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  1. chankey007

    Question Mobo, RAM and PSU for Ryzen 3600 Build

    Hi Guys, I already have below parts (some new and some from the previous build). I'm looking for suggestions on Motherboard, RAM and PSU. New: Ryzen 5 3600 Samsung Evo 970 M.2 NYMe 500 GB Old: Cooler: Hyper 212X (I will use the stock cooler for some months though) Case: Cooler Master K281...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] New PC build with bluescreens inquiring GPU software not working. Radeon RX5700 Strix

    Hello fellow PC enthusiasts! Just built a new desktop pc and immediately i started getting issues when i started downloading GPU drivers. First thing is that i get a lot of bluescreens inquiring my graphic drivers like (VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT_DETECTED) and another one which i cant remember the name...
  3. M

    Question What mother board should I get for Ryzen 3600? (X570, X470, B450?)

    I am planning on getting a Ryzen 3600 and am looking at mobos. The X570 is meant for 3600 but I keep hearing that they are overkill. The previous X470 and B450 are cheaper. I could get a high end version of them, but would need to get the bios update to work. I also heard that there are issues...
  4. S

    Question R5 3600 @90+ deg

    I constantly getting 50-70 degrees on idle and 90+ degrees on load. I know 50-70 deg is just fine but on idle its just bad. I didn't overclock my processor. I am using a hyper tx3 evo since my stock cooler randomly stopped working and the thermal-paste that comes with it the hyper tx3 evo. My...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my Ryzen 5 2600 to 3600 (x)?

    Hello everybody! As the title says, I currently have a Ryzen 5 2600, and just purchased an RTX 2070 Super. Obviously, I'm getting some bottleneck since the GPU is pretty beast. It plays around 70-100 FPS on Battlefield 5 (as opposed to 100-120fps in some benchmarks). My question is simple: Is...
  6. E

    Question Can I upgrade too a Ryzen 5 3600 ?

    I have the Gigabyte A320M-DS2 | https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-A320M-DS2-rev-10/support#support-cpu | It has a F40e bios update mentioning something about 3rd gen. It also mentions the board being Ryzen 3000 ready but I’m still unsure and want to see the correct answer.
  7. T

    [SOLVED] 3 Month Old PC Having Problems

    My PC has been acting up recently. Before (in my previous thread) I had issues with putting my PC to sleep (BSOD upon wake up) and this still happens. So I've removed all my old HDD and SDD and replaced it with a new one, fresh install of Windows 10 - However I still can't successfully use...
  8. H

    Question RTX 2060 super good for streaming on 1 monitor?

    Will I get good streaming performance on RTX 2060 super with Ryzen 5 3600 & 16 GB SSD? such as streaming fortnite or fifa on the same monitor. I think i will buy a 1080p@60hz so what do you think?
  9. A

    Question Bios update still required for 3600?

    So I’m planning on building a new pc because current I’m using a rx 560 with a whopping fx 6300 and so I’ve decided on a b450 tomahawk max with a r5 3600 .My question is if a bios update is still required at this current date because not sure how I feel about updating bios
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Will a PC built using the following components be stable ?

    I am building a new PC as my old is kinda ripped off. I have chosen some parts for my new build but I am just not sure if all of them are compatible with each other or not. So I wanted to ask the community about what they think regarding this as who can be a better advisor. Following is the list...
  11. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    [SOLVED] Memory CL 15 is not been applied, instead CL16 Need HELP!

    Hi, I have 16 gigs of ram 2x 8GB Kingston HyperX Predator HX430C15PB3K2/16 Hynix M-Die both are rated at 3000MHz @ 15-17-17-36 Profile 1 and @ 2666 15-17-17-35 Profile 2. So my question is I load XMP profile and I save and exit and I am getting the 16-17-17-36 I cannot hit CL's as 15, 13, 11...
  12. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    [SOLVED] Who Is better cooling from these two?

    Hi, at the moment I have AIO and I use Liquid Cooler - Maelstrom 120T Gamer Storm on Ryzen 5 3600 overclocked @ 4.2GHz, while I am gaming I have temps from 60-70c in between. On stress tests as Prime95 or AIDA64, I have very big temps as 80c+ even spikes to 86c and I believe that this cooling is...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Motherboard/CPU issue

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3600 GPU: rx 480 Mobo: msi b350 gaming plus PSU: thermaltake 700w I needed to update my mobo's bios because of my cpu and AMD mailed me a temporary cpu to get it started (athlon 200GE w/ radeon vega graphics), but when I installed the temporary cpu my mobo still did not detect...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Best GPU for ryzen 3600 for 1080 gaming. Need help choosing

    Hi, I was thinking of doing my first gaming PC build and I was thinking of going with the Ryzen 3600, but I dont know which GPU is best paired with it. I was thinking of GTX 1660 ti or a RX 5700. I would play in 1080p at high settings (preferably). My budget is 800$ but it can stretch a little...
  15. B

    Question Beginners NEW PC Keeps Freezing after long usage OFTEN!!!

    Hi guys, Recently assembled a PC with new components and I often face with this freezing issue after long usage. Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 (stock cooler) B 450 Asrock Steel legend Gskill tridentz 1x16GB 3600 running at 2666 Corsair 550w 80+bronze Azus Dual Advanced RTX 2060 6 GB Coolermaster MB511...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Random window freeze

    Hello, I brought the CPU, RAM, and Mobo last Saturday. There were a few issues since the beginning like slow startup, No display (GPU not working) etc. All of the other issues have resolved except for the freezing issue. The PC freezes randomly even when it is not under heavy workload or not...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Question about CPU

    Hello guys I bought a custom made gaming PC from an online store. The PC came with the Ryzen 3600, 16 gb RAM @3200 mhz and AsRock b450m PRO as motherboard. My question is if should I worry if the PC came with a older version of BIOS that is not listed as supported the Ryzen 3600 (the PC has...
  18. F

    Question B450 Tomahawk with Ryzen 3600 Sometimes Doesn't Post

    My computer sometimes wont post when I hit the power button. Everything powers on except the red LED will be stuck on the CPU tab. This usually only happens when I haven't used the compute for a few hours. If it doesn't post and I force reboot it, then it will post perfectly. There is...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] New build worked, now it doesn't - Cpu led 2: Electric Boogaloo

    OK fellas, it looks now I'm finally the one on the chopping block with a situation that I can't figure out for the life of me. Here's the deal: new build, didn't bench it. So here you have me, plugging it all in nice and tidy and wham, it doesn't work. I should get an idiot medal. Anyway...
  20. D

    Question Problem recognizing ryzen 3600 with MSI B450M PRO-M2

    These are my pc specs: Amd Ryzen 5 3600. Power Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronce. Gpu Nvidia Gtx 1050 ti Msi single fan. Ssd (OS installed) crucial BX500 240 gb. Kingston hyper x ddr4 3200 ram. Motherboard Msi b450m pro m2. OS windows 10. This issue I took the whole pc: So basically when I boot...
  21. B

    Question Is Asus B450M-A suitable for Ryzen 3600 at stock speed for Daily Video Editing ?

    I want to put Ryzen 3600 on Asus prime B450M-A as it has the same VRM (4+2 phase) as TUF series but without heat sink. Will it run properly on daily workloads like Video Editing ? And What VRM temps is normal ?
  22. S

    Question No Video from Motherboard

    Hi! My System build: Ryzen 5 3600 Noctua NH-U12S Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus ATX AM4 Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB 3600 Samsung Evo 970 m.2 Fractal Design Define C Seasonic 550w 80+ Gold PSU (semi modular) Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy My Issue: I have the build finished. Ram is in the correct...
  23. nxnje

    Question Help choosing a GPU / 1080p 144hz

    Hello, I had posted time ago about a tip about the RX5700, but things have changed a bit. I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 and I need to get a GPU as I have sold my GTX 1060 at 130$. I have 400€ budget and I need to buy a GPU in order to play 144hz 1080p. As far as AMD launched my thoughts were getting a...
  24. R

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 long boots

    Hello! I recently made my first very gaming rig. I'm using a ryzen 5 3600 and MSI's b450 gaming plus MAX. I was tempted to buy a tomahawk but I read online that a lot of users had problems with it so I got the max version of the gaming plus as I found it in stock. I did a clear reinstall of...
  25. K

    Question Best x570 budget mobo for 3600 or 3700x

    Hey guys so im looking for the best budget x570 mobo for a ryzen 3600 or 3700x (havent decided which one yet)
  26. TheFlaked

    Question MSI B450M Gaming Plus not posting

    Setup: CPU - Ryzen R5 3600 GPU - AMD Radeon RX 580 Mobo - MSI B450M Gaming plus PSU - Be Quiet 530W Ram - Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4-3200 When i turn on the PC all fans start Spinning, the Debug LED's turning on and off after about an second. However i have no power at the USB Ports and...
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Is this Ryzen 5 3600 1660Ti build worth it?

    I'm thinking about buying this PC (Amazon UK only). PCPartPicker Part List: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ZPf6cY CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor (£188.99 @ Amazon UK) CPU Cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 35.14 CFM CPU Cooler (£19.99 @ Amazon UK) Motherboard: MSI X470...
  28. A

    Question I7 3770 Buy new motherboard or upgrade pc ?

    So my motherboard started to acting weird sound missing ,drive f: missing ,but still able to function ok ,after restart it work ,but it annoyed me a bit ,and after i check it the motherboard for sure so i thinking i should buy a new motherboard but ,i can't decide if i should buy new...
  29. P

    [SOLVED] MSI B450 Tomahawk VS Asrock B450 Steel Legend?

    Greetings I have a plan to replace my old i5 3330 with a new ryzen build, the new Ryzen 3600 really tempting me but i have a very limited budget so i must considering what i must buy right now, what getting in my head is Motherboard Choice for Ryzen 3600 : Asrock B450 Steel Legend Asrock...
  30. O

    [SOLVED] Will the GPU's fans turn if the motherboard doesn't have the right bios update?

    Hello, I was just wondering if a GPU's lights or fans will work if the motherboard's BIOS is incompatible with its CPU. In short, I was troubleshooting a system with a Ryzen 3600 in a Gigabyte 450 motherboard but the GPU fans weren't running and I was getting no signal. Then I realized that I...
  31. M

    Question 9600k vs 3600, which FEELS quicker?

    Hi, I'm in the same boat as a lot of others here for sure, but cannot decide between AMD or Intel for a new build. I'm not much of a gamer tbh so I'm more keen on knowing which CPU feels snappier in everyday desktop, web-browsing, office app use (for example). I've seen numerous vids and read...
  32. C

    [SOLVED] B450 tomahawk Ryzen 3600 wont boot

    Hi I have build my Ryzen 3600 PC with B450 tomahawk. PC worked normally for two days. But when I tried to start it today, It wont boot. No output is going to the monitor. Every fans in GPU , CPU etc runs for few seconds and then turns off. I tried reinstalling Reset Switch Ram ( single 8 gb...
  33. rodrigo.barbacovi

    Question cpu upgrade to fit my 1070

    what I have: gpu - 1070 cpu - i5 4460 bottleneck happens because of my cpu so I want to upgrade spending as little as possible but i don't know which one I should get I am thinking about i7 8700, ryzen 5 3600 or others? Between those two I'm tending to buy the 3600 because of the price but...
  34. ark0f

    [SOLVED] Is RAM compatible with AMD R5 3600?

    Will Crucial CT8G4DFS824A be compatible with AMD R5 3600 and MSI B450M Gaming Plus?
  35. D

    [SOLVED] B450 Tomahawk and Ryzen 3600 won't boot

    I have recently finished building my pc. Using the msi V19 bios software. First week it always booted and got ram to 3200. Only problem is I could never restart the pc. All fans and lights were running but no connection to display. If I shut it down and then booted it up no problem. Did all...
  36. X

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 lowmid budget build

    Hi guys, I’m currently planning to build my first PC and i’m looking at the new R5 3600. I will be using it for games (mostly csgo want to have around 350fps) and programming. What do you think of this build? Are they compatible with each other? I am still thinking about overclocking as I’m not...
  37. C


    Hi, I have bought ryzen 3600 cpu and it requires a bios update My b450 tomahawk version is MS 7C02 VER 1.0. When I went to the support page, I could not find the bios update for my version of motherboard. Updates for version 19 to 17 is only available. Please help Which bios should...
  38. M

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3600 Tempature

    Hi, I have the new Ryzen 3600 cpu together with a new computer. I monitor the temperature with Ryzen Master, and HWMonitor - which doesn't show information some of the time, but mostly with Ryzen Master. Today when I installed a game, just during installation, it hit 80 degrees. When playing...
  39. F

    [SOLVED] Suggestions for this low budget build ryzen 3600

    Hi, I am planning to build a system that has Ryzen 5 3600 and can run games without problems in 1080p. But I have doubts about MOBO and PSU, any suggestions? I am choosing this Asus because I have read that it will work from the factory, it could save me updating it. About PSU, is this brand...
  40. 33sakib33

    [SOLVED] What motherboard should I get for a Ryzen 5 3600?

    What Motherboard should I get for a Ryzen 5 3600? Some people are suggesting me to get the MSI b450M Bazooka.