) from Intel Pentium Dual Core T4400 @2.20 Ghz w FSB 800MHZ to Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.40 Ghz with the same fsb and higher L2 Cache. My mobo chipset is Intel GL40, some other laptop...
  5. TheFlash1300

    Question Which one is the best laptop, the most powerful?

    I got an offer for some laptops. I need to buy 2. Here is the list: Acer Aspire 3 A315-34-C7W3 Acer Aspire 3 A315-34 ASUS E410MA-BV1258 ASUS E510MA, ASUS X515MA ASUS E5510MA Which one is the best and most powerful laptop? What is the first best and the second best? I want to buy the two most...
  6. A

    Question Notebook won't turn on if any fan is connnected

    Hello everyone. I own a Dell i13-5378-A30C notebook. For a few weeks I've noticed it was heating a lot (reaching almost 90ºC under stress). The CPU cooler was also making weird noises so I thought it was time to replace it. When I installed the new one, I think I might have pushed the tiny...
  7. A

    Question BIOS doesn't see M.2 SSD, but Windows disk manager and Windows installer can see it ?

    Hi! I have an Acer Aspire VN7-571G-585B notebook. I bought a samsung 500GB 970 Evo Plus MZ-V7S500BW M.2 SSD. Windows sees this ssd and i can use it, so it is not bad, but i can't boot because BIOS and the boot manager don't see it ? What is the problem? :( is there a solution for this?
  8. O

    [SOLVED] Is this notebook's keyboard generic ?

    Lenovo B40-30 Is this notebook's keyboard generic as such so that I can get a new one searching on other notebook models? Thank you.
  9. Christian00

    Question Buying new laptop

    Hello everybody, I'm looking to change my good old Sony vaio with an upgrade and fast laptop and I'm just asking which one I could buy. In terms of use, generally I'm working with some DAW for music production. Regards Christian
  10. auerbachvoltz

    [SOLVED] Using External Monitor Ports Instead of Laptops

    Hello, I bought a Omen 27i which I have connected to my laptop via DP to USB-C. However, in order to connect any port-related devices such as a mouse, flash drive, headphones, keyboard, I need to connect them to my laptop in order to be recognized by my monitor. Is there a way to use my...
  11. S

    Question I broke my keyboard circuit, i guess

    Hi, i had asked a question in this forum about some keys don't work in my notebook. After this i watched some videos in internet and read some blogs about notebook circuit repair. So, i opened my notebook(wasn't the first time), pullmy keyboard out and tried to fix it as videos. I did everything...
  12. X

    [SOLVED] weird USB connections

    my friends laptop has a weird issue with his usb port that when i plug a mouse, the rgb mouse lits but dont move in the screen. It also happens when i plug a stick, the stick lits but windows dont recognize there is something in the port BUT if i put a stick with windows.iso sometimes appears...
  13. zolydream

    [SOLVED] Thomson Notebook won't enter in bios mode

    Hello everyone, some time ago i bought a Thomson Notebook from the market and when i went home and started it after the Thomson logo gives a window where is asking for a password. I don't know the password and i can't ask for it, too late for that, so i wanted to enter in BIOS and to try to...
  14. Leopetr95

    [SOLVED] External Monitor goes black for few seconds

    Hi everyone, I have an external monitor connected to my laptop. The problem is that very often the external screen goes black for few seconds. Consider that the problem occurs with both windows and ubuntu and that my laptop has an HDMI port and a usb C- display port. Here is what I tried to...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Need a application for lock my HP note book battery charging limit at 80%

    Have a normal HP notebook book laptop. And I need third party software that can lock my charge level at 80%. I think HP doesn't have any software for charge limit. Yes I know HP's Gaming series of laptops has this feature(software) like omen and pavilion Gaming. BTW model number of my laptop is...
  16. I

    Discussion i3 1005G1 vs Ryzen 3500U

    Hello, I have the chance to buy either of two notebooks with the mentioned CPUs, and I can not decide which one is better. According to benchmarks, they're quite similar, with the Ryzen usually performing better in multi-thread tests, but worse in single ones. I would use the laptop primarily...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Help! My laptop powers on, the fans spin, but I have no display.

    Hey there! I have a problem with my Clevo laptop, It worked good for a long time, now i'm expierencing a, in my eyes, big problem. When I power on the laptop, the keyboard lights go on, the fans spin but i'm greeted with a black screen. It's a laptop with the following specs; 4700MQ 16Gb DDR3...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Ram for my laptop

    I am planning to upgrade my ram since the stock is slow but when I tried to look at crucial's website it says no compatible upgrades available here is my Wishlist on ram:
  19. JonnyLo

    [SOLVED] Need HD 4000 CPU Replacement for i7-6500u

    Hi guys, as the title says, I need to switch out the CPU that came in my old laptop with one that has HD 4000 graphics and at least 3.10 clock speed. I am giving it to my son to use for emulating retro games and I am hoping to be able to put Minecraft on it for him. The replacement will meet...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Multiple driver-related issues on Dell laptop ?

    Dell Inspiron 15 3593 i5-1035G1 NVIDIA GeForce MX230 Primary problem: DELL driver related laptop problem('s). Windows 10 keeps removing official dell audio drivers and replacing with corrupted ones. Mostly every time there's problem with audio driver (cross mark), it boots into Windows...
  21. Gabriel239

    Question Best Laptop for Graphic Designing softwares

    Hi Buddies, I want to buy the best laptop for my graphic designing work. Graphic designing tools and software are heavy and I want to work on multiple software and tools at the same time so which laptop should I get.?
  22. Wolfmeister97

    Question Graphic card on notebook

    Hi! I just bought myself a new laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 3 - 15ARH05). I installed all the drivers (also I downloaded Lenovo Vantage and made a BIOS update). I installed GeForce Experience and so on. But the problem is that the dedicated GPU (GTX 1650) isn't enabled/activated and I don't know how...
  23. [SOLVED] SSD Compatibility for Asus FX503VD Notebook ?

    Hey, I have Asus FX503VD Laptop and I have 2,5" HDD. Now, I want to buy an SSD next to HDD. First of all, I picked Samsung 860 EVO 500GB M.2 SATA3 MZ-N6E500BW, but after I saw Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500GB MZ-V7S500BW and I changed my mind. But I looked in to compatibility and I have some...
  24. Leopetr95

    Question Monitor goes black for few seconds

    Hi everyone I have this annoying issue with my monitor connected to my laptop in which it becomes black for some seconds and then comes back. Consider that the problem occours with both windows and ubuntu and that the problem is not present while using a nintendo switch or a chromecast, here is...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] Workstation + light gaming laptop

    Hello everyone. I'm searching for a workstation laptop for my girlfriend who is an interior designer and mostly uses 3ds Max, Sketchup, AutoCAD etc. for both modelling and rendering. I understand it is a CPU intensive workload and could benefit from multiple threads but I'm really not familiar...
  26. Zaxter

    Question HP Notebook 14 Left Mouse Button Fix

    Hello, I have an issue with my left mouse button that has been bugging me for a while now. It's slightly sinking down on the right side, so it's hard to press the top right of the button, and impossible to press the bottom right. I literally have no idea how to fix this. My laptop is HP 14...
  27. Question SATA version changed randomly

    Hello, I've added a new Samsung 860 EVO SSD to my 'HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n023cl Notebook', Sometimes detected as SATA || and sometimes SATA |||, I don't know what's the problem! Is it from the SSD or BIOS and how can I fix it?
  28. PabloNavid

    [SOLVED] Las teclas Q, W, ´, + y Inicio no funcionan como deberian --- The Q, W, ´, + and Home keys do not work as they should.

    Las teclas no funcionan como se debe, solo dejaron de funcionar de la nada, hay veces en las que funcionan algunas de esas teclas y hay veces que no, ademas, cuando presiono la tecla TAB, Q y W al mismo tiempo, se activa la tecla de mutear la pc, solo con esas teclas. AYUDAAAA. Translation...
  29. v1s1TOR_

    Question Upgrade HP 620. Is it possible?

    Hello, i want upgrade my friend´s notebook, but im not sure. NTB already has 2Gb RAM(1slot is loaded/1slot is free) .. i want try uprade to 8Gb - 2x4Gb DDR3 Can i do it? Is that compatible? Next step: Uprade CPU- I have question...Is possible chnge CPU or is it fixed to MB? If its possible...
  30. S

    Question Notebook monitor stuck at 60hz

    Hello, today I got a beautiful acer nitro 5 (AN515-55) directly from, but I have a little problem / doubt: according to the specifications the monitor of this notebook should be at 144hz but, I don't know why it tells me that its max refresh rate is 60. Checking better in the windows...
  31. O

    [SOLVED] notebook does not start

    lenovo t400. After using the notebook, and putting it away. Now it will not start. It has not been hit by water or hit the floor. If the psu is connected battery and connector icons do not light. Pressing the on button does nothing. I have done the hard reboot. Nothing happens. I have removed...
  32. G

    Question Question about max RAM frequency supported on gaming laptop

    Hi, good afternoon. I have a question regarding RAM frequency supported on my laptop, so maybe you can help me out, here it goes. I have a gaming laptop and i'm looking forward to upgrade to 32gb but idk what frequency i should pick, ideally i want the highest speed, so i used "Crucial memory...
  33. L

    Question CPU upgrade for my notebook

    I hope this is the right section, in case it isn't then sorry Hello, so I have a HP Pavilion 17-e101sl which recently the CPU (an i5-4200M) died and I need to replace it (yes, the CPU on this board is replaceable) Now, I could just buy the same one on Internet but then I thought it would be...
  34. DJ77

    [SOLVED] A10-9600P Replacement.

    I was wondering if I could replace my AMD A10-9600P with another chip. It's for light gaming and a performance boost. I've seen youtube videos on people replacing their AMD chips for another one. But sadly, the videos featured either an older laptop and/or a different socket, etc. I was also...
  35. VittoK24

    [SOLVED] Is my laptop compatible with M.2 PCIe?

    Hello guys, I want to get a GIGABYTE SSD M.2 256GB PCIe 4X NVME in my notebook Asus Gl753 - I7 7700, 16gb RAM Gtx 1050 4gb. I was searching to know which motherboard is, and I just get that it has HM175 chipset. But I'm not sure if it has M.2 PCIe connector, or M.2 Sata, etc. I hope you can...
  36. I_AM_Bulletproof

    Question Overclocking 1050 TI

    Hello, i have a MSI GL63 8RD laptop and i would like to overclock it to its maximum capacity, however i am pretty noob to this and i am scared i might end up damaging something. I have afterburner and superposition bench mark installed. Some additional problem with afterburner the power limit...
  37. [SOLVED] Notebook FX 9800p are this temps normal?

    On the past months i've been noticing that the cpu clock it's going down to 1.38Ghz so i did a research on Google and i found that it's because the AMD driver it's protecting the CPU from high temps, a solution provided was to disable the auto start of that driver but when i do that it sits on...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 3750H + GTX 1660-ti | VS | i7-9750H + GTX 1650

    Hi guys, I have an urgent question: should I buy a pc with Ryzen 7 3750H + GTX 1660-ti or another one with i7-9750H + GTX 1650? Pleaseee is very very urgent!!! Thanks thanks thanks a lot, R.
  39. NewMemberLooking4Help

    Question SO-DIMM RAM MAX SPEED / Motherboard Compatible Memory

    Hello, im trying to upgrade my Notebook and one thing i want to do is replace or add some RAM . Im have a MSI MS-16J4 Motherboard with single channel ddr4 RAM 8 GB (Speed 2132). I want to replace it with 2x8gb DDDR4 RAM (Speed 2666). HWinfo is showing me that my max. speed is 1300? And it...
  40. stormman34

    [SOLVED] Problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung notebook

    Hello. I'm having problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung NP700Z5A. For the full story i'll put it in a spoiler. Long story short: When I try to install Win 7 via USB then it wants a USB driver and the one from Samsung website doesn't work. When I try to install Win 7 via DVD then it turns the...