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    Question Amazon SES send e-mail to spam

    Hey, A question about sending BULK emails to users via Amazon SES, currently I use a home-made application where I can send BULK emails (newsletters) to users of this application. Now many e-mails that are sent are received in the SPAM boxes of the users. How can I fix this? All e-mails are...
  2. P

    Question Protect against fake email

    I wonder is there any way to protect myself against this kind of fake email: For example some spammer sends me spam email, and in the field "From", email address is shown of my friend... No easy way to solve this problem?
  3. A

    Question No 2080ti Blower?

    I'm curious about the 2080ti GPUs...why there aren't a lot of options for a blower? I need 2 GPUs in my machine, and the only 2080ti option with a blower to cool it is Asus...I've always bought EVGA and so I'm really hesitant to get an Asus one. All the other models seem to have 2 fans...I...
  4. M

    Frametime Hitch Stutter in all games

    I've searched this problem multiple times, havent found solution, I'm desperate and tired of this. This is exactly my build and the parts I currently have: Doom Fortnite uncap frames no g sync: Fortnite cap 162fps, g sync on I also...
  5. B

    Processor compatibility. Dh57jg

    I picked up an lga 1156 mini itx board for cheap and was wondering if i can put a xeon in it like an x3470 or somthing like that as they are $30 vis the $100 for an i7. The website doesn't say xeons. And cpu upgrade says the chipset is only compatible with mobile processors.
  6. S

    Is this build worth $300?

    I mainly want to play fortnite, maybe some CS:GO or NBA 2k19. My monitor is 300$, I'd be satisfied with 60-90fps on Fortnite with antialiasing, shadows, post processing off and rest on ultra. My monitor is 1440x900. Is this one any value for $300? Motherboard: MSI B75MA-P45 LGA1155 CPU: Intel...
  7. H

    Configuration registry is corrupt

    Hey all! I didn't think I'd have to post on any forums to solve my issue but this is my last resort, please bear with me on this. A week ago, I was playing games regularly and decided to update my drivers for my GTX 1050. The update failed, however, and I uninstalled my current drivers to see...
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    3200 or 3400 (ram)

    Hello guys.I made pc on Ryzen 1700 and gtx 1070,Samsung's memory cb2-crc.The memory is now overclocked from 2400 to 3400 on the timings of cl16 18 18 18 39. Also the motherboard Asus x370 Pro Prime.Soc 1,2v.What's better for pc?3200 cl14 14 14 14 34 or 3400 cl16 18 18 18 39?
  9. C

    SSD not detected by BIOS or Windows

    I wanted to revitalize my PC with a new Kingston A400 SSD, formatting the HDD and installing a fresh Windows 7. So, everything went OK in the beginning, I formatted the HDD and installed Windows 7, ran updates and installed drivers. I connected the new SSD and everything was still OK. I noticed...
  10. M

    Overclocking e7400 with asus commando as motherboard

    Can i overclock my intel core 2 duo e7400 with my asus rog commando motherboard? Using stock fan for cpu and stock heatsync of the motherboard
  11. B

    Low fps with EVGA GTX 1050ti

    My Specs are AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3.49GHz EVGA 1050ti 16 GB DDR4 RAM Screen Res is 1920x1080 Getting about 40-60 fps in CSGO, 60 fps in Rocket League, and less than 60 in almost every game, all on the lowest settings. -All Drivers are up to date -PC was recently cleaned, fresh install of Windows
  12. P

    All pc sounds going through mic.

    So my problem is that all pc audio (ex. Videos,Music from spotify or games) go through the headset mic.I've tried everything but i cant fix it.Its not Stereomix or the headset because this started happening after i installed voicemeeter which i have now uninstalled
  13. T

    Bought a 1060 6B but thinking of sidegrading for money

    Bought one, gaming g1, for the exact equivalent of 386. 67 USD and its been eating at me. I am thinking of trading for a used 980 for similar performance and they're available for anything around 265 to 310 USD, to recoup a significant chunk. Or a 980ti for 380 for 1070 tier performance. My...
  14. S

    My computer lags for few seconds then freezes

    Everytime I play some game like Overwatch, Killing Floor 2, Battlerite, League of legends, etc... the game freezes and after a while it crashes. Also rarely my computer is lagging even on desktop and then freezes. I installed another OS, I was on win 7 now I got win 10, problem's the same, I...
  15. J

    smart home security

    I was thinking about buying some smart devices like lights and such but I know the security for these devices can be subpar. So here is my plan: Wi-Fi Router A - for personal pc, phones, slave server, ect. Wi-Fi Router B - for smart home devices. Modem with 2 or more lan ports. Problem...
  16. kYmo

    New Build Case decision?

    Hi folks, So I just ordered some new parts for a new build which is this currently: CPU: i7-7700k MOBO: Asus Maximus IX Hero GPU: Asus GTX 1060 Strix OC 6GB RAM: G-Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb Cas 14 New System: (I already have most of this i just need...
  17. P

    Is there a way to add a DisplayPort to a laptop?

    I wanted to connect this 144Hz monitor to a computer but I've heard that you need a DisplayPort or DVI to use the high refresh rate. My laptop only has an HDMI and a mini HDMI port. Is there anything I can do about this?
  18. T

    Question for a new pc build

    Hello I have a question, I currently have a prebuilt pc with windows 8.1. I have bought all the parts and want to just put my SSD drive into the new pc. I've read posts online and from what I can gather is you can't just swap the SSD because of the hardware that is installed on the exsisting...
  19. K

    Need Help Finding A Laptop

    I currently have a Macbook air which SUCKS when it comes to anything other than looking on the internet. I'm going to sell this one and then buy a new non-apple laptop. I play the Sims a good bit and need a laptop that can handle that pretty well. I've tried researching on my own but it's so...
  20. M

    Ram, Mobo and CPU combo

    Hello, im now starting my first PC Build with a small loan of 1 mill euros (240 euros) and i was wondering what would be the best cpu,ram and mobo for a black and white setup? What should i get? I already have a hard drive, PSU and a gpu