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  1. ToxicMoofin

    NFS Payback abandond cars to slow

    So i get that the cars are abandoned, and they are basicly stock, but the fact that i cant over 80mph and the police are so much faster (120 sounds right but we dont know) it makes it close to impossible to get away... Especialy if they have me go into the dirt. Then they throw the car killers...
  2. A

    Ryzen 7 1700 + B350 Mobo + Patriot Viper Ram Compatibility?

    Recently I decided to build my own PC. I was wondering whether or not my RAM would work with my mobo and cpu. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 MOBO: B350 Gaming Plus Ram: Patriot Viper 4 16gb On the box for the RAM it says "designed for intel X99 and 100 series" so I decided to go to Google and found...
  3. A

    My dell latitude e6400 cant turn on

    I opened my laptop then i removed my ram and returned them... From that moment when i turn my laptop on it runs but does not display and after few seconds it turns off..... And the caps lock Led light blinks... Also when i tried turning it on it just runs and then off without even displaying...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Possible issue with Core i7 8700K Clock speed fluctuation on Idle.

    Hello comunity, I've build a new Z370 Rig this past week, yesterday, I found something odd while checking CPU-Z. It just wont maintain low clock speeds; it doesn't matter if there's apps on the background or not; it will keep on spiking to the roof with 4.6 ~ 4.7GHz at multiple moments. It also...
  5. C

    HDMI connections for directv & bd player to Yamaha 5.1 receiver

    I would like everyting to go thru Yamaha RX-V581 receiver as a hub, input source material from TCL ROKU 55” Smart TV; Directv & Panasonic BD player. All are HDMI capable. Would like receiver to send audio of 5.1 sound to Klipsch Quintet & Yamaha 8” subwoofer & send picture back up to Smart TV...
  6. T

    Assistances with modem-router distance

    I've just moved to a new place and my currently telstra modem cant even reach the end of my house 20-30m+ and was just wondering if PYTHON - Dual Band Wireless AC1600 would be able to do the job i'm currently still connected to ADSL but plan to connect to nbn FW so i need a router-modem atm that...
  7. G

    Stand-Out Chassis: Cool Case Mods From Tom's Community

    We tapped into our community of modders for this latest round up of our favorite case mods. Stand-Out Chassis: Cool Case Mods From Tom's Community : Read more
  8. I

    Is this compatible?

    Would it work if I got a superclocked 1050 ti on a non overclockable motherboard? Just wondering if the GPU would go faster.
  9. M

    Computer freezes randomly

    hi i am having problems with my computer first it was working then i brought it up to my aunts house and it worked there and then i was walking home and the suitcase the computer was in tipped over a few times and then i got home hooked it up then when i pressed the power button it would turn on...
  10. W

    Looking to upgrade my gpu

    Looking to upgrade my gpu. I currently have an asus gtx 1060 3gb. Choice between gtx 1060 8gb, rx 580 8gb, or gtx 1070 ti. Also i was wondering if my cpu could handle these fine. Ryzen 5 1600. Psu corsair 550w
  11. J

    Buzzing from Onkyo Stereo Receiver

    I have an Onkyo TX-8160 stereo receiver, with a turntable and CD player plugged into it. It has Wi-Fi capability, which I use to connect wirelessly to Spotify and TuneIn Radio. I have older Cerwin-Vega speakers (I don't know the model). All of the components are plugged into a single power...
  12. M

    Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3 or NH-U14S TR4-SP3

    Hello, does using the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 improve the cooling of the Threadripper a lot compared with using the NH-U12S TR4-SP3? How is the noise level? The larger one sometimes block the GPU when using the Asus Zeith Extreme.
  13. D

    Copy files from UDF file format dvd

    I don't know the correct category for this question but I want a solution.I recently bought a pc game(it's a cracked game) and it's contain 4 DVD. But when i try to copy files from that al 4 DVD, at 70% of copying progress it says 'can't read from the source file or disk'. I have checked the...
  14. rgs80074

    need graphics card help

    hello everyone I recently replaced my pc with a new build. i turned my old pc into a server. up until today i had a radeon 7750 ddr3 video card installed in the old pc. i was using the intel 8700k built in graphics on the new pc but I was informed my old card would be better than the built...
  15. G

    TunnelBear VPN: Middle of the Pack

    TunnelBear is moderately priced, very secure and easy to use, but it has midrange network performance and is owned by a U.S. company. TunnelBear VPN: Middle of the Pack : Read more
  16. G

    All The New Coffee Lake-H Laptops

    Intel announced the latest Coffee Lake-H processors in the wee hours of the morning, and OEMs were quick to reveal their latest-and-greatest laptops equipped with the new CPUs. All The New Coffee Lake-H Laptops : Read more
  17. A

    Can i run gta 5 in following system

  18. jovan23stojanovic

    1x8GB 2133MHz for Ryzen (5) 1600?

    Hello there, as the title says, I am now using 1x8GB 2133MHz ddr4 and I don't want to change it because of enormous RAM prices... Will Ryzen 1600 be "stuttering mess" paired with 1x8GB 2133MHz ddr4 or it will run smoothly? (I consider upgrading my RAM to faster and 2x8GB capacity at the end of...
  19. G

    AMD Radeon Adrenalin Driver 18.3.4 Improves ‘Far Cry 5’ Compatibility

    One of 2018’s first AAA games, 'Far Cry 5,' debuts tomorrow, and AMD is greeting it with a new driver. AMD Radeon Adrenalin Driver 18.3.4 Improves ‘Far Cry 5’ Compatibility : Read more
  20. M

    New computer no video no post but fans max speed

    Finally got a new computer "working" after a bent CPU :/. by working I mean it actually gets power and does stuff when I press the power on button. I dont get POST or any video, but all the fans in the case are at max speed (or so I suppose). I tried the many other forums but nothing helpful for...
  21. Forte777

    Sony a6500 vs a6300 in 2018

    Hello friends! I am in the market for a new camera. I was wondering how things were looking in 2018 in regards to these Sony cameras. I have the option to either buy: Sony A6300 for 800 euro from a dealer (0 shutter actuations but no receipt or warranty) Sony a6500 for 1366 euro brand new...
  22. O

    My dell compture WiFi is not turning on

    I have a dell compture and the WiFi is not turning on I need your help.
  23. S

    1080 ti sli or Gtx Ampere

    Guys,i currently build my gaming rig. I am rocking an 8700k along with an asus 1080 ti strix oc.I want to get stable 60 fps 4k.What do you recommend,getting another one and Sli them of wait for Turing/Ampere gpu.Btw my psu is 750w is it enough for sli?Thanks in advance!!
  24. R

    What does OC (overclocking) mode mean on GPU?

    Hey, I am going to buy this GPU: It says it is in OC mode. Does it mean it has to be overclocked before using(gaming). Thank you! All help is welcomed!
  25. A

    Gt 1030 and i3 540 lag

    Hi! My specs are: dh55tc mobo I3 540 Asus gt 1030 8gb ddr3 ram 1333 mhz 450 w psu I have recently upgraded my gpu from zotac gt 730, instead of getting better performance in my games i am getting an unstable framerate in most of my games. I have noticed that the games run smooth for a few...
  26. X

    My Keyboard and Mouse

    So i recently played some Counter strike as i usualy do when i have time for it. And i use a Corsair k70 RGB, and it has a switch at the top behind. Wich you can asign color schemes for your keyboard to, and i have different ones from1-5 of the switches to just switch between now and then. So...
  27. reubenpainter001

    Looking for Prebuilt spec advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a local pre-built PC, however am unsure of how up to date it is and what performance it might give. It's price is $1030 NZD ($765 USD) I am looking for a budget gamming desktop pc for about ~$1k. Desktop Specs: -------------------- CPU: AMD FX-8320...
  28. B

    Requesting a rough appraisal for custom build

    Hi, I custom built a PC in late 2014 that I am looking to sell. I was wanting to see if anyone could give a rough appraisal for the components listed below? Thank you very much in advance for any assistance! Case - Corsair Carbide Series White 500 R Memory - Sandisk Extreme II 120GB SSD and...
  29. A

    Wifi cards that work for an ASUSB85M-E motherboard

    Hey guys I am moving into an apartment with the modem on the other side of the apartment. I have been recommended to get an internal wifi card. Would my B85M-E motherboard work with most internal wifi adapter cards? Like this one...
  30. L

    Floating Point Friendly Laptop

    Needed some help finding a good laptop or laptop build. I listed some requirements below. Please feel free to add in with specific laptops, components, ideas, and/or flame. lots of floating point operations (computational physics stuff) parallel seems to do better on my machine handle bursts of...
  31. I

    How move Win10 and apps to new computer?

    I am building a mini-ITX system. My existing system is an I5-4670k on a Gigabyte Z97 MB. My new system will be an I5-4690k on a Gigabyte Z97 mITX motherboard. If I simply clone my existing C: drive, can I 'cleanly' install the clone into my new system and have all work? I know this is a...
  32. L

    what case do i need?

    these stuff i got whats a good case for for like 40 to dollars
  33. A

    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.

    Good day/evening there. I am newly registered and sought out this site for help in something that has been tormenting me for several months now, Tom's youtube videos has given me a lot of inspiration and motivation with computer stuff, and when i can afford it, i wish to build a decent low...
  34. I

    Will i get a SATA power connector with my hard drive

    So i recently ordered a 2TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive and with my psu i got 2x SATA 6Gb/s connector and 1x SATA power connector so will i get one or will i have to buy one seperately?
  35. M

    CPU performance degrading over time

    Im looking to buy a cpu and my friend is offering me his i5 6500 that he got a year ago for €100. Will his CPUs performance be worse than if i got a brand new one. Will a 6500 bottleneck my 1070 Is a i5 7500 a better choice?
  36. K

    [Urgent] Review and experience for dell Inspiron 15 5000

    I can't find any reviews for this device. It will be helpful if someone can give their opinion on this machine. It comes with 8th gen i7 8550U processor, 16 GB RAM, 4 GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon 530 graphic card, 256 GB SSD, FHD 1080p backlit screen (I think non IPS). Primary use will be video/ image...
  37. S

    New intel 300 series motherboards price?

    Does anyone have any predictions on how much the new budget 300 series motherboards will cost?
  38. r0min012

    AMD Athlon X4-950 good pair with R7 260X ?

    Hey Do you think AMD Athlon X4-950 its a good pair for R7 260X ? Now i got an old i3 560 2 core / 2 threads and i think that the X4-950 its a good upgrade Can you suggest me the best budget cpu for R7 260X ? I want to move to 8GB DDR4 from 4gb ddr3 now and to get some good pairfomance Dont...
  39. A

    hdmi splitter card for pc

    looking for hdmi splitter card for pc to multiple monitors
  40. Y

    BSOD WINDOWS 10 scaring me

    Hi i'm new up here its the first time i post something please is there someone can help me ? its been 35 days since i get bsod's once everyday but it now its 2 to 3 times and its scaring me here is the dmp 121317-24562-01.dmp 13/12/2017 20:10:52 0x00000109 a3a026d9`fbd149e1 b3b73360`4e52bb74...