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    Question Found a solution to printer recognized by PCs on the network but on the server can't be added as a network printer. Don't know why it worked though.

    Could someone explain if they can, why what I did worked please as I'm new to networking. I've got an OKI MC853 and it's wired into the local network (server with switch to all devices, I think classed as star topology?). I went through the set up on the printer and copied the required...
  2. O

    Question Printer driver reinstall on Windows 11

    I was having an issue with my HP Printer web services as I subscribe to HP Instant Ink, so I reset the printer and removed the HP Smart App from my Windows 11 Laptop & removed the Printer from the device manager. After resetting the Printer I re-installed HP Smart App which wasn't working...
  3. V

    Question Will this Printer Work under Windows 11?

    Hi, Its this printer: Its a Printer and Scanner combined. Will both functions work in Win 11? I ask because there's no Win 11...
  4. S

    Question Driver of Thermal Printer POSPRO PTP-90

    Hi! About a Year ago I bought a POS PRO PTP-90 thermal printer for my retail businesses from the Local Market in my country. Recently I have changed my Laptop and installed my POS Software on this new Laptop. But I have lost the driver of the POS PRO PTP-90. I have searched for it on internet...
  5. thomasst

    [SOLVED] Printers not recognized by a new Win 10 PC?

    Hello, I've recently built a new PC and installed Windows 10 Home on it, updated it, got my usual apps working, so far so good. But I can't get either of my printers to work. I own an HP M15a and a Canon TR4551 printer/scanner, and the same thing happens with both: When I plug a printer via...
  6. J

    Question Oki C510n laser - Windows 10

    I am having problems getting an old (but in beautiful condition) Oki C510n printer to run with Windows 10. Windows 10 latest version with all current updates. Printer connected via a network switch on an available IP. Windows finds the printer but cannot find a driver for it. I researched Oki...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Trouble getting an old Brother MFC working with Windows 10

    I'm trying to get a Brother MFC-6800 to be recognized on a new Windows 10 build. It was previously working fine on an older Windows 7 machine that had been upgraded to Windows 10. There are no driver downloads available on the Brother website (it says it should be natively supported) or...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Need help with HP LaserJet printer, printing on both side when not suppose to.

    I have a HP LaserJet 400, no matter how I change the settings it does not give the correct output. Inside printer preferences and properties I set duplex to "Not Installed" and also have the drop down box that says "Print on both side" set to NO. Even if I go into word, access, excel and print...
  9. defaultspector

    [SOLVED] how do i send error recovery command to epson receipt printer?

    I am an employee at a company in the POS department and we use Epson TM-H6000IV receipt printers on our POS machines. We frequently get slip light errors and I do not know how to fix it, we generally have the store clear out paper jams and such, but there are times that it does not work. The...
  10. M

    Question Printer Woes

    Hey, sorry this is probably the wrong section to post this but I wasn't sure where. My printer is a brother MFC 9840 CDW, with a direct USB connection. Brother has been less than helpful in helping me resolve this issue. So, my printer won't print from my PC. The scanner works into my pc...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Cant install HP Deskjet 1280 driver in win 10

    Hi, I have a HP DeskJet 1280 with a driver CD. When I try installing it, it shows the error message saying to use the add new printer to set it up. When I try doing that, I get to the point where I select what printer I have and DJ 1280 is not listed. What do I do?
  12. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Why is my laptop printing in inverted colors?

    When I printed a pdf to my printer from my laptop, the piece of paper had a black background with white letters instead of a white background with black letters. This issue only arose on my personal laptop; every other device I use prints normally to the same printer. Could someone help me with...
  13. shmu26

    Question Print to fax -- HP Officejet on Linux Mint

    I have an HP officejet 6830 (all-in-one), running on Linux Mint 19.1 x64 Cinnamon. I want print to fax function, or workaround. On Windows I use the HP universal fax driver.
  14. Bryyce

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my PC any thoughts?

    I'm finally upgrading my computer and I'm looking forward to putting my new parts in. Before upgrading, I had a FX-8350 and it was not as fast as I would want it to be. I currently have a 1060 and I will upgrade that down the road as well, (If you have any suggestions let me know!) but I just...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] 24in flat or curved

    im sure this question has been asked dozens of times, but im in the market for a monitor, im look ay 2 24 inchers with identical specs and pretty much cost the sameone curved one flat ima be sitting somewhere between 1-3 feet away from the monitor which should i get?
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Graphic Card

    I am currently using a 3Go AMD radeon 200 series with a FX-8320 and i would like to upgrade it. Is the vega 64 a good idea or is there other GPU you could suggest me ?
  17. H

    Rx 550 on gag41mt s2p board

    Hi Everyone I have gainward gt 610 2 gb and I was going to buy a new G.P.U amd rx 550 db 2gb and i have motherboard ga g41mt s2p will it support my motherboard pls help Thank you
  18. R

    FPS fluctuates between 45 and my normal, i cap it at 60

    My fps in fortnite keeps fluctuating between 45 and 60 which i have it capped on. It always stayed on a solid 60 fps when plugged in and when it was on battery. Now when i play it it is on 60 but every second it goes to 45, then 60, then 45. So when im playing it is mainly 45 cause it fluctuates...
  19. K

    uninstall totally window10

    how to uninstall verycd minimule app in window 10
  20. S

    Hey, i need a Gaming monitor for my Gaming PC (under 200euro)

    Hey guys i need a good Gaming monitor. I know the Budget is not to high. If you have something like 230 i can buy it too, but i want something good for this price. I will prefer a curved one. If not exist for this price i will like a normal one. I don't want to be a small monitor. Idk the...
  21. M

    Motherboard Uprgade Help

    Hello, I have recently gotten back into PC gaming pretty hard. I have a PC that I have slowly upgraded over the last few years, but now I am to the point I think I need a new motherboard to be able to handle the processor jump that I am looking for. Unless the jump from my A6-3620 to the...
  22. M

    Which build would be the best for PUBG or gaming in general?

    BUILD 1----------------------------------------- CPU - i7-2700K @ 3.5Ghz GPU - MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G RAM - 16GB SSD - 250GB HDD - 1TB BUILD 2----------------------------------------- CPU - i5-4670K @3.4Ghz GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1060 3G RAM - 12GB SSD - / HDD - 1TB BUILD...
  23. D

    Gaming performance getting worst

    Hey, I've recently noticed my pc's performance is getting worst. I have mainly noticed this while playing GTA 5. When I first got it a few weeks ago it would run at around 50 fps. Now all of a sudden when I play it runs at like 28-30 fps. I don't know whats happening. All the settings are...
  24. O

    Please fill in my PC specs

    Hey guys, I am currently building my first pc, I've worked out some of my specs CPU:Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard:Asus B350 plus RAM: 8 Gb 2400 mhz Hyper X Fury (2x4GB) which power supply, case, ssd/hard drive and gpu should I use
  25. R

    Problem with external hdd

    Hi there, I got an orico docking station and I put my 1tb 3.5" HDD on it, I can see it on device manager and on external device only as a disk drive not in my computer or disk management, I tried everything to no avail, can you help, the drive is full of important info.
  26. C

    Is this a good budget build?

    My friend wanted to play overwatch on pc, but he didn't have a capable system. He wanted to buy a 600 dollar "gaming" laptop, but I persuaded him to build a desktop himself and that I would help him. Is this a good pc for that budget?
  27. B

    why is my rx 480 astonishingly bad at overclocking

    i have a sapphire rx480 nitro edition card 8GB and the max overclocks i can get on it, regardless the power limit is Coreclock: 1370 (MHz) Memory clock 1866 (MHz) ive seen and heard on forums of people getting memory clocks of 200 MHz once i go past 1866 any benchmarks or games becaome...
  28. D

    rebuilt Desktop PCs

    f you MUST buy a mainstream pc and keep its power supply in, which brands are the ebst bet? I see micro center's brand has all EVGA ones, at least, apparently, and one has the B line certified bronze. From looking at customization on hp's site, apparently they put bronze ones in theirs (at least...
  29. A

    Monitor flickers when cpu is under load!! Urgent

    My pc config is Mobo - gigabyte b250m ds3h CPU - ci5 7600k Ram - corsair vengeance ddr4 8gb x2 No gpu (as of now, but i have ordered a gtx 1060 6gb gigabyte) The problem is like this. The bios displays without any problem, when window loads the screen turned off and on randomly, i First...
  30. G

    CPU Fan at 100% Speed on boot

    Okay, Had an issue with desktop being load af on boots. First off i thought it was my hdd, cause it was at 100%disk usage. After disabling a few tasks in task scheduler, that problem was elimimated. However computer is still loud af Everytime i boot it for the first time of the day. Heres...
  31. S

    Weird status indicator

    I know the question doesn't really fit this site, hope you'll understand. I bought the Redragon k558 anala keyboard a few days ago. Something I noticed is that there are 3 status indicators which are: caps lock, num lock, and a weird one that has an arrow pointing down and a line below it (Like...
  32. A

    Helping a friend with switching from console

    Hello, world. My friend is thinking of switching from console to PC! He doesn't know much about computers so he asked me to plan and build him one. I'm just trying to research everything and anything to ensure that I make a good decision. so I'm wondering if 2 gb of vram is a good option or...
  33. D

    Lagging NVIDIA GT 750m

    My laptop is inpiron 17 7000 series 7737 when nvidia gt 750m is enable it will lag what should ido?
  34. B

    pc build order

    okay guise. im making a goal. to build my own pc within 4 months. didnt want a ps4 or xbox 1. is this nice? processor cpu intel i7 6700k 3.4 ghz silver 400 graphics gpu evga nvidia gtx 1060 6gb 300 ram corsair vengeance lpx 2 pack 16gb 250 motherboard msi atx 3600mhz 300 case phanteks enthoo...
  35. G

    Good Flash games for a boring snow day

    So I have a day off at home, but no console or good PC. All I have is a crappy Windows XP Laptop... Even my phone is broken. Wondering if anyone knew any good flash games on sites like Y8 or whatever. Ex: Weapon, FX Runner, Endless Tower Defense Madness and Sierra 7. Thanks M8s
  36. A

    Custom PC help for gaming and work (vms)

    Im being offered a choice of purchasing from a friend to purchase a compact case, 512gb ssd, 32gb ram, xeon chip and 750gtx video card for $500. Im comparing it to the Alienware Aurora for $999/1299 choice from Dell. My overall goal is to be a little more social with my remote...
  37. T

    What mic should I get?

    I am looking to buy a mic to use as I have great headphones but I am currently using the mic on my webcam which is aweful. I was looking at the audio techinca at2020 and it seems really good but I am not sure I want to spend so much money on a mic as I will only be using it to talk to people as...
  38. S

    What MacBook to buy

    I have some queries so here is my profile so that u get the idea I'm about to join a job and going places may or might not be my option, I spent my entire life using Windows and I'm sick and tired of its DIY environment my requirement is that I want a stable and fast system which should last...
  39. J

    How to install GTA v onto ssd? Also file query. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have been selecting (D: ) NV, my recently purchased 480gb ssd, however when I install GTA v onto it there are various x64files placed as well as a GTAVlauncher and PLAYGTAv application, when these are ran it comes up with bink2w64.dll missing. This is a clean install and I selected (D: ) NV as...
  40. A

    Is this set up compatible with 4k?

    Hello, so I am thinking of buying a new monitor since I am having issues and I was looking to make the jump to 4k, the problem is that I am unsure of whether it will be compatible or not, here are my specs: Asus Rampage IV Extreme i7 3930k processor Nvida Geforce GTX 970 (4gb) 16GB ram I heard...