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  1. R

    RAM wont load XMP profile

    Hello I’ve pc with build ryzen 1500x, asrock ab350 pro4, klevv ddr4 2x8GB 2400mhz, gtx 1060, bequiet psu 600W My ram speed clocks on 2400mhz on it’s advertisement specs, but it only works on 2133mhz on system and CPUz test When i get into bios and load it’s XMP profile to 2400mhz, then apply...
  2. O

    Looking for freelancer pc game

    Mornin im in south africa im looking for the game freelancer if posibale plzzzzz email <mod edit> Don't post personal emails
  3. T

    Got finish upgrading Samsung Tab 4 SM-T337A to Lollipop 5..1.1 and the WIFI button wont stay on.

    Got finish upgrading Samsung Tab 4 SM-T337A to Lollipop 5..1.1 and th.e WIFI button wont stay on. Even on Safe Mode
  4. huelen

    Fractal R6 hub not showing case fan speed

    Msi z170 gaming pro Corsair H80i MSI Gtx 970 I just changed my case from Corsair spec 03 to Fractal r6 Top 140mm exhaust, 2 front 140mm and 1-120mm bottom(all 3 pins) Question is conecting this 4 fans to the Fractal hub on the CPUFAN2 or SYSFAN3 I cant see the fan speed anywher hwmonitor...
  5. J

    Can me and my friend use 2 keyboards and mice to play 2 games on 2 monitors on my pc

    So i was thinking could me and my friend use 2 keyboards and mice to play 2 steam games on different monitors? I have heard it could work but im not sure. If it needs the use of a virtual machine I wont do it because I dont know anything about those.
  6. P

    deepcool gammaxx 400 vs gelid tornado

    which one should i pick to cool my i5 750? i currently have 84 degrees while im playing cs and im not comfortable with all with those temperatures.noise and degrees are really important for me,especially noise.Which one should i get? dont recommend me the hyper 212x because its 42$ here.(the...
  7. B

    Geforce GTX 780 TI SLI Question

    Hi I'm a first time SLIer and I'm Looking to SLI my Graphics card its a NVIDA GeForce GTX 780 TI with 3GB and the Graphics card I'm looking to buy to SLI with mine is a EVGA NVIDIA GTX 780Ti SC 3GB DDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card with ACX Cooler so what I'm asking is will it SLI with mine? I'm sorry if...
  8. F

    Can my pc handle/fit a gtx 1050ti or 1060 graphics card and some more ram?

    I have no clue about the insides of computers so I plan to take it to a nearby pc build shop and have them fit the parts but is it even possible in the first place and can my pc handle it? The reason I'm making these changes is because I want my pc to be able to handle games a bit better and to...
  9. A

    Doubts about SSD M.2

    Hi, i want to buy a m.2 ssd, but i have a 7200rpm hdd, i want to make the ssd for both and my hdd to save data. Do i have to only buyed and installed and its done? The ssd would be only 240gb. My specs: Pentium g4560 b250m ds3h gtx1050ti WD 7200rpm 500 w PSU THANKS AND SORRY IF ITS BAD WRITTEN
  10. H

    will these pc parts work together and any tips?

    i want to build a pc and its my first so i need a little help :) i builded this at but to make sure ill ask it here so i dont waste any money Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor (200-220) CRYORIG - H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler MSI - Z370 GAMING PLUS ATX LGA1151 Motherboard...
  11. D

    DIY Laptop Keyboard LED's

    Good Morning I need some advice to create backlit LED's for my laptop keyboard. Bit hard to type in the dark. It's for a Lenovo E530. I was thinking trying to install LED strips and make small little holes on the keys. Have any of you done this before and how did you link it to the power?
  12. M

    compatible cooler for gtx 970

    hello guys, can I replace the cooler in this card? for something like arctic accelero extreme 3 or 4, maybe twin turbo? 2 out of 3 fans died :( I have no idea what should I do, thanks for ur replies
  13. M

    128 bit GTX 970 and 980?

    Ebay has all kinds of these 128 bit high end GPUs instead of 256 bit such as below. Has anyone gotten one of these and could tell me about it...
  14. S

    2133/2400/2666 mobo, will a XMP enabled 3000MHz work with i5 8500?

    Hello. i5 8500 Gigabyte H370M-H3D The mobo supports 2133 / 2400 / 2666MHz. What will happen if I add XMP 3000MHz RAM, and enable the XMP? Will the RAM work faster than the mobo's 2666 limit?
  15. W

    Pc Build Compatibility

    I am building a new pc and this is my first one I’m just not sure all the parts are compatibile though these are the thing I had in mind Asus rog strip z370-E (motherboard) Intel i7 8700k (processor) Corsair carbide 400c (case) Corsair CX series 650 watt 80 plus bronze (power supply) Cooler...
  16. M

    Buying New PSU

    Hi, currently my psu is the Coolermaster G750M but I am looking for a new one since this one broke, should i be looking for one with a higher watt for futureproofness? my setup is a gtx980ti and i5 4590k with 16gb ddr4. I was considering getting the same one since it worked perfectly, however...
  17. T

    Quadro 4000 - Doesn't support 4K?

    Hey there! I think I made a mistake... I just bought the new Cintiq Pro 24 (which is a pen display) that supports 4k resolution (3840x2160). Unfortunately the maximum resolution I'm currently getting is 2560x1440. My GPU is a Quadro 4000 - and after looking into it appears to only allow a...
  18. M

    Ram issue, not working.

    I bought 1x4 Gb ram and is not working my pc keeps rebooting when i installed it, The model is Ttranscend 4GB DDR3 1333 U-DIMM 2Rx8 VLP I installed it alongside a kingston kvr ram 2gb 667MHZ, i know your not supposed to mix and mach ram but they should work, please help.
  19. S

    Importing the colored value from a range

    I have a spreadsheet with two separate sheets. I need to import the colored value from a range of sheet to the column C of Sheet 2. In short, something like, If Sheet1!A4=Sheet2!A3, Sheet2!C3=The colored value of the range Sheet1!(C7:AG7) and If Sheet1!A10=Sheet2!A4, Sheet2!C4=The colored...
  20. C

    How fix tablet that is cracked on the inside?

    I slammed my hand on the center of my voyager 3 RCA tablet. It's 7" display and im pretty sure i need to replace the VDU. I didnt have a sim card inserted and i dont wanna lose my data. Therefore i cant buy a new one.Is there a way to do this without spending to much money? and anyone know...