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  1. georgens

    Question Games drop in fps for few seconds then fine

    Ive been told this is a problem with my GPU getting too hot but after running a few tests its simply not the case. So i would be playing a game like rainbow six that i can play 60fps no problem then out of no where my fps drops to like 15 for a few seconds and then goes back up, this happens...
  2. inbam

    [SOLVED] Laptop temperature rise up high and fall

    Using an i7-5500u with Nvidia 940M laptop. My temperatures go up to 75 to 80 degree celcius when opening application and drops down back to 40 degree celcius. Why is that? Is that normal?
  3. CeroCry

    Question Rumours about AMD overheating.

    Are those rumours really true? Amd components (GPUs) intend to run really hot and overheat at times. I am still kinda new to all of this and want to hear your opinions on this one guys! 👊
  4. R

    Question Overheating Issue

    Hi, My PC is overheating when I play any games. I've uploaded the logs from OpenHardwareMonitor at https://filebin.net/fv4jompcsfug0v8w I'm pretty sure it's the GPU but I could be wrong, I don't know what the temperatures should actually be. I've checked my case and all fans seem to be...
  5. J

    Question Mobo Temp getting too high

    So while playing a game, i noticed a rather rampant fan noise which isnt the normal for my computer, upon checking out the temps i noticed the mobo was pushing 160f and the fans were going crazy, The gpu, cpu, and other sensors were all well within acceptable levels just not the mobo, And it...
  6. H

    Question Ryzen 2700x High Spiking Idle Temperatures.

    Hi, I've had the 2700x for about 3 months now and I'm little confused with the idle temperatures. The temperature seems to start at around 45-50C, which is already pretty high for an idle temp, but then spikes continuously up to 60C. The temperature will then drop back down just below 50 then...
  7. TryHardTV

    Question 2600x AMD Ryzen with Masterliquid ML240R RGB Overheating

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my CPU that is overheating currently I have already replaced the thermal paste 3 times now but this haven't solved my issue, could anybody tell me a solution to this because when I go into my bios the temperature of my CPU is 95C and it doesn't go down. Here are the...
  8. Ashckroft94

    Question Overheating, BIOS or faulty hardware?

    Hello, I have one really old PC which I just don't wanna let die.The original PC build is : MB: m3a78 Asus am2+ CPU: AMD Phenom 9650 x4 2.3GHz Black Edition GPU: ATI HD 4830 1GB (replaced) HDD: WDC1001FALS-00y6A0 RAM: 4GB (2x2GB modules 1066MHZ DDR2) PSU:500W Recently I've replaced the...
  9. J

    Question (Beginner) Overheating PC. What Should I Do? Help/Tips?

    (Hi, I'm pretty new to PC maintenance and have never built a PC before so apologies for any noob moments in advance. :ouimaitre:) PC specs I could find - G6 Fusion 600 X2 - 6 Core AMD Gaming PCCase: G6 Vantage Red (ATX) Processor (CPU): AMD FX 6300 (6x 3.50GHz) AM3+ Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE -...
  10. kileob

    [SOLVED] so i overclocked my cpu thanks to some really helpful people on this fourm but now the issue tempreture

    i can run 1.3 v and 4.5GHz but can I possibly go to 1.2v and do the same thing is that safe or will I be taking some kind of loss 2.5v maybe? while at 4.5GHz 100% stress test temps were 60-75 usually that's not that hot but like I don't like it so that's why im asking if I could tone down the...
  11. V

    Question Overheating CPU(i9900k) in bios

    Recently i built a custom gaming computer, i used it for a couple of days everything was fine. However today something weird has occurred. while i was playing a video game, within 30 minutes, the CPU temperature reached 99 degrees Celsius. I restarted my PC. i got an error message that says...
  12. H

    Question Is my CPU overheating in New Build?!

    Hi all, Ive just recently build a new rig and was wondering our my CPU temperatures too high at idle load? Im running an AMD Ryzen 2600x (Non-OC) and as a cooler am using a Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240L RGB AIO. At idle load the pc seems to be sitting at around 55-60 Celsius, shouldn't it...
  13. M

    Question Bf4 overheats on my Alienware m17

    Hey guys I just bought an Alienware m17 but am experiencing overheating issues when I play bf4. I have an i7 8750h and when I don’t limit the FPS the temperature can reach up to high 80’s and I even undervolted my cpu but am still getting high temps. Other games run around mid to high 70’s which...
  14. sajinh1

    Question Clock/Memory speed always high

    i’m using Galax 1060 exoc. i monitor using Msi Afterburner. but it showing that my clock speed 1544 and memory speed 4006mhz (these are the maximum value of this gpu) even when idle the values are same. for that my gpu temp is always 45+ can anyone tell me how to solve this? i cheked my other...
  15. B

    Info (SOLVED) Overheating Oil on VRAM - XFX RX 480 GTR Overheating Issue

    Hey guys, any time I find a bizarre solution, I'm going to start posting here to help others out. Alright so today I got in two used XFX RX 480 8GB GTR's, which are supposed to be fairly high quality as far as the 400 series goes. So I go to put these cards into gaming rigs and both of them...
  16. M

    Question Thermal Paste and aftermarket cooler for i5 8400?

    I bought an i5 8400 back when it was first released. Since then i have been having heating issues with cpu temp going to 90 degrees Celsius and above. After turning off the turbo boost from bios resolved the issue. I think it could be improper installation and it had preapplied thermal paste on...
  17. K

    Question MSI RX 580 8GB Overheating?

    Hi Guys, My Display just goes off (No Signal) during games like Apex, PUBG. I can still hear the game sounds and the PC is running. I've updated all the drivers, reinstalled the games, reinstalled windows, changed my motherboard. My build is ASUS B450-MA Ryzen 5 2600 MSI RX 580 (8gb) Corsair...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] CPU overheating

    I bought this gaming laptop 1 month ago and for the duration I noticed random freezes only in games where it ran perfectly fine nothing wrong whatsoever then an abrupt freeze for ~5-10 seconds then it resumes as though nothing happened. I updated drivers for everything from my BIOS to my GPU...
  19. M

    Question Power bricks for laptop max wattage?

    Hi, My PSU for my PC is only 300W, but it has a fan built in. I see power bricks for laptops at 200W and they have a plastic enclosed casing. No air ventillation! Is this even safe? How come they don't need any cooling like a desktop PSU? And what is the maximum wattage a power brick can have...
  20. gear999

    Question i7 4770 overheating on stock cooler

    Hey all, I haven't been here for a while. I recently purchased my friend's old i7 4770 (non-K) off of him to pop in my PC just as a small update. I installed it tonight with the stock cooler (don't have any other ones) and I just hit 99c while playing Apex Legends for a duration of 5 minutes...