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  1. Z

    Pluggin the mouse shuts down the computer, stops the POST and blocks other peripherals

    Hello, recently I built a new PC, it is running smoothly and I got lucky being my first build, but there is a small problem with it my mouse which is a Razer Black Mamba TE is not working properly with the computer, the part of not working being that when I connect it to the motherboard it shuts...
  2. dljcoolguy

    RGB fans not turning on

    I recently bought one Corsair ll120 fan off amazon. The lights won’t work but it does have power pls halp. Mb: msi b350 gaming plus CPU: ryzen 3 1300x Fan: Corsair ll120 rgb
  3. B

    ASUS GTX 970 STRIX No signal when playing games

    I'm hopefully looking for a solution to an issue I'm having with my ASUS GTX 970 STRIX card. When playing video games that seem to be more graphically intensive both my monitors will randomly go black and say "No signal". Any other time everything is fine and I don't have this issue, even when...
  4. K

    Need help setting ram to 3000 mhz

    So I basically bought a new cpu, mobo, and ram. They are the ryzen 1600, B350 fatal1ty, and 8gb of corsair vengeance ram 300mhz (2x4) and in the bios I try to set my ram 2967 mhz but everytime I try to boot it, the computer either doesn't start up or it just gives me an ipx4 or ipx6 error, it...
  5. I

    Need help with this GTX 750 gpu

    So recently I was looking for some graphics card for my computer, and I think I found the right one. I'm not 100% sure so I'm asking you guys. This is a GTX 750 and I'm thinking of buying it. The problem is, I'm not sure if this GPU needs a 6 pin connector. My PSU doesn't have a 6-pin...
  6. J

    Running two graphics cards?

    Hey guys im kind of a noob to this but I started playing PUBG recently and my computer is running it on low fps most of the time and has some freezes every once in a while. My build is this: Power Supply: Corsair CX 750W 80+ Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Premium Motherboard: MSI...
  7. V

    Take a look at the CPU I’m looking to get.

    I’m wondering if this CPU will allow me to stream and play games at a good FPS and produce good quality streams. PCPartPicker Link: Or should I go with the i7-4790? I’m looking for suggestions I’m not really good with specs and such but if you...
  8. G

    create shared folder

    Hi! I work in a school. I need to create a share folder in one of the class rooms so the teacher can share his documents with the children, and vice versa. The teacher pc has win7 and the student pcs has win 8.1. How can i do this?
  9. T

    What do i do before installing a used motherboard?

    So i recently bought a "used" ASUS P8Z68-V PRO mobo on ebay however the description never mentioned the state or condition of the mobo (The only reasons why i bought the thing was because of the price and it came with its og accessories). I asked the seller about the condition and he...
  10. LilWhiteChris

    Honest answers: do i really need G-SYNC?

    So there’s a Asus MG279Q with Free sync for £445 (Ips 2560x1440) OR Asus PG279Q with G-SYNC for £700 (Ips 2560x1440) The only main difference looks like the freesync version has a bigger bezel. I don’t wanna be mugged off paying an extra £255 for something that may not even be needed, i have a...
  11. S

    Fast Ram with Ryzen 7

    I have 3200mhz ram and when I enable XMP it goes to the full 3200mhz but my computer is very unstable so I had to disable it. Does anyone know how I can get the full performance out of my ram and still remain stable with my Ryzen 7 1800x.
  12. H

    How do I upgrade nvidia driver while on integrated graphics?

    I got a black screen on start up and suspected a problem with my graphics driver. I switched the monitor's hdmi cable to my mobo and it boots fine, so I want to update my gpu driver now, but when I run the nvidia updater I downloaded from their site, it doesn't any gpu and won't install. How can...
  13. H

    Case and Mobo Help! First game pc build!

    I'm trying to build my first ever computer on this upcoming black friday/cyber monday! I'm pretty sure this motherboard will fit and work well in this case but I just have a couple quick questions! Here are the specs first! Case -...
  14. C

    What is the ideal audio solution for me?

    So, my situation might be a little on the complicated side, as there is a lot i would like to accomplish using one setup. First and foremost, i want quality audio for gaming((listening to footsteps and gunshots))/listening to music. These are the two most frequent things i do on my computer at...
  15. A

    Advice for components I choose to upgrade please.

    here is a list i have made. i love gaming and i like performance over cost, but i know there is such thing as going overboard. if there is any info that i should add to what i prefer please let me know, specifically the motherboard is what i'm unsure of the most. i personally only care about...
  16. L

    NZXT s340 vanity shield lost

    I have a gaming pc with the nzxt s340 as the case but I lost the vanity shield. Is it bad if I use my gaming pc without the vanity shield and if the answer is yes, where can I buy that part?
  17. L

    Z170A PC Mate and Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB

    Hello. I am looking to buy Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB SSD and I'm wondering if it's even compatible with my Z170A PC MATE mb. Can anyone help with this please? Also if it is compatible what's the procedure to get it work as regular and or bootable storage? Thanks in advance
  18. M

    2-port KVM recommendation

    Hi I’m looking for a reliable KVM that can connect 2 computers to 2 monitors in an extended display setup. Computer 1 is laptop on a docking station which has a DisplayPort 1.2 output. Computer 2 is a PC with a single DVI-I output. The 2 monitors both have DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI inputs...
  19. N

    Lenovo z570 GPU issue

    Hi all, I recently discovered multiple shorts on my motherboard. One was due to faulty control FET and other due to on-board GPU. I had to remove both of them for motherboard to work normally. After removing GPU, my laptop display is blank. I believe that this could be because of BIOS POST...
  20. R

    I have to run explorer.exe manually through task manager with every startup.

    I've scanned thoroughly for malware and nothing was detected. I tried SFC scan and It fixed a few things but the problem persists.
  21. B

    PC Build for a friend suggestions?

    Greetings Friends My best friend got a budget of 564€ and asked me to build a pc for him? was it a good choice to get him a ryzen 5 1400 instead of an i5? also for some reason his pc is posting kinda slow he presses the button to open the pc and it get about 8-10 seconds to post to bios but then...
  22. S

    Best cpu for under 350$?

    I'm about to start a new build but I've been out of the cpu loop for awhile. Looking for something that gives a lot of bang for your buck and viable in terms of future upgrades.
  23. Jsimenhoff

    Gift Guide for the Anime Fan

    Finding a gift for an anime fan isn't easy. If you're an otaku, then you're super online and extra-discerning. With the price of collectibles skyrocketing, you want to make sure you don't get the wrong one! Here are our go-to gifts for any anime fan this holiday season. Tokaido Deluxe Board...
  24. F

    External hard drive shows i/o error

    I got adata 1 tb external hard drive I was working fine. But now it's not showed in my computer. I opened disk manager. It say disk 1. Unknown When I click on initialize the disk.. Error appears.. Saying Request can't be performed because of an i/o device error Plz help
  25. benzinonapaloni

    Migrating Firefox Browser to SSD

    So I'm starting to look at getting my first SSD and migrating Windows 10 to it to reduce load times and improve performance. Is it worthwhile to move Mozilla Firefox browser to the SSD as well? I mean it's my number 1 frequently used application so it should be absolute priority for performance...
  26. S

    GTX 1060 6GB vs 3GB

    Hello everyone who see this! Welp, my question is which gpu should i buy and why? I mainly use my pc for gaming but in the future i'll be using it for 3d rendering and stuff, which could be better for productivity. (I'm mexican btw, so i apologize if my engilsh is so lame)
  27. bojan_vladek

    Win7 fails to boot, BSOD, safe boot freezes at disk.sys

    Windows 7 suddenly decided not to boot. Everything was working normal in the morning. I shut it down before going to work (and I think a windows update was recently downloaded). In the evening I came home, booted the machine up, and it wouldn't boot. It gets stuck at the exact moment before...
  28. F

    Oculus Rift Core 2.0: New UI, Customizable Home, Desktop Access

    Not everything  at this year’s Oculus Connect 4 is new VR hardware. The company also announced Rift Core 2.0, a rework of the Rift software. Rift Core 2.0 seems to just be a moniker for the user experience elements, and today's announcements include Das Oculus Rift Core 2.0: New UI...
  29. A

    video but no sound

    My video works on my hdmi but not the sound. Could this be a defect in the MB or TV ? I have changed no settings on either device and it use to work.
  30. E

    Question about performance (i5 7600 + gtx 1080 + 1440p 144HZ)

    Hi there! So my current build has an i5 7600 non k as CPU. I have a GTX 1080 8 GB OC Windforce, and planning on getting a new screen with a 1440p (2K) resolution and a refresh rate of 144hz. Then, will the CPU drag the build down? Would I be able to mac games and maintining an average rate of...
  31. Brian_246

    PC makes very strange noise

    My PC that I that i built in July is making a strange noise. the link to a small video is down below Im not sure whats happening and there have been no performance issues. the noises start at 0:18 thanks for the responses.
  32. A

    Question about streaming capablities

    What kind of a difference will I get if I streamed/gamed on these rigs. Graphic setting wise and stream setting wise? i7 7800x aorus ultra gaming x299 gtx 1080 16gb ddr4 ram versus i5 4690k asus z97-a gtx 1080 8gb ddr3 ram
  33. I

    Opinions on reusing an old motherboard for a new build

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of putting together a new pc reusing the motherboard, ram, hard drive and cpu from a previous pre-build I had purchased, and new components for everything else. Here's a link to the list of components: I feel fairly confident...
  34. sls2002

    Antivirus (360 TS) Crashes on startup

    The past 4 times i have booted my PC over the last week or so, I get an error message by my program saying it has encountered an error. If i restart my PC after then it boots fine, but a simple boot produces this error. By the way, when i start the program from the taskbar it loads fine. Am i...
  35. S

    Is my on-board sound care broken or corrupted?

    Hey all, I was playing a game last saturday(PUBG) and my PC froze and my GPU crashed. I restarted it, without the GPU plugged in, and found that my sound was not working anymore... The speaker icon in the bottom right corner of my toolbar said something along the lines of "There is no audio...
  36. V

    The best motherboard for gtx 1050 ti + phenom ii x6

    Can you please recommend a considerably powerful mainboard with AM3, 3ddr, uefi, which could bring together my old phenom ii x6, 3x2gb ddr3 and new geforce gtx 1050 ti. Thank you!
  37. I

    Cant open BIOS

    So, i used the MSI Gaming 5 motherboard´s option called Fast MSI boot to try it out. Everything was normal, so i wanted to switch the boot option to default. But now, the keyboard starts working after the chance to press Del and enter the bios take place. Any help on how i can get in the bios again?
  38. 0

    EVGA 1080 TI SC2 - Idel Temp above 50

    Hi all, Looking for some input. Recently purchased the 1080TI, I noticed when at idle and doing nothing gpu intensive like surfing, or just waking the PC from sleep mode it sits above 50 degrees. Little concerned, is this normal. From reading the forums most seem to be in the 30s at idle...
  39. N

    Fps drops and cpu usage 100%

    Hey guys. Im having a issue and i just want to know everyones opinions. During my game sessions ive been experiencing fps drops where it makes it impossible to play. Im running overwatch on low settings and usually get 110 to 150 fps and when it drops i go down to 20 to 30. My pc is 3 years old...
  40. C

    How do I remove RAID from PC>

    This PC, upgraded to Windows 10, has only ONE disk. Don't know what version of RAID it is running. I the following this is enough info to help a solution. RAID utility Screen has 4 options: View Drive Assignment (1) LD View / LD Define Menu (2) Delete LD Menu (3) Controller Configuration...