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  1. M

    Replacing hard drive what will happen to windows?

    Hi my PC started freezing up and files started becoming corrupted so I have ordered a new hard drive in hopes of solving this. My only question is what will happen to my operating system (was currently windows 7) I still have the disc from when I purchased it but is that enough to reinstall it...
  2. K

    Which parts should i upgrade for 1440p?

    Hello everyone, A few years back i managed to build a decent pc for 1080p but now that there are more demanding games and the fact the i want to enter the 1440p realm I would like to know your opinion in what parts should I upgrade? Below is my specs: Motherboard: ASRock Z87 Extreme4 LGA 1150...
  3. becontroller

    This CPU compatible with this motherboard?

    Hello,i have an intel core i5 7400 and a corsair vengance LPX 8GB 2400 Mhz DDR4.Now i only need a good ATX motherboard.I was looking for the Z chipsets because i am looking forward in the future for a better upgrade of my CPU.My pocket was really tight and i couldnt buy a better cpu than that.Im...
  4. K

    My minecraft crashed when i select a shaders pack

    I want to use wisdom shaders with my minecraft worlds, but when ever i change any shader settings or even select a shader pack in general my game crashes. Do i need a more powerful computer to run shaders, because i just have a standard computer monitor (not sure what brand or model), but i'm...
  5. L

    Help a noob upgrade pc to remove bottleneck (Budget):

    CPU: "AMD Athlon X4 860" Quad Core Processor 3.70 Ghz Ram: "GSkill Ripjaws X" 4.00 GB stick DDR3 (x1) Gfx: NVidia GTX 760 Mth: FC Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-H ( I think this is same model. My phsical model has fm2+/fm2 compatibility...
  6. H

    Stuck on password screen

    My daughter's laptop has never had a passwords login screen and we have no clue what it is or how to recover it. Please help, she needs to get her school work done as she does school online.
  7. B

    Old forgotten downloads

    Is there a program that finds and deletes unused/forgotten files/downloads...I must have tons I dont know about ,floating around in my pc....thank_you;very much. Forgive my amateurish question lol
  8. budgetgamer12345

    Are core 2 quads really good in 2017?

    Hello guys! So i´ve searched today hours to find a reason why core 2 quads are better than i3 and i5. So a guy overclocked his core 2 quad q6600 to 4,2GHZ and surprisingly the q6600 at 4,2GHZ HAS THE SAME PERFORMANCE AS THE i7 2600K OMG!! Why are people buying then 200+ dollars for i7´s when you...
  9. M

    Dell laptop turns on fan runs but screen stays black

    Turn on laptop the hard drive and power light and battery light come on the fan is on but screen stays black.
  10. M

    What is CAD RAM? and can i use it for gaming?

    What is CAD and if so is CAD ram different than regular ram and can i use CAD ram for gaming?
  11. M

    FX 8350 Overclocked to 4.4GHz with V8 GTS. Are my temperatures normal?

    Hello there, I have just overclocked my FX 8350 to 4.4GHz and I'm using CoolerMaster V8 GTS Air Cooler. So I just want to know, are my temperatures getting high? They go up to 54C (Socket Temp.) while playing Battlefield 1. So let's say that Core Temperature goes up to aprox. 49C-50C. Is that...
  12. Z


    since more than a week I have been facing screen flickering issue on my Sapphire r9 390 which is accompanied by device attachment/detachment sound. This flickering even persists when i remove all of my usb devices(keyboard, mouse) and I have tried changing my VGA cable along with hdmi to VGA...
  13. H

    CP U z

    In Cpu Z 1.78 i have a multi thread ratio of 4.99 what deos this acutally mean
  14. G

    Computer causing breaker to trip

    The power in my room has recently been giving me a good amount of problems. I used to be able to game for hours with 0 trouble. But lately (after no new addition into my room and nothing huge added to the house) my computer will start to randomly trip the breaker to my room. And it is starting...
  15. F

    am3 cooler on am4

    I'm using this cooler I want to know if I can use it on this motherboard
  16. G

    I have external speakers with the booster 6 prong plug green red orange blue black Anna black mixed wire trying to find wire f

    Da. External speakers with bass and vol. Controls. Need to find out what color wire is power
  17. S

    Will my system support the processor ?

    I want to know if my 250watt PSU will be able to handle a intel core 2 quad q8400 wih following configurations : Zebronics g31 Motherboard 2 x 2gb ddr2 ram 1 x sata 250gb 5400rpm hdd 1 x nvidia 2gb 730gt gddr5 Please note the gddr5 version of nvidia 730gt consumes much less power. About...
  18. B

    Attempting to diagnose explorer.exe delays when accessing media files

    My tech skills are those of a non-college educated, self-taught, user, who isnt too proud to admit that I have learned many things from my son who went to college - who describes me as a mid-level user. I'm running the 64bit version of Windows 8 - which was upgraded to v8.1 about 6 months...
  19. M

    does 90-100% CPU usage during gaming indicate CPU bottleneck??

    i'm using intel dual core e5700 with gt 730 2gb 64 bit ddr5. While playing almost every game, my cpu consumption is raised to 90-100 % and my GPU usage was around 60%. does that mean CPU bottleneck?
  20. A

    CPU comparison build

    i have finally decided to buy a new desktop and i researched all over for it i talked to the local sellers today please guide me for a better solution: What i am buying it for : running virtual machines, as my degree is all about cyber security and cloud. running fl studio, as i am also a...
  21. M

    Seagate HDD fails to start – recording of strange noises

    My archive disk Seagate Barracuda 3TB stopped working and won't show up as connected anymore. I took it out and recorded strange noises that it makes after being powered up in external HDD connector. Here is the link: Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the disk and...
  22. J

    Greetings, I'm building a new pc and I would appreciate some opinions.

    Greetings everyone. I decided I wanted to my upgrade my current Personal Computer and I would like it if you could provide me with an opinion of it. Comment whatever you like, including "I would Switch X for Y, it might cost a little more, but It's worth it in the end". To note I'm trying to put...
  23. R

    Best 600w psu for under 50dollars ?

    Hey ! As I said in the title, I'm looking for a 600w psu under 50dollars. I know that there is already posts about the same question but not from 2017, so can you help me ? :) Thanks !
  24. A

    Looking for a better fan?

    Hi, I've recently got my athlon 64 x2 5200+ stable at 3324.9mhz, but I feel like I can push it a little further with better airflow. Current heatsink: Cooler Master GeminII S524 Version 2 CPU Air Cooler with 5 Direct Contact Heat Pipes (RR-G5V2-20PK-R1)...
  25. M

    still same problem with bluescreen error 0 0x00000133

    Hello , after do a format of my computer still crash and do the same error log file. I had the same problem before the format and i though that would help to solve the problem but it seem no , installed the lastest driver of my graphic card(asus gtx 1080 styx) -updated my bios to the lastest...
  26. M

    WOL boot from iPhone???

    Hi, I'm looking to boot my PC when it is off from either another PC I have or my iPhone, I've tried a bunch of apps, opened ports and such and just won't work. I have a PC that I want to boot ASUS BIOS, windows 10. Either from my iPhone 6s or from another PC in my house, windows 10. Thanks!
  27. 0

    Whats a good gaming/video editing and rendering PC for $650 for YouTube

    I am a small YouTuber under 100 subs and i need a computer for gaming and video editing for $650 as I need something good for Youtube to use to the best of my ability as my crappy laptop can't handle games I wanna play... it has 2gb ram and is a quad core.. for this $650 I am looking for these...
  28. D

    Created a RAID0 member disk but want to go back!

    Hi, following the failure of a RAID 0 disk on my computer I have really messed something up. I had a PC with 3x 1GB HDD's. 2 of the HDD's were in a RAID 0 configuration with the OS, etc on. The third HDD was non-RAID and contained most of my data. I went into the Intel RAID setup and made a...
  29. C

    Wanting a New Graphics card that won't bottleneck my CPU

    I've recently built a new Pc, and i don't have a great Gpu, and so i wanted to upgrade it, and i wanted something that could handle VR, if i wanted to do it in the future. I've done research but i'm afraid that i might not get the right ones. Here Are my current specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K...
  30. F

    How compare my "old" PC with a PS4 or XBox One?

    Hello How an "old" Phenom X6 1055T + GTX950 compares to a PS4 or XBox One? I just saw this morning a good price on a Xbox One 500Gb at Sam's club, with 3 games and 1 controller for $179...! But I was wondering if my current PC (CPU is ~ 7 years old but the video card is more recent) is...
  31. V

    PSU is making a buzzing noise and PC won't start

    I had a power shortage and after that when I tried to turn on my PC and the PSU made a buzz like sound then the PC beeps but I can't see anything on my screen .is the PSU dead? Is something else wrong? Thank you
  32. J

    Access LocoM2 WiFi Radio configuration from behind router.

    I am currently configured as follows. Apartment WiFi Access Point > Wifi Radio - Nanostation LocoM2 (Bridge mode) > Router UTT AC750w > PC. This gets me online, here's the problem.. I can't access my M2 radio configuration from behind the router, I have to unplug the router and connect Radio...
  33. M

    Upgrading from i3-2120 to i5-3570k worth the trouble

    Hello Experts, I have a pretty old rig, with a LGA 1155 slot that can pretty much only accomodate an i5-3570k as the best CPU upgrade from my i3-2120. My question is will I see any gaming improvement from this upgrade if I do choose to do it? I.e. will I be able to squeeze 5-10 extra FPS in...
  34. M

    Graphics Card Compatibility

    Dear People of tom'sHardware, My question is will the AMD FX-6300 work for my Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5241? Thanks, A computer upgrading noob
  35. E

    Arma 3 Upgrades

    Hey, My build now: Upgrade: The problem is lag spikes. I think the RAM is a good change. Maybe another GPU? And just adding anther SSD for Arma Thsnks is advance
  36. N

    Radeon rx480 gtr power cables

    Hi - I'm building a PC for the first time and have a radeon rx480 gtr GPU - it has an 8 pin socket and comes with a splitter cable from 8 pin to 2x 6pins. Should I connect each 6pin to the PSU (novatech 750w powerstation v2 black) - or use an 8 pin to 8 pin connection?
  37. K

    Zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme edition very poor performance

    i have 16gb ddr3 ram an amd fx8370 stock speeds and the Zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme edition and in Gta 5 i get 50 to 65 fps on high settings 2x msaa and 8x antistropic filtering is the cpu bottle-necking me please help
  38. R


    Hello, I have a 3 year old computer (bought in january 2014) and my graphics card is a GTX 630. My GPU has lately been reaching extremely high temperatures (100C+) and my fans have been EXTREMELY loud. This has caused me to lag immensely in games followed by my computer crashing. Weirdly enough...
  39. K

    What's the best gaming mouse?

    I'm looking for a gaming mouse under $70, the colour has to be white because that's the colour of my case, it should also be windows 10 compatible, thanks in advance