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    Cleaned Drive through Diskpart, NO BOOT, NO CMD, NOTHING, HELP!!

    So its a bit of a story, here goes: I bought a desktop and it wasnt reformatted. Step 1: Enter Win7 CD. - Would not let me select SSD - Had error message(forgot now) - Googled it and it instructed me to access CMD in windows start up, diskpart, select disk, clean, restart, install. Step 2: Did...
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    Windows 10 Bugs You to Try Edge Before Other Browsers

    Windows 10 version 1809, currently available to Windows Insiders, prompts users to give Edge a try before installing Chrome or Firefox. Windows 10 Bugs You to Try Edge Before Other Browsers : Read more
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    Lenovo y700 not charging

    Had this laptop for about a year now and it has worked wonderfully. But the past few weeks it has randomly stopped charging for about a second or 2 then it starts charging again. Except just now, it stopped charging altogether. There are a few times here and there where it would charge for a...
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    SSD for games storage, any noticeable difference between SATA SSD and m.2?

    I'm going to to buy a 500GB SSD today for storing my games. I don't know if I should buy a SATA or m.2 SSD. It's either an EVO 860 500GB SATA or and EVO 970 500GB m.2. Price difference between the two is about $85. I currently use a small OCZ SATA SSD for games, but 120GB is just not enough. For...
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    Steam save file location

    I just bought a 120gb ssd which primary objective was to be only a windows drive. When I installed steam it automatically moved all the save games and what not to the new ssd documents folder. It took about 40 gigs of my 120 gb. My steam is not even installed on the same drive as windows Is...
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    new cpu causing ram slot error

    after installing new i3 4130 I was getting ram slot error..but ram slot works with my old g3240 processor..
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    BIOS update failure - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5

    I am on the "F5" version of the bios, trying to use appcenter version of @BIOS to update the bios. Everything appears to be working, connects to server in U.S.A. just fine, downloads, then starts "reading", then the loading bar fills completely, then @BIOS closes. No matter how long I leave it...
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    Question about new GPU

    Hi there. So im looking at buying a new gpu. MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC. Says recommended power is 500w. If my current power supply is 600w. Do i need upgrade my power supply or am i good to go?
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    Connecting my pc and macbook to a single monitor

    Hey guys it would great if i can have some suggestions on this. So i have recently built a gaming pc thats connected to my monitor right now and now i want to see if its possible to connect my macbook air to the same monitor and swap between the two computers while using the same keyboard and...
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    my printer wount start to print before i dont confrim it with the big button

    i have a epson m2400 A4 paper format When i hit print it set a qeeue for the printing and then i need to hit a button so thet it start. How can i set it up o when i press print thet it start to print. Thank you :)
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    Mechanical keyboard switches

    Hey guys, I'm planing to buy a Corsair K70 Lux RGB keyboard with cherry mx blue switches. Why i want blue switches? Because i like the feel and the sound of the switches. When you press the button it just feels satisfying.Now the question. I'am a "youtuber" i can say and im wondering will the...
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    no device found

    i accidentally deleted conexant smart audio in the device manager..whenever i install driver downloaded from the internet it says cannot install no device found.please help me to fix stuck
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    How to open "modern windows apps" links in a text editor ?

    I tried to edit those links (desktop shortcuts) with 3 different text editors (notepad, wordpad and notepad++) always getting the same error "catastrophic failure" . Note that links to "modern windows apps" are different from common links that open without problem. But they are still files. So...
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    Short circuited pc, what needs replacing?

    Recently I short-circuited my pc, or I'd assume so as there was a loud crackle sound and a strong smell of burning, with the burning smell coming from the cpu. I'd assume that I will need to replace the psu and cpu, but what is the likelihood that the motherboard or gpu will need replacing...
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    Amazon Father's Day Deals: Save Big on Echo, Fire HD and More

    The best deals in Amazon's Father's Day sale. Amazon Father's Day Deals: Save Big on Echo, Fire HD and More : Read more
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    Ethernet and Wifi No internet Access

    Ethernet status says no internet access, ipv 4 and 6 both no network access, and yet activity shows bytes are sent and received. I'll link an image of this if i can. My pc doesn't have any wifi card so ethernet is the only option, but i tested wifi on a laptop and got "no internet access", i did...
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    bios all settings is unacceptable to change HELP. toshiba setup utility

    can't change settings in bios except language and date, i can't install windows on it because boot option is disabled and can't change. i install windows on other computer and put ssd back but when i power on laptop it tells " insert system disk in drive" but in bios ssd is recognized, what...
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    BSOD Error code 0xc000021a help

    Recently my computer has been giving me this error and I have no idea why. It first happened a couple days ago and I was able to fix it by doing a restore on a point I had to a month ago. When I woke up today it game me the error again. Luckly I was able to restore from a backup this time. Can...
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    PC randomly freezes and sometimes monitor lose picture for few secounds on Windows 10 64bit

    Hello all, [b!]Before reading and start commenting about my Engish be aware that English is not my first langage so there is probably a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes![/b] Before few days I had some problems with FPS while gaming and streaming where I went from stable 60FPS down to 32-42fps...
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    1080 gpu with a 1080p monitor?

    Hey I can only really find 4k monitors that are 27 inches, but I only want a 24 inch monitor but I am wanting to get a 1080 gpu for my PC... if i get a 1080p monitor with 75hz, will i be okay with the 1080gpu? or will 144hz 1080p monitor be better? or should i only get a 1440p monitor at least??