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  1. M

    Buying NEW MOTHERBOARD and keeping OLD Intel CPU (LGA 1155) ?

    Hi everyone! I need someone who's familiar with CPU socket trends. So I'm buying a new motherboard, because current one (MSI H67MA-E35) is slowly dying and I also need 3.0 PCI-E support for my 3.0 AMD graphics card (I have 2.0 on motherboard). I also want to keep old CPU (Intel® Core™ i5-2400...
  2. H

    Unallocated space help

    Help. I installed a new hard drive and the majority of the space is Showing as not allocated. I have been trying for a week to fix this. I have read everything and I think I've tried everything. My c drive now has so little space the laptop will barely run. Please help
  3. V

    Erase hard disk

    How to erase my hard disk completely even the Windows
  4. A

    Is 2GB VRAM enough?

    I mean for example, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare recommends 4GB VRAM, I don't want to compromise. I want a good Video Card @ affordable price I have Zotac GeForce GT 710 2GB Is it good choice? Would anyone recommend me which should be the best option?
  5. M

    Nvidia card not usable even though all looks ok in device manager

    Quick summary. I had a duel boot with Linux...was running out of HD and decided to remove linux. Had an issue with GRlUB and had to reinstall the MBR. Everything is good now except that the computer will not use the graphics I cant play any games. In device manager it shows the card...
  6. M

    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro?

    I'm seeing all of these videos showcasing the card but I cannot find it anywhere! Does anyone have a link or is it not available yet?
  7. M

    i'am building a new PC for gaming and I have a 8cors i7 with 5.2ghz and two AMD readon r9 295x2 how much RAM I need and how mu

    i'am building a PC fort gaming and i have an Intel core i7 with 8 cors and 5.6 GHz and two AMD readeon r9 295x2 how much RAM i need and how much it cost and i need a god case two ?
  8. C

    Is this the best PC Build I can get for money?

    So recently, I have been taking in various input for a new Gaming PC I am going to be purchasing, this is my build: I just want to know, are these components the best I can get for my money? I had to change the power supply to a more expensive variant after...
  9. mohitakundi

    In-Game Monitoring Program ??

    Hi.Well, whenever I watch game plays of games like Project Cars,I see many people use some in-game monitoring program In yellow text. THIS ONE: Anyone has any idea of that program it is ? Please provide a download link if possible Thanks :)
  10. Poker_Stew

    Network System Architecture Upgrade Needed?

    We are three day-traders planning to office together in a residential area. At times, on our three separate systems, we will simultaneously run a total of 12 or more live streaming video and streaming data apps as well as other internet access business apps all with a need for immediate...
  11. B

    GTX 680 power cables for a Mac Pro (early 2008)

    The graphics card that came with my Mac Pro 3,1 (early 2008) apparently died. And, it did so at an inconvenient time. I purchased a used EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Classified Mac Edition card as a replacement. Unfortunately, the card didn't come with any cables and now I don't know how to get it...
  12. N

    Best old mobo for my needs? looking for past wisdom

    I have a non-oc'd q9650 with a hp[ oem ddr3 mem mobo in my tower, but im looking to upgrade to a used motherboard (still 775 socket) that will allow me to overclock my 3.0ghz to 4.0ghz or higher. Obviously i still want it to have ddr3 memopry, but there arent really any other requirements...
  13. L

    Alienware alpha asm100-1580 not turning on

    Computer doesn't power on. The blue ring around the power cord is lit and the outlet works fine.
  14. CreatorOArchers

    System for running latest M-PC (Lighting Computer)

    Hello, We have been running a lighting system with 2 dimmer packs and only have 1 matrix. We do not have any fancy moving lights. The computer we use at the moment is 10 years old and has never been upgraded. It runs windows xp as well. To run the latest M-PC program would I need to get a full...
  15. MachX

    Which graphics card for my Gaming Build @ 1080p?

    Hi Guys, After a long time here in the forum. Just wanted to know as I'm confused. This is my build i5 -4590 H97 plus Motherboard Gskill 2 x 4 1600 RAM 1 TB HDD Windows 10 x64 pro I want to buy a good graphics card which will max out almost all games at 1080p I have few in my mind like...
  16. S

    Off the shelf router with DNSSEC/DNSCrypt

    I know tomato or openwrt can do this, but are their any off the shelf model?
  17. Ohlins

    4690K Aftermarket Coolers

    Hi I have a gaming rig based on the Silverstone RVZ02B case. As many of you know it is a Mini ITX case and has a maximum clearance of 58mm height for the CPU cooler. I was browsing to see which cooler would work best and wanted to get either the Noctua NH-L9i or the Silverstone Argon AR06. The...
  18. 5

    why wont it boot?

    ok,i am building a computer for my son.not the latest and greatest by any means but he is 6 so im not gonna have anything too special.the motherboard is a P4SD-LA.the hard drive is a western digital 40 Gb ide.i got a really nice clean tricked out windows xp os.basic Ge force fx 5200 agp video...
  19. P

    Which tv vs monitor?

    So I am wondering should I get a 30 Hz 28" 4k monitor or shall I get 60hz 42" 4k tv? Will I notice any difference? I am wondering this since I'm on a bit of a budget.
  20. SubZeroFlsh

    XB270HU or MG279Q?

    Hello! Specs: - GTX 970 - i5 4690K - H97-PRO - 8GB RAM Current I own a awful LG monitor, and I think you could add agree I need an upgrade. :D I have been trying to decide between these two monitors for weeks, and I have never used any monitor that has either G-Sync, 144hz or even IPS. I...
  21. Rabmac

    Question about fans and airflow

    Hi, I am currently building a small NAS/gaming PC. As I want to reduce power consumption and footprint I have went for a small case (Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced) and mini-ITX board (Gigabyte GA-A75N-USB3). This case has 2 fans and option to add a 3rd and the board has 2 fan connectors...
  22. S

    High Static Pressure or High Air Flow Intake Fan

    I'm torn between a high static pressure or high air flow fan. I know static pressure is essential for radiator cooling and air flow for just general air flow into a case, but which should I get for a dust filter? I have an AZZA Genesis 9000 and there's a dust filter on the bottom of the tower...
  23. HaxME_Anonymous

    Casing Suggestion for my New System

    hi there guys, can you give me a casing that support mATX with only one or two 5.12 external bay, none 3.5 external bay, and has external usb 2.0 port. the casing must be a tower micro ATX and has 2 fan mounting holes at the top. i will be water cooling my pc with h100i. thx guys. a little...
  24. Impulse907

    Paying for 1000mbps only getting 400mbps. Hardware issue?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Gigabit modem with service. I had to buy a gigabit usb to ethernet adapter/dongle to achieve more than 100mbps because my network card on my laptop would not support gigabit speeds. In addition to buying the dongle I also purchased CAT6 cable for it. I am...
  25. P

    Smoke Coming from CPU Cooler

    Hi, I am a first time builder. Here is my build: Case: Rosewill Viper Z Mobo: ASRock Extreme 4 LGA 2011-3 Processor: i7-5820k CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Memory: 2x8 GB Corsair Vengeance 2666 MHz SSD: 850 Evo 250 GB HD: WD 1 TB Performance Series Graphics Card: EVGA GTX...
  26. Fallen29

    Monitor not registering motherboard?

    I just put all the parts of my PC together and It looks to be working except.. Its turning on and everything. The fans are working correctly and everything. The GPU lights up and everything as well... but for whatever reason it doesn't look like its showing up ANYTHING on the monitor. Heres my...
  27. J

    Weird PC issue

    I have a Dell vostro 1015 on windows 10. and it was very fast until about a week ago. It started slowing down, so I decided to reset it. Fresh install of windows, working great!! For 10 minutes... It started to dramatically slow down/, to the point where it was unusable! I decided to reboot it...
  28. E

    I need your help ASAP

    My computer doesnt work well. When I play games the graphics are extremely low on FPS. Like, when I launch COD Bo3 on Medium Settings, I get around 50 fps but at the start of games I almost lag to the point of my computer crashing. Im wondering what part could it be of my computer or what...
  29. J

    Really High Cpu Usage.

    These are my pc spes. Cpu : i5 4790k Gpu : Gtx 970 Asus Strix Mobo : Asus z97 Cpu Cooler : Coolermaster T4 Ram : Cruical 1600 Mhz 8Gb Psu : Evga G2 650 Watt Os : Windows 10 Idk whats causing this cpu usage to ramp up so high during games and streams. My friend has the exact same build but...
  30. S

    Inter Rapid Start and Rapid Storage problems

    Hi everyone, This is the first time I am posting a question in this forum, although i am using it quite often in order to find answers. My question to which I really need your help: I have recently replaced the HDD with a SSD on my laptop (Dell XPS 9530 mid tier model: 32GB mSATA & 1TB HDD)...
  31. S

    Is this i7-3630QM + Intel HD4000 + GeForce 610M a good idea?

    Hello, this is my first time posting :D. I'm looking for a good laptop for programming / browsing that won't freeze and can manage a good amount of open programs. While doing uni work is my main focus, I must say that I'd like to do some game developement on this laptop. Nothing high-end, but...
  32. H

    Will I have enough connectors?

    Hi, I just wanna ask if 1. I have enough PCI-E connectors on the AX1200i for 2x980Ti Lightening ( 1x6 pin and 2x8 pin each ) 2. Is 1200W ok for some moderate OC on both the CPU ( 5930k ) and the 2 GPUs. Thanks.
  33. J

    Computer randomly crashes. Started CHKDSK and now apparently frozen?

    UPDATE: So my computer had restarted itself and the chkdsk restarted...PC booted up fine. However, some programs aren't working anymore and I can't find a way around it. For example, my Norton antivirus automatically boots up and then tries to install an update, but then it says "Installation...
  34. F

    Headset Wire Coiling/Twisting

    Hello guys! So, long story short... A few months ago I bought a pair of Astro A40s and they were all fine until around two months ago. This is because they started twisting, as it's a 2 meter cable and I sit around 50cm away from my MixAmp pro. After this cooking I decided to unplug the wire...
  35. E

    Hard Drive at 100% when downloading?

    This may be normal, but this is my first built pc. It is a 1TB western digital blue drive, and when downloading or updating a game, my computer seems to almost freeze (for example, I'm creating this because Planetside 2 was updating and my computer crapped out). This computer is nearly brand...
  36. J

    Wondering about the PCI-E cable come with a power supply.

    Hello, I am planning to upgrade my rig with a new graphics card and power supply. However I was wondering what PCI-E cables come with the psu since my graphics card needs 1x 8pin and 1x 6pin cable but i was worried that my PSU would not have these cables? (the PSU i am looking at getting is the...
  37. S

    144hz Monitor Question

    So my friend told me that your FPS caps at double your refresh rate so a 144hz monitor should be able to push out 288 FPS without screen taring and other problems is this correct? - Monitor in question, I'm also running a...
  38. M

    Sudden CPU overheating despite reseating cooler/reapplying grease

    Hey guys, I'm running an AMD FX-8350 on a gaming rig that's been working beautifully for a year or so. Cooler - CM Hyper TX3 that's around three or four years old. Case - CM Gladiator 600 with 5 fans fitted. I've never had issues with overheating. Usually idle around 20-30C, with 60C under...
  39. S

    Headset Comparison 2015

    HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset vs HyperX Cloud II Headset im not sure whether to save the money and get the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset or spend a little extra and get the HyperX Cloud II Headset.
  40. S

    Intel Core i7 4790k compatibility with MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard

    Is the Intel Core i7 4790k compatible with MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard?