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  1. D

    Constant Restarts, Even After Building New Machine

    Two weeks ago, my Windows 10 desktop started having restart problems. At first it was every few hours, then it was every few minutes. It eventually got to the point where I couldn't even get it to boot into Windows. It kept rebooting no matter what I tried, even if it was just sitting in the...
  2. B

    PC failing to boot past start up screen

    Hello there, My housemates PC has suddenly stopped working. It's been working fine up until last night, then this morning it's not working. I built the PC It was built around 2015(I also built my own in 2015 and zero issues so far, amateur stuff). Specs: Motherboard: ASRock z97 Extreme 3 PSU...
  3. A

    i7-8700k stock with RTX 2070.

    Will a 8700k at stock clocks bottleneck a non reference overclocked RTX 2070 at 1080p ?
  4. J

    Ryzen RAM not wanting to overclock.

    I set up a new computer build last year when the Vega 56 and 64 got released and I purchased what I thought was the best for the build. Motherboard: MSI X370 Gaming Plus CPU: Ryzen 1600x OC to 4.1ghz CPU Cooler: Kraken Hydro (water cooled) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB(4x4) 3000mhz GPU: Vega...
  5. A

    Will these parts work???

    Will these parts work together? Like do I need to get fans for the case, or do I need to make some adjustments to the parts? The games I mostly play are Battlefield 1 and Counter-Strike (Global Offensive). Will I get decent performance on these games...
  6. H

    High ping spikes on my pc

    Hello, I am having an issue with my ping. It started off as a thing that would happen every day, I would play games and after a while my ping would spike to 1000 for a couple seconds to a couple minutes, which I could solve by restarting my modem. After I would notice it on my pc, I would...
  7. T

    Connecting coaxial to component

    I have a 2 way coaxial speakers in the front doors of my car. I'm looking to add rear speakers as well. With my limited knowledge, i know that a component set of speakers would give me better sound. However, i'm not sure if I can hook up a component set with the coaxial door speakers.
  8. T

    Good Basic Computer

    I currently own a Toshiba Satellite with a Core I3 chip and it's getting to old to deal with all of the stuff that floods me when I'm on the internet. I use my computer to write novels and correspond with people via mail and Facebook. I play a few simple games but nothing more complicated than...
  9. A

    Custom Cable extensions

    Hey there, im going to do my own custom cable extensions for my pc. Do i need to know the pinout or something or just do each cable the same? Thanks!
  10. M

    How Do You Install Factory Windows From A Recovery Partition Asus Gaming Laptop?

    I bought a used ASUS ROG GL503 that has a 1tb HDD + 256gb SSD for storage. But the Windows OS didn't come installed on the SSD, it came on the HDD, and came without any drivers, even missing Microsoft Visual C++ and Direct3D. "This PC" says the SSD has 100% free space, but Disk Management...
  11. robertbhart

    Fixing the "Asus Motherboard overclocking failed" error message

    From what I have read, it is a well documented issue with Asus motherboards. My PC was working fine until yesterday when I used it to test a graphics card (that was broken) from another pc. I had to cut the power due to no image being displayed. Now, when I turn it on (with the old working gpu)...
  12. L

    Connect Mxqpro to surround sound

    I need help setting up my MXQ Pro box to my Yamaha RX-V581 . I purchased an optilink full to 3.5mm optical cable cord that fits but no sound comes out. It like it’s to old to connect to get sound. What can I do someone said convert it? The box only had one HDMI slot. I want to use my house...
  13. Wadair

    Z270 Killer & DDR4 @ 3000Mhz (4x4GB)

    Specs So on my old motherboard, Z170 Gaming K4, I was able to run G.Skill Ripjaws Gaming DDR4 3000 Mhz 16 GB (4x4GB) fine, no problem. On my new board, Z270 Killer, that's suddenly not plausible? I can only get POST with two sticks. So naturally, I thought it could be a faulty stick, but...
  14. L

    My laptop connects to internet at slow speeds

    At first i thought it was my wifi, but the IT guy just came in and tested his phone and got 100mpbs while i can only get 5 to 10 on my laptop, we also tried to plug the laptop in the modem and that didn't even help. He gave me a card to a freind who knows how to fix it but i want to know if it's...
  15. C

    Just built gaming PC. Hooked it up to screen and not even bios is showing?

    Just built gaming PC. Hooked it up to screen and not even bios is showing? (Screen detected hook up but nothing) Everything is running but nothing is on screen, any tips? Motherboard is MSI B450 M2-PRO Ryzen 5 2200G No GPU CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB Inland Professional 120gb SSD No Disk drive
  16. R

    How to do this

    So i went to this cool cafe and the one thing i really liked about it was it resets all the settings when the computer restarts and im currently opening a gaming cafe so i need this in my computers please help thanks in advance
  17. G

    60gbhdd vs 500gbhdd

    My 60gb is running faster than my 500gb HDD it does make sense even when I remove bloat ware from my laptop help me understand
  18. Z

    MSI GTX 1080/1070Ti/1070 AERO

    Can anyone give me a decent answer on what is the deal with the MSI GEFORCE GTX AERO (1080 1070Ti 1070)video cards ? Are they bad, why are they on such a lower price compared to other models? Is it worth getting one of them?
  19. T

    What do you think of the monitor [ASUS VG278Q]

    I can get it pretty cheap, just one question regarding those who may be familiar with this monitor, do the colours look good? If not can I change them so they live up to standard gaming expectations?
  20. D

    Can I Create a Dual Boot Using the Same Windows Key but Different Microsoft Accounts?

    I am trying to create something of a unique PC dual boot setup in which I insert a USB flash which my BIOS will by default boot from, and when I remove it my system will boot from the internal hard drive (I already have windows installed here). I've researched this and it's plausible, but as I'm...
  21. R

    Ryzen 5 1500x with a gtx 1070ti

    Will the gtx 1070ti get bottlenecked by the ryzen 5 1500x? Gtx 1070ti Ryzen 5 1500x 32 GB Vengence rgb pro ram Asus ROG x370-f mobo 1tb HDD 500gb ssd corsair h100i v2
  22. F

    PC Restarts Under Load

    My System: FX8350 Stock Clocks with a Hyper 412S GTX970 Strix No OC 16GB 4x4 HyperX Savage 990FX Fatality Motherboard Inter Tech Argus 620W PSU 1TB WD Blue This never occurred until today. So i got The Crew 2 today and i after i downlloaded it i instantly jumped into it and ran it on max...
  23. S

    Ryzen 3 1200 vs i3 8100

    I am going for a whole system all together for budget gaming. I have decided to go with gtx 1050 ti and now confused between ryzen 3 1200 (overclocking) and I 3 8100. The difference between the two in my country is 37 usd. Also, open to suggestion for other alternatives.
  24. R

    Using a Lacie 1Tb drive with windows 10

    hello I have a Lacie !tb D2 drive that i want to hookup to my windows 10 PC over firewire but it does not show up. 1. can i use this as firewire or should i try usb 2. is there any driver available as i have tried contacting Lacie but their costomer service is non existant. Hope you can help...
  25. T

    Why are games stuttering on this config?

    Hi. So i saw a video where a guy tried games with their recommended system requirements like GTA4 with shadows turned on with 2gb of ram, a radeon hd3870, and a core 2 quad at 2,4ghz and at 1080p. It ran at 35fps. I have a laptop with 8gb ddr3 ram, a radeon hd8750m 2gb 128bit and an intel core...
  26. B

    New Rig Overclocking i5 8600k

    Hello all, I recently built a new rig with an i5 8600k using a cooler master ml240 liquid cooler. This is all on an AsRock z370 Extreme4. This is my first time overclocking and I think I've settled into a stable overclock, I was just looking for advice . I've been using Prime95 small FFTs for...
  27. P

    Is my CPU/GPU combo unbalanced l?

    Ok so I’m doing a PC build around $1100. I’m going to be using it mostly for video editing/rendering and music production and a little casual gaming. Right now I’m thinking of a Ryzen 7 2700x & GTX 1050 ti cpu/gpu combination. Do you feel the cpu is too overpowered and will be bottlenecked or...
  28. I

    How To Stardew Valley – What to Plant Each Season

    Stardew has a wide range of crops to plant in every season and this can make a player confused about which crop to plant and which one to leave. And if you decide on planting a crop that does not pay well, then you will obviously not earn good enough. Therefore, this guide will help you in...
  29. W

    Making Keyboard Wireless

    I am planning on picking up a USB 2 BT adapter and making my Razor BlackWidow Chroma into a wireless keyboard. My question is if anyone knows if I could run a usb splitter into that adapter and use the usb port and audio jacks that are in the keyboard all over one bluetooth connection or if I...
  30. B

    Cardboard PC case

    So i just moved to a new country and i wanted to take the pc with me,the case was too big so i just took the components warp them in bubblewarp and some cardboard very careful, after i arived it passed two weeks and i didnt fin any case so i decided to make it from a cardboard everything goes...
  31. J

    Got a 1080ti now I have buzzing in my headphones

    Situation: Just installed a new 1080ti ftw DT on my system that has been trouble free for years. after experimenting, almost all games are giving me these issues, killing floor 2 had it the loudest which made me think it was the only one, but now I can hear it on everything if I mute the in...
  32. A

    is it ok to put 4gb ram 60mhz and 4gb ram 1600mhz ?

    its shows that my memory running at 665mhz ? how can i increase it ?
  33. I

    Stupid of me

    Hi everyone, I am in soup.i have an old lenovo 3000 all in one pc 1) i got 6 usb ports none of which are working.getting device malfunction error. 2) even my dvd drive sometimes work sometimes not. 3) i downloaded iso file windows 7 and followed a tutorial to install iso without dvd or usb by...
  34. thomasjbrown2014

    Resetting custom PC without losing Windows licence

    Hi! I was just wondering if I factory reset my custom built PC, would it wipe the licence or would I just go back to the windows set up like I had just bought if from a manufacturer? Thanks!
  35. T

    Click of Death in less then a year, normal sectors

    I bought an Alienware 17' R4 last year in October, 4 months away, and yet, my hard drive is already screwed up (possibly). Can someone tell me if thats even possible after such a short amount of time? I've checked all my sectors in every way possible, through disk checking, scanning for...
  36. A

    Quick ! i am assembling a Gaming pc. Compatibility Help.

    CPU : i5 8400 Mobo: Asus h370 M Plus. Ram: Simmtronics 2400 4gb x 2. GpU: zotac 1050ti OC 4GB, dual fan Powersupply: Cooler...
  37. K

    Pc Cases and ports

    So i am new to pc building, with some background knowledge. If you are to buy a pc case knowing what parts you want such as psu and motherboard, etc how does one install ports like usb, audio, etc? And is it safe to go by size in compatibility for example if a case says micro atx and a...
  38. D

    1080 ti or 1080

    Gonna go for a dual monitor 1080p setup one of which being 144hz for gaming, looking to play most things on ultra or atleast very close. I would like it to be able to do it for atleast a year aswell will the 1080 be enough juice or will i need a ti?
  39. H

    black screen on login

    when I log into Windows 10 my whole screen is black there's no icons but I can click ctrl-alt-delete bring up task manager that works but I can't open the internet or nothing can someone tell me how to fix this
  40. P

    need a $800 gaming pc with windows

    Hey looking for a pc with windows and optical drive that will run diablo 3 csgo and other newer games well for around $800-$850 usd please. I do not need monitor or keyboard/mouse I have those already