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  1. O

    Any asus red and black motherboards under $150?

    I can't find any red and black motherboards by asus. If you know any motherboard that is black or red and black, please link me to the website to it! (Socket LGA 1151 and Z170) Thank you
  2. M

    Laptop Can't Fit Needed Graphics Card

    Company got me a new Dell laptop that has a graphics card to support (2) 4K monitors. Right now I have (2) 4k monitors and (1) regular 27" and all works fine. I want to get rid of the 27" and get a 3rd 4K but Dell said the laptop won't be able to fit/handle a graphics card that would do that...
  3. M

    Loading Problems & Hanging

    To preface this I overclocked my CPU and GPU, fairly safely, but also reverted the changes back after this problem occurred. Ok so I purchased a new video card and PSU a week ago, installed, updated drivers, the whole 9. Everything was working perfectly. Yesterday I began to download and...
  4. K

    Limits of overclocking

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can explain to me what are the real limits/what really represents danger in overclocking. I know that temperatures are the most important thing to watch out for, the cpu must run at under 75º under load or something like that, and I understand it, but what about...
  5. S

    Help me choose a Mobo :)

    Hi Forum, Kind of the first thread ive posted here so excuse the improper formatting etc etc. Ive been looking at building a new Skylake Platform system, and got a CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, Case and most other internals, just need a mobo PCPartPicker part list...
  6. D

    Computer won't start. Please help

    So I have a problem, I just installed a new motherboard, cpu, and ram. I start up the computer and everything lights up, fans spin and the motherboard pulses like it's in sleep. And all I get is a black screen. I checked all the of my connections and I have no loose ones. Can sombody help? Cpu...
  7. G

    can i overclock this a8 6600k just got it from a friend

    CPU-Z TXT Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaries ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU-Z version 1.76.0.x64 Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number...
  8. D

    AMD Phenom X4 9750 (125W) with ALiveNF6G-VSTA?

    for experts, do these two go together?
  9. D

    Unable to post no new components

    Asus m5a99fx r2.0 Amd am3+ fx-8320 Msi R7950 Thermaltake 600w Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz Cooler master sepia 120m water cooler Roswell challenger 2 case Plenty or performance case fans My system has stayed the same for over 2 years and all of a sudden while I was browsing the Web it just...
  10. B

    WINDOWS 10 not booting after partitioning C drive

    I bought a new laptop and using disk management, i partitioned my C drive from 930 GB TO 530 GB. Now unable to partition anymore, i decided to use 3rd party software's to partition the C drive and cut down my C drive to 130 GB. After the laptop restarted, Windows is unable to boot. Please help...
  11. R

    Screen Tearing ?

    So I have an older gaming laptop which I always plug a BENQ G2225HD moniter in via VGA cable. Until now it has been fine, but for last few days I have been getting faint horizontal lines that flicker on the monitor, but not on the laptop. The strange part is when I dont have the laptop power...
  12. C

    A quick question about a motherboard.

    Does the Clr Cmos need to be plugged in for the motherboard to start? Because mine isnt and i cant start up my computer and haven't been able to for 4 days now.
  13. Laython Childers

    Razer Naga 2011 Malfunction

    I recently went on vacation to the beach. I brought my laptop and my mouse. Everything worked perfectly while I was there and on the ride home. When I got home i plugged my mouse into my desktop and the left click acted as scroll wheel click, right click didn't work, scroll wheel only scrolled...
  14. B

    Do integrated gpus slow down the cpus?

    I just brought a new pc, with everything except the gpu (im wating for the RX 480), so i had to use the integrated gpu and i noticed that the cpu (i5 6402p) isn't as fast as i've thought (browsing while having a game running in background is kidda slow). Should i expect my cpu to perform faster...
  15. S

    GPU fans start upon startup but stop in lock screen

    I have a GeForse GTX 960 and I know the fans work because they start up when i power up my PC however when it gets to the lock screen the fans do not work any longer. How do I fix this? My HDMI is plugged into the GPU and not the motherbord and I have tried unplugging it and fiddling with the...
  16. C

    New System Same Graphics Card As Before But Now Lag?

    Hello guys, I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this before. I was originally running a 670 2GB, i7 3770k and 8GB DDR3 RAM. Just today, I upgraded to an i7 6700K and 16GB DDR4 RAM. This is prep for a GTX 1080. I am still running my original 670 at the moment. An still running...
  17. T

    Memory compatibility wint motherboard

    Are Memorie Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB DDR4 2133MHz CL13 Dual Channel Kit compatible with Asus Z170 PRO GAMING ?
  18. G

    Which parts should I sell / Reuse?

    I just took apart my old computer and I'm wondering which parts I should sell and which I should re-use (I want to build a new computer, something that will be able to run new games and be upgradeable for the future) Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D 1.02g Processor: Intel '86 Q8200 // Intel Core 2 Quad...
  19. A

    Board inside my Gateway M7305U laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop from 2008. I am going to swap out the 2 RAM boards to speed it up. My question doesn't concern the RAM though. When I opened up the back to investigate, I found another board that's by itself, next to a slot that's clearly ready for that board's partner. I wish I could...
  20. M

    No option to change ram settings in uefi aptios utility setup

    Hi guys, i have a asus x550za and recently upgraded it. After the upgrade the computer was able to read the memory. The only problem is it is now choppy and sometimes freezes. The specs of the memory are both the same but different brand. I read all over the web that it needs to be adjusted in...
  21. N

    Logitech z506 5.1 surround

    I bought my Logitech z506 5.1 surround system yesterday but i can't get my rear speakers to work. I do have a rear speaker jack to my subwoofer and then on my motherboard. I got a asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard. When i go to my realtek hd audio manager, it says there is a signal from the audio...
  22. S

    Automatic Shutdown problem

    Hi, I have specific problem. When I clikc shutdown everything is OK, but when I set timer for automatic shutdown computer start shutdown procedure and turnoff monitor like it is shutdown, but power lamp stay on and comupter stay in freeze state. I tried with task schedluer, batch file, switchoff...
  23. G

    I7 4790k @ 4.8GHz 1.285volts overclock temps.

    Idle temps are around 27-35C. And while full load it maxs out around 65-70C. Is this better than normal for this chip, or is this a pretty normal over clock?
  24. I

    VR Gaming PC on CL good deal?

    Hi I am thinking about buying a 2nd hand PC and accessories from CL with the below specs for 750$ and was wondering if its a good deal. i7-4790k processor gtx 970 video card 240 gb solid state hard drive 500gb hard disk drive logitech c920 camera, razer keyboard and mouse Two 24inch HD...
  25. R4DIO4CT1VE

    Upgrading sketchy PC

    So I got this PC for free(thrift shop) and I'm looking to give it a good boost but I'm not sure exactly what route I should take with it, no plans on 4k or VR, just looking for solid 60fps and high/ultra at 1080p. Trying not to spend too much, probably $400 max. CURRENT COMPONENTS: AMD FX-8320...
  26. P

    My friend just upgraded his pc and only blinks

    he only kept the case and a (in my opinion) pretty crappy power supply, and he now has an amd cpu and when he tried to start it, before he put in the ram, it just blinked, but even with the ram now, it still just blinks.
  27. M

    Motherboard bricked can i recover

    I have an MSI Gaming 7 Z97A gaming motherboard. It has worked fine and I have made no changes to it in the last few months and then suddenly it all quit working and both BIOS give me black screen and will not work. The board LEDs light up and the fans run but that is it. Is there any way to...
  28. N

    I need a gaming/animation/programming PC

    I'll be getting a Skylake i5 6500 for what's in the title above, but would I be better with an i5 6600K? I guess I know what I need for gaming, but my question is, what are good specs for animation/programming? Is 8GBs of RAM good, or do I need 16GB+ ? ANY tips would be great, thank you...
  29. A

    AMD FX 8320 - Having CPU SPIKES

    Having CPU SPIKES and its lowering the performance of my games makes it feels sluggish/laggy/choppy w/e.. and makes the mouse movement choppy. Im wondering if there is any fix for this, im not that good at BIOS or whatever so i don't want to touch anything without asking first. SPECS AMD FX...
  30. I

    gtx 960 vs r9 380

    ok so im getting a new gpu and i was wondering what gpu is better? the r9 380 or the gtx 960 i heard people say that the r9 380 is the best band for your buck and wanted to make sure this is true.
  31. R

    Help Picking Monitor

    Should I get an Acer Predator X34 or something like 32 in to 40 inch 4k panel, I will be running a 980 Ti or Titan X Watercooled with 16gb of ram and 6700k, ITX Build
  32. X

    Looking for solid Graphics card

    Hey guys I was wondering what kind of graphics card I should get since my birthday is coming up soon right now I currently have an AMD A10-7850k Kaveri 3.7Ghz Quad Core *I know, not the best but :p* and I also have an R9 270x. I'm trying to find a good card that will not cause any bottle necking...
  33. F

    can nividia graphics be added to m4200 processor w 4600 graphics card

    I bought an H.P. envy, with an Intel i5 4200m, a few years ago. It also came equipped with intel 4600 graphics. I would like to add a Nividia GeForce GT 740m graphic card. is that possible
  34. J

    Help find a editing problem

    My PC Specs: Biostar mb just a basic one not sure 8GB ripjaws ddr3 Fx-6300 GTX 970 700w psu 80+ bronze 1TB Seagate I can't preview the video at any quality without bad frame drops, 1080p footage. I was gonna upgrade to skylake 6500 will this solve the problem If not HELP, Pretty please with...
  35. C

    dx12 dual graphics in general

    Hello, i have a friend who is looking buy a asus laptop R8 365dx. Now ive looked into the dual gpu set up and everything says it sucks for games. But its based on specs alone. 2 questions. 1 :would dx12 make it better having 2 gpus( r6 apu and r7 card)? 2: most sites say it's only as good...
  36. S

    Sony, Samsung, Vizio Refresh rate?

    I recently bought a TV but I'm about to return it since whenever the screen panned in a show it was really chunky. So I've been looking at a ton of TV's and reviews to see what TV would have the best refresh rate and make the panning less harsh and I found 2 TV's I'm trying to decide to get but...
  37. V

    Asus R501vm Backlit keyboard

    Hi Toms Hardware community, I have an Asus R501vm laptop and some of the laptops keys died out on me, ive tried multiple methods that ive read online and none have worked so far. So im deciding that its best to go with another keyboard. The current keyboard I have right now is a back lit...
  38. PCN00B123

    How to rebuild icon cache in windows 10?

    I looked online on how to rebuild my icon cache in windows 10 after I did a disk clean and it never rebuilt. The instructions told me to locate this folder 'C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer' but the problem is when I reach reach windows there is no 'Explorer' but...
  39. E

    Need help cleaning grandparent's computer

    So my grandparents managed to download a billion viruses, and its my job to remove them. However, internet explorer literally does't work because of the viruses (some fake "there is a virus on your computer" popup prevents me from doing anything), so I can't install an antivirus, and windows...