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  1. M

    Specific PC case

    Hi, im looking for a PC case that has a tempered glass side panel, but also has good airflow for cooling I was looking at the nzxt elite, but the panel at the front looks like it cuts airflow by quite a bit (could I just take it off and leave the fans with the dust filter exposed) I dont...
  2. W

    Memory compatibility Patriot Viper 4

    Hello, I have a question regarding my motherboard ram compatibility. MSI X370 Gaming Pro - I wanted to buy Patriot Viper 4 16 gb 3200 mhz but I could not find it on the list. I found Patriot Viper 4 8gb 3200 mhz and Patriot...
  3. J

    MSI or PowerColor or Asus R7 250X?

    Hi, Currently i have a gigabyte Radeon hd 5570 with 1 gigabyte of vram. I want an upgrade to R7 250X because of its low cost,low power consumption and high efficenty.I was searching and i found 3 varients of it: Msi hd R7 250x or Powercolor R7 250X or Asus R7 250X. They are at the same price and...
  4. D

    AiO for I7-7820x

    Silent loop 360 vs NZXT Kraken X62 V.2 for I7-7820x?
  5. H

    1080p, 60fps build(please help)

    I want to transition into pc gaming and have an 800AUD budget. I don’t mind turning down the settings a bit, and it doesn’t have to be constant 1080p(but at least capable) but the 60fps does need to be constant. Thanks!
  6. E

    MSI Bazooka won't post - but there's power

    I'm putting a system together for my daughter WITHOUT a GPU right now (can't find one at the moment), but it should still post. It has power as the drives flash up and the optical drive will open, etc. The MSI EZ Debug lights come on for a split second, going to CPU, then RAM, then it goes to...
  7. K

    Help with peripherals

    I am getting these peripherals Razer Ornata chroma Razer Deathadder elite Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Can anybody who owns these items tell me about their experience.Are these good.
  8. Unknown_Email

    Neither Windows 10/Nvidia control panel display on primary screen at native resolution.

    My monitor setup has been working alright, with all monitors running at their native resolutions until i've had to unplug it all, remove my computer from it's old room and set up in a new room, plugging everything back in my central monitor, a 144hz 1080p monitor connected to the GPU via display...
  9. N

    Bottleneck with gtx 1080.

    Hey I currently have an i5 3470 and a gtx 1080 aorus extreme edition, 1440p and 165hz monitor. In some of the heaviest games fps drops below 60 some of the times .. in battlefield 1 and GTA V and some other games. I have the option to get an i7 2600k for a really really cheap price and oc it to...
  10. K

    Disk error help

    Hello can someone help me i tried to load my pc up and it says disk errors and it wont repair them what do i do
  11. G

    Noticeable difference between 8700 and 8700k if not overclocking?

    Buying a new machine for audio and video editing (and some gaming) and I'm thinking of just just ordering a machine from Dell with the following specs instead of building my own: i7-8700 1060 6gb 32gb DDR4 2666mhz ram I hate to buy a pre-built, but it's for work mainly and having a warranty is...
  12. G

    Can't Boot into BIOS

    Recently got a new SSD. Installed SSD, cloned everything from current into the new one, but now I'm not able to boot into BIOS to change boot drive since I want to wipe the old SSD. I restart my PC and no mobo logo comes up and I smashed F11/DEL and nothing happens. I've tried a cold boot as...
  13. M

    Windows update stuck 99% and eats disc space.

    Hello. This update is stuck at 99%. It is creating a file in C:/Windows/Logs/CBS that keeps growing. It was previously 70GB, but I had to cancel the windows update process in task manager so I could delete the CBS file. Now I started it again and the updater created a...
  14. H

    Video Card Not Being Recognized

    So, I am having an issue with a motherboard not recognizing a video card. Well, it's actually been two separate motherboards. The first was an MSI B350M Pro Gaming motherboard, and the second, an ASRock AB350M Pro4. I am installing an eVGA GTX 1050 2GB graphics card and an AMD Athlon x4 950. On...
  15. T

    Need help with installation of LED strip

    I just bought a Philips LED strip and I need help on finding out on how I can power the lights. The light strip comes with a connector for the LED, a power brick and the LED itself. Any ideas on how I can set it up and what do I need to buy to finish it.
  16. B

    Confused with Chipset and BIOS....and a display issue.

    Guys, I'm usually a lurker here and always find answers in older post, but I need some help with a few things. And I can't seem to get a grip on BIOS and Chipset. Long story short. Bought my daughter a Gaming PC. Bought her the same gaming monitor that I have had for years. Asus VG278QE. For...
  17. M

    need help buying a motherboard for an i5 760

    I need a motherboard that will support i5 760 with ddr3 ram and at least 2 usb 3.0 for under 100 bucks
  18. I

    CPU cooler CRYORIG H7 is compatible with the A8 7650K?

    Hello, I have a AMD A8 7650K processor and it gets very hot, I was recommended to buy the cpu cooler: CRYORIG H7. So I want to know if this CRYORIG H7 is compatible with the A8 7650k and this motherboard:
  19. A

    New Router and Powerline Adapter

    So I just purchased the Nighthawk x4s from Netgear and I already have a fairly new powerline adapter that I bought just about 1-2 months ago, it was working great with my old router which was terrible so the speeds of 3mb/s when downloading something on steam was great. I am using the powerline...
  20. P

    using hp memory in Dell laptop

    reusing HP memory in Dell laptop
  21. S

    Second monitor black screen and not detected - AMD Processor New Build

    Hey so recently I had a friend help me build a new PC, everything seemed to be working fine until later that night I put my desktop onto my desk and tried to plug in my second monitor using HDMI, but the screen kept telling me to check cable connection (at this point I had a DVI connected to the...
  22. T

    Loss of parts of word documents

    I am typing along and have about one quarter of the document done. I save this part. Next I am in the middle of typing and suddenly what I have just typed has disappeared. Why?