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  1. sylex1

    Question Which card to get? 3080 or 3080 Ti

    Hi! So I have two option for the same price and I don't know which one to choose. I can buy an RTX 3080 Ti FE and an RTX 3080 Strix v2 for the same price. I will use it for at least one year and currently i'm on 1440p and I don't plan to change it anytime soon. I have a 11700K and 32 GB ram...
  2. JägerVanCorupt

    Question Black screen, but everything is fine.

    Hi my friend gave me his RX580 8GB GPU to attempt to troubleshoot. Tested it in my mobo & his, there is no output, it’s no signal on the monitor and im 100% sure it’s not the monitor or cable as it works for the iGPU GPU-Z shows clock & memory at 0 and bandwidth is unknown, among other figure...
  3. M

    Question A few options Keep my MSI Suprim X 3080 or Take the Asus Strix 3080 ti

    I came into possession of a Asus Strix 3080 ti. I currently have a MSI Suprim X 3080. I am wondering if I should keep the Asus Strix 3080 ti and Sell my Suprim X, or should I keep the Suprim X? Is there any draw back to the Ti cards? I know they are better but what are true cons? Thank in advance
  4. Question Scratched/dented motherboard Vrm capacitor by cooler ?

    Hello, when I took my cooler off I noticed that the Vrm capacitors had slight movement. And upon closer inspection there seems to be a scratch on the paint of one capacitor and seems like a dent (haven't seen it upclose yet). The rest seems fine aside from the slight movement it had when the...
  5. noobie123456

    Question ASUS ROG - Multiple Aura Addressable Gen2 Headers ?

    Hello all, I started building my own pc but I came to a halt because my motherboard only has 1 x Aura Addressable Gen2 Header and i need at least 3. The case, my AIO and power supply needs to be connected to it so I can use the aura sync. Any ideas how to achieve this? btw I am quite new to...
  6. AB2647

    [SOLVED] When should I use a holding bracket for GPU?

    I reckon Strix RTX 2060, or TUF RTX 3060 require brackets, right? Cards look heavy. Asking for my PC build ofcourse :D
  7. M

    Question My Asus G17 laptop (2021) won't turn on and no lights come on

    So I recently purchased an ASUS G17 laptop, it has been working fine, updated everything Myasus and armoury crate showed, drivers, bios.... But, last night I left it downloading something, and I wake up to a dead laptop. It is off, won't turn on, I changed the charger from outlet and tried a...
  8. L

    Question Graphics card/PCIe slot problem

    Hello, I don't want to make this post/thread longer than it needs to but, basically I'm just upgrading from a GTX 1060 to a GTX 1070 ASUS STRIX, both the power supply and mother board (MSI B250M MORTAR) are compatible, I just needed to uninstall the drivers of the older gpu and let Ge Force do...
  9. B

    Question Asus Prime x570-Pro good enough for Ryzen 5950x?

    Will the Asus Prime x570-Pro motherboard be good enough to handle the Ryzen 5950x? I am planning to use up to the max boost clock of 4.9 Ghz most of the time and this motherboard has 12+2 VRM. Not sure what the VRMs mean exactly, but I heard the higher the number the better it can handle...
  10. Angelooo0118

    Question B450-F Gaming II

    Why LEDs are just looping on my B450-F Gaming II. Orange, red then blinking white then it return to orange, red View:
  11. A

    Question 95 degree Celsius (203°F) CPU while gaming

    Problem :- When I play games my laptop CPU temperatures reaches up to 95 degree Celsius but CPU usage is only 20 to 30 % meanwhile my GPU temperature are only reaching up to 80 to 85 degree Celsius at 40 to 50 % usage game I playing Watch dogs 1 released in 2013 or 14. settings at ultra and...
  12. mxnty

    Question Diff between x570 and b550

    I've been confused on this, what's the exact difference between x570 and b550 chipset boards. I heard that x570 boards are better, but with that, comes people saying b550 is better. I have the boards for x570 and b550 chosen so I just need to know which ones better. If needed, here are the...
  13. Psyqhical

    [SOLVED] ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming Motherboard USB 3.1 (red) and Type C not working.

    Hey, I've been using the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming Motherboard for over a year now and, since the beginning, there are two USB connectors (3.1 Gen 2 [Red] and USB Type C [which is located right next to it]) that never worked properly. I've tried everything under the sun, updated my BIOS to...
  14. Master8305

    Question is the Asus ROG STRIX 3070 the same as the ROG STRIX 3070 gaming

    is the Asus ROG STRIX 3070 the same as the ROG STRIX 3070 gaming
  15. Locomexicano68

    [SOLVED] Broken gpu rgb connector help

    Hello y'all. I recently got my hands on a Strix 5700xt. The problem is that the rgb on the backplate is not working. So I opened it up and saw that the connector wasn't plugged in. The reason why is because of the broken female connector (I think) Here is the link to the picture. Does someone...
  16. StrawberryUnicorn

    [SOLVED] What would happen if there's a sudden power outage while updating the BIOS using the USB Bios Flashback feature?

    So my motherboard (Asus ROG Strix B550-F) needs the latest BIOS update so that the 5600x is compatible. If I were to update the BIOS using the traditional way and a sudden power outage came out of nowhere, the motherboard will be bricked. However, if I were to update the BIOS using the Bios...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] Updates: 3080 Poor Performance in My PC

    I made a post some time ago in regards to my new 3080 really underperforming in most games. This an update with results I have found. Specs: Strix 3080 i9 9900KF MSI MPG Gaming Edge AC 2x8gb ram cl15 3000mhz 2tb 970 Evo SSD NEW Seasonic Prime 850 Gold PSU So, I put the 3080 in my pc, run DDU...
  18. L

    Question 3080 With Poor Performance

    I picked up my Strix 3080 a couple days ago, and was super excited to start gaming. Was tricky finding a 3rd 8pin cable but managed to find my psu cable kit, which is an EVGA Supernova 1000 G3. Plugged it all in and started benchmarking and it seemed kinda underwhelming, a tiny bit, but I was...
  19. Chief_Who_Directs

    [SOLVED] RX 5700 xt // VGA ERROR

    Bought a Gigabyte 5700 xt OC Gaming GPU two months ago. Installed with no issues. Ran smoothly for those two months with no issues at all. A week ago from posting, the display on the monitor stopped and no connection was registered. Upon booting, the motherboard (ROG STRIX B450) displays the...
  20. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Asus RTX Fan Connect II ?

    Hello, My question is: I recently purchased the following: Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z490-e Gaming GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 2070 O8G Gaming Case: be quiet 500DX The case came with 3 fans. I purchased 2 extra fans. But, the motherboard has only connection ports for 2 fans! So....I am using...
  21. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Fan noise on RTX 2070

    Hi. I have just installed ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING in my new build. After about half an hour, I noticed a faint noise from the third fan located closest to the power inlet of the gpu. The noise is as if the fan is rubbing very lightly against something. A sort of a mild whooshing...
  22. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Chassis cooling dilemma

    I have purchased: Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming Motherboard. This motherboard has only 2 headers for case fans. My case has 5 fans (2 intake + 3 exhaust)! That leaves 3 fans unusable, unless I use a splitter. The motherboard has also a CPU_OPT header, which, I understand is best used for...
  23. N

    [SOLVED] What could be the problem with this GPU (and mobo)?

    I've got a PC to fix, but it's pretty weird. It has a Strix 1060, but everytime the PC is turned on its running on max fan speed. The power state LED is white, so I guess it's properly getting power. Also I can't get any image from it via HDMI or DP. When I booted the PC with CPU graphics it...
  24. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Help with choosing the right motherboard and PSU

    I am going to build my next PC build for gaming, with a budget of around €1500. I am not planning on overclocking. Below is my shopping list, but I am several questions for which I need your help. The pieces I am need help with are written in green: 1) Motherboard (which do you recommend?) I...
  25. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Asus or Gigabyte

    I am building my next gaming PC. I have done the research and have come down to 2 choices which I like. But I can't decide so I would like this community to give me some advise please. My build: i5 10600 / i5 10600K (although I don't plan on overclocking, but I have the budget so why not!)...
  26. I

    [SOLVED] What's the difference?

    I've been using an Asus ROG Strix GTX 1660 Ti for a while now. Also have another computer with a MSI GTX 1660 Super Gaming X. They have been adequate for my needs [Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and occasionally Premiere]. I want to learn how to use After Effects and probably Blender/3DS...
  27. A

    Question ASUS 3080 Strix Power Delivery?

    Im thinking about buying the new Strix 3080 OC, but when im looking around at the specs and such i realize it requires a 3x8 pin power connector while most others use the new 12 pin or 2x8. Does this mean i need to use 3 separate PCIe cables? I have a RM750x that comes with two 8 to 8 to 6x2...
  28. Nerzul007

    [SOLVED] When to get a 3000 series graphics card & What 2k monitor to get for it?

    Hello! I have been sitting on a Gigabyte 980 Ti xTreme gaming for 5 years now and I am looking to upgrade. I am a chill streamer (not a big one) and would also like to use the card for that as well as gaming/editing (don't really care about editing/rendering time). I would also like to upgrade...
  29. DarylEPerez

    Question ASUS Strix X570 Ports

    Hello everyone, I have a X570 ASUS ROG Strix and was wondering how much Watts does the Type-C port provides. I have been in search for this and have been unable to find an answer I can trust. Anyone has an answer? I have an iPhone Pro Max and it really shows when I use fast-charging, however...
  30. Dylantan5187

    Question ASUS Power Surge Protected

    Guys, how's the ASUS power surge protected feature active? I just upgraded my PC board to ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING, when I powered on the PC, it's will turn on for few seconds and turn off. After few second will turn on automatically and get into windows.
  31. Titan_Salty

    Question ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H Not Posting

    Just recently went to upgrade my rig from a Maximus Hero IX and an intel i5-6700K to the ROG Strix Z390-H and an intel i7-9700K but it doesnt boot at all. RBG on the motherboard lights up fine and so does my cpu cooler but nothing displays on my monitor (tried both gpu and mobo outlets) All...
  32. G

    [SOLVED] Looking for help with Asus Motherboards

    I've been looking through the Asus Strix Motherboards recently, and although I know my way around my own build I put together myself, I still haven't been able to figure out the part lists on motherboards. All I'm trying to find, is the one with more USB ports, but with them being listed 3.0 and...
  33. J

    [SOLVED] Locked from flashing to earlier BIOS - B450 Strix

    Hi guys, Trying to flash my bios on my Asus B450-I motherboard to an earlier bios to hopefully resolve some memory issues. I am getting the issue in Asus EZ Flash in the UEFI that says "Selected BIOS is not a proper BIOS", when trying to flash to an earlier BIOS. It will let me flash back to...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen system won't post at 3200 MHZ

    Hi all, I cannot get my 2x8GB kit of T-FORCE Nighthawk Rgb 3200 MHZ Memory to remain stable on my Asus ROG STRIX B450-I motherboard, paired with a Ryzen 5 3600. The bios is up to date and the memory is passing windows diagnostic tests. After setting the RAM to Profile #1 under D.O.H.P...
  35. S

    Question Asus Aura software does not recognize motherboard

    Hi guys, I went to Armoury Crate software for my Asus Motherboard Z390E (brand new) and clicked update and updated all asus software. From that update, my asus aura and armoury crate does not recognize motherboard. I can change lights to light strip, graphic card, ram and on my ARGB header. My...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] New Build - Feedback Appreciated

    Hi folks, I'm looking to put together a new PC build following the death of my previous one. I've put together some initial specs and would really appreciate your expert advice, comments and feedback! I'm looking to use it as a work PC (nothing too strenuous) but more importantly to play games...
  37. [SOLVED] New MOBO and CPU, strange BIOS issues.

    Okay, so recently I purchased a new motherboard (ROG Strix Z390-F) and CPU (i5-9600k) to upgrade my computer. I got round to building it the other weekend and since then have had some strange issues occurring. It started when my computer crashed to the blue screen twice in a day, firstly to...
  38. E

    [SOLVED] 2 Windows Devices, 1 Audio Output. HELP!

    So I have 2 Windows Devices that I use simultaneously and I have one Asus Strix 7.1 Headphone. How can i connect that to both of those devices? or one at the time without disconnecting it? {OS = Windows 10] - - - added by Moderator
  39. T

    [SOLVED] How much is a 1050 Ti worth?

    I’m looking into upgrading my PC, because my 1050 Ti isn’t keeping up too well in more modern titles. So, i want to buy a 1660 Super and to get a little more money for that, I want to sell my 1050 Ti. It’s an ASUS Strix OC Model. Does anyone have an idea on how much I can still get for this GPU...
  40. N

    Question What is this?

    Hi Guys, can a ASUS ROG Strix Arion M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure fit into a desktop/motherboard??