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  1. GL9106

    SSHD'S superior to HDD?

    I just want to know if the solid state hard drive is superior to the 7.2k rpm Hard drive since a SSHD is faster and can store more for a cheaper price. Or is it fake and doesn't actually work like that because it looks like it's too good to be true?
  2. K

    Best Gaming System you can build in 500$?

    So I'm 14 and my parents think its useless to spend any money on PC but I've managed to talk them into allowing me to spend 500$ on one. the thing is i have a general idea about PC parts and all that but i don't think I'm good enough to pick the best parts for 500$ gaming PC keeping bottle...
  3. I

    Will this motherboard support win 10

    Will this motherboard support win 10 Intel DQ67SW Im wonderin if this motherboard supports windows 10 because in the manual it says it doesnt and there are only win 8 drivers for it And i will be using it with a gtx 760 and an i5 2400.
  4. S

    New memory not compatible? It should be though

    I have a Toshiba c55-A5105 that I was just updating a little bit. I added in a 128gb SSD and then I brought up the manual on toshiba website and it says that it will support 8GB ddr3 1600mhz. Right now it has a 4GB ddr3 1333ghz. I purchased an 8GB ddr3 1600GHZ pc3-12800 stick and put it in. I...
  5. D

    PC Build question

    Hi, I am looking at upgrading my PC, at the moment i have an i5 2500k, 16gb RAM and a GTX 1080. I am looking at upgrading to the i7 7700k. What is the best Motherboard for this CPU, I have bought the Corsair h100i liquid cooler at the moment but not sure which z270 motherboard to go for...
  6. O

    What settings should i use on after burner?

    I just got a new gtx 1050 the other day and i just found out about after burner. What settings do you guys think i should play on? Also advice about my fan speed would be greatly appreciated i turned it to automatic and i already noticed a huge decrease in temperature on my gpu. If it helps at...
  7. K

    EU Plug to USB Cord?

    Is there a adapter that can make a EU Plug to an USB outlet, so i can charge my speakers that has a eu cord with my Powerbank? Would really help :)
  8. E

    CPU core runs at 20c hotter than others

    Premise: im a new pc builder so i dont have much knowledge in that matter so forgive me I was having my daily gaming session with msi afterburner on to monitor fps and how fantasmagorically good my machine was running (for my expectations, at least), then i notice "CPU 80C 50%", i was kinda...
  9. kcarbotte

    Unreal Engine 4.16 Adds Support For Nintendo Switch

    Epic Games released Unreal Engine 4.16, and the feature list includes new tools for 3D artists and performance enhancements for mobile and console developers. UE 4.16 also introduces full-featured support for the Nintendo Switch. Unreal Engine 4.16 Adds Support For Nintendo Switch : Read more
  10. A

    Want to add powered subwoofer to powered 2.0 speaks

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to add a subwoofer to my current 2.0 setup. I'm thinking on buying Polk PSW10, as per the reviews I've checked it's a pretty decent quality per dollar spent device and I can't blow my house so that should be enough. I'm a Tech House and Techno DJ and usually practice...
  11. P

    Front Headphone/Mic Jack Not Working

    My case has a front headphone jack and mic jack but it doesn't seem to work. I already have it connected to my mobo and I know power is reaching it since I hear a familiar pop when plugging in my speakers. Any clue to why windows doesn't recognize it?
  12. X

    Low budget laptop

    I need a low budget laptop that can run League of Legends at 60+FPS in low-medium settings.It hasn't to be a gaming laptop.Under 350$ would be ideal. Thanks
  13. CompGee

    To compress or not to compress?

    Quick question: I'm out of HDD space on my 2TB external HDD. Should one compress all 2TB of that data into some .zip files on a very frequently accessed backup drive?
  14. G

    The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Enters The Track

    The Corsair T1 Race gaming chair, which was revealed earlier this year during CES, has finally launched. The T1 Race is available for $350 and comes in five colors: black, blue, red, yellow, and white. The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Enters The Track : Read more
  15. N

    How to change cmos battery: rog g20aj

    My ROG G20AJ shut down while I was using it. Now it's not turning on except spinning the fan for a second or two then stop. I tried removing the gpu and monitor but no luck. Now I reset the cmos but no luck either. Want to change cmos battery but couldn't find it on this system. Was hoping if...
  16. D

    AMD RYZEN Temperatures issue. Very high Temperatures at IDLE

    Okay guys, so I have just build my new rig having ryzen 7 1700. At idle my CPU Temperatures are at 50 degrees(by ambient temperature is also high but then also I think it is abnormal) It's having the stock wraith spire cooler on it and I have the the fan speed to 100%. On load the temps reach 70...
  17. B

    What's in a WD My Passport Ultra? WSBBKD0020BBK-0A

    I always took apart the old style My Passport drives and they were Toshiba Drives. They were also easy to open..
  18. J

    Stock Cooler of socket 1151 compatible with socket 775?

    I have a vacant stock cooler of socket 1151. and im planning to build a pc with a socket 775. im thinking if i can use the stock cooler of socket 1151 for socket 775?
  19. D

    Just upgraded my HDD storage drive to 5 TB and MBR Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    First off, I didn't think that you could see and use 5 TB on MBR and it setup it up as a Simple volume.. I actually didn't think that MBR could see and use 2 TB, but it sees 4.54 TB free of 5 TB. Is there any point to try and change to use it as GPT? Thanks, Danny
  20. G

    Windows 2012 R2 Boot Error 0x000000C4

    Hi I am installing a fresh copy of Windows 2012 Server R2 to my Server. The Server turns on then reaches the BIOS screen then boots of the USB I installed the .iso to. Then I have the screen "Loading Files" with the white bar at the bottom loading the data of the USB until I reach the issue of...
  21. A

    Dell XPS 15 9560 for video editing?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask, how would the Dell XPS 15 9560 perform for 4K video editing on a professional level? I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speedgrade, and Photoshop on a daily bases. The configuration I am looking at is the fully maxed out version: i7-7700HQ...
  22. P

    Which is the best vpn i am a senior cit can you help

    I wont to install one for the first time would it IPVANISH for spmc
  23. E

    My PC Components are under-performing!

    For a while now i have never been able to get good FPS in games. Components listed here as well as my benchmark: Possible reasons for this could be the fact my motherboard has a few loose sockets, when i say that i mean sometimes things like the 12...
  24. O

    CyberPower PC quality

    I built my last PC but I'm thinking I may buy the next one from CyberPowerPC. I realize it will cost me a few hundred dollars over what I could DIY. Also realize most everyone is going to tell me to build it myself, it's easy, better components, etc. However, I'm wondering how CyberPowerPC...
  25. D

    VMWare VRAM is set to 0MB and I cannot change screen res (Mac OS 10.7)

    Hello! I just installed Mac OS X 10.7 (Yosemite) via VMware on my Windows 10 PC. However, I am having issues related to how much VRAM is being allocated to the operating system. My GPU is a Geforce 1070 (6gb), and I have 64GB of DDR4 RAM in my machine, so I definitely have enough VRAM for...
  26. N

    What to choose? i7 7700 vs i7 7700k with non-OC mobo (concerned about temp)

    Hello guys, i have difficult times choosing CPU. Tomorrow i'm gonna go and buy one, the problem is, i don't know which one to choose. I know that 7700k got better freq, but i'm also concerned about it's temperatures. I've already bought H270 mobo, so no OC for me. My other hardware is: mobo...
  27. B

    x99 rampage v10 wont boot up after watercooled

    So I just built a water cooled pc with the new titan xp, 6950x, rgb trident z and we got all of our tubes bent tubes fit in the fittings and everything turns on except for the top portion of the ram. The bottom portion turns on perfect, also, when we plug it in, nothing happens. The boot menu...
  28. Gta5

    cheap WiFi card vs expensive WiFi card

    Expensive Cheap Is there any difference ?
  29. Aeacus

    LED fan controller for 5.25" external bay

    Hi everyone. So, i'm on a market for searching a LED fan controller that i can mount into my last free 5.25" external bay in my Skylake build. Full specs in my sig. Even though my Corsair 760T does have built-in fan controller, it isn't good enough for me. It's only 2 speed (50% and 100%) and...
  30. prac daske

    Are these temperatures normal?

    Just like the title says.. I can barely touch the heatsink above the chokes on the motherboard, it just feels too hot: Its on idle right now.
  31. silversmithy

    Issues with putting together an older AMD set-up

    I have asked for help before on this project, and before I scrap the whole thing need to make sure I am not missing something. Due to my budget I have been trying to use what parts I have to put together an older school set up mainly for older games and internet use. I have an Asus M2N-e MB, a...
  32. Q

    Trident RGB - only one RAM affected by AURA

    Hello, I just bought the G. Skill Trident Z RGB. Two RAM modules of 8gb each, for a total of 16. However, in ASUS Aura, I can only control RAM stick. The other one does whatever it wants. Any ideas how I would go about syncing the other RAM stick as well?
  33. M

    Overclocking AMD A10 6800k apu

    i was wondering if overclocking and also how effective would overclocking be for my AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon(tm)HD Graphics 4.09 GHz specs: cpu: AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon(tm)HD Graphics 4.09 GHz gpu: nvidia geforce 750 ti RAM 8G motherboard: A68HM-E33 V2 (MS-7721)