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  1. 8

    [SOLVED] GPU pwr limit

    Hi all, thanks in advance; I've been playing games with a GTX 660 for ages now and haven't had a problem, I will be upgrading to an RTX 2070 soon hopefully. I noticed recently the GPU has been hitting PWR limit every couple of seconds in games, and I expect has been doing since I got it. MSI...
  2. C

    Please connect PCie power cables issue.

    ive got a palit 1080 jet stream and a Corsair VS550 550W Bronze Rated PSU... ive plugged both the 8 pin and six pin connectors in both on their own and then together and every time the rgb and fans come on the graphics card but says i need to connect pcie power connectors for this gpu on the screen?
  3. josh1002

    How To Get Fan Control

    I recently got a new motherboard, Gigabyte b360 hd3, and now app center and information viewer won’t wirk anymore? I can open it but I can’t use anything.
  4. M

    network card not recognised

    I am running an Asus pce-n53, which i have been using for around 3 years. this morning i turned my pc on and the wifi was not connecting, i check the drivers and they are up to date. I give my PC a restart and now the card is not even detected by the pc. Is the card dead? please advise. thank you
  5. J

    Psu upgrade or not

    I have just purchased some upgrades for my son's aging PC Specialist pre-build starting with the Asus H110 M-R motherboard to a MSI Z270 Tomahawk, the i5-6500 to a i7-7700k. I already have a Zotac GTX 1060 6gb card so was going to stay with this till more funds are available, however my psu is a...
  6. C

    Pc stuck at asus boot logo

    My asus x751lb is stuck on the asus in search of incredible logo. It can get into bios but nothing else. Pressing f8 or f10 does nothing. Anything that can help maybe in the bios would be greatly appreciated.
  7. F

    [SOLVED] 6-pin to 8-pin cable suggestion to swap my old GPU with a newer one.

    Hey folks, I have recently updated my old GTX 960 with a GTX 1060 mini 6gb and all is great, but I realized I should've gone for MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 SLI DirectX 12 VR Ready ITX Graphics Card (GTX 1070 AERO ITX 8G OC) which is this card here...
  8. Z

    PC Not Booting Or Turning Off

    Specs: B350 Tomahawk Motherboard, ASUS GTX 1050 TI Dual Fan SC, Ryzen 1700 Stock Cooler, 3000mhz 8x8gb Ram, 500GB SSD, KG240 Monitor I got onto my PC and when I readjusted my chair my leg hit the PC and it froze and then shut off, I turned it on and the CPU fan speed was running super high...
  9. T

    Speed test,steam,app store says 50+mbps, but it is only 10mbps at most

    I have a wireless adaptor t9uh and steam, microsoft store and speed test all say the speed is 50+ mbps but when i look at the download it is actually only downloading 0.01 gb(10mbps) per second why is this? I havent downloaded the wireless adaptor driver is that the reason. My wifi is linkysy...
  10. A

    Stream PC will it work for 1080p??

    Hi guys I just want to check if I can stream with my PC having ryzen 5 2400g, sapphire RX 580 4gb,G.Skill 8 GB ddr5, MSI X470 gaming plus. Please answer.of course 1080p, and if i can't then what should I change?? Or can I have 720p smooth in it?? Sorry for my English. He he. And thanks.
  11. S

    Is my Hard Drive busted?

    My PC started being extremely slow last night and I have no clue why. I've checked some old threads but they seem to be different for everyone. Monitoring my disk in task manager has very low read and write speeds while being at 100% usage Though could this not be a Windows 10 issue? I'm...
  12. C

    4-pin cpu header

    So the CPU 4-pin header from my PSU is too short to reach the motherboard. I am waiting for the extensions I bought from Amazon to reach my door (next Tuesday). In the meantime, I tried booting the PC while the 4-pin wasn't connected. Did not boot. The question I need an answer to is "Do I need...
  13. M

    Two networks on same PC

  14. R

    Possible GPU water damage

    TLDR: Can i safely test a, possibly, water damaged GPU in my new pc without ruining the other components? A long time ago i spilled water into my pc and was thankfully able to exchange it but, i was able to keep the GPU. I've had it since with the intention of selling it because i have a better...
  15. L

    I reset my acer aspire v5-122p-0408 and now when i turn it on it shows the acer explore beyond screen but them goes shows a bl

    I reset my acer aspire v5-122p-0408 and now when i turn it on it shows the acer explore beyond screen but them goes shows a blue box that says Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed.....Then says insert recovery media and hit any key. If I download windows 8 on a flash drive how do i get the...
  16. I

    EVGA 500B and Gigabyte GTX 960 2gb

    Hey I am looking to purchase a gigabyte gtx 960 2gb variant and I was wondering if the 500B power supply by EVGA would be sufficient to support this card. It says on the website that it requires a 400w or greater psu, but I don’t really understand the whole +12V continuous rail thing. Anyway I’d...
  17. A

    Worth getting the 1080ti or should I just wait for the RTX launch?

    So I've been looking to upgrade the GPU of my build to be able to handle 4K, since I am getting a new HDR Ultrawide monitor. I was debating if I should get the 1080ti or if it would be more worth to get the RTX 2080. Money is no object to me right now as it was when I originally made this build...
  18. R

    C drive is partially corrupted

    So suddenly my pc couldn't boot and was stuck at a blinking underscore at start up. I loaded a USB with windows 10 and tried all troubleshoot options System restore, start up repair, back to previous build, all resulted in failures. Same for Reset this PC. So I went into command prompt and...
  19. F

    MSI z170A GAMING M7

    I recently changed from an i5-6500 to an i7-7700k. However, after I changed, there does not seem to have any display. Do I have to update my BIOS? I have tried a few times but the light does not seem to flash. I have followed the instructions on the manual but I just cannot get it. Specs...
  20. L

    (3D rendering) Can I upgrade to GTX1080ti?

    This upgrade is not for gaming Hey guys, I need a CUDA card to do architecture GPU rendering, wanna ask if my current hardware is compatible if only change the display card to GTX1080ti. All advises are welcome!! Thanks Leo