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  1. H

    Is my rate frame on games for my setup normal?

    PC setup GPU: EVGA GTX 770 4GB GDDR5 with ACX cooling CPU: AMD 6300 6-Core processor 3.5 GHZ RAM: 8 GB Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Monitor: HP W2072 PSU: Corsair 850 watts In games like Rust and Arma 2 I am getting framerates of around 20-30 on Ultra settings. Is that normal? If not...
  2. U

    How to add second Hard Drive in Dell Optiplex 755 and where to fit it?

    I have 500 GB hard drive for my computer and I wants to install it as second hard drive for more space but I don't know where to fix it and where is it's power cable.
  3. T

    how to connect my laptop to my sony bravia tv

    I have a AT&T Uverse modem and I have WiFi set up for my computer and printer-scanner.
  4. J

    is my build good for gaming and a hackintosh

    pc specs cpu-i7 4770 haswell mobo-gigabyte ga z87-hd3 gpu-msi gtx 760 2 gb ram-16 gb crucial ballistix sport storage- 240 crucial ssd and seagate barracuda 1tb psu-corsair cx500m please rate my build i am new at building
  5. P

    Am I experienced enough to get a job within a I.T company?

    Basically I've done a level btec course diploma which is equivalent to 3Alevels at 380ucas points out of 420 I've worked with flash, research e Commerce, basic hardware, installing upgrading, programming gaming design, flash, you name it... I've also done hardware in my spare time such as...
  6. JP7PlaysMC

    Will a Zalman Z3 Plus hold a XFX 650 Watts Core Edition?

    As stated in the title, will a Zalman Z3 Plus hold a XFX 650 Watts Core Edition? Should I get another case? another PSU? Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  7. M

    Is this normal GPU usage?

    Hi, just in the main menu of a game... it's modern warfare 2 (don't hurt me), but I think my GPU usage is quite absurd, what do you think? I've underclocked my card too.
  8. Vadamo

    Cant connect to network?

    I recently got a laptop with a Huawei card, and cant seem to connect to a network with it. Its supposed to work with 3g but i cant find anything for it.
  9. G

    CPU wants to explode. Help!

    A humorous title for fun. Anyway, thought maybe someone could help me with my issue with my cpu fan. Here's what happened: One day I thought it wise to remount the CPU cooler. I was running a few degrees above normal, so I gently removed thermal paste and remounted the heatsink onto the CPU...
  10. U

    blue colore sign ( >> ) appear on my all desktop files

    hello , i m in trouble a blue color sign like this fw shape ( >> ) show on my all desktop notepad or jpg ... how can i fix this issue ? if i create new picture or other files on desktop this sign show also this sign show in my pictures foloder in C drive only help me thank
  11. N

    $800-900 Gaming PC build

    I need a gaming PC build that will be able to run most games at a high resolution. OS not included. 700 - 900 dollars. I want it to have an Intel CPU and an Nvidia GPU. No Overclocking or SLI.
  12. OnionHead

    MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 Cooking Bios, strange

    Well this is strange! I've just put together a new build with the following : MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 AMD A10 5800 Noctua NH-L9a Lian Li PC-Q03 (Sides are off at the minute) I'm running a trial of Windows 8.1 and it's running great, CPUID gives a reading of 35c which I presume is a pretty good...
  13. V

    Is there a cable where you can link multiple fans and plug them into one header?

    I'd like to add more fans to my case but I don't have enough fan headers...
  14. R

    Hello foam Perseus

    Hi hello the re cjfjffhrje
  15. D

    Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 won't post?!?

    Hey, I'm fairly new to PC building, even though I'm good with hardware I've rarely had the chance to build a custom PC until now, so I've recently purchased new components for my system and after installing everything (GPU, RAM) it worked fine, up until I installed a new AMD FX 8320, it won't...
  16. JohnnyLucky

    OCZ files for bankruptcy

    This morning OCZ issued a press release stating the company has filed for bankruptcy. It seems OCZ could not compete with large companies like Samsung who have their own fabricating facilities. There are some reports that Toshiba is interested in acquiring OCZ's assets.
  17. R

    Choosing a wireless network adaptor for custom pc build

    I have an Asus P8H67-V motherboard which doesn't have integrated wireless connectivity. I've read a lot of reviews on different products on amazon etc of people complaining about them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap, reliable adaptor that actually works? Thanks
  18. Sukhdeep_Mangat

    i want to make a gaming cpu

    hi i want to make a system for playing games my budget is around 12k of bucks (Indian) thanks
  19. Peebugger

    Decent gaming build around $400?

    I'm trying to put together a decent PC for my little brother for Christmas. I have 3 2GB sticks of 1333 memory that I can use as well as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I don't mind putting parts together, I don't mind buying a complete system, I just need to keep the budget around $400, I can...
  20. G

    Computer Freezes During Game Play

    ASRock 939 Dual Sata MOBO AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400 4 Gigs RAM (OCZ) Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3850 (AGP) OZC Stealth Stream PSU (600w) Hello all. Recently I upgraded my budget gaming rig from a single core cpu (AMD Athlon 64 4000) to a dual core (AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400). Before I did this upgrade I...