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  1. U

    Rebuilt my PC and now it won't turn on...there is nothing

    I have a DDR2 MSI motherboard Running a Nvidia gt8500 4gb of ram Did the BIOS reset and still nothing I've used two different power supply's and tried to put it back the way it was...I was adding a few more fans and another hard drive I'm frustrated and i don't know what to do anymore...I've...
  2. Kieran10

    Did not keep cover on when installing

    Hey, So I did not keep my cover on when installing my CPU I noticed that this was wrong when I watched this video: Is this really important. Have I done anything wrong or damaged anything?
  3. K

    Cannot start Unigine Heaven/Walley (MSVCP100.dll error)

    Hello, I wanted to benchmark my GPU but when I installed the Unigine Heaven/Walley I got the error saying MSVCP100.dll is missing from my computer. I have the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (both x64 and x86 versions) installed. My system is Windows 10 64-bit.
  4. A

    Which ram slot of the msi b350 gaming plus motherboard to put a single module in?

    a single ram module 4 slots on motherboard b350 gaming plus thank you for your answer
  5. B

    Can I use my old laptop's ssd and hdd?

    I had an old laptop which is broken now(long story).I want to build a new PC. My laptop's ssd and hdd are removeable.Can I use them for my new build? It had windows 10 (activated) installed on the ssd. When I build the pc and plug the ssd,will I be able to use windows 10 (activated)? And the...
  6. S

    Redgear Hell Scream vs. Kotion Each G2000

    I am looking for gaming headphone with mic for this price range (~1000 INR). I was initially going for the Kotion for it's high quality driver and minimal looks, but heard it has some mic issues, so I started searching a bit more and came accross this red gear hell scream. But this only confuses...
  7. jhibbard75

    since the start of the mother board bios F2

    Gigabyte GA-z170x gaming 7 board I have a I3 7350K cpu to put in one & also a Pentium g4400 to put in the other one can anyone tell me what cpu that I can use since the beginning of bios to update them to make the computer accept the cpu just purchased 6 new boards for new builds for customers...
  8. S

    Failed windows update after hard drive install.

    I just installed a 2 TB hard drive and needed to complete a windows update. The update downloaded but failed to properly install and ended up reverting back to the previous version. The drive was correctly formatted. This has happened to me before and had to do a clean install. The error code is...
  9. D

    Alienware with I5 8400 or XPS with I7 7700

    I just purchased the Alienware Aurora R7 for my son with the an I5 8400 processor, 8gb ram, 1tb HDD, and GTX 1060 6gb graphics card, $799. I attempted to add 16gb Optane and increase Ram to 16gb but it did not go through, and cannot modify the order, so I would need to upgrade on my own. I am...
  10. L

    can i put a gtx 750 ti on my pc?

    can i put a gtx 750 ti on my pc?
  11. R

    I have to run explorer.exe manually through task manager with every startup.

    I've scanned thoroughly for malware and nothing was detected. I tried SFC scan and It fixed a few things but the problem persists.
  12. K

    fps issues r9 380

    So i have a i7 4770k r9 380 4 gb 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd and a 120 ssd 600w b series cm psu.i have liek 130 fps in league high settings no shadows.A friend hsa a fx 6350 gtx 770 2 gb ssd 128 gb 2 tb hdd storage and 750w corsair psu and gets 200+ fps same settings as me.What could be wrong with my...
  13. S

    Random BSODs, last one -- IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    I've built a PC this September. And was getting random BSODs staring that time. Till that time I've reinstalled my Windows a couple of times. Nothing changed. I'm getting these BSODs from time to time. I currently use my PC only for gaming or random browsing, leisure stuff, not mission...
  14. I

    Windows 10 Creators update breaks Youtube only on Chrome

    So recently Windows 10 made me update to the creators edition literally out of the blue even though I thought I had most of my automatic updates completely off. I was like ok whatever you can update just don't mess with my stuff! Turns out that they really want me to use Microsoft Edge. So much...
  15. B

    Black and white lines/dead gpu?

    So i was playing Far Cry: Primal and suddenly black and white vertical lines appeared on my screen. I couldn't do anyhing so after some time a <removed> down the Pc forcefully and tried to restart it but I was getting no image. I reckon the GPU has gone to <removed> even tho it still appears to...
  16. P

    Wiping SSD - best way to start fresh?

    Good afternoon. I recently built a new PC but salvaged my Samsung Evo 500GB from my old PC. It currently is running Windows 10. After a while I'm realizing that I'd like to just start fresh and get rid of all the old junk and bloat from my old system. Is there a way to completely wipe the SSD...
  17. C

    Any good 21.5inch monitors for 100 pound?

    Just wanted to get a second monitor for my setup
  18. S

    Feels like my 144Hz monitor is capped at 60Hz when watching a stream on my secondary monitor?

    When I watch a stream, or even have a browser open on my second monitor, my games feel very laggy, sort of frame laggy I guess, but my FPS count is displaying my usual 250-300 (CSGO). I have tried lots of the solutions on here and none of them have helped me. I play at 1280x960, 144Hz. This...
  19. T

    Can i upgrade

    I have a b350m bazooka msi motherboard and a 450 watt power supply can i upgrade my r5 1400 processor to a ryzen 1700 and also i have 8 gbs of ram can i upgrade/add 16 or maybe even 32 gbs? also could i add this liquid cooling fan ?????
  20. K

    Quick blue screen

    I've bought a motherboard called gigabyte ga 990x gaming board and a amd fx8350 and I've installed them correctly and I tried powering it up,it starts up beeps once what was normal with my other build it loads up to the windows loading screen and displays as I can see is a blue screen for a very...