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  1. E

    Noctua NF-F12 PWM vs Corsair SP 120 High Performance

    Hi, Which one would the best for cooling radiators or heatsinks: Noctua NF-F12 PWM or Corsair SP 120 High Performance? I am leaning towards the Noctuas as it has high static pressure (bit lower than the Corsairs) and the noise level is much lower. I have checked the temp results and it shows...
  2. J

    Constant FPS Stuttering

    Hey guys, I've been having serious stuttering issues in almost all FPS/TPS games.. Here are my specs AMD Processor - AMD Athlon x4 760K 3.8GHz (Quad Core) CPU Cooling - Asetek Liquid Cooling - Maintenance Free AMD Motherboard - FM2 Chipset Motherboard Memory - 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1600MHz Primary...
  3. Waleed Ah

    Can GTA 5 run on

    phenom ii x4 970 2.8ghz 8gb ram and gigabyte gtx 750 oc 2gb on 1600x900 on highest settings or on which settings and fps
  4. L

    Now seems like the worst time to Upgrade

    With USB 3.1 just announced, DD4 still crawling into the mainstream, Win10 coming at the end of the summer. Speaking strictly from a value for dollars perspective now (as in the next months or two) seems like a terrible time to be buying a new comp. I really do need to upgrade but I feel like...
  5. J

    whea uncorrectable error

    I've bought second-hand Asus n56vj. This laptop was with Win 8. But I got it with Win7. I used to use Win 8.1, so I installed this one. After that I installed all necessary driver fow win 8.1 Now laptop has BSOD "whea uncorrectable error" twice a day, and I can't fins the reason/ Pls, help me.
  6. C

    2 PSU for Extreme Overclock

    Hi , My setup : CPU : FX 8350 128 gb ssd + 500 gb hdd DDR : 2x4gb GPU : Asus Matrix r9 280x PSU : 650 W Nox Urano I want to overglock the GPU from 1100/1600 to 1260/1925 it will consume 550 Watts in overclock mode. Now is cheaper to buy a second 500 W PSU and conect only the GPU to...
  7. Z

    Replacement laptop AC adapter

    Hello So I've looked for some AC adapters for my laptop (ASUS K52J) But I've only found adapters which hasn't matching in/outputs, so is anyone able to find one which I'd need, or doesnt it matter that much? My adapters says this: Input: 100-240V ~ 1.3A 50-60Hz Output: 19V --- (line with...
  8. M

    Airflow inside a case!

    A case that has a front intake fan that's 230mm and a bottom one that is 120mm, I have a option to put 2 fans at the top and one at the back, all of them are 120mm. I should put them as exsaust ones, right?
  9. A

    gpu upgrade for dell aio

    Can I upgrade gpu of my dell inspiron 2320?? if not is there possibility of adding any other gpu externally
  10. SkoomZ

    PC Won't boot (Not solved)

    Hello I was planning on building this pc and now that i've finally got all the parts together and stuff and i built it. It won't turn on? Pressing the power switch has no effect ^...
  11. I

    Amd Athlon X4 760K High Temps?

    I recently built a new pc with the Athlon X4 760K and I started to use HWMonitor to check my cpu temps while gaming and i noticed pretty high temps with a max of like 90c with the stock cooler. Bios temps were like 40-50c. I later decided to buy the Hyper 212 Evo and noticed good temps in bios...
  12. trance4life

    ASUS MAXIMUS VII + Kaspersky

    Hello i just bought the ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO ROG and i saw that it comes with kaspersky 2013 for 1 year so my question is can i upgrade this to Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015 for free?
  13. F

    Looking to build a Good gaming computer for about $850

    My budget is 800-850 MAX I would like a computer that could handle (Battlefield 4, Payday2, crysis 3, The witcher 3, Ect) with atleast High/Ultra settings ("AND if you could tell me what kind of FPS I would get on those games with the build you suggest i would greatly appreciate it and feel...
  14. Y

    Iolo System Mechanic

    is it worth or not?should i get it?is there any free-like tune-up software?btw i got Bitdefender internet security+Malwarebytes anti-malware premium!
  15. K

    Found a cheap custom GeForce GTX650 on ebay. Need confirmation that it'll work properly and smoothly for mid-range gaming.

    Here are the specifications: Model - GeForceGTX650 Memory Size - 2 GB Applicable Type - Desktops Core Code - GK106 Manufacturing Process - 28nm Core Frequency - 980mHz Memory Type - Support DDR3...
  16. corsairmaster

    Windows 7 Laptop to MacBook: Should I trade?

    This man is offering his 2010 MacBook Pro 13inch for my 2011 Windows 7 notebook. I think it's a great deal but my parents are skeptical as it may be too good to be true. Here are the specs: My laptop: Asus k53e -Core i5 2120M dual-core with hyper threading 2.6GHZ to up to 3.3GHZ -HD 3000...
  17. M


  18. r00tcl0bber

    ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition MoBo Query

    I would like to know if ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition has any Display Connection Support. It seems stupid, but as for backpanel view of MoBo, i didn't find any Port Connection for Display. It looks...
  19. S

    Does Asrock Z77 Pro4-M support my Asus GTX 760 GPU?

    Hello, I want to know does Asrock Z77 Pro4-m support my Asus GTX 760 GPU? I don't want to waste my money to something what doesn't work :D Please help me! I need answers fast! Thank you very much.
  20. D

    Can anyone guess the cause of such behavior from my connection?

    About 2 months ago, a roommate and I changed our cable internet provider subscription and we got a newer router. The old one didn't have more than one LAN slot, so we had to invest in a router that did. The new one did, so after we got it, we sold the one we previously bought. Now the problem...
  21. T

    I think a store tried to pull a fast one on me (G-Sync)

    I ordered an Asus vg248qe gsync, but instead I believe I received a modded vg248qe. - Nothing about gsync on the box, except a tiny sticker on the side that was obviously put on later. - Production sticker on the back of the screen says it was built in August, 2013, gsync sticker on the back...
  22. J

    how do i get into my laptop when the network it connects to no longer exists so my pasword doesnt work

    Can you help. My firm went into administration and my boss gave me my laptop as a parting gift, but as the network I used to connect to has been shut down, my laptop wont accept my password, so I cant get in. Ive tried pressing and tapping F11 on start up but that doesnt work. Any ideas would...
  23. B

    i need new router.. dont know what to choose...

    I have three routers in mind.. but before anything let me tell you what i need for my new router. right now i have Rosewill 150M Wireless Lite-N Router (rnx-n150RT) and Im not able to stream videos from one computer to the other through LAN ( I guess that is because it's not gigabit). Wireless...
  24. L

    Re-install of Games in Vista

    I plan on installing Vista 32 this weekend on a separate HDD from my XP HDD. Is it going to be possible to reinsatll the games I already have on my XP drive to my Vista drive, or wil it give me a CD key used error. I would like to test my games on the 2 OS, but would not like to purchase a new...
  25. H

    Cooler master HAF X Question

    Hey all, I just upgraded to a Cooler master HAF X and I have a few questions. The air duct that comes with the case is supposed to help direct air to the video card right? For me, the air duct doesn't reach my video card? It seems my board is too short for it? Does that mean there is no...
  26. R

    X-Fi Extremegamer / Headphones not working properly

    So... I have the X-Fi Extremegamer installed and with my x-540 speakers the sound is crisp, excellent, impecable. My problem is when I plug in headphones (Creative Fatal1ty MK II) or my earphones (Shure SE310). Whatever I'm doing (music, gaming or anything with sound) runs good for 30s and then...
  27. O

    My Computer Will Not Turn On!

    Ok, So i have a brand new build and it was a customized and was sent to me a few weeks ago, i was having blue screening, and game crashes because of the ram and was getting ready to send it back tomorrow, now in the middle of playing my game it turned off randomly. Now when i go to turn it on it...
  28. L

    How to know a graphics card

    Well I heard people saying geforce 8400, 8600, nvidia etc... how do I know which is best and what company like asus, intel, etc made of the graphics card they are talking about.
  29. G

    About the Hot Spot! - Heat Emergencies

    I saw that Test and it was great. "Hot Spot - How Modern Processors Cope With Heat Emergencies" But why don't u do a test without remove the entire cooler, just stop the fan, to simulate a fan problem. Because i think noone will remove...
  30. pjmoses

    Connecting PSU to 8 pin mobo

    I have been looking at ASUS mobo and they use an 8 pin 12v connector. The power supplies only show 4 pin 12v hook-ups. How do you connect a power source if it only has 4 pin connectors to mobo? This really has gotten me confused in trying to order power supply. They all say 4 pin 12v...
  31. 7

    Watercool setup for QX6700

    Hey all, I have a qx6700 and was wondering what components people are using to watercool this chip. Its runs very hot and I think water is essential for any type of overclocking even if it is mild. I would like to be able to get it running 3.5Ghz plus and I am not too sure which watercooling...