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  1. P

    Cpu overclock wait or upgrade

    Currently I have a 6600k with an h170a motherboard. Should I upgrade to a z170 board and just oc the processor I have now or upgrade to the 8600k
  2. F

    Computer Upgrade (Need Advice)

    So currently I have an rx 480 (8gB) and an fx-6350 six core processor 3.9GHz with 8gb ram, 250gb ssd. My Budget is £700: I was thinking of buying this...
  3. F

    replace keyboard toshiba l75d

    replace keyboard toshiba l75d
  4. T

    Acer Nitro 5 Overheating?

    im not good with tech but i noticed when i launch a certain game, my fan starts whirring loudly and temperature spikes from 40-40c to 70-90c and becomes consistent until i close the game and the heat is not at the bottom, the bottom hella chilly cool surface but the heat is on the keyboard...
  5. O

    Modifying io rear ports

    If I take my mb to a pro electronics expert to add or exchange an io port or connector what will happen?
  6. A

    My GPU driver doesnt detect in windows 10

    I'm using an asus laptop a550c. Here is my specs:- -intel i3-3217u -8gb ram -nvidia geforce 720m Originally it has windows 8 installed. While i was in windows 8, i could play League of Legends with fps like 40-60fps. But when i upgrade into windows 10, and try to run LoL, my fps dropped to...
  7. P

    WD NAS domain change issues

    Hello everyone Our EX4100 NAS is part of our network and till today everything worked fine. We have not integrated it with our Active Directory (WS 2003), we have just created NAS users and public shares. All users were able to access and map those public shares with no problem (also with no...
  8. A

    NEw LG 43" Monitor Sound only works on one side?

    So when I am using this monitor, usually the sound works fine, but more than occasionally, the sound on the front right speaker just stops working. It goes dead. I can verify this by going into windows settings and turning the other channel down and the monitor is silent. The only way to fix...
  9. N

    Connectivity issues, webpages sometimes load

    The main issue is when I try to access any webpage, I get a "This site cannot be reached" message, even though I am connected to the internet, as evidenced by me being able to watch an uninterrupted live stream. When I open cmd and ping for instance, sometimes I receive a "Ping...
  10. R

    Device manager cant identify gpu

    hi, i have a ASUS ROG GL502VS gaming laptop. i've had a lot of problems lately but it all came down to this (at least thats what i think). So in device manager there is no 'display adapters' section, instead there is unknown device under the 'other devices' section. it's my graphics card. i can...
  11. onii_chan

    new PSU buzzing.

    I built myself my first ever gaming pc. CPU: ryzen 3 1200 @ stock GPU: GTX 780 super jetstream RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133 Single stick SSD: 120GB Kingston HDD: 500GB Toshiba MOBO: Asrock A320m-dgs PSU: 600W EVGA 80+ When I Started my pc for the first time I heard buzzing noises from the PSU. At first...
  12. J

    whats best for using head phone jack for theather speakers volume up on TV or Volume up on speakers and Low on TV

    whats best for using head phone jack for theater speakers volume up on TV or Volume up on speakers and Low on TV I do have a choice to leave one new [ speakers ] or the other [ TV volume control ] to raise the volume .which is best?
  13. J

    Will this stutter?

    Hey guys, i've been wanting to get fortnite battle royale as i have recently gotten a new gpu (gt 1030) but will my cpu (celeron g3930) make it stutter. I have seen other celerons play the game but we only get limited amounts of data a month that we'd nearly be out after downloading the game...
  14. K

    New PC Build - Transfer Hard Drive WITH Data?

    Hello All, I see different topics on this however none that exactly fit what I am trying to do (unless I looked over it on accident). Hopefully you will understand what I am asking.... I bought a new case and am upgrading from an ASUS H170-PRO/CSM to the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO Z170 ATX...
  15. B

    Liquid Cooling GPU

    So i have a zotac geforce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card and i was wondering if it is worth it to liquid cool my GPU? When I run my games my CPU doesnt really get above 30-40 degrees celsius, but my GPU gets around 80-85 degrees celsius. Anything will help, thanks.
  16. L

    Is monitor Dead

    My monitor (LG FLATRON L204WS) the moment i connect it to the power the blue light will start shuttering and theres a noise coming from the monitor. The computer opens just fine but monitor stays black. It has happend 3 times now last 3 days it will just keep doing the noise and the light will...
  17. EvooHD

    PC Freeze up (High Disk Usage 100%)

    Hello, my friend had this problem for long time, and i`was trying to help him, but i can't cuz i`dont know what to do, and hes desperate for help. The problem is , the PC freezes up for few seconds , with 100% DISK usage. Affter few seconds its again normal. For example: When he...
  18. M

    Mid Gaming PC for GTA 5

    Hi guys i have question. Can i run GTA 5 with this pc(not my PC its frends). And i need some graphic card(used) under 90 dollars. He can get GTX 650 Ti 2 GB GDDR5. Any sugestion and ofc can i run GTA5 then :D :D Ty for comments CPU:AMD Athlon x4 860k MOBO: Asrock FMA88XM Extreme 4+ R2.0 RAM...
  19. S

    What is difference between dedicated vram and video ram?

    I have an Intel hd 5500 in systemrequirements lab for a game it tells i have video ram 4gb but dedicated vram 512 mb PLEASE HELP
  20. B

    Is XFX PRO650W Compatible with ASUS Prime Z370-P (and i7-8700k)?

    I have been having problems possibly power related to my new motherboard and CPU and I've not been able to figure out what's wrong. The PC will crash/power off unless on safe mode. I think it may be to do with power because the CPU power connector on my PSU does not match the shape on the...