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  1. H

    850 EVO vs NVME SSDs Win 10 boot time

    Hi guys, I'm currently using 850 EVO 250gb as my boot drive. It does provide fast boot time, about 17-18 sec from hitting the power button to the appearance of desktop. And then today I came across new Intel NVME SSD 760p. which 256gb version only cost $100 on newegg, i.e. only $15 more than 850...
  2. P

    Alarm System Notifier

    I am working with someone's business. They have a new $60k alarm system from Bay Alarm. They had it integrated with some old equipment: a pair of Aiphone GT external system:, 2 internally wall mounted Aiphone GT-1As...
  3. N

    motherboard graphics support

    what would be the best graphic card for mercury pi945z motherboard with core2duo processor 2.80GHz and 4gb ram?
  4. J

    Card not working properly

    My graphics card is not working correct, i reinnstalled windows on my pc and everything was working, then i tried running a game and my screen became all messed up with different colors and pixels. Someone please help.
  5. B

    Screen goes black while playing games or running GPU stress tests

    I recently got my GPU RMA'd, which was a Radeon R7 370. It worked fine the first day, but the next day whenever playing a game the computer screen would go black, and the sound would keep going for a while and then stop. I tried using FurMark and this always causes the screen to go black, so I...
  6. Echoceres

    Is ASUS VG248QE 144hz Goodbuy ? or suggest a good 144hz Monitor Gsync

    So im buying a monitor and Gtx 1060 soon probably (pricing) and i wanted to take advantage of Gsync. I dont know what gsync is but i wanted to buy a monitor so i could use that feature Is ASUS VG248QE decent? i wanted to be able to edit a few videos too is it color bad for editing?
  7. M

    wifi camera that needs NO smartphone to setup

    I need a ip camera that I can setup using a windows 10 pc. I do not have a smartphone. I'd like to be able to set it up using a computer and view the camera using a computer running windows. Do they make such a camera ??????
  8. N

    core i7 8700 non k version load temperature

    i want to purchase a i7 8700 non k version. does anyone have that processor? pls can anyone tell me the idle and load temperature of i7 8700 while on gaming with stock cooler? if anyone uses other aircooler like Cooler Master: Hyper T2 pls provide its load temperature also. why iam asking the...
  9. M

    Asus GL502VM dropping frames in overwatch

    So recently i bought the Asus PG279Q monitor, i own an Asus GL502VM with a GTX 1060 and 16gb ram, but for some reason after i upgraded to this monitor i've been dropping to 30 fps in light games like overwatch. Im currently using HDMI to connect which limits it to 60 Hz (I have plans on buying a...
  10. M

    Alexa and Amazon Music

    Can I have Alexa play "My Music" from Amazon music and ask her to turn it off after a set amount of time?
  11. M

    Microphone not working in any game

    I have a Razer Kraken headset that works perfectly fine for the most part. I can talk to people through discord and skype and steam even recognizes the mic working in my steam settings. But, when i get into a game, i am unable to hear or talk to people, mainly PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and...
  12. G

    Marvell Has An NVMe SSD RAID Controller

    Marvell 88NR2241 NVMe RAID controller was out at CES 2018. Take two M.2 consumer SSDs, sprinkle some RAID spice and get 1.2M IOPS. Marvell Has An NVMe SSD RAID Controller : Read more
  13. T

    Need help identifying a component on a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X

    Hopefully this is in the right place. Recently I acquired a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X from a friend who said it had stopped working. He thought he might have knocked off a capacitor due to the visible copper, but it looks as if the only real damage is to the resistor. The top of the resistor has...
  14. S

    pSX - PS1 Emulator Full Screen Wide

    Is it possible to use Wide Full Screen in pSX - Sony PS1 Emulator on PC?
  15. Shaun98

    Looking for the best Bass heavy Earphones or headphones under £50

    Hi i currently have sennheiser cx 300 ii earphones and also Sennheiser HD 200 PRO headphones. The earphones are starting to die due to having them for a while but the headphones are studio ones so there too big and the cables way to long to carry round with me. i'm looking for something that...
  16. A

    No increase in cs go fps after upgrading graphics card (please help)

    I play counter strike global offensive online and this was my rig Amd a4 5300 dual core @ 3.4ghz NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 2GB DDR3 4gb ram Corsair 450 watt psu With this rig i used to get 50-80 fps(lowest settings and 800x600 resolution) in csgo. I thought that if I get a better graphics card...
  17. A

    Displayport loses signal when connected to external GPU (and not with the integrated gpu)

    Hi guys, I'm here to ask for your help to understand what's happening with my displayport connection. I have always used my Acer Predator X34 G-Sync monitor with Displayport, which allowed me to benefit from G-Sync and the overclock to 100 hz. But unfortunately, my DP connection has started to...
  18. J

    About msi gtx 1080 ti trio

    I am planning to buy a new graphics card but im not sure if its going to fit my case. I have a case named Fazn Warhawk ( and this is the graphics card im planning to...
  19. Z

    Pluggin the mouse shuts down the computer, stops the POST and blocks other peripherals

    Hello, recently I built a new PC, it is running smoothly and I got lucky being my first build, but there is a small problem with it my mouse which is a Razer Black Mamba TE is not working properly with the computer, the part of not working being that when I connect it to the motherboard it shuts...
  20. dljcoolguy

    RGB fans not turning on

    I recently bought one Corsair ll120 fan off amazon. The lights won’t work but it does have power pls halp. Mb: msi b350 gaming plus CPU: ryzen 3 1300x Fan: Corsair ll120 rgb