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  1. Fmkk

    Question Pc keeps freezing, cant click restart/shut down

    Sorry if this has been asked already, I did have a look to see if I could find anything similar to my situation/a fix and I've not been successful, so thought I would post my own thread and see if you're able to help. Issue that I'm having is my pc keeps freezing, But its not fully frozen...
  2. korey

    [SOLVED] PSU Overheating

    Hello, I recently got a new cpu and a new cooler, after playing for some time the pc suddenly stopped and when I checked the power supply it was very hot, and it looks like it is the following problem: the cold air gets into the fan through the radiator and it becomes hot, then that air is...
  3. O

    Question I have problems with my pc

    So i got weird mouse input in games and the problem was in not activating windows. So I activated it and the problem was solved. To be 100% sure that its solved, i reinstalled windows again after a previous installation(like after 5 minutes). And things started to be much worse: 1)decreased...
  4. Whyamihere44

    Question Having PCIe problems.

    So my PCIe cards aren't detecting my ethernet. I've tried restarting my PC, changing the ethernet cables, and getting a new PCIe card and it still won't detect my ethernet. Anyone have any solutions?

    [SOLVED] Computer performance problem !

    So here is the thing since i have bought my pc almost 2 years now it has been really weird the first time I noticed it is after having it being really slow on some games and after checking other builds like mine its seemed underperforming and after looking for a fix and doing all the basic...
  6. Yano-Mec

    Question PC won't boot with new or old CPU ?

    Hello, Pc specs Mobo: Gigabyte AB350M-GAMING 3 Old Cpu: Ryzen 3 1200 New Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: GTX 1050 ti RAM: 3x4gb DDR4 So i check gigabyte and updated bios to F20 then changed over the cpu and pc wont post but Led and fans come on. I replaced the old cpu but still the same problem. Ive...
  7. T

    Question M.2 SSD not being detected Windows 10

    My Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD has been working fine for about 2 years until now. I have been using to store most of my games and today was trying to move "Crew 2" from the M.2 onto my HDD to create space. About 10 seconds in I decided to cancel the process and delete the game altogether. After...
  8. N

    Question My entire PC turns on, except for my graphics card, can someone help?

    I am building a new system with some Christmas upgrades, and I have ran into quite a weird issue my entire PC turns on, the fans, the motherboard, the cpu radiatior/pump etc. except my graphics card, but the weird thing is the fans spin, but the green led light does not turn on and my monitors...
  9. I

    Why isn't my AIO pump working?

    I recently just installed a new motherboard, a Asus B-550-f. When I plugged in my existing AIO pump, ( the Master Cooler ML240R) I plugged the pump header into a AIO pump header on the motherboard. The radiator fans are working fine, but upon closer inspection, my pump header is not working, and...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] PC 'shuts off' after booting, need to press reset button for normal use

    Hi everyone, I've had this issue for quite some time now and hoping to get your advice on what the issue may be. I tried looking for a similar issue everywhere but no one else seemed to have it. It doesn't happen every day, but maybe once every two days. When I start my PC and open one or two...
  11. rvvxdd

    Question Pc restarts when running hard drive benchmark.

    Hello, I recently built a new pc but it has been randomly restarting. No error codes or blue screen of deaths, it just restarts. After running some tests, my pc reboots when it idles for a while or when I run Defraggler's hard drive benchmark tool. I checked all of my PC's connections and cables...
  12. InfurnoHD

    [SOLVED] PC suddenly shut off and wont start

    So my PC just said goodnight in my face and now i cant turn it back on. Sometimes when i press the power button the fans move an inch but thats about it. I'm thinking its the power supply but please someone confirm or correct me! Here is a video showing the problem: View...
  13. I

    [SOLVED] (SOLVED) New PC not booting (debug lights stopping on VGA)

    Just upgraded my computer by getting a new motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max), a new CPU (Ryzen 5 2600), and new RAM (G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (F4-3200C14D-16GFX)). I kept my previous GPU which is an RX 580. When I started it up, the screen had nothing on...
  14. P

    Question My high end pc is just not running smooth and it is driving me crasy!

    So, i bought a pc in 2018 and back there i went to a event where i could try similar pcs to mine and were so much smoother like butter and with 0 lag and mine were not even close. I couldnt solve the problem so I replace every single component( in 2020 )thinking that will fix it but it didnt...
  15. Goose_Tosser

    [SOLVED] Pc keeps shutting down when running a game

    My Pc will run games past the menu's but once it has to load into the actual game it instantly crashes and the PC shuts down. Dr. Debug flashes a decent amount of codes but none of them stay just like a normal boot. It runs things like firefox and youtube fine its just when gaming it starts to...
  16. I

    Question Pc not booting

    Hello all a while ago i was playing a game on my pc and i had to leave for 30 minutes, and when i came back i had no screen showing anymore. I tried restarting but it got stuck at the msi startup logo. And the weird thing is that sometimes it gets to this logo and sometimes i dont get any...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Asus Anti Surge

    For the past 2-3 months, whenever i start up a game, the PC randomly restarts and gives an error saying "Anti surge was triggered due to something (i forgot). Specs are: PSU: Cooler Master G750M Graphics card: RX 580 CPU: i7 3770 RAM: 8GB DDR3 So, for testing i replaced my PSU with my brothers...
  18. H

    Question PC starting but no display please help 🙏

    Hi, Guy's my PC is starting fan spinning but no display I checked my ram, graphics card, monitor, cables and Psu on my friends PC everything working good but I don't know what's causing my PC to not start I even clear the CMOS multiple times still no luck and someone please help me with this...
  19. T

    Question My monitor keyboard mouse shuts off randomly while pc still works

    Hello i have been looking for help about the problem that i encounter randomly. It does not matter that if i am playing games or just watching a movie on browser my screen freezes randomly then monitor , mouse , keyboard and headset turns off but my computer keeps working. Possibilities i have...
  20. Ble1d

    Question PC turns on for a second then turns back off

    PC specs https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TheOutakuMan/saved/ I’ve had this PC for about 2.5 years, and I woke up one morning to my PC not turning on . It turns on for about a second and the CPU and GPU fans spin but not the case fans. If I try to turn it on again nothing happens until I switch the...
  21. Luke_dq

    [SOLVED] Multiple BSoDs and Failure to Reset

    So this started happening a month ago and only once every few days so I never thought much of it until recently. Everytime I start up my pc and get to my desktop screen everything is perfectly fine for about one minute and then I instantly get hit with a BSoD usually with the error codes...
  22. J

    [SOLVED] My HDD dissapeared

    Hello ! The case is rather simple really,here is what happened. As i was playing a game with my friends,the game suddenly froze out of nowhere, i tried signing out of the PC but that didn't work as it was signing out for over a minute so i shutted it down through the button on the case. Next...
  23. V

    [SOLVED] Games on my pc crash and work really terrible.

    Hello guys! So,the problem is that sometimes,games on my pc crash a lot,for example almost all the newest CODs,and they work really bad. In the new COD Warzone,i can barely get 60 fps,sometimes goes as low as 10 fps in gun shots,making my aim really bad and in other games,my fps really suck. For...
  24. MarrufooPapi

    Question Pc doesn’t let me install windows !

    I had a HDD in my system and I upgraded to a ssd so I reset my pc to start everything fresh with the new ssd , I installed windows ISO to a usb and reset my system . But I’m having a problem where when the windows is done it just goes to bios , (keep in mind I remove the usb when it says...
  25. Shay Green

    Question My dad was fitting a shelf and and knocked out my power cable from the back of the pc. I plugged it back in and now it doesnt turn on. Please help

    Please help I dont know what the problem is. My dad tried to move the pc and the power cable yanked out, is it fried? Please help
  26. I

    [SOLVED] Game Freezing

    Hello Guys I have These PC 1.Proccesor Intel i5-8400 2.Graphic Card GTX 1070 8gb 3.Ram 8 gb 4.Hard Drive 512ssd and 512 hdd 5.motherboard Asus Prime H370M- Plus and Display Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2518H so problem is that before i bought this display i was playing everything that could...
  27. HardAsARockie

    [SOLVED] Failed to boot. Failed to repair. Mouse & keyboard unresponsive. Please help.

    Hello, I recently upgraded my PC. When I boot into Windows 7, it says Windows is unable to start. It crashes, I get a quick blue screen, and it sends me to repair windows. When I repair windows, it fails. When I try to checkout other options, I am unable to due to my mouse and keyboard being...
  28. Karan Malhotra

    [SOLVED] Regular FPS drops and massive stuttering

    My pc specs ; i3 8100 gigabyte gtx 1050ti ( not overclocked) 4 gb ram 2400mhz mobo h310m s2 60hz AOC monitor no cooling system So, I bought this pc around may 2019 and I have been facing this issue ever since., nor I am able to pinpoint the issue. Whenever I try to play a game (eg- gta v)...
  29. Mumen_Rider

    [SOLVED] How to fix my PC Problem: low FPS low CPU low GPU

    Hi there, just so you know, I do not know a lot about computers, and this might be a long message, but I’ve been stuck with this problem for a while and I tried many things and I still don’t know how to fix it. I stopped playing MMORPG’s a few years ago because my friends stopped playing them. I...
  30. W

    [SOLVED] What's wrong with my computer? Playing a game and every few minutes, it random turns off, and RESTARTS very loudly. Why?

    What's wrong with my computer? Playing a game and every few minutes, it random turns off, and RESTARTS very loudly. Why? It's worth noting I took it to the shop recently cause I was playing a game, got a blue screen, then white screen and the computer wouldn't boot up after turning it on, the...
  31. Y

    Question New PC problem

    I've recently built a new computer, but when I try to boot it the ez debug DRAM LED is red, and nothing displays on the monitor (Says "No signal detected"). I tried: -Resetting CMOS -Pushing all of the power cables in again -Reshuffled the ram sticks -Tried with 1 ram stick only I'm thinking...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] No Display after building PC

    MOBO: ASrock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 RAM: T Force Delta RGB 16GB CPU: i9 9900k intel ( was a little tough to lock CPU into place when pushing down lever) Storage: M. 2 Intel SSD P.S connecting P.C to monitor with a display port. Not HDMI Troubleshoot starts off with a quick Blink of CPU and...
  33. M

    Question Mousepad freezing problem

    My laptop touchpad some time freeze when I press hotkey button for mouse, again it starts to move, but during this time left and right button works. Please help me in this situation. I have checked viruses and malware and spyware.
  34. N

    Question Pc getting really slow and stucks frequently

    Hi guys, i m not sure if this is the right place for this so please tell me if i need to post it someplace else. So i have an Asus X555L laptop (Windows 10 64-bit 8gb Ram) It was running perfectly but a while ago (almost 1-2 months) it started to get really slow sometimes it freezes randomly...
  35. T

    Question I have a motherboard overheating problem

    So I've been having a problem with my motherboard overheating recently I have a MSI ME-7641 AMD-FX 4300 Radeon Rx 550 4 fans Randomly my pc will spike to over 80 degrees at random mainly while I play a game I have installed a new power supply, new fans, changed bios, set GPU fans to high...
  36. Y

    Can’t get the vga led to go off

    I’m stuck! I took my HDMI cable from my computer yesterday, I connected it back today and it’s not working. I changed the HDMI and it’s still not showing anything on my tv. The computer starts with a long beep, 3 short ones after a few seconds and codes changing it beeps again and shows the...
  37. G

    new graphic card for amd athlon x2 250

    i want a new graphic card near at 100 €, i have amd athlon x2 250 3ghz .In the feature i will update and the cpu but i dont have a lot of money plz give me some good choices
  38. K

    Laptop wont getting ON

    I have a hp pavilion g6 laptop. Yesterday it stopped working. The problem is, it is not getting on, sometime it gets on but for last 10 hours its not getting on please help me sir. What may be the possible reasons. Kapil verma, INDIA Thanks.
  39. E

    Better Motherboard for Gaming?

    My Desktop Motherboard Broke, so i need to buy a New One, i will buy on a trip to EUA because on my country is too expensive. So i need a New Motherboard for this specs Intel core i7-4770k 3.5ghz Nvidia Msi 970 16GB Ram (2x8) Vengeance 1 Cooler Cx 500 (Power Supply) Samsung SSD EVO 256gb 1...
  40. G

    what is a safe temp for a r9 280x?

    What is a safe temp for an sapphire r9 280x vapor-x if i want it to live for 2-3 years. When it runs About 3-8 hours a day?