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  1. P

    Will this fit my in the NZXT S340

    Hi, I'd like to know if all these will fit in the NZXT S340 CPU: i5 8600k Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO GPU: MSI GTX 970 Does the ram size and hdd size matter at all? thanks.
  2. R

    Streaming and gaming on same PC

    My question is,is this bad for my PC lifespan.I currently stream and game on same PC and notice no noticeable difference in framerate or stutters.I know streaming HAS to create more heat within the computer case and cause my PC to work harder.BUT if properly cooled does it still effect lifespan...
  3. D

    First build not working have a weird restart loop please help

    Hello guys First of all my setup: Gpu gtx 960 4gb dual fan (reused from older pc) Psu seasonic 620 evo (reused) Motherboard asrock ab350 pro4 Cpu ryzen 5 1600 with amd cooler Ram 2x8 trident z 3200mhz sticks ddr4 Crucial mx300 525 gb sata 2.5 S340 case I have not tried anything yet guys...
  4. T

    i5 7600 Temperature question

    Hello, Today i made a test with Prime 95 for 10 min and i wait until the next test start for the 4 workers.. I got a temperature, from HWMonitor, starting off with: Idle temp: 36-38c / Min: 32c / Max: 81-85c is this normal for this type of cpu with stock cooler?
  5. D

    Does manual undervolting disable XFR on Ryzen 1800X?

    I'll be installing a Ryzen 7 1800X in a system that now has a Ryzen 5 which I have currently undervolted. I want to keep temps in check more than push the CPU to a max OC, so I plan to undervolt. AS I understand it, overclocking disables XFR on X series Ryzen chisp, but does the same apply to...
  6. R

    204 pin ram sticks

    hey guys. this is my computer ( I am planning on upgrading my ram from 12gbs to 16gbs i checked for the requirements for ram upgrade and it says that i need a ram stick that has a 204...
  7. J

    I was gifted a Yamaha r-v902 recently

    What would be the best way to use this receiver? Could this be used for an all purpose system and what would be minimum amount of speakers needed
  8. J

    Graphics card upgrade

    Hi, I am upgrading my Monitor from a Samsung T220 which is from the plug and play era and without any driver support for Windows 10. I have ordered an LG 25" ultra wide monitor that supports 2560 x 1080 from Amazon but am conscious my graphics card may not be up to the job. It's a Sapphire...
  9. N

    Low framerate and crackling sound in games after 15 minutes of playing

    Hi, my rig is: intel i5 6500, asus z170m mobo, 32GB corsair ddr4 ram, asus gtx 970, corsair 500W (CX500M), samsung ssd, windows 10 fall creators update. I am experiencing sound crackling, and reduced framerates after 15 minutes of playing any demanding video game (f12017, gta5, dirt etc) and I...
  10. A

    my hp15 is not display it just blinking in caps lock

    My HP 15 is not display just blinking cap locks on the keyboard
  11. Marshall Honorof

    Roku Stick Plus vs. Chromecast vs. Fire TV: 4K Streaming Face-Off

    If you're ready to bring your streaming stick into the world of UHD video, see which of these three gadgets can do it for you. Roku Stick Plus vs. Chromecast vs. Fire TV: 4K Streaming Face-Off : Read more
  12. G

    Walmart's Black Friday Deals Include $199 iPhone and $398 4K TV

    A host of deals are coming for the holidays from Walmart. Here are the best Black Friday deals so far. Walmart's Black Friday Deals Include $199 iPhone and $398 4K TV : Read more
  13. S

    Projector to speakers

    I’m using several projectors this year for Halloween. The sound from projectors are not sufficient. I plugged a RCA to 3.5mm jack in. I get sound from my new speakers but not very high. Suggestions?
  14. D

    Wait for Coffee Lake? I5 8600k or I7 7700k?

    So I was getting ready to start buying some parts for my upcoming pc build when I found out Coffee lake was releasing soon. I am now second guessing my self after this came to my attention, hence why I'm here. So do you think I should just buy the I7-7700k now, or wait for the Coffee Lake. Right...
  15. T

    Acer aspire does not power up

    I have acer aspire f5-572 i buy it in 2016 that's about 1 year ago ... i played dota 2 and it just shut down i did open te laptop remove te battery chek the addapter plug it in red light turns on but the laptop does not power i remove the ram leave it for some time pushed the power button for 50...
  16. Rafael Mestdag

    Is there a cloning software that clones an OS onto a partition?

    I mean, I've tried a lot of software but the best they can do is to clone an OS onto an entire disk instead of a single partition. I'm trying specifically to clone a Windows 10 OS from my 2TB HDD onto a 70GB partition from a 240GB SSD but as I said no software I have tried so far seems to do...
  17. M

    I think my CPU fried, suggestions?

    Z170XP-SLI Mobo Intel 6600k Rosewill Quark Series 750W PSU EVGA GeForce 950 So I was using my PC a few days ago, everything going smoothly. I click "play" on the blizzard app to load up overwatch, and my pc immediately shuts off. My immediate though is that the GPU fried. Tried turning it back...
  18. S

    Zalman z9 and 1070

    I just got offered a good deal on a Asus strix 1070 from a friend and was wondering if it would fit in my Zalman z9 plus case. Thanks for the help
  19. A

    Is a Corsair TX550m overkill for a R5 1600 and a GTX 1060?

    I am planning on building my first PC and I don't know if the quality of that power supply is too good for the CPU and Graphics Card, I was thinking that maybe an EVGA 600 BQ is a better choice since I'm on a budget and I might upgrade the PC with a more powerful processor or graphics card in...
  20. A

    Can't access my HDD data

    Today I installed my SSD, I downloaded windows 10 to a flash drive, installed it correctly and everything was fine. So then I turned off my computer and plugged in my old HDD. In my PC info I can see both drives, but I can't access any of the data from my HDD and none of my stuff is showing...
  21. M

    looking for lightweight laptop

    Sir, I want to buy a new laptop with specs. 1. It must be lightweight 2. For mediocre gaming Please suggest me the best and sort out brand confusion also.
  22. P

    Mobo Support for M.2 SSD

    I have a MSI x58 Pro-E board and i was wondering if i can get a M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD drive. I can't find any information on it maybe i'm missing something. But i really like to upgrade to a M.2 SSD. My Motherboard: If it does not fit what is...
  23. J

    I need help with receivers!

    Ok we have a receiver in our house but it does not hook up with our tv because out tv is hdmi and our receiver does not have hdimi, We are going to use the receiver for 2 speakers we have, So i was wondering what receiver should I get would this be a good receiver? http:// I am not looking for...
  24. C

    Upgrading a Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF

    My little brother got an Optiplex 7010 sff at my college surplus sale and he was wondering if I could help him upgrade it. I'm not looking to bring it to the latest specs, just to play games like Skyrim on medium or handle some Minecraft mods that he likes. The computer has an i5 3.4Ghz...
  25. P

    OEM and motherboard binding

    I am supposed to take delivery of my new pc tomorrow which is a Ryzen processor. I have gone with Asus Prime x370 Pro. I am about to buy Windows 10 Home OEM key from amazon. I have very little understanding about OEM keys except that they are way cheaper and bound to one machine aka non...
  26. M

    Need Advice to buy a GPU on $200 budget

    Hi community! I am looking to upgrade my current PC but I'm afraid to buy GPU that won't work for some reason. So I'd like to get some advice of wich GPU will be better for my system. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this month. BUDGET RANGE: 200 USD = 3500 ARS, I might be able to spend a few 10/20...
  27. D

    Huge FPS drop when GPU hits 100% usage

    So I've been dealing with this problem for a while now. I upgraded my cpu, mobo and ram but the problem is still there so I'm guessing its the GPU's problem. When my GPU load is 99% (I'm using GPU-Z) games run perfectly fine but the problem begins when the load hits 100%. The FPS drops to...
  28. R

    External Hard Drive not appearing in my computer

    When i plug my WD passport portable hard drive into my computer, the hd will start up (the little LED will eliminate) and windows will make the "usb connection" sound and down the bottom right of the screen i have the option to safely remove my passport 0740. So windows picks up my hd but it...
  29. C

    1000 Canadian Dollar Gaming/Rendering PC

    I'm looking for a $1000 CAD PC for gaming, Video Editing, streaming. I'm only going to play games like GTA V, Call of duty, battle field.
  30. cosmoscookie007

    Samsung SSD 850 EVO installing problems.

    I have Windows 7 HP 64bit SP1 system. I've had and used my SSD for about 3 months and was very happy with it. But suddenly one day I could not install any program or windows update. I could not install any update from a program that I've had and could not install any programs I just downloaded...
  31. A

    Upgrade MOBO From LGA1150 to 1151

    Hi guys. I am upgrading my system because my motherboard died, and I have decided to upgrade the motherboard and cpu and ram. My current system has a GIGABYTE B85 LGA 1150 MOBO and an i3, running Windows 10 Pro. I plan to upgrade to ASUS Z270 LGA 1151 MOBO and an i7 7700K. Can I just...
  32. M

    Refresh rate vs resolution: Help?

    I've got two options here:
  33. J

    Which graphics card should I buy to upgrade my system?

    So, I am planing on buying a new graphics card for my system, I am currently using an AMD FX-8320 3.5Ghz Eight-Core processor on a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 motherboard and 8GB of RAM. Which graphics card would you reccomend so I can be able to play a game other than League of Legends in high graphics?
  34. M

    Rca sound bar plays sound for satellite channels but not the smart tv features.

    The sound bar is connected to Samsung smart tv by optical cord. It plays the satellite channels but not the Netflix or hulu. We have already tried changing PCM to dolby but that turned all the sound off so now there is no sound for satellite channels too.
  35. D

    No response from motherboard when plugged in to PSU

    I took my motherboard out of my NZXT Phantom 630 case and placed it on a piece of plywood for some measurements. Before I took it out: >Turned off my computer >Held power button for ~10 seconds to drain any power left in the computer >Turned the PSU switch to OFF >Unplugged power cord from PSU...
  36. E

    Which CableMod kit?

    I am planning to buy white cable extensions from CableMod, but i am wondering which of the 3 different sets ( i need for this build:
  37. B

    Gaming pc upgrade advice

    I built this budget gaming pc about a year ago and I'm looking for some advice on which parts I should upgrade first, which ones are most in need/what will make the biggest difference in performance. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. CPU: Intel - Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray...
  38. M

    Power save mode...

    :(I'm getting no signal when I plug my dp cable into my graphics card, I keep getting 'Entering power save mode' when I try to boot up, at the moment it's plugged into the motherboard and it's working, I bought the monitor almost 2 weeks ago and the gpu 7 months ago both brand new and from...
  39. R

    What's better 2x8 gb or 4x4 gb ( ddr4 )

    I just bought a asrock AB350 pro 4 (board) with ryzen 5 1600,and I was wondering should I go 2x8 gb or 4x4 gb. Have to say am not a big gamer,but I do lots of multitasking,(video editing etc)
  40. D

    Hard Drive Encryption

    I've moved into a flat and i am wanting to find a program (like McAfee Drive Encryption) but obviously a free one to encrypt my additional hard drives on my desktop PC (not just the C drive that windows 10 "protects" with account login) should it get stolen. So basically if someone took my...