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  1. MaxThePizza

    Question My very first PC build - Need Suggestions

    Hello! I need suggestion on building a very first new system. In particular I need to satisfy 3 aspects: The most important of course, I want to build an outstanding gaming PC. I need enough power for structural engineering work (Sap2000, Risa 3D, simulation software, etc). I want to build a...
  2. P

    Question Help deciding on a CPU

    I'm looking to upgrade my CPU from my current Intel Core i7-4790K that I've had for roughly 6 years. It's starting to feel slightly outdated with what I'm currently doing (pushing graphics in games and streaming)...
  3. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Looking For a Motherboard with a Type-C Header

    Good day, I am currently looking for a motherboard with a type c header. My case is the O11 Dynamic from Lian Li, and it has a type c port on the front panel. I wanna be able to utilize that feature so I'm looking for a motherboard with a type c header. The motherboard should be black, or it...
  4. chelevi

    Question Suggest me a GPU

    Hello, These are my brother's specs: View: Power supply: 500W Please, suggest me a GPU. Thanks!
  5. M

    Question Which prebuilt system is better? or With gpu prices so ridiculous rn, I rather not build a pc. Which of these is better or is there anything definitively better for my budget?
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Gaming rig question

    Im building a gaming rig and was wondering if anyone could look at my build and suggest any changes/addtions and also if this is a good build in general.
  7. theanimenightcore

    Question Budget Gaming Laptop recommendations ?

    1. What is your budget? Around 3.5k AED ~ after converting that to USD, it's around 950$. But I'd like to spend less if possible. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? The smaller the better, but if it would compromise performance due to the size I'd prefer 15" at the...
  8. [SOLVED] HDD 1tb suggestion

    Any suggestion what HDD to buy ? Gona be use for all, OS, storage... Some normal use,nothig "heavy" and special. Is there any big differences about failures, vibration ect ? Thank you for answers :giggle:
  9. S

    [SOLVED] i5 6600k. time for an upgrade?

    So i have a i5 6600k with z170 viii ranger and 16gb 2400 cl14 ram alongside a 980 ti sc+ acx 2.0 and a 1080p 144hz monitor. I think this system it's struggling with new games as it stresses the cpu and is mostly on 70-100 % usage on games (warzone 100%) and my question is : should i upgrade...
  10. J

    Question Best laptop choice for motorcycle mechanic? (2021)

    Hello, I want to know what kind of laptop and what price range should have to cover the needs of a motorcycle mechanic and keep it for some years? He needs it to process programs like Dynojet power commander, Motec, and Haltech software so he can remap or (create new maps) programming Electronic...
  11. hannankhan

    [SOLVED] Advice Needed!

    Hello, I hope you are doing good. I want one advice about upgrading my System for Gaming. I have Intel Xeon E5-2660 2.2Ghz (8c 16t) with 16GB 1600Mhz Ram on Dell T3610. Should I just go with it and buy an AMD Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 570 GB Graphics card or the other option is to sell this PC and buy...
  12. 4

    [SOLVED] Looking for Graphics Card Suggestion

    Hey Buddy, I'm new in this group and wanted to build my first gaming PC for gaming and video editing works (I'm thinking to start my own youtube channel). As I'm a student, I'm not able to spend much on PC Parts so I'm confused about which graphics card should I choose in my build? Here is my...
  13. 29dragon

    i need help with buying a laptop, looking for suggestions

    hi im looking to buy my brother a laptop will mainly will be used to run minecraft and studying my budget is £500 - £700 requirements -can run minecraft -studying
  14. mirkomirkica

    [SOLVED] Suggestions for psu (my build)

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you can help me with my PSU choice. my budget is around 60$... I just recently bought new parts for my pc I just need a PSU and a case to go, currently I am using older PSU and case for a case I will probably be going for classic NZXT one but I need help with...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] M.2 or SSD Upgrade for Gaming

    So im planning to buy a new 1TB M.2 or SSD for my pc which i only use for gaming and streaming because my current M.2 is to small. I only have one M.2 spot so if i buy another M.2 i my current one will be either sold or put away incase i get another mobo in the future with multiple slots. So my...
  16. Rocky6

    [SOLVED] is MSI BAZOOKA PLUS better than b450 ds3h?

    Is MSI BAZOOKA PLUS good better than b450 ds3h ? , here the MSI BAZOOKA PLUS is 20$ more than ds3h , but idk does it have good vrm? . and is it a "very old " motherboard. I intend to get Ryzen 5 3600 with it.
  17. Rocky6

    [SOLVED] will zen 3 bottleneck with 1050ti

    i know its still not out but any gueses
  18. M

    Question planning to upgrade my gpu

    i have a PC with an old components CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 Motherboard: MSI Z370-A PRO GPU: MSI GTX 1070 TI GAMING 8G Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory and i want to upgrade my GPU to 3070, what changes do i need to apply on my old PC NOTE: i have Samsung...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] looking to make a new build need help with these parts (if theres no incompability issues) motherboard cpu ram...
  20. tenhundred

    Question Router Recommendation

    Hi Guys, First time posting here. :) I'm planning to upgrade my current router (Linksys E1200) with a new one. However, I'm having a hard time deciding which model should I pick. Here are my top 3 (in-order): ASUS RT-AC59U (around $76) Pros: Cheapest of the 3 ; Recently released (Oct 2019)...
  21. B

    [SOLVED] ~$1000 Computer Build/Headphone Advice

    Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP Budget Range: ~1000, might be willing to go slightly higher. After Rebates; After Shipping System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Game Development Are you buying a monitor: Yes, but maybe not right away? I currently own these two monitors...
  22. TheDarkEmperor

    Question Best CPU choice

    I am looking for a CPU to upgrade my Proliant Gen8 Microserver from HP Enterprise. It has to be a server CPU (will always be on, no desktop CPUs then) and must handle a couple of Plex transcoding at the same time while running IIS for ownCloud. Server will be running Windows Server 2016...
  23. BlankWF

    [SOLVED] In need of help building a gaming computer.

    Hello! I was planning on upgrading my rig for better gaming performance and fps. But I am wondering about either or not the Ryzen 5 3600X and GTX 2070 Super is gonna be compatible with my current specs. If not, can you guys help me suggest some better options? I am sort of in a budget. I am...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Need help deciding which motherboard is compatible with my parts.

    I recently got given a pc by a friend, the motherboard was fried but i managed to salvage some parts and now all i need to do is buy a new motherboard. I'm not the best with parts so i'm asking if anyone knows any good compatible motherboards? don't need anything too expensive. The parts i...
  25. wandering.apparition

    [SOLVED] Help with with a budget gaming PC

    Hello, I'm quite new when it comes to computer hardware so I am hoping someone could help me get started. I've been searching for components online and here's what I came up with so far: Chassis: Fractal Define Mini C Motherboard: MSI b450m pro-vdh max CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: RX 5500 XT 8GB...
  26. ExtreamChaozZ

    [SOLVED] New Build, Any Suggestions?

    Hello all, Im currently putting a part list together for a friend of mine so he can finally experience the joy of pc gaming. His budget is £1500 for everything including monitor and peripherals. I believe its a good system for his budget and gets the best bang for his buck but i wanted to here...
  27. manasan3010

    Paid Tech Forums Suggestion

    What are some online tech forums, that I can use to earn money by providing tech solutions to the tech problems.
  28. ICameon

    [SOLVED] Which monitor should I buy next?

    My old second monitor, which I have been using for around eight years, just blacked out and is completely broken, (yes I tested to see if it was the cord or the outlet), and now I need a new one! I am taking suggestions for a new second monitor with a budget of $300. I use my main for gaming...
  29. R

    Question Gaming Desk Help

    Hey all. I'm looking to purchase my first gaming desk and I would like to know if any of you guys have any suggestions. I would like it if my Pc is off the ground. And since I have two ROG PG279Q monitors I would like some suggestions on monitor brackets. Thanks
  30. G

    [SOLVED] High quality PSU suggestion?

    Hi guys. So I am building a pc this week and I have all the parts figured out besides the power supply. I am looking for a psu more than 500W. I looked at Corsair CXM 550W, Corsair Rmx 650W (2018), Evga super nova g3 650w but on most psu's I see a lot of bad reviews and I want to make sure I...
  31. Question Best Site for Prebuilds?

    So I'm searching for more options on getting a gaming PC. I'd build one but I think getting a prebuild from a known brand name like CUK or Ironside would give me a better warranty. I've had a few issues with my 2012 build, often I could never figure out the problem. So if I have a warranty I...
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Which Ram to Buy?

    Hi, I need help in deciding which ram I should but for this build: [not complete] I need a 2 x 8GB module(total: 16GB) The price should be around $50 - $80 It should be compatible with the MSI B450 Carbon and AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  33. P

    [SOLVED] Finalizing my Build- Final Suggestions?

    Hello Again, So after much consulting and assistance from the community I have come to a final build that I would like to move forward with. How would you personally tweak this build? Looking to get as much final input as possible. PCPartPicker Part List:
  34. P

    [SOLVED] I was here 5 Years ago for your help, I am back again! Upgrade Help

    Hello again everyone! Nearly 5 years ago I was here asking for your advice. I received so many good suggestions that I could not help but come back again. I am afraid my build is starting to age a little bit and I believe it is time to upgrade a few things. Primarily I am looking into a new GPU...
  35. F

    [SOLVED] Upgrade suggestions

    Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my pc, so it can run the newer games on better settings with better FPS. Which parts should I upgrade to make it better? I would like realistic suggestions so please don't go find the most expensive you can find. Do you think this pc could run Red Dead...
  36. ilijadanil

    [SOLVED] Planning a new build, suggestions are welcome, please help if you can.

    UPDATE ON THE BUILD BELOW... Hello. First of all, I must say I am new to the forum although I have been following Tom's Hardware for quite a while just about everything I am not really clear with. What I am trying to do is make a Desktop build which can be upgraded to the (at the current time)...
  37. A

    [SOLVED] Suggestions or advice on my first build

    Hi, so I'm planning to build my first ever PC and here are the specs I've chosen. I'd like an opinion on things I could change or if this is good? I plan to use this PC for general use, but also to game on it. If needed I can go 100 or 200 euros up (for a well worthy upgrade/change or something...
  38. O

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Suggestions? Need new motherboard/New CPU, RAM, and motherboard

    I am in need to upgrade my computer due to certain parts not working with each other - I took it to the repair shop and they said I needed a new motherboard as my GPU (R9 390, second hand) wasn't working due to my motherboard being faulty. I currently have an i5 4460K processor with the 1150...
  39. S

    Question Suggest me a monitor

    I have a whopping system of : Rtx 2080 duke Intel core I9 9900k 16 gb 3200 ram And other good stuff I play literally everything : From gta online to redux modded From metro exodus to witcher 3 From rb6 to minecraft I will choose looks over fps anyday (ips pannel or better needed) i play...
  40. JAYESH_

    [SOLVED] Which GPU should i buy?with AMD A8-6600k

    I do have a setup AMD A8 6600k, GIGABYTE GA-F2A58M-S1, 8gb 1600Mhz DDR3. Not for gaming purpose but for illustrations and graphics. which is the best graphic card which will not bottleneck my pc do suggest with PSU Note:Sorry, i cant upgrade my CPU. will gtx 970 work?