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  1. Itjesus

    Question Nvme question

    This might be a stupid quick question but my motherboard supports nvme, unfortunately instead of going with an nvme ssd i bought a regular ssd and have it installed already. Would it harm my motherboard if I keep the nvme slot empty?? motherboard - tuf gaming x570. amd
  2. M

    Question SSD OR RAM, that is the question!

    hey guys! there is some questions about having a stable frame rate in Games! so i just made my pc i'm totally sure that this issue not realted to my cpu or gpu, trust me tho!! but when i go in some games like cod mw, when a new map wanna load, in first 2 or 3 minutes, the fps jumps from 60 to...
  3. G

    Question After BSOD M.2 Shows undected untill a couple of restarts.

    So I've been having this problem for a while. At completely random times, browsing the internet, playing games or idle my PC just decides to crash. BSOD has shown 3 error codes so far: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION, CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I had task manager open while one of the...
  4. Shawnfrost16691999

    [SOLVED] Ssd not been utilised fully

    So i have crucial mx500 500gb ssd. When i usually copy paste stuff its copy speed is about 8MB/s instead of 500MB/s . When i cheeck in task manager its utilisation is about 10-20 percentage. When i ran crystaldiskmark ( disk benchmark tool) the results were 560MB/s read and 530 MB/s write (...
  5. brencicmiodrag82

    Question HDD truns off

    I just bought ssd 240gb gygabite and migrate windows and other components from C particion. I have set windows to open from ssd and everything is ok. Works fine and random hdd just turn off by itself, and then after 20/30min turns on and do that constantly. Nothing happen, nothing freeze is that...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Migrate OS to new ssd

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to migrate only windows 10 from the source disk instead of everything that is on the disk. I am using a migrating tool.
  7. P

    Question Windows 7 slow boot issue

    Hello everyone, my current pc specs are: A Micro ATX Asus H110M-K motherboard, Gtx 1660 ti, Single stick 8 gb HyperX fury 2133 ram, an i5-6400, and a 1 tb Goodram CX400 SSD. Recently i purchased a new cooling fan for my cpu with a heatsink. While mounting the new cooler i did three things: I...
  8. Z

    [SOLVED] M.2 compatibility with Gigabyte Z390 UD

    Hi there. Would just like to ask whether these 2 M.2 SSD's will fit into a Gigabyte Z390 UD motherboard. The motherboard link is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HKPK9C4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1 The 2 types of M.2 SSD's here...
  9. F

    Question Low disk speeds for a SSD on a game.

    Hello, so after performing a couple benchmarks my SSD disk speeds were completely fine, on those benchmarks i got speeds above 400 MB/s. However when i load up a map in a game called Rainbow Six Siege, from what task manager shows, speeds go from 5-18 MB/s with 100% disk usage. Because of the...