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  1. C

    I fried my laptop motherboard Dell precision m7710 with i7-6920hq, gtx 1070

    So as the title says, yesterday i was doing some benchmarking with the palmrest and keyboard off, trying some cooling mods so the motherboard was exposed, during stress testing. And the system was probably pulling over 200watts from the wall, so i got the desired temps i wanted and was about to...
  2. B

    Gtx 670 work on my psu?

    I have a yama ti450w psu and i can get a gtx 670 for very cheap, but i donno if my psu can run it, Can it rum the gtx 670?
  3. exomonkeyman

    Western Digital Good R/W Speeds But Is Dead Slow At Videogames?

    Hello Guys! I Recently reset my PC and have been sorting and cleaning through all my Hard Drives and reselecting ones for different uses etc etc And so I assigned video games and applications to my Western Digital 3TB 5400Rpm Drive. It's original purpose was for storing video footage/dailies...
  4. J

    Help on a first time gaming pc build

    I'm thinking about going with this build but I have a couple questions and concerns. Will it be able to run PUBG smoothly? Do I need any extra cables or anything to connect my pc to my monitor? Will everything fit together, it is checked off on pcpartpicker but I've heard sometimes it can be...
  5. E

    Graphics card DoA?

    Got a couple new pc parts today after getting artifacts on my motherboard splash screen. In particular, the graphics card doesn't seem to pass POST despite showing the splash screen. If I plug the monitor in to integrated graphics and remove the graphics card, boot works as normal. Is it just a...
  6. K

    PC Crashes Randomly with Kernel-Power Crash Report.

    It only started happening after i did a full system wipe and used windows' feature of removing everything and starting from the beginning. i can game from any were from 10 min to 5 hours. it has also happened while i was browsing the web on youtube while the system wasn't under stress at all...
  7. B

    Can we fit a MasterCase 5 tempered glass side panel on a MasterBox 5?

    Hi, Can someone please tell me the dimensions of the Cooler Master Mastercase 5 tempered glass side panel? I was wondering if that can fit on a Masterbox 5 case. Dimensions for the Masterbox 5 side panel is L 45cm (17 6/8 in) x W 42.9cm (16 7/8 in). Thanks in advance!
  8. C

    PC Bootup Fail

    Hi, I was recently on a 2 week vacation in Ohio and when I came back my Computer was having some troubles. The PC was fine before the vacation but not anymore. Anyways, when I turn on the PC, and go into Windows, about 10 seconds into it the computer shuts off. I turn it on again and while I'm...
  9. Q

    GTX580 DirectCU II Repair

    Hello everyone, I have a GTX580 DirectCU II, that I want to repair very much, but I have the help of whoever owns this card, because I need the part number of the bios chip or any image that evidences the number. If anyone can get it, thank you very much. i will upload the image of PCB at night.
  10. N

    do i need to use thermal paste

    ryzen 1700 +stock cooler do i need to use thermal paste? i dont know if this cooler does already have thermal paste pre-applied?????
  11. O

    Ryzen DDR5 Support

    If i buy a Ryzen CPU now, will i have to upgrade my CPU when DDR5 comes out or do i only need to switch out my motherboard?
  12. L

    Deep Learning To Soon Bring Pro-Level Photography To Smartphones

    Google's new research in using deep learning technology to turn mediocre-looking photos into professional-quality pictures shows that regular smartphones could soon be able to create professional-level photography, as well. Deep Learning To Soon Bring Pro-Level Photography To Smartphones : Read...
  13. L

    Speakerset and headset aren't recognized after clean install

    So today I decided to clean up my pc a bit and decided to do a clean Windows 10 install. After it was done I re-installed all drivers and so on and about everything is working. However for some reason my computer does not recognize my headset and speakerset anymore. They're both connected with...
  14. C

    Trying to Install Elementary OS off a USB Drive

    So I am Trying to Install Elementary OS off a USB Drive. And when I load from the USB drive, it says: Boot Failure A proper digital signature was not found. It may have said more I can't remember. Does anyone have any solutions. Thanks. I'm trying to install it on a Toshiba Satellite S855-S5378...
  15. L

    Best brand for GTX 1050 Ti?

    Which is the best brand for GTX 1050 ti? Zotac, MSI, Asus, EVGA or Gigabyte? I assume the dual fan version is the one which is OC and the single fan is the one which isn't? Is there some other card I can get in the same price range that would be better?
  16. J

    ryzen 1800x random instability

    okay so let me preface this with, up until very recently like maybe a week or two max my system being a 1800x and x370 prime were rock solid stable at 4ghz 1.35v like 24hrs of prime 95 stable, two weeks ago i put my system in a new case because the old one was super heavy and hard to move so i...
  17. watrhous

    ASUS Q551L Yellow Tint

    Asus Q551L has yellowish tint to it * EVEN IN THE BIOS. Is the yellow tint existing in the BIOS confirmation that this is a hardware issue? I know there are many ASUS machines that have a color/yellow tint issue due to software ASUS included to manage the color but aside from this being a...
  18. H

    Dual Booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu using 1 Storage Hard Drive and 1 SSD

    Hello, I would like to preface this thread stating that I am a complete computer noob. However, I wanted to know: I have 1 hard drive and 1 SSD installed in a laptop that runs windows 10 (there is ample amount of space on both drives). I want to try ubuntu without completely getting rid of...
  19. mprospero

    Best Smart Speakers: Amazon Echo, Google Home and More

    Put Alexa or another virtual assistant in your home to answer questions, control smart home gadgets, play music and more with our top picks. Best Smart Speakers: Amazon Echo, Google Home and More : Read more
  20. T

    MSI EZ Debug LED

    I have MSI B350 Tomahawk as my mobo, and when i start my pc, the CPU Debug LED is on for a while, then it turn off, and my pc is working, is it a problem ? or is it normal ?
  21. Gogeto_16

    Turbo boost decrease the life of your processor?

    Hi guys, Just thinking of turbo boost I have heard that it is very useful for gaming and a amazing thing but will it decrease the life of my processor? And using turbo boost will also consumes more...
  22. A

    GTX 1060 (G1 Gaming or Gaming X)

    im going to get a 1060 since the 580 is out of stock everywhere, should i go for the gigabyte g1 gaming or the msi gaming x. The gaming x is ~$20 more than the g1 gaming.