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  1. Harryb2491

    Question M.2 NVMe drive missing from BIOS ?

    Hey everyone! I recently build my grandparents a new PC as they were using an old HP prebuilt on windows 7 and ended up with multiple run-ins with malware and visits to PC-repair shops. They only used it to check the weather, send emails, and use office, but I built as best I could and utilised...
  2. M

    Question Fastest SSD for ASUS H110M-A motherboard ?

    Hello guys, I need your very valuable help. I need to upgrade the storage of a PC that flexing an ASUS H110M-A motherboard (and not the H110M-A/M.2 variant). So, I know i could buy a SATA SSD, but I'd like to buy the fastest thing possible. I also plan on installing GNU/Linux directly on it...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Do you have to change any settings in the bios before installing M.2 drive or should it work straight away?

    Hi there! Currently in the process of upgrading my hardware. Decided to buy an M.2 SSD also a new motherboard. I’ve never used M.2 before and was just wondering if there were anything I need to do in the bios before installing or should it work straight away? I’ve seen a few people talking about...
  4. ciro_881

    Question W10 & W11 continuously corrupted

    Neither W10 or W11 work properly on my machine. They work fine for about 3 days or so, then I continuously get blue screens with an SrtTrail.txt error or some other error referring to a corrupted file on my computer. I usually install my OS on my SSD and all of my games and stuff on my HDD. Now...
  5. Ramiro.Giorgi

    [SOLVED] Can I clone my windows OS from my C: hardrive to my NEW ssd?

    Hey people, so today I finally bought an 256 gb patriot p210 ssd and I was planning on using it to store the win 11 OS and 1 or 2 games, so they load faster. The problem is that my current pc already has 2 hard drives. One of 500gb (my current C: drive, where I store the windows OS, programs...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] Problem with SSD running slowly

    Hello everyone! I will get right to the problem. I recently bought a PC from Shark Gaming, it has been running very nicely when gaming but lately I have encountered a few problems. When I start the PC Windows is very slow to boot and load all startup programs (I don't have many startups btw)...
  7. N

    Question Should i focus on performance for my games or just Focus on my boot up drive to be fast

    Hello guys i would like to replace my hdd because in some games like cod it makes my game lag, When i checked Task manager my hdd was at 100% use and i am thinking about to switch to an ssd for my games not only to not lag but enjoy also faster loading times. I currently have 1 nvme ssd for...
  8. C


    Hi all, I have an MSi A320M Pro VH-Plus motherboard. Currently I have a 1TB SATA HDD and was wondering if my motherboard could accommodate an additional SSD. Any advice regarding the compatibility would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. John Barden

    Question New SSD causes delay lag in CS:GO ?

    Hi everyone ,i need someone to help me solve this question because i cant solve it. Recently i just installed a new 256gb SSD. And i download CSGO and run it. It get delay lag everyround in competitive matches but went smoothly in offline mode or workshop mode. Im pretty sure thats not the fps...
  10. rwreyesbe95

    [SOLVED] Storage not being recognized by Windows

    Alright I got one here for you guys.. so I got an SSD as a Christmas gift last Christmas, immediately started using it and everything all good. Yesterday (May 8th) I get on it and my new SSD is not showing up on windows anymore, not in the disk management, not in device manager, NOWHERE...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Upgraded to NVME M.2 SSD Cant Boot windows

    Lets start with my specs, my MOBO is a gigabyte auros B450 pro wifi, I currently have a regular SSD as my boot drive with just my windows 10 OS on it. I recently purchased a NVMEM.2 SSD and installed it onto the motherboard to start the cloning process of my current SSD to myM.2 SSD. However...
  12. brencicmiodrag82

    [SOLVED] New pc old ssd

    Im getting new pc but I want to leave all my stuff on that ssd without reinstalling Windows, is that good idea? Im moving from i3 2100 to i5 3570 and from radeon hd graphics 6770 to rx 470 4gb. Will there be any error? Thanks!
  13. X

    [SOLVED] M.2 NVMe SSD Problems

    Hello everyone, I'm completely stumped. Here's my situation. I just bought a Alienware Aurora R7, Gtx 1070, i7 8700, 32gb ram, 1tb hdd segate hardrive and 16gb intel optane. I bought it used like two days ago, everything working fine. In my laptop, i have an ssd, and I could feel the difference...
  14. brencicmiodrag82

    [SOLVED] How to delete old files of Windows

    I used to have HDD 700gb in 2 parts one for Windows 150gb (Local Disc C) and another part for everything else (Local Disc D). Year ago I bought SSD 240gb and cloned whole (C) windows with program called iSumsoft Cloner to that SSD. Everything is fine with that SSD it works good, but HDD made...
  15. Fahdar

    [SOLVED] does it support nvme ssd ? Through some adapters atleast?If so how much is the speed lost?

    My mobo is ga-f2a68hm-s1. I need to upgrade to an ssd and I noticed 1tb msata costs as much as an m2 nvme 1tb.my mobo doesn't have an m2 port I guess. So can I use an adapter from sata Or PCIe x 1 slots to connect to an m2 ssd. Basically is there any way I can connect an m2 nvme ssd to my...
  16. Francisco_the_1st

    [SOLVED] Cloning SSD 512Bytes vs 4096Bytes problem

    I've recently bought a 1TB SSD (2.5 ADATA SU760 internal) to replace my 240GB SSD (2.5 ADATA SU635 internal) for my gaming PC. As I was about to clone my 240GB SSD for my 1TB SSD on MacriumReflect, a notification appeared saying "The target disk has a incompatible sector size for this operation...
  17. ciro_881

    Question Data recovery from 2TB Hdd

    I bought an ssd for my build because I wanted to speed up things since I only had an hdd. My hdd had two partitions (roughly 1TB each), one where I had the OS and one where I had all of my games, programs, important files etc. When installing W10 on my ssd, I wanted to keep my partition with...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] How to format my hdd

    hey there,i want to format my hdd to perform a clean windows instalation.But there is a problem that i cannot find the solution... So i want to install the windows on my new M.2 SSD so i would have to unplug the hdd-install wind-then plug it back.But now i have the windows installed in my...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Installing games on ssd

    Hey!i've come with another question :D ,i want to buy a new ssd [250 gb-2gb/s ]for my windows and pubg[or any high usage game] but i dont know how to install the games only in ssd and not on hdd[1tb]. When i will install my windows again i''ll do it with clean instalation and make 2...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] SSD v HDD different speed

    Hey there,i want to buy a ssd for my pc but it arleady have a HDD.The new ssd that i want to buy is an M.2 [Solid-State Drive (SSD) Kingston A2000, NVMe, M.2] that has 2GB/s [write and read speed].But my Hdd has only 600mb/s [WD 1TB 7200rpm].What will be the speed that my pc will have in the...
  21. Florren

    Question Major Windows/Malware Problens

    So, key events so far: 1) some site/download might have managed to bypass my antivirus, and I woke up with literally no OS anymore 2) windows was reinstalled, I restarted it to finish some installs (AMD Radeon Software and others), and then I get hit with a "An operating system wasnt found"...
  22. mhmmd_hm

    Question doesnt recognize adata sx8200 on asus GL552vw

    Hi I bought a adata sx8200 256GB ssd for asus GL552vw-c but the laptop can't recognize the ssd not in bios, not in device manager can any body help me? https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1259587/xpg-sx8200-pro-256gb/specificaties/ (this is ssd)...
  23. Itjesus

    [SOLVED] Nvme question

    This might be a stupid quick question but my motherboard supports nvme, unfortunately instead of going with an nvme ssd i bought a regular ssd and have it installed already. Would it harm my motherboard if I keep the nvme slot empty?? motherboard - tuf gaming x570. amd
  24. M

    [SOLVED] SSD OR RAM, that is the question!

    hey guys! there is some questions about having a stable frame rate in Games! so i just made my pc i'm totally sure that this issue not realted to my cpu or gpu, trust me tho!! but when i go in some games like cod mw, when a new map wanna load, in first 2 or 3 minutes, the fps jumps from 60 to...
  25. G

    Question After BSOD M.2 Shows undected untill a couple of restarts.

    So I've been having this problem for a while. At completely random times, browsing the internet, playing games or idle my PC just decides to crash. BSOD has shown 3 error codes so far: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION, CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I had task manager open while one of the...
  26. Shawnfrost16691999

    [SOLVED] Ssd not been utilised fully

    So i have crucial mx500 500gb ssd. When i usually copy paste stuff its copy speed is about 8MB/s instead of 500MB/s . When i cheeck in task manager its utilisation is about 10-20 percentage. When i ran crystaldiskmark ( disk benchmark tool) the results were 560MB/s read and 530 MB/s write (...
  27. brencicmiodrag82

    Question HDD truns off

    I just bought ssd 240gb gygabite and migrate windows and other components from C particion. I have set windows to open from ssd and everything is ok. Works fine and random hdd just turn off by itself, and then after 20/30min turns on and do that constantly. Nothing happen, nothing freeze is that...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Migrate OS to new ssd

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to migrate only windows 10 from the source disk instead of everything that is on the disk. I am using a migrating tool.
  29. P

    Question Windows 7 slow boot issue

    Hello everyone, my current pc specs are: A Micro ATX Asus H110M-K motherboard, Gtx 1660 ti, Single stick 8 gb HyperX fury 2133 ram, an i5-6400, and a 1 tb Goodram CX400 SSD. Recently i purchased a new cooling fan for my cpu with a heatsink. While mounting the new cooler i did three things: I...
  30. Z

    [SOLVED] M.2 compatibility with Gigabyte Z390 UD

    Hi there. Would just like to ask whether these 2 M.2 SSD's will fit into a Gigabyte Z390 UD motherboard. The motherboard link is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HKPK9C4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1 The 2 types of M.2 SSD's here...
  31. F

    Question Low disk speeds for a SSD on a game.

    Hello, so after performing a couple benchmarks my SSD disk speeds were completely fine, on those benchmarks i got speeds above 400 MB/s. However when i load up a map in a game called Rainbow Six Siege, from what task manager shows, speeds go from 5-18 MB/s with 100% disk usage. Because of the...