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  1. F

    can't find settings

    Can't access settings to reset factory
  2. D

    cpu high temp

    i have dell inspiron 7567 with i5 -7300HQ and while browsing it's temp floats between 50-60 degre, is this normal?
  3. E

    Will this PSU be enough for my build?

    Hey, I recently upgraded my PC specs and I was wondering if my current PSU would cope. My current PSU is a Corsair CX500M (500W). PC Specs: CPU - i7 8700k GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1080 MOBO - Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING RAM - 16gb VENGEANCE DDR4 SSD - 240gb HDD - 2tb Cooling - Corsair h100i water...
  4. D

    Dual E-Atx case?

    I want to build an x399 pc and a x299 pc in the same case. The mobos I want to use are the Asus Zenith Xtreme and thr Asus Rampage VI Extreme. I have already checked cases like the Phanteks Enthoo Elite, Thermaltake Core WP200, Corsair Concept Slate, and the Caselabs Magnum THW10. After...
  5. A

    r9 270x not displaying any more

    after i turn pc off at night and at morning its not displaying any more if u have any idea how to fix it please help me :( i chek another grapich card and its working fine but my r9 270x card have problem
  6. M

    Need some help with a PC build

    Hey guys, I am building a gaming pc soon and need some help. I am building a pc that will run games like, rainbow six siege, pubg, subnautica and fallout 4. Wanting to run more than 70FPS Limit in price is 1500 AUD I want to run Adobe products like premier pro, after effects ect. Thankyou in...
  7. M

    Fake GPS software free?

    I want to change my embedded GPS location. Even though I turned off all location in settings, Google map zooms right in on my hometown.
  8. B

    Enmotus FuzeDrive hdd

    Hello.. I recently reinstalled windows on a m.2 ssd but that isnt the main problem.. the main problem is that I had it fuzedrived with my 2tb hdd and now I cant access that hdd due to the forgetfulness of not unfuzing the fuzedrive. So anyone got any ideas on how to fix this or am I just...
  9. L

    What cooling system should I get for my overclocked i5 7600k under 70$

    I've got an i5 7600 and I want to overclock it. The only problem is my arctic cooling alpine 11. Thus should I get a water cooling system or a normal one? And which one? PS: For right now something under 70$ would be perfect.
  10. S

    compatibility, gtx980 to asus Rampage 4 Extreme moyherboard.

    Black screen only, after installing , single MSI GTX980 Gaming card to replace GTX680 cards in SLI. When GTX680 is put back, screen is working ok. The GTX680 driver was removed and new driver for GTX980 was installed prior to installing GTX980 card. Computer build are: motherboard--asus...
  11. L

    Trying to upgrade ram, pc doesn't boot

    Bought a corsair vengeance lp 8gb and upgrade to 16gb but pc doesn't boot up then switched the existent ram stick to the "not working slot" and is not booting.
  12. M

    Need Help For Building Gaming + Streaming pc

    So I am currently looking into building my first Gaming/Streaming PC setup and have ran into a few questions that I haven’t been able to find answer too. My setup so far looks something like this. [PCPartPicker part list]( / [Price breakdown by...
  13. P

    Peel smart remote

    How do I add sub channels on the peel smart app?
  14. T

    Best external monitor for Dell 7567

    I'm looking to buy a GAMING/work monitor mix for my Dell 7567 laptop. Any suggestions? It has a 1050ti so in theory that would support g-sync, but my only port option is HDMI 2.0, which g-sync doesn't support. As far as I understand HDMI only supports refresh up to 60hz, so would a 144hz monitor...
  15. B

    Buying a new chipset

    I'm trying to decide to buy either or msi z3760 gaming pro carbon ac or gigabyte aorus gaming 7
  16. L

    bottle neck? GPU question

    okay im a bit confused. is my amd a10-7860k bottlenecking my AMD RX 560 2gb OC? im not having the expected performance that i was hoping after buying the GPU. current Mobo used: gigabyte F2A68HM-S1 need urgent responce. was planning on replacing my mobo and processor
  17. T

    Z170 Motherboard D3

    i need help guys anyone can list me which those Z170 Boards that's support kaby lake and skylake CPU's with better VRM for overclock ?? because i dont want waste money for DDR4 RAM's its to expensive let me know please
  18. S

    How to overclock my CPU

    Hello, I would like to run my CPU at 4.5 Ghz. And I don't know how to do it. Please, can you help me to do it? First let me tell you my pc configuration if you need to know it. I have a Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming motherboard, I7-6900K, cooler Corsair Hydro H115i, Corsair Domino Platinum 128GB...
  19. I

    PC Build for a friend.Is it good?

    Hi there,i am building a pc for a friend and i was wondering if you guys can tell me if its good. He wants to play on MAX settings every game on 1080 p.Here are the parts : note: the pcu i chose is SEASONIC SS-620GB BRONZE but they didnt have it on...
  20. R

    Asus GL502VM Liquid Metal Repaste Help

    Hey Guys, My laptop cpu/gpu combo are as follows i7-7700hq gtx 1060 6gb i live in Sri lanka and on a warm day ( 32c with 84% humidity feels like 38c ) , my cpu levels off at 88c with peaks to 90c and my gpu levels off at 80c with peaks to 82c. the thermal paste i am using right now is...
  21. sorryboi

    $100 PC to play emulators or very old titles

    Hi, I'm looking to make a computer for around $100 not really over as I dont think that emulation software and games require a lot of CPU power. I am looking to get all my products brand new and on newegg. I dont want to spend a lot on the hard drive- definately not more than $30. I already have...
  22. A

    Trying to pull the trigger...1080ti FE vs Aftermarket for ITX Build

    1080 TI FE or 1080 TI Strix for my new NZXT H200I ITX build. Doing an air cooler cryorig R1 for the cpu, no liquid cooling. Trying to build a silent build however worried about the temps. Think I will be fine with the Strix?
  23. T

    Flickering Monitor 30minutes

    I have a desktop (Samsung monitor and HP tower), and for the past few months the monitor has been flickering on and off upon start up. It began as only a 2 minute process and I got used to it (I'm very lazy and didn't find an easy fix before oops). But now it's been taking over 30 minutes to...
  24. S

    processor not capable

    okay i have a custom tower that i installed windows 7 home on i wanted to upgrade it to windows 8 but when i tried it told me the processor wasnt capable to have windows 8 i need help to figure out what is going on. I dont know how to update the bios or anything
  25. H

    the AV32.1 have lots of static when connected to my pc

    i plugged in the speakers to the sub and connected it all to the pc but there was a really load static and hum, when i move my mouse this worsens the noise significantly, i have tried moving the sub away from my pc and changed wire and even tried the different audio connections on my motherboard...
  26. W

    hard disk failure

    Hard disk not f found
  27. R

    Best ram for ASRock Z370

    Here is the motherboard im ordering tonight. Im a little confused about which ram I should get. Im getting the i5-8600k which according to newegg can handle up to ddr4 2666. But the motherboard says it can do up to ddr4 4333(OC) All i want to know is what ram is the best so i can order this tonight.
  28. D

    Need Confirmation I have a bad card please.

    A couple days ago my two monitors started flashing while I was in a game running on both screens. Then, on the second day it flashed again but this time the computer froze and I had to do a hard shut down. When the system rebooted it would come up with little blue lines on the screen and no...
  29. M

    Viglen MSI G41m-S03 6.0 Bios Ver 28.3B2

    Hi to all i am new here please help me out i didn't find any bios for this mobo.Problem is i had installed 2x2 4GB memory in properties it shows 3GB main thing i need its Bios to update please help me out .Silly isn't it that old mobo but i wanna use it for surfing internet. Regards DEMON
  30. EquineHero

    Asus P5N E question

    What is the ram-slot looking thing on the Asus P5E SLI board? It sits between two PCI x16 slots and is red.
  31. C

    Watercooling CPU and GPU with closed loop coolers

    Hello there, So I'm mostly a gamer and about to build a new rig, and was playing with the idea of getting a corsair cooler for my cpu and buying a gpu with a hybrid cooler. Now this is my first time ever attempting to liquid cool a system and was looking for some thought or guidance or even if...
  32. E

    How do I build a server rig?

    Hello, I want to know how to build a server, for hosting ts3 servers, csgo, etc... I'm looking for the basics, like: what kinda components should I pick, also what are the most important components in a server rig; what should I search, to install a linux based server? Best regards.
  33. H

    best graphic card for fifa 17

    which is best graphic card for fifa 17 for 100$
  34. M

    Ripjaws V Series + Asus Strix B350-f CAS Latency issue

    As mention above, i used the auto setting (DOCP) for the RAM OC to 2800ghz (Manual input: 15-16-16-35 for the latency value) 1.35V link: But when i check with CPU-Z, the CAS latency is set to 16-16-16-35. No matter how many times...
  35. P

    Installing Linux on a Windows Laptop

    Hi, I have an Asus X551M Laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1. Since then, I have uninstalled Windows and am now trying to install Kali Linux onto it. However, I think the partitions are locked, as there are four partitions named "System", "MSR Reserved" and two Primary" partitions...
  36. D

    How to make cloned SSD bootable?

    I cloned C drive to G via Macrium Reflect sector by sector but cannot understand why the mirror drive is not bootable. What commands do I run to enable the mirror G drive to boot just like C? The hardware is MSI Titan GT80 SLI running Windows 10. The G drive needs to say (Boot, Page File...
  37. C

    Rog Swift PG348Q vs Nvidia GTX 690

    Hi guys! I have bought the Asus Rog Swift PG348Q, 34', 3440x1440 and I am using it (or trying to) with my Quad Sli GTX 690 through the DisplayPort to mini Displayport cable. The cable is a 1.8m DisplayPort v1.2. The original cable from Asus is a Displayport to Displayport, so, I cannot use...
  38. C

    Ryzen Stock Cooler for sale?

    Anyone know where I can get the stock cooler for ryzen? I got the 1600x, so no stock cooler, but my noctua am4 bracket will take 10-18 business days from Germany so I can do anything with all my PC parts until then. I won't OC with it I just need it for the 3-4 weeks.
  39. K

    Cannot change the resolution to 4K.

    I have a laptop with 4K resolution but it's capped at 1080p. Model of the laptop - MSI GT62VR 7RE Dominator Pro.
  40. L

    Monitor not detected after shutdown

    I use two displays, one being a monitor and the other a tv mounted above. My graphics card has two hdmi outs so I connect one to the monitor and the other to the tv. The problem is that everytime I shutdown or hibernate my pc (which I do when I leave for the day), the next time I come back and...