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  1. J

    Question Will my laptop run Minecraft shaders at all?

    Hello! I have Asus Zenbook, i5 8th gen, NVIDA GeForce MX250. I was wondering would my laptop run Minecraft shaders. Ofc I must change some settings in a game. Pls give some tips and knowledge about this! Ty already!
  2. B

    Question Terrible minecraft shaders FPS with Omen 15 (RTX 2060) ?

    Installed Minecraft shaders on my Omen 15 (Ryzen 7 4800, RTX 2060, 16 gb ram) and only get about 20-30 fps (with some minor lag-spikes) :/ What do I do? It performs very well otherwise.
  3. Atilanon

    [SOLVED] Minecraft shaders performance has suddenly halved itself ?

    Hello. I play on a Minecraft server with my friends, on which i play with shaders. Now, for the first few weeks, all was perfect. Shaders on high settings got anywhere from 70-117FPS. but then weeks later, i noticed that the frames would slowly decrease, starting in the 100's and slowly...
  4. conly

    Upgrade from 8GB to 16GB

    Hello everyone, I need your help with my question. Thank you all for your anwsers. My computer setup: i7 4790; GTX 770; (2x4)8GB RAM 1600Mhz; Asus Z97-M Plus; 750W. The question is: is it logic to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB and what will it give to me? Any perfomance or speed?
  5. J

    Blue screen please help

    Hello I recently upgraded my motherboard cpu and ram. I play world of warcraft and everything was working amazing until world of warcraft shut down with an error message. I then played again with no problems for about 2 hours when I got a blue screen saying something is not right we need to...
  6. H

    2008 Jeep Liberty not charging, alternator and battery replaced.

    It died last night when parked at work, unsure how, asking on their behalf. I'm told the alternator and battery have been replaced. After googling for a good 20 minutes I've read everything for potential culprits from a bad alternator to corrosion on the cables. Aforementioned relative insists...
  7. J

    Computer freezes while rendering videos but not while playing games

    So, I have been having this problem where I will record a video and edit it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, but when I try to render it out, the computer always freezes and i have to press the restart button. My first thought is that maybe the computer was trying to do to much but this doesn't...
  8. M

    Thermal paste appliance question

    So I'm upgrading to water cooling in my system, and the cooler I'm getting (Corsair h60) comes with paste pre applied, as normal, but I have my own thermal paste that works amazing. Do I clean off the pre applied paste and use mine or just apply my paste to a clean cpu and then just install it...
  9. B

    Computer turns off then on again. Is my PSU dying?

    This doesn't happen all the time, but every once in a while lately when I power on my PC, it will turn off after a second, then it will power itself back on and seem like it is booting, except I will have no video and no power going to the mouse and keyboard. I have to hold the power button to...
  10. N

    750TI video card~

    What games would I be able to play even on low settings i'm looking to play Metal Gear Solid or like GTA V? These are my specs: Processer AMD A8-5500 APU w Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.20 GHz RAM 8.00GB I was going to buy a 750ti video card
  11. bamitscon

    Will it fit?

    up have a fractal design case which is a: I am going to buy the MSI Nvidia 970 graphics card, but will it fit in the case?
  12. L

    Chkdsk failing for external drive on both repair and in OS - unspecified error occurred (766f6c756d652e63 3f1)

    Hi Everyone, I keep getting prompted to repair my external 3gb hard drive every time I plug it in asking me to scan it with chkdsk. It's currently formatted in exFAT so I can easily swap its usage in between my Mac and my Windows systems. I honestly can't recall whether I did that on MacOSX...
  13. yoshimania

    HDD vs SSD with 16 Gigs of RAM

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if I need an SSD if already have a WD Cavier Blue 1 TB HDD that runs at 7200 RPM. I also have 16 gigabytes of RAM and an i7-4790k already, and my friend said that the more RAM you have, the less of an impact the SSD makes. Thanks a bunch, Yoshi
  14. Lekingmoonya

    Good rendering program

    I now use Mine-imator to do my minecraft renders but I need an upgrade. Can anyone help me? Things I looked at: C4D: 1000$ program? WTF NO. Maya: 100$ Each month? ^^^ +1 Blender: Steeeeeeeeep lurning curve. All videos on minecraft rendering are outdated. Mine-imator (Currently using): Way too...
  15. I

    Overhauling my Computer

    Hello, I already have a PC, but I am looking to overhaul it. In other words, I am getting a lot of new parts but keeping some old ones that I like. That said, Parts I'm Keeping: - Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 - 8GB RAM (I can do that, right?) - 700w power supply (do you think I should...
  16. V

    Is the Antec Current Gamer 620 watts enough for this build

    My pc build is Intel i5 4690 Asrock H97 PRO4 Kingston HyperX Blue DDR3 1600 (4GBx2) Asus DC2 r9 280x WD Caviar Blue 1TB Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB Samsung SATA 22x DVD RW I will only be playing league of legends and csgo on this so will the Antec HCG-620M be enough to power this
  17. S

    i plan to buy tablet what is better spec

    GALAPAD 7inch = Price 5,000php GALAPAD Spec: or Click here for full spec CPU: Tegra 3 QUAD CORE Processor OS: Android 4.1(Jelly Bean) RAM: MEMORY:8GB/16GB RAM:1GB DATA: WLAN 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth GPS: Texas Instruments (WL1281) Camera Dual Camera Front 0.3M, Back 2.0M or Ramos 10inch =...
  18. T

    How tough are SSHDs?

    I accidentally dropped a new hybrid drive on the floor today (onto tile from about 3 feet) while it was still in the box and cushioning (plastic with air, like bubble wrap but more protective). It didn't look or sound like it hit very hard but I just want to be sure that if it's broken when I...
  19. D

    first time build

    gentelmen the only game i play is online Iracing, it is a nascar racing sim, the rig i bought for this is ok but i have screen tearing at bad times with a drop in fps, i would like to build a machine that can run this sim without any problems its my only hobby an i dont really want to spend...