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  1. B

    WINDOWS XP assistance needed .

    nordleadNov 27, 2011, 7:29 PM wrote: If you have a copy of XP, just try copying the .exe to the Windows 7 PC. It'll probably work since I believe all the resources are embedded in the exe and you don't need any extra files. Easiest way to find it (probably under the System32 folder) is to...
  2. B

    Recently build gaming computer keeps freezing (Randomly)

    So I just recently built a gaming computer and a little less than occasionally the computer freezes. I don't know if this will help, but here is a text rundown from speccy on a fresh start up. Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD FX-6350 23 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM 8.00GB...
  3. D

    Computer won't show bios/splash screen

    Hello guys I have a gigabyte ga 970 motherboard, zotac 1060 amp! edition graphics card, a amd fx 6300 black edition and when I start up my pc the splash screen for my computer won't show up anymore. It used to then it just stopped, I took out my cmos battery and put it back in and it didn't work...
  4. J

    Half a minute lagging and occasional freezes

    Hello, So I've been having a lot of freezes for a while now. I've tried to fix this myself with different methods but I can't seem to properly get rid of the problem. There doesn't seem to be anything specific when the freezes happen but there is usually some error codes in the event viewer...
  5. why_wolf

    simple UPS recommendations

    Anyone have a recommendation for a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for 1 PC? Battery time is not very important, I'd be fine with just 10 minutes. Mostly interested in one to help clean up dirty power and the occasional micro blackout.
  6. R

    i have hp intel pentium can i change my graphic card? and i dnt have an extra slot

    I am not really gud with computers plz help me out
  7. M

    Where do i plug in my monitor, dual GPU no SLI

    I got a GeForce 1080 which I use for mining and sometimes game on it. When I mine and watch videos at the same time, the videos have low framerate so I am thinking about buying a weak 1050 video card to watch videos on while mining with 1080. My motherboard doesnt support SLI. I wonder if I will...
  8. E

    Low Framerates for PC in general

    Hi, I'm wondering if you are able to help with this problem I'm having with my computer. So the problem is whatever game I play i get the same fps with any graphic setting so on Battlefield 1 for example doesn't matter if the settings all put down to low or ultra I get the same fps with the same...
  9. S

    $2000 gaming/VR build

    Hi All, Its been 5 years since I last asked the forum here for build advice, the advice I received here was terrific and my system is still running strong. Very excited to finally be able to start a new build. I just purchased a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 DT, so I have around $1250...
  10. K

    High ping on everything

    I've just moved to a student house as I have started Uni, since the first day here I've had every bag ping problems whilst gaming, I've tried every game I play (LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch) and even on discord and have fluctuating ping which can spike between 30-180 and used command prompt and other...
  11. B

    Msi board won't recognize m.2 ssd

    Hello, could use some help. Bought an Samsung 960 evo m.2 ssd. I mounted it to my Msi x99s Gaming 7 board, it seems it won't recognize my ssd. Any thoughts?
  12. Knobby_Head

    Best 27" Monitor for Gaming Under $200

    I am looking for a monitor for gaming (i mostly play overwatch and the such) thats 27" and preferably under $200. Any suggestions?
  13. A

    Which will be the best graphics card for my DDR2 pc ?

    My Computer Specifications are : Motherboard - ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5GC-MX/1333 (LGA 775) RAM - 4 GB DDR2 Processor - Intel G4560 Pentium Processor LGA1151 Graphics - Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family I want to know that which graphic card can I put in this computer to get playable FPS...
  14. N

    Computer randomly reboots (load, no load), multiple PSUs tested

    I'm building a new build with new parts and a few salvaged parts from my old machine. **Problem** The computer reboots "randomly" typically within 20 minutes, but can be within 30 seconds. With both PSUs I've tested (one old, one that had been working fine in my previous gutted machine) click...
  15. K

    My motherboard can't run my processor?

    I purchased the gigabyte h110m-a motherboard last year and I just purchased an intel i7 7700k. It told me on pc part picker after I purchased it this. COMPATIBILITY NOTES Some Intel H110 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Kaby Lake-S CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a...
  16. J

    PC random restarts after installed graphics cards?

    What causes a computer to restart without warning (once in a while) after installed graphics card? I put in a Radeon R9 graphics card recently. I'm running on Windows 10. Driver is up to date with Windows 10. I just want to know why my computer sometimes restart without giving me warning. The...
  17. molly_dog

    Use Xover cable to transfer data

    Hi, Have never done this (or even attempted it) so am just looking for any "gotchas" that might be lurking out there. I picked up a crossover cable for the purpose of moving all the data from an old PC to its replacement. Both machines are running Windows 10 Pro. The old one is 32-bit, the...
  18. I

    OS installation on secondary drive

    So my friend's computer recently got some corrupted OS files, and i wanted to help him reinstall windows 10. I formatted the drive as it was for no use, and proceeded to create a bootable USB device, which his computer wont recognise. When i plug it in, it doesnt do anything, and when i attempt...
  19. F

    Is there a way to determine the serial number of an intel or amd cpu?

    I am referring to the unique identity of the cpu, not it's ID. In other words, if I understand correctly, each and every manufactured cpu has a single unique identifier. Is it possible to read this. My question is both for curiosity and security reasons. There are some registration softwares...
  20. V

    PC randomly turns off but cabinet power light stays on.

    CPU AMD FX 6100 Motherboard Biostar TA970XE RAM Corsair ValueSelect 2x4GB (1600 MHz) GPU Sparkle Nvidia GT610 PSU Cooler Master 350W running Windows 10 Pro While randomly using the computer, it turns itself off but the power button light remains on but total silence inside the cabinet...
  21. D

    NZXT Cam Software Question

    Heyo, I am just now learning how to build my own pc, I just wanted to know if all the fans I plug into the motherboard will show up in the cam software, or if I have to get a fan controller or something. I honestly have no idea how it works, plz help!
  22. N

    Can't play any videos, on or offline.

    Hi, I have NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 graphics on an ACPI x64 PC, 6 core AMD FX(tm) 6300 350GHz processor with 8 GB RAM, Win 7 Professional with 573.3 GB free space and triple display. Gradually this problem has got worse and worse, beginning with Chrome starting to play videos in Facebook and...
  23. G

    CPU temp >72°C,Intel cooler

    Even when the cabinet case is open I found that the cpu temp is more than 72C while gaming.Few months old i74790 cpu@stock speed.Msi afterburner monitoring @32-34C room temp.Idle temp when case open is around 45°C
  24. P

    Upgrading my old system

    So as you might have guessed from the title I'm upgrading my system.I'm on a really tight budget and going for the following components- i3 7100 Zotac gtx 1060 3 gb amp edition gigabyte ga h110m ds2 Corsair vengeance 8 gb ddr4 Old iball 450 watt psu(which can handle a Pentium R g620 with 65 w...
  25. L

    Want to upgrade cpu, but need new motherboard.

    I hate computers and I am a little salty about having to buy a new motherboard just for a new processor, but anyhoo... Thank you very much for coming to help, as I would be lost with out you guys. My computer now : AMD FX-6300 processor, 8GB system memory, 1TB hard drive, geforce gtx 780...
  26. G

    AMD FX 6300 CPU and Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 gaming 6gb gpu

    Hi i have a PC build and i was wondering if i could ever get a constant 60 fps with current games like Heroes of the storm and Fallout 4. my current build is 1. Amd fx 6300 (slightly overclocked to 3.9 ghz) 2. COUGAR Pioneer-X Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 3. Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3...
  27. M

    Connect 2 computers with rj45

    Hey guys i have two pcs one of them is windows7 another win8 i connect them with rj45cable and go to windows run and type cmd and write ping the other one ping When i go to the network and connecting in control panel in win8 one it write ethernet but in the win7 one it...
  28. M

    Difference in results (1700X VS 6900K)

    hi all My question is why there are big differences in results : AMD RYZEN 1700X CINEBEANCH: 1537 VS INTEL CORE I7 6900K CINEBEANCH: 1540 AMD RYZEN 1700X PASSMARK:14,492 VS INTEL CORE I7 6900K PASSMARK: 17,732 What is the reason ?
  29. T

    Mutiple displays using laptop (34863)

    Hey so i have a brand new laptop and two new monitors, im trying to using only the two monitors as a display and have it extended so (example) i can look at information on one screen and a video on the other. The problem is my laptop only has a vga and an hdmi port And my monitors only have a...
  30. E

    MSI X99 GPC Debug 64 after reboot

    This is a brand new build, but not my first. Here are the specs for what I'm working with in this issue: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG Case MSI X99 Gaming Pro Carbon Mobo i7-6800k CPU Asus ROG Strix 1070-08G GPU Seasonic Prime 750 Titanium PSU Windows is installed on M.2 SSD attached to mobo...
  31. G

    My PC Isn't Performing How it Should be.

    My specs: FX-6300 at 3.5ghz GTX 1050 Ti, not overclocked. 8gb ram 500w power supply. My pc just isnt running as fast as I have seen it run for other people in the community. For example, CS:GO only runs at 80-100 fps when it should run well over 100 and closer to 200. Black Ops III runs at...
  32. K

    2 Computers SAME Setup 2 Different Connections

    Hi There! Me and my partner are both gamers and have our PCS in the same room (second bedroom) and our router we connect to is in the master bedroom (literally like next door). I have noticed when he does a speedtest he gets close to 30 meg download but when I do a speedtest I get 10 meg...
  33. IInuyasha74

    Evolution Of Intel Graphics: i740 To Iris Pro

    From i740 to the Iris Pro family, we look at the evolution of Intel's graphics technology over the last 17 years. Evolution Of Intel Graphics: i740 To Iris Pro : Read more
  34. A

    The partitions external hard drive not recognized

    Hi The problem I'm dealing with is that the partitions of the external hard drive don't get recognized when I connect it to the computer the external hasn't got dropped or any thing like that , the problem happened suddenly when I open disk management or any other program that could deal with...
  35. S

    New build and need suggestions

    Here is the PC Part Picker to the build I put together. Mainly play FPS games and I do some streaming and editing from time to time. I want a CPU that will last. Also would I gain much from using the GTX 1070 over a similar priced SLI setup? Any new builds and suggestions would be great...
  36. I

    PC Freezes when 5+ minutes idle and is connected to the internet

    So, I've been having this problem the past two weeks, can't remember what started it. My PC freezes whenever left idle 5+minutes. The weird thing is, it only Freezes when connected to a router and the weirder thing is, it also freezes the router ! and the only thing that'll fix the router is by...
  37. I

    Need help and opinions on my very first build

    Hello i have put together this build and was wondering in all your lovely opinions is this a good build. The build is made for live streaming, making youtube videos and the only real games i would be playing would be h1z1 and csgo.If you have any tips or...
  38. D

    M.2 stealing pcie lanes?

    So I just recently built a computer it's running ASRock z170m extreme4 with a i7 6700 non K model and a RX 480 8 gigabyte from Sapphire. I'm also running a crucial 275 gigabyte MDOT to pcie drive for Windows 10. I put the rx480 in the second pcie Drive in the motherboard settings it's known as...
  39. L

    GTX1070 with old 520W PSU - will it work?

    PSU in question is Corsair 520HX and apart from 1070 it would (now does) power i5 4690k@4.2GHz. Will the power be sufficent for this GPU? Will there be no problems with the connectors? GPU I'm now using has 2x6pin. 1070 I plan to buy (Gigabyte G1) has 1x8pin. My PSU has 2x6+2 and i assume...
  40. S

    Heat Sink and Coolers

    Hi, my name is San and I've recently been saving up money for a PC. Before building the PC, I'm going to buy the parts(of course). So i came to the question of "Does CPU's nowadays come with good coolers?" I've been looking at the Intel i5 6600k processor: http:// I've also been thinking about...