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  1. J

    Dell optiplex Motherboard size?

    I want to upgrade my optiplex 3020 mini tower case but what size is the motherboard in it.
  2. M

    [SOLVED] asrock b450m pro4 with G.skill ripjawsV 3000 mhz 16 gb compatibility

    I bought g.skill ripjawsV 16gb but after checking the asrock b450 pro4 qvl i couldnt find that ram. Does that mean that my ram wont work or something?
  3. A

    Intel Core i3 4170 on Asus h81m-v3 can be overclock?

    Hi I can overclock an Intel core i3 4170 Cpu with increasing bclk on Asus H81M-V3 motherboard? This motherboard is overclock friendly? Or not?
  4. S

    I5 9600k compatibility

    I was wondering if this motherboard will be compatible with an i5-9600k Thanks!
  5. A

    No cooler plain CPU

    I added my cpu without stock cooler And I got about 100 C I got scared and turned off my computer :pt1cable:
  6. F

    Ryzen 3 2200G support 3000 Mhz ram?

    In offical AMD website write Ryzen support only System Memory Specification "2993MHz".. mobo: ASRock AB350M Pro4 ram: Kingston HyperX Predator CL16, HX432C16PB3K2/8
  7. Y

    Best Value CPU to Pair with an RTX 2070

    Hi all. This week I will be building my first gaming PC but I have a bit of a dilemma with what CPU I should pair with my Graphics Card. In the next 2 years or so, will a Ryzen 5 2600 perform better in games than an Intel chipset (say Core i5 8400), as it has 12 threads instead of 6? I will be...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] I have a good PC but i have no idea why its running games so bad ?

    This is my rig : GTX 1080TI Intel i7-770k 16gb Ram Z270X-Ultra Gaming motherboard I am struggling to run games like Destiny 2 at 60 FPS and after reinstalling windows and formatting my drives many times im stuck on what to do The only think i could think of is that my Heat Sync is missing 2...
  9. G

    AdoramaPix Photo Book Review: Lovely Book, Gorgeous Photos, Great Software

    AdoramaPix's photo book was expensive, but its quality was the best of the services we tested. The easy-to-use software offered a nice combination of creative options, precision and professional styling. AdoramaPix Photo Book Review: Lovely Book, Gorgeous Photos, Great Software : Read more
  10. C

    External Screen Issue

    Hi All, I've been having issues with my HP elitebook after connecting to 2 external screens (so 3 screens in total including the laptop screen) It usually sits in a doc with 2 cords running into the screens. After removing it from the doc the other day, which I do regularly with no issue, my...
  11. D

    Is there any way to fix my faulty RAM Will reducing the ram usage fix the issue I limit from 4gb to only 3 but bsod still occurs
  12. Z

    Installing windows from USB

    Hey, I am trying to install windows 10 from usb stick to ASUS E402A laptop (that is using emmc memory). I have 3 different usb sticks, one is official windows, one is kingston datatraveller ,and one is some random usb 2.x stick. Windows iso file i generated from windows media creation tool and...
  13. C

    Frequent wireless disconnects

    For the past several months I've been trying to figure out why I keep losing internet connectivity on my custom built desktop computer. I started with AT&T internet and they gave me a USB adapter that wirelessly connected to the AT&T gateway receiver. When I kept losing connectivity, the AT&T...
  14. B

    Trying to figure out my power button

    I bought a 2-year old Asus gl703v. I have the manual but the only thing I glean from that is hitting the power button once puts the laptop to sleep. At night I shut it off completely as waking it from sleep was also a pain (I just don't know how many times I am supposed to hit the button...
  15. B

    Autodesk is stuck

    Acer i5 nvidia 940mx is the laptop and is getting stuck 3d autodesk software while using
  16. D

    No signal in safe boot minimal

    I had problems with installing a game and I found out on the internet that booting my pc in safe mode would resolve the issue So I run msconfig went into boot options and enabled safe boot minimal and restarted but now my display shows no signal. I Have my pc connected with HDMI and i tried...
  17. Thollupped

    Nikon D5300 Power Issue: Repair, Replace or Upgrade?

    I recently ran into an issue with my Nikon D5300, one of the internal boards is busted and no power is being delivered to the camera. I just got a repair quote back from a local shop and they're saying it'll be £260 to repair (no specifics on what board actually need changing) Considering i can...
  18. dimitris_37

    Noise from speakers z530 onboard sound card realtek 887

    Hi to veryone these days i have some strange issue, speakers make anoying noise things that i tried:install reinstall drivers ,try other new speakers ,and the noise is coming even if connect to front panel a headset, the card is realtek887 ,can be faulty the onboard card? pls help !!!
  19. P

    Should I get Dolby Atmos if I don’t have many 4k movies?

    I am in the market for a sound bar right now and have seen the Dolby Atmos sound bars but I don’t have very much stuff that comes in Dolby the speaker quality still way better with Dolby Atmos and still play overhead sounds if it isn’t in Dolby Atmos or should I look at getting a well...
  20. S

    suggest me a good cpu for msi b150

    hi guys, i am from india and i wat to get a good processor for my pc my i3 6100 sucks these days with new games .,i am using 16 gb ram, nvidia 1060 6gb founders edition ,2tb hdd vs 550 corsair psu so can anyone suggest me a good processor because my motherboard dsnt supports any 7th gen...