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  1. WildBohr_0

    PC Problems (CPU or GPU)

    Hello, I've been experiencing random crashes and restarts. Some have been BSODs, but others are just restarts. Another problem is that not all my applications load and when they do it takes awhile. I think I might have OC'ed my CPU too much when I first got it and I think thats the problem, but...
  2. D

    My custom built

    What do you guys think anything i should add or change this is my first gaming build so i would really like opinions and help if i should set anything up
  3. 5

    Gtx 970 running at full clock speed

    I bought a brand new MSI gtx 970 and it started running really hot. I got MSI afterburner and saw that after 10mins or so the core clock and memory clock would shoot up to max speeds. The only way to stop it is to shut down my pc. I have tried a lot solutions to other post but nothing works...
  4. F

    Low firestrike score?

    I just benched my card with firestrike.. is 11687 a low score for a i5 4690k and a R9 fury? Just looked at some benchmarks and they had at least 1000-2000 higher scores then me. Granted they had better CPUs. Just curious!
  5. BigC847

    Mixed temp results with a couple different tests, should I be concerned?

    I just finished this build 2 days ago... i7 4790k cpu H100i GTX cooler Asus Maximus vii Hero mobo I ran prime95 blend test (8hrs), realbench benchmark, realbench stress test (8hrs), and played GTA 5 and Witcher 3 for most of today, and during all of this my temps never went above 72c...
  6. J

    recovery disk problem

    I had a fan problem with my vpc-z1190x laptop and when a repair shop tried to replace it, they fried the processor, which they replaced with a generic i7 motherboard. When software problems came, I am unable to use the recovery disks, because it sees the motherboard as the wrong system. Is...
  7. fudgecakes99

    Looking for a large Case Ultra/Super/tower. Bigger the better.

    I'm going to be upgrading my rig to the new skylake processor and plan on putting in a fairly large open water cooled loop. Would love some suggestions, on a big case something around the size of the 900D. I plan on adding a single quadx120mm rad at first then adding a second one later one for...
  8. V

    i7 5820k does not support overclocking?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to overclock my i7 5820k cpu but my motherboard x99A msi krait keeps on telling me that my cpu does not support overclocking and it wont let me change the cpu ratio it just sits to auto. I don't know if its the cpu or the mobo that has a problem please help. Thank you.
  9. S

    New system just booted up with no os graphics card not registered

    I just booted up my new built pc everything is fine but on the motherboard Explorer there is nothing saying my r9 280x is connected please help and I can give more details if you need them. Thanks
  10. T

    Need some help with my first gaming PC

    Hi, and thank you in advance for taking a look at my qustion. (I am trying to be as specific as possible, so there's gonna be a wall of text, sorry about that) I am searching for a new PC, my very first gaming PC. I have no confidence in being able to build one myself (I am not prepared to...
  11. J

    Is this a good gaming rig? can it run bf4 and gta v on 1080p? i'm about to build my first gaming pc, this is it, would it be a good choise? to play games like gta v and bf4 on 1080 p? Changes? Upgrades?
  12. ProtoAMP

    Gigabyte G1 GTX 970 vs MSI R9 390

    It seems the two cards are very similar in performance. Im aiming to get a 144Hz monitor aswell, so will one card outperform another, if I try and get the highest settings possible at that framerate? Btw, if it helps, Im gaming at 1080p and want to...
  13. E

    Would the Nvidia Gtx 960 fit inside my Dell Inspiron 660?

    I am currently looking for graphics cards, and I was wondering if this one would fit inside my computer.
  14. C

    Is this motherboard now useless?

    Hi all, I was donated a motherboard by my brother, it's an Asus Maximus V Extreme. However, it would appear some pins on the CPU connection are bent, would this be completely irreparable?
  15. M

    Can I backup Windows?

    I am a first class newbie when it comes about backup. I didn't need one. No important files,no reason for a backup. But I signed up for my free upgrade to Win 10 and I want to install it in November or maybe earlier. What I don't like about this free upgrade is that I don't trust it. And I...
  16. D

    GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC vs GIGABYTE Z97X-Gaming 3 for Gaming Pc

    Hi , what should i buy : GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC or GIGABYTE Z97X-Gaming 3 ? I've got an i7 4790k, 8gb Ram , 2 x GTX 660 ( SLI ) , Samsung 850 evo 250 gb and a 650 W PSU . I also have an CM 212 EVO for OC . My old mobo has broken so i need to buy a new one , what do you recommend ? The z87 board in...
  17. M

    need help with upgrade options

    so i have a dated dell precision t3500 and i really need to upgrade the gfx card which is currently a nvidia quadro fx1800 which is terrible i could really use some advice on what i can upgrade to for around 200-350$
  18. E

    Is it safe to cut off some parts of the faceplate?

    Hi, My GPU won't fit in my PC, is it safe to cut off some parts of the faceplate? Card is: GeForce GT 640
  19. F

    Instalation of windows 7

    I am building a new pc so and I need to install windows. My friend has original cd but I heard that I need some windows product key. Can I install windows right away or I need to get product key and how?
  20. M

    Desktop shuts down and boots up again right away

    Hey, I've been trying to solve a problem that my Dad has been having with his desktop computer. It seems that whenever he shuts it down, it will boot back up again right away. Some things that we've ruled out: It's not software because this happened while he was running Windows XP, and we've...
  21. S

    Is my Power Supply working?

    I was editting a video in After Effects earlier and my Desktop shut down by itself, when I went to switch it back on, the pc just made a noise as if it was shutting down, there is power going into it I think, the LED's for my graphics card is on, the led for my power button is on, but when I...
  22. S

    Advice - FX-8350 Low Profile Cooler - sub 138mm

    Guys I need advice selecting a low profile cooler for my new HTPC. I am using a Silverstone tek GD09 case that only has 138mm of cooling clearance. This severely limits my options and to top it off I am using Adata 2400mhz...
  23. T

    Asus Maximus Impact Help needed

    I want to make sure if the Asus impact vII can fit a graphics card and a aver media live gamer hd game recorder
  24. D

    Monitor flickering and random pixels.

    Lately my monitor will randomly (like once a week or so) flicker black on all or partial horizontal wide lines across the screen. Having Windows 8.1, it will also be inclined to go all black occasionally when I enter the start/apps screen. Also, occasional red/orange pixels will show up and...
  25. G

    Suggestions on $1,200 Gaming Build

    I am trying to make my first PC build as good as i can on pretty much a $1,200 budget. I am planning on gaming, livestreaming to Twitch, and recording and uploading videos to YouTube. (I would really like, but don't need a neon green theme. Red or blue would also be ok) I would like people with...
  26. T

    Help with over locking CPU.

    Intel i5-4690k Gtx 980 8gb ram Asus 97-a H105 cooler 550w psu Will I need a larger power supply if I want to over lock?
  27. R

    RAID 1 Partiton corrupt, bad geometry

    Hello everyone, I have a SBS2011 Server up and running. It boots from a RAID 1. (The RAID crashed a year ago and was repaired, if further information about that is needed, i might be able to provide it) Since a few days, the Server-Backup fails and in the event-logs i see, there are I/O Device...
  28. D

    Corrupted File System?

    Hey guys, So I was dumping files onto an external (mostly video files, recorded tv/movies, some of our home picture collection, etc) and after the transfer was complete (didn't notice any problems) I noticed I was unable to open one of the folders on the drive - I was getting a message about...
  29. A

    When will 4K and G-sync pair and be worth the $$$

    A 4k Monitor is about $300 4k on Ebay A G-Sync Monitor is about $550 G-Sync on Ebay And a Monitor with BOTH 4k and G-Sync is $700-800 4K monitor with G-Sync on Ebay So how long do you think a 4K monitor WITH G-Sync will be relatively affordable? The two technologies are amazing individually...
  30. R

    Can this run Battlefield 3/4 on Max Video?

    I am currently looking into laptops and a different Computer the one I currently uses runs CS:GO on low everything and can only run Minecraft on Fast graphics. I'd like something that's their to hit and for me to play.If this cannot run at-least Medium settings can you get me a laptop that will...
  31. D

    Weird mouse stutter/lag

    hello, Since a month or 2 i have noticed a weird mouse stutter on my pc. Most of the time my mouse is functioning good but sometimes (especially when playing League of Legends) it stutters. when this happen i am unable to click/move the cursor for about a second and after that it remains choppy...
  32. I

    Budget CPU Mobo

    I'm really stuck on a whether to go with the A88x chipset and a 860k vs something say an i3 or G3258 but with a "not as great" chipset (ex. B85 or other low cost chipsets). If it was a 860k or a Pentium I'd end up overclocking.
  33. A

    Will this Liquid Cooler work with this motherboard?

    I am planning on upgrading my old computer but truthfully i've never ventured into this territory so I am looking to making sure I dont make any mistakes. Cooler: Motherboard...
  34. T

    Best type of computer chair fabric/upholstery

    Hello everyone! I know that there is probably a thread out there somewhere on google about this but I rather get more new and updated information and opinion. So, I'm looking to buy a new computer chair under like 100-150ish and I narrowed down a few results. However, all these chairs seem...
  35. myeungix

    Does my CPU bottleneck my VGA Card ? (i7 3770 vs GTX 970)

    I just upgrade my PC and here is the spec: Processor : Core i7 3770 3.4GHz HSF : DeepCool GammaXX S40 Motherboard : MSI ZH77A-G43 Plus Memory : Dual Channel Visipro 2 x 4 GB PC3-12800 CL11-11-11-29 SSD : Intel SSD 520 Series 120GB Harddisk : Seagate 2TB SATA III 7200rpm VGA Card : Palit -...
  36. B

    Help buying an Ultrabook for gaming w/ buyers FAQ

    1. What is your budget? £1000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? About Ultrabook size (Air) 13-14" 3. What screen resolution do you want? >=1080p 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? n/a 5. How much battery life do you need? >=4hrs 6. Do...
  37. S

    Look for a good gaming setup

    I looking for a setup that can run minecraft bf4 CS:GO and can recored with Fraps I got $600
  38. F

    Help with $1200-$1300 build

    Hi everyone, I am going to be building a new gaming pc soon and I would like feedback on what I have so far. :) (This will be my second build) PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($229.99 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: Phanteks...