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  1. ZackWi

    [SOLVED] Issues after upgrading CPU and MOBO.

    I'm a video editor and lately I had to work with many raw 4k files. When I started working on these projects I had export times up to 40 minutes. I decided to do an upgrade I always wanted and got an 8 core CPU. That was last week and since then I've been having many issues when using Adobe...
  2. insinuendo

    Question Poor Playback Across All Methods of Watching Video.

    I have been experiencing poor playback on videos on VLC, Film & TV, Chrome and Firefox on my PC. At best it seems like the video is running at a low framerate. It kind of chugs along but steady. Youtube is the worst on Chrome. It outright pauses and lags as well as the aforementioned low...
  3. Q

    I get the message "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device" when i start my PC, Help?

    I just built my second PC and when I boot it up everything works just fine, when I enter the BIOS all the components are detected including the 500g hard drive, but the moment I exit the BIOS or just boot it up without entering the BIOS I get the message "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or...
  4. R

    What is better?

    I5 8600k vs Ryzen 7 1800x. Where I live the i5 is £25 more. I game mostly. But might try other things
  5. C

    Best $1300 PC

    Hey guys mind pointing me in the right direction of a budget build ($1300 AUD) it won’t hurt to go over a little. I need this to play most games on high with acceptable FPS. I live in Australia. I don’t need a monitor, os or peripherals. Thanks!
  6. Lutfij

    How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Laptop

    Given how nimble a laptop is we often forget that we have limited resources to work with when you shrink a lot of the power hungry components onto a smaller form factor. Over the past few years manufacturers have overcome these performance barriers with improved lithography and specs on a...
  7. M

    Pc crashes randomly, I'm clueless

    PC crashing randomly, sometimes in games, sometimes while watching videos, and sometimes just from the desktop, almost immediately after boot. Ran Windows Memory check, checked all my temps on cpu and gpu and that all seems fine. When the crashes happen, the screen freezes, and the computer...
  8. M

    Toshiba Satellite Chasis, Case, Restpalm to Model C845D-SP4186KM

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite C845D-SP4186KM with a lot of parts broken althought the laptop is working in that way I would like change the chasis completely but I couldn´t found it in the common online stores. Do you know if this model is similar to another? Thanks in advance...
  9. S

    Can I combine Integrated graphic and dedicated for more power?

    So this is the setup I'm planning to construct. It is my first build and I'm on a real budget. I was thinking if I can combine AMD A8-9600 3.1GHz Quad-Core (with R7 on die) and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB for more power at gaming.
  10. T

    Lag Stuttering in games GTA5 and fortnite After replacing blown psu

    I’m getting massive lag spikes in games like gta 5 and fortnite after replacing my blown 500w psu with a brand new Thermaltake 500w psu my cpu temps are good and gpu useage and temps are good too. I’m very confused and would like all the help I can get Amd Fx 6350 Gtx 1050ti 8gb ram 1tb hard...
  11. F

    Will DVI-D(single link) to VGA cable work on GTX1050TI?

    I have a Palit GTX1050TI and unfortunately, I have a monitor with only VGA port. So originally, I was thinking of buying a DVI-D to VGA adapter but while searching I found out that it won't work if it's a passive adapter. Since I think it's hard to find an active adapter here in my area, I did...
  12. S

    Not all photos from SD card will upload to computer

    I have a Nikon D700 and SanDisck Extreme 32 GB card. I shot a wedding and the photos it seemed were grouped into 2 different "sections" on the SD card. When I went to upload to computer not all the photos uploaded to. I can see all the photos on the camera but not on computer
  13. G

    Graphic card in my pc

    I have gigabyte g41mt-s2p motherboard. In direct x tool it shows that the pc has a intel g41 express chipset graphic card. Is g41 a graphic card
  14. J

    Hi I need suggestions or Will this setup work? please answer asap:( school starts soon..

    i, I will be going to a Sound Engineering school so my computer will be extensively for Sound engineering and some pc gaming. My budget is around $2000-$2500 Trying to get the best bang for my buck. Any help will be appreciated. I am open to suggestions but not downgraded suggestions. Will like...
  15. K

    Is there a way to expedite the RMA process with Asus.

    I'm on my 3rd RMA with the same motherboard and same problem and this process is taking way too long. The first time I RMA'd my motherboard it was returned to me without being fixed. The second time I RMA'd my Motherboard it was returned to me with superficial damage so I installed it and it...
  16. A

    How much would my old rig sell for?

    Hey guys thanks for looking at my post, here is my build list Thanks in advance, alex
  17. T

    How do I install win 8.1 x64 1pk dsp oei on a new computer that I accidentally deleted the recovery portion from

    I accidentally deleted the recovery portion so I can'tell do any kind of recovery, refresh or restore, so I went ahead and bought a full version od windows 8.1 on Amazon, I didn'the send it to the manufacture (Asus, who do not have recovery disks), as it would be over $50 to send and then I...
  18. L

    hes dead jim

    every time i open up chrome i get this stupid "jim is dead" thing its so frustrating i tried uninstalling and resetting chrome several times but it still comes back. half the time my extensions don't work as well. i looked it up and it said it had to do with my memory but i dont think that is...
  19. lhemjay07


    Hello Guys... Can you help me with my problem?? >,< --->> Last week, I cleaned up my pc including system unit and its component, I cleaned it because it gets dirty, I unplug all wires and other components in my motherboard, including 'Hard Drive', 'AVR', 'RAM', 'Battery', and also the 'CPU'...
  20. L

    Custom Loop Radiator Help

    I am new to water cooling and I am not sure how many radiators and what size radiators I should use. My case is the Thermaltake Overseer and it has very limited rad support. I was going to get the XSPC Raystorm kit that has the EX240 radiator and the 750 res/pump. I was also going to an EX120...