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  1. F

    Low GPU usage

    So whenever im playing PUBG my ASUS 1080 strix Adv 8gb varies from 40-60% usage. Ive set the GPU Tweaker to OC mode and Maxed out the FPS target level. How can I make the GPU usage increase? Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    How do you get HDDs with drivers and OS pre-installed?

    Is there any website that I can buy HDDs with drivers and OS already downloaded, Or could I buy a USB connection cable and hook it up to a different computer than the one I want it on and download it through that? Will that cause a problem when I hook it up to the motherboard I want it on in the...
  3. A

    Dell "Charger too small" workarounds?

    Hi all, sometime around Jan 15-20 this year a message started popping up on my Dell Precision M4800 stating that the 130w power supply I had plugged in was under the recommended 180w and in short it was going to throttle system performans/not charge etc. (I think I might have done a BIOS update...
  4. C

    Razer Kraken Broken?

    The threads I have seen on this are all about software issues My issue is that my Razer Kraken Pro does not pick up sound AT ALL. However it will sometimes work normally when I balance the mute switch in the middle (not on or off) I have had this problem for about a week and my headset IS...
  5. Z

    Internet Disconnects When Playing Games

    I searched many websites about the internet disconnecting when a game is open and I do not get any of the solutions. Please help! I'm currently using a MSI GS60 notebook. PC Specs: OS: Windows 10 CPU: 6th gen. Intel Core I7 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M Ram: 16GB Wireless: Virgin Media 100Mbps
  6. D

    windows 10 cant detect my asus gtx 1060

    why my display adapter cant update too gtx 1060 but it onyl video control nn in update error for install the update pleasee help mee
  7. W

    880K vs. 860K

    http://www.ncix.com/detail/amd-athlon-x4-860k-black-e7-126135.htm http://www.ncix.com/detail/amd-athlon-x4-880k-black-01-126133.htm Should I spend the extra money to get the 880K
  8. D

    Can i still use microsoft office if i clone my hdd?

    I am gonna buy a samsung ssd soon, a migration tool is included. I am going to clone the C partition and use the ssd as my boot drive. My question is can i still use microsoft office without any problems?
  9. M

    Blue screen but no blue screen

    So sometimes when I'm in loading screen in LoL it appears a blue screen,but not quite a blue screen.The image freezes and the sound of the blue screen appears too.It stays like that if I don't shut it down myself.Like I said the sound and the characteristcs of the blue screen are there but the...
  10. M

    do i need a wireless adapter

    Im making a budget build. do i need a wireless network adapter for this motherboard MSI 760GMA-P34 (FX) AM3+ AMD 760G
  11. C

    Recording / PC Gaming 1680x1050 or 1080p

    Hi all, Looking to upload some Overwatch gameplay videos to youtube and wanted to record in high quality. Problem is my native resolution on my display is 1680x1050. Would it be worth me upgrading my monitor to 1080p or does it not really matter? The monitor I have currently is a Samsung...
  12. A

    asus a451L adding more memory

    i have asus a451L and when i add "CORSAIR Memory Notebook 4GB DDR3 PC-12800" to the extra slot i have a black screen , did my motherboard not compatible with this memory or the memory is corrupted ?
  13. J

    SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 250 Installation on-Intel DH67BL i-7 2600 unusual issue

    - [ ] Hello everyone, I recently buyed a SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 250 1 GB (DDR5), my motherboard is Intel DH67BL (With Intel i-7 2600) and a 500W power supply, and i've looked everywere and everyone to ensure the compatibility between both(card-board), I installed it step by step, keeping in mind...
  14. A

    BSOD and freezing on new win 10 build

    Hi everyone, Me and a friend built a new PC for me a couple of weeks ago but it's been freezing and BSODing a number of times a day. It seems to give different errors each time, although some are more frequent. The BSOD errors given thus far are... SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXEPTION - Dxgmms1.sys...
  15. Max McCarthy

    990fx ud3, Good motherboard?

    I'm looking to do some extreme overclocking on my fx 6300, possibly an 8350, with sufficient cooling. Is it a good mobo?
  16. F

    2500$ Skylake build

    Hi I am looking to build a gaming PC and my budget is about 2500$ ~ 2700$. It will mainly be for high end gaming and preparation for VR These are the current parts I am considering (I got my 980 ti already) Intel Core i7-6700K, MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti, NZXT Phantom 530 (White) - System Build -...
  17. S

    Gaming/Multitask/ School Laptop

    Im looking for a 15 inch laptop to fit in my Northface recon backpack. Im looking for a laptop that can game pretty well like, Dirty Bomb,Minecrat League, Combatarms,Warz my budget is 1,000 It also has to work great for school since i multi task alot.. But the gaming isnt really an issue since...
  18. U

    Can't get rid of my blurry screen!

    Hello! I have a windows 8 desktop that I've built in January. Recently everything from logging onto my computer to getting to the desktop screen, even on the internet, when I play games, etc etc is a blurred text/game. My graphics card is a Geforce GTX 750 and I've even updated it... Help?? D...
  19. C

    amdkmdag I've tried everything! Please help!!

    I've been having lock ups, BSODs and crashes to desktop on games and some full screen applications since the pc was first built. This sometimes give "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and the system events log shows amdkmdag display driver warnings. My system is: i3 4160 (+...
  20. T

    Freezing on desktop?

    So quick question, sometimes when i start up my PC the desktop freezes for like 15 seconds but i can move my mouse, and usually when it stops freezing Avast (my anti virus) has like a popup in the bottom right corner saying like "oh protect your business PC's" . Is this a issue with Avast or is...