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  1. M

    Question Can't copy from Sandisk flash drive to PC

    I have a 128GB Sandisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 flash drive that I'm storing some files on. The problem is I can't copy those files from it to my PC. I can normally open the files view them and do everything on the drive, and even delete them. But when I try to copy them to my PC the copying rapidly...
  2. Bellzemos

    Question Kingston or SanDisk 240GB SSD for the system partition?

    Hello! I got 2 SSDs for free and I'd like to use one for a system (C) partition in a Win10 laptop, the D partiton will be on a larger HDD. Both SSDs are brand new. I am searching all over the web but can't find anything more definite on them. Which of the two 240GB SSD's is better, meaning more...
  3. W

    Question Why SSD SanDisk extreme portable 1TB via PCIe Digitus DS-30223 Gigabyte z77d3h slow performance

    Hello Any Idea why my SSD Performance of my new Sandisk Extrem portable SSD 1 TB has such a slow performance maybe there is a bottleneck somewhere ? Used a Digitus DS-30223 in a Gigabyte z77d3h Mainboard Core i5 2300 2,8 Ghz 16GB RAM sandisk performance
  4. Gosraj

    Question Transferring Old Data to New Computer

    I'm getting a new PC and I want to transfer everything I have on my current one onto the new one. I'm planning on doing this by purchasing a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc. Everything is the same brand (i.e. Gigabyte) except for the CPU and GPU, which I'm going from AMD to Intel and from Radeon...
  5. F

    Question Do sandisk usb get hot?

    I'm looking to buy a budget pendrive, and i've found that sandisk makes fast and high capacity pendrives for their price, but a lot of reviews say it gets super hot after few minutes, i've looked for ultra slim, flair, etc, and all of them apparently had the same problem. Do you have experience...
  6. D

    Question Loud odd noise from notebook VN7-791G

    Good Evening all, I have this incredibly strange and loud noise in my laptop while gaming or watching a movie for example (after some time). The first time I heard it i told to myself:"Time to clean it up!", so I disassembled it, cleaned every fans and changed thermal paste just in case. After...
  7. S

    Question PUBG Mobile Issue

    I've started playing PUBG Mobile and I'm encountering FPS drops at certain occasions, like when readying up and sometimes jumping out of the plane and sometimes in the middle of match. I have an i5 3570 processor, 8GB Ram, ASUS GTX 960 4GB. I play the game at 1980x1080 and also tried reducing...
  8. V

    Question ram compability

    So this is my fist build. I have done quite a lot of research but I can't seem to find anything about ram compability. My build: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad Core 3.5GHz GPU: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX570 8GB Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Storage: 256GB Samsung 860 Pro SSD 2TB...
  9. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] Worthwhile to utilize 100% fan space on desktop case

    Hi all! I was wondering, is it worth while to utilize my desktops maximum number of fans? Like I have a thermaltake Core X31 which can support this many fans; Front: 2 -120mm: Or 2 - 140mm: Or 1 - 200mm Top: 3 - 120mm: Or 3 -...
  10. M

    Question Different color blank screens under load

    I recently obtained a Radeon sapphire rx570 for my first pc build. After the build was completed everything seemed to be running great no problems posting or any graphical issues upon first inspection. I only started to realize a problem when I put the pc under load. When I started playing...
  11. T

    Cpu over heating

    I have no idea what's wrong with my computer at the moment, for a while Ive had my i7-4770k clocked at 4.3ghz at 1.25v cooled by a corsair h100i, one day after using it I turned it off nd everything was fine, I go to use my computer the next day and now my cpu temperature has sky rocketed and...
  12. 2

    [SOLVED] Asus Rampage V Extreme Bios uefi random freeze

    I just changed out my motherboard with an Asus Rampage V Extreme and i noticed when i first started the pc and went into the bios it freezed within 1 Minute in the bios. Only a hard restart fixed it and the uefi doesnt have a problem. Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 CPU: i7 5820k 3.6...
  13. R

    how to install windows 7 on asus x555m

    I need installed window 7 on my asus x555m
  14. T

    Intel I5-6600k cooler

    Will Be quiet! CPU Pure Rock cooler be enough for my i5-6600k?
  15. X

    [SOLVED] Adding a new RAM for a dual channel, question about compatibility and combinations

    Hi. I currently have a DDR4 8GB 2400MHZ RAM Memory. My question is, do I need the exact same model if I want to add another 8GB for a 16GB, dual channel? (2x8). Do I need the same combination of the same model, for an instance Hynix and HyperX could work together? Obviously I would check my...
  16. D

    Help with Win & USB drivers on "generalized" HDD pleeeaase.

    Hi All. I have "Generalized" a windows 7 HDD for transplant into my new system. (Ryzen 7200 Gigabyte gaming 5 WiFi) The HDD goes into WIN 7 setup and of course I have no USB. Since I am not using an image, ISO or fresh disk install, how and where can I insert USB drivers into the existing HDD...
  17. G

    Wireless range with extender - not extending into room with thick wall

    Hi all, I have limited knowledge in this area and, unfortunately, I would like a simple and "pretty" solution. I have a router and a range extender in my apartment but the wifi barely makes it into the bedroom due to the walls. I may get a single bar but it frequently drops to my mobile...
  18. H

    Wifi Extender for 120 meters

    Can i catch wifi signal 120 m away with Netgear ac750 Thanks
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Factory reset is not working to my j3

    Factory reset doesn't work to my j3
  20. S

    [SOLVED] 2080 MSI Gaming X Trio Fits In H440?

    I recently purchased the 2080 trio but i forgot to search up if it fits and everywhere i search i cannot find an answer, has anyone tried? without hd bay btw?