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  1. jack tham

    [SOLVED] Usb ports

    If my usb port is burned, if i leave it will it affect my computer or should i just change it?
  2. Headonastick

    [SOLVED] Slower than USB 2.0

    I've only got a wireless dongle plugged into one USB 2.0 port on a machine I've just bought and I've read that having too many peripherals plugged in will have a cumalitive effect on speed, but 2-3 Mbps for a USB 3.0 is surely far too slow for a file only 1.4 GB when transferring to a SanDisk...
  3. C


    is there any way i can create a USB which can mount ISO form other disks/partitions as bootable devices. i mean like the usb itself has no os and you can just copy any iso of a certain OS into another partition (on same usb) or another disk. and when the usb is booted, its show a bootloader that...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Flash drive not showing in my computer but laptop makes a sound when i plug in the flash drive.

    Hello people! when i plug in flash drive in my laptop, it makes a sound of plugging a device in but flash drive is not appearing in my computer. Few days ago same flash drive was working as i had moved some data from the drive to my laptop. Today its not working, to make sure, i plugged in...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] External Hard Disk not getting detected

    I found an old 2TB Hitachi External Hard Disk. It needs power from an external source to work. The 12V, 1.25A power input that came with it is not working. So, I connected another power input which is rated 7.5V, 0.35 A. It is getting connected to the pc(Logo lights up when I connect both power...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Black screen during installation

    I have installed windows 10 from a USB stick but when the PC reboots it gets to starting services and then the screen goes black and nothing else happens.
  7. AlpacaFluf

    [SOLVED] USB keeps changing to read only

    Hi everyone! So I have this USB stick that I've had for a while, worked perfectly.. then i think i was a dummy and used it for this boot thingy (i'm not very technical but i can follow directions somewhat) for when i needed to redo my window system... and now i tried to get it back to be my...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] USB flash drive insanely slow and can't move files

    Hi, I have a USB drive full of photos I would like to copy across to my computer. When I plug the drive in, my computer goes extremely slow for about 2 minutes until the drive is recognized. Once it has loaded, I go into the drive and copy a folder and it's sub-folders to my desktop. It...