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  1. ParaLizzard

    Question how to destroy graphics card or CPU on purpose? (for science)

    Yesterday I was thinking if its actually possible to destroy graphics card or CPU. If you overclock too much it will reset in safe mode. If you change Bios it reset bios. If you change driver it will reset. So is it possible? Without destroying it physically to destroy or disable graphics card...
  2. U


    Hi, I am doing and EPQ in computing and here are 20 ideas. I'm confused on which one to use. which one would be easy and good to write 5000 words on please. an epq is a dissertation where i have to write about something for 5000 words Thank You Is Creating General AI A Good Idea? Who Would Be...
  3. aeromaster03

    [SOLVED] Second hand parts

    So I’m building on a budget and have seen some second hand parts going, what parts are okay to buy second hand and what should I advoid and buy new? Thansk in advance.
  4. N

    Question Multiple GPUs Rendering Incorrectly

    I'm having a weird situation here where when I play games, my old, slow graphics card is being tasked with the rendering. I have no idea why it's doing the work as I'm starting/playing the game on the primary monitor with the more modern card. I also know this is happening because I've...
  5. F

    Question Fx 8350 or ryzen 3 2200g for world of warcraft

    So im currently using an fx6300 32 gb ddr3 ar 1600mhz and a saphire rx 470 4gb mining card(has dvi-d) would it be better to get an fx 8350 or do a ryzen build using the same gpu and an asrock b450m pro 4 and flare x at 3200mhz? Ive read up on this a little bit but im lost because the ryzen build...
  6. C

    Temps about my cpu and gpu

    So i have a ryzen 5 2600x and a dual gtx 1070 from asus so everytime i play blackops 4 my cpu goes to 73c with stock cooler and my gpu goes to 71 and 72 and idk if thats good bc it usuallys stays around 60 ish so should i worry or its normal
  7. G

    Acer Aspire 5

    Acer Aspire 5 2018 wont turn on or charge. There are no lights on the side.
  8. mathiasd.hauge

    Gtx 660 with Dell psu?

    Can my dell m821j 525w run my gtx 660? Gtx 660 uses 1 6pin conector. My psu have a 6pin that i Can use for it.
  9. J

    I7-8700 with h55 cooler

    Here's the build i plan on doing for slight gaming Mobo= b360 ds3h GPU= xfx r9 280x (It's my old card) ram=8gb ddr4 2400 Processor= i7-8700(non-k) Cpu Cooler= h55(120mm water) PSU=750w corsair My question is; will this cooler be enough to keep my cpu cool while playing games like cs:go. Nothing...
  10. A

    esd on gpu

    while my pc was running i was checking some cables attached to the back of my case i accidentally touched the gpu metal (the one that got slots like dvi and hdmi) i felt a little shock when that happened but i didn't hear discharge sound or see spark so if that was esd would it flow to the...
  11. M

    Gta5 can run with 1.80ghz

    8gb ram 4gb graphic card
  12. P

    laptop battery problem : fully charged when plugged but shut down when unplugged

    Before start, I'm using msi laptop GT62VR 6RD. One day, my laptop battery started to show "fully charged" whenever charger plugged. But as soon as I unplug the charger, laptop's battery LED turns to red and shut down immediately. I think this problem comes from wrong battery indicator. What...
  13. C

    First Ryzen build looking for help

    Hello, i am looking for a second opinion and some professional help with regards to this build. This will be my first build like many and am wondering if the parts choosen are unnecessary and over spending. I am going to be streaming to twitch and youtube, played on an xbox one x with dual...
  14. A

    Screen tearing Desktop and when watching videos

    Hey guys hoping somebody can help with this issue. Basically when playing pc games i have no issues but when i watch any form of video on my pc (youtube,netflix,mpc-hc player) i get screen tearing, also when i try to scroll document in win10. Im trying to think of the best way to describe what...
  15. O

    games keep crashing and computer keeps "running into problems"

    Whenever I play any of my games they crash after 20-30 min of play time. so much that I have started really monitoring the temps and all. But when it crashes the gpu temps are at 50-60, and cpu temps are 40-50. I've checked for any driver updates and windows updates and they're all up to date...
  16. S

    ryzen 5 2400g and 1060 3GB

    Currently I am using a a10-7800 with integrated graphics and GTX 1060 3GB. I want to build a system using Ryzen 5 2400g and use the 1060 3gb. My main goal is to use the outputs to its max capacity, which i have at 6 outputs. For instance, on my system i can use 4 outputs from the video card...
  17. S

    Which headphones to get?

    I have found 4 headphones i want. The beyerdynamic dt 770/880/990 Audio technica ath m50x If you pick beyerdynamic which ohm? If you dont reccomend either i have a budget of 190
  18. C

    problem burning video onto a DVD

    I have completed all the processes, including trim and cut, then when I try to burn onto a DVD nothing happens. I select the Export area but nothing happens and the burn button does not light up. I am sure I am missing one step but I don't know what that is.
  19. L

    Will the lack of fans cause my SSD to overheat?

    This is a fairly complex question and i'm not exactly a professional at grammar so don't be afraid to ask me to clarify. So, in a few months, I'm building a new computer. the case i'm using is the SMA8 you can check it out here:
  20. A

    WOL works from sleep, but not from power off

    I'm trying to get WOL functionality working on my Windows 10 PC. It works from sleep mode but not from a power off state. Here’s my setup: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ASRock H97M Pro 4 motherboard Intel Core i3 4130T CPU 8 GB DDR RAM AMD Radeon HD 7700 GPU Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Router with a wired...
  21. G

    Intel Targeted By 32 Lawuits For Meltdown And Spectre Vulnerabilities, Alleged Insider Trading

    Intel has come under fire from 30 consumer class action lawsuits and two securities class action lawsuits as a result of the vulnerabilities. Intel Targeted By 32 Lawuits For Meltdown And Spectre Vulnerabilities, Alleged Insider Trading : Read more
  22. Oxicoi

    2400 mhz attempt to 2993 mhz

    Specs: NVIDIA GTX 970 Ryzen 1600 @3.9ghz Six-Core 2TB HDD 7,200 RPM 250GB SSD Samsung MSI Gaming Plus X370 Mobo 16GB RAM, Dual-Channel @2667mhz, Corsair Vengeance. Stock/Original: @2400mhz Dell U2913WM Monitor @60Hz Res: 1920x1080 750W PSU Thermaltake 80+ Bronze Cooler Master Hyper 612 Version...
  23. M

    my hp elitebook 8460p windows 10 . the wifi button above the keyboard always stays orange. i tried press and holding it but no

    I'm a student and i really need internet connection . i need to edit a video to be passed on monday please help me. I hope you can help me, i dont have the money to get a technician . thank you. I tried restarting it but nothing. Yesterday it was working perfectly fine then poof the wifi button...
  24. J

    Can I play GTA v on gtx 930m

    Can I play gta v on gtx 930m graphics card and 4 gb ram i3 5005u possessors. can I play this on minimum 30fps on low settings without lag?
  25. M

    MSI GTX 1080 TI Seahawk X 11GB - Watercooled

    Hello, I have came to look advice, Does anyone have any information regarding this GPU? I have the opportunity to pick one up for £600 on Saturday, and whilst adding it into pcpartpicker doesn't throw up any issues with my build, I'd be grateful if someone could look it over and double check I...
  26. FlareTech

    3 RAM Sticks in PC!

    First of all, here's my build.: I like to Run game servers and such and 16gb of RAM is not good enough for my needs, I also record videos and render in C4D and Photoshop and such. Will my motherboard support 3 Sticks of RAM? I am going to get the same RAM...
  27. F

    Second try at installing a new GPU, replacing an APU

    So I tried to install a second hand GPU last time, and now that I'm trying again, I'd like to get some problems adressed before even beginning, that occured last time. So first off, the specs: I have an AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD graphics (4.70 Hz), Motherboard is: MSI A78M-E35 (MS-7721)...
  28. J

    Gaming Laptop freezes while playing games

    Hey So I have a ASUS ROG G750JX and have been using it for roughly 4 years now. Before I ran into this problem around two months back, my Laptop would randomly crash and i assumed this was due to poor cooling, so i would sometimes game with my window open and that would solve the problem...
  29. X

    What would be a good psu for this build?

    So first off i had no idea where to post this so i just did systems, and second here is the build ill be doing. (Yes i know its not the best build but when you dont have a huge budget and dont know a lot about building pc's, you cant always get what you want.) DIYPC Ranger-R5-B Black USB 3.0...
  30. P

    Monitor keeps flickering at 144hz 1080p

    Hello, so I've had this issue for a while and couldn't find a way to solve it on my own. I'm using an AOC g2460pf monitor with an Asus GTX 1070 gpu. Here's what I've tried:-updating monitor drivers -updating/using older gpu drivers -switching between hdmi and dvi-d connectors -reinstalling the...
  31. rimartic

    Iphone,ios10 and problems with moving files

    Hi guys As an iphone suffering user! I hope you answer some of my questions about iphone and unbelievable twisted simple ways! For instance: 1- why in the hell when you move a file such as pdf book to ibook , then you cant just move it back in same way ( open in another related app? Without...
  32. J

    System doesn't want to boot

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a new setup with : Pentium G4400 8 Gb DDR4 H110M motherboard Corsair VS350 SSD kingston 120G When i boot my system, nothing is displayed on screen. In first case, I bought a MSI H110M pro-vd which indicate a CPU issue (debug led). I tried with another...
  33. P

    bios time reset ater battery replacement

    bios reset even after battery replacement and jumper reset. asus mother board m5a78mlx
  34. A

    An operating system wasn't found. But it still works.

    So while trying to configure my setup to use a monitor from the gpu and one from the internal graphics (it didn't work btw) I started getting this message. "An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. Press any key to restart." I think...
  35. D

    Can not install windows. Please help.

    When I'm installing windows 10 or 8.1 im getting this error: Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. I tried external dvdrw but still no success. I've already formatted c disk and i can not turn on my pc. Please help me, what should i do.
  36. A

    Built my first pc and concerned about stupid thing

    So I decided to build my first PC and everything went fine and I got it all working. Today I started thinking that I had plastic cover on gtx 1070 that I pulled of and that is all fine. But I did not even check if there was any plastic(or something similar) cover under or on top of the cpu, I...
  37. W

    Not turning on

    Hello I'd like to ask for some assistance. I've been having some major problems with my Computer haha it hasn't been turning on at all. I came back from school and tried turning on my computer and no matter what it didn't turn on at all. I'd like to ask what do you think could be the issue? Im...
  38. A

    24" 1080p vs 23.8" 1440p

    Hello, I have been searching for a monitor that will compliment a GTX 1070 build and I have been left with two choices: Asus ROG Swift PG248Q (24" 1080p) Dell S2417DG (23.8" 1440p) I am curious about what 1440p looks like on a 23.8 inch display; will it be much more noticeable than a 24"...
  39. R

    Watercooling CPU Temps

    So I have a Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked to 3.9GHz I have a DeepCool Captain 360EX AIO Liquid cooling. At full load, and full fan speed (~1800rpm) my cpu temp is 63c when I turn the speed down to (~800rpm) my cpu only goes up to 67c My first time using AIO liquid cooling. I was expecting a bit...
  40. T

    Solved the least expected motherboard boot issue

    After a month of troubleshooting - replacing motherboard, CPU, PSU (everything but the DRAM in terms of the motherboard), I finally figured out how to get my computer up and working again. Story: I was loading a game onto Steam from G2A when it randomly turned off. Was and still am using X99...