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  1. andgo

    Question VBIOS Chip dead ? XFX RX 580 - Blackscreen , No Display after driver updates , Identified as XFX RX 590 in Device Manager & ERROR: 0FL01 .

    Hi, there to summarize i have an issue with my RX580 - For over 3 months now , the GPU After installing updated drivers never shows anything to the screen i tried everything , flashing VBIOS which only works when i boot the PC with the GPU switch being on the left with the fans upsidedown , I...
  2. Narzis

    Question Bios needed: Asrock RX 5600 XT Challenger Pro 6G OC

    Hi there, I got an Asrock rx 5600xt Challenger Pro 6g OC card which works well but the stats and clocks are far from factory defaults, it's underclocked (maybe it was mined before). I couldn't find a proper bios for that card anywhere, I hope someone still has this card and export / send the...
  3. A

    Question Black screen on IDLE only with an R9 290 Tri-X ?

    Hi there, I have a Sapphine R9 290 Tri-X OC and I keep getting black screen when installing drivers. First, I have found that under stress GPU is working fine then I have found out that adding +13mv to the Core Voltage in MSI AfterBurner prevents it even when GPU is IDLE. Later on that many...
  4. A

    Question I have r9 290x that seems to be giving errors from the vBIOS possibly corrupted, can I simply switch the bios and see if that one works?

    Or will having one corrupted vbios means I could damage the other? View: https://imgur.com/7rhQ5rG gpu z giving me 0 mhz clock speed and memory , i think i will try to flash with this one https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/152189/sapphire-r9290x-4096-131202-1 should i try to use other...
  5. beanos

    Question Please help! Red VGA light, GPU works fine, iGPU works fine. no bios screen on iGPU

    One day I saw update on GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTER. It was something like "...4070oc....". i believe it was gpu firmware/bios update. 13900k Gigabyte B760 GAMING X AX Gigabyte RTX 4070 Gaming OC i keep montor connected to Display port (motherboard) after update PC restarted and bios opened up for...
  6. W

    Question ASUS ROG STRIX RX 6800 16GB OC vBios

    Hi, taking chance if someone here can upload their original vbios of ASUS ROG STRIX RX 6800 16GB OC. It seems it is not available anywhere (including techpower up) from the internet. Thanks, appreciate the help! Recently, faced some bugs with my GPU, I only have the unverified vbios from...
  7. rayywrld

    Question Flashing vBIOS RTX 4050

    Hi everyone. I have some trouble. I got an Acer Nitro ANV15-51 16 GB RAM 2x8 GB DDR5 Intel Core i5-13420H RTX 4050 Mobile 6GB. It showed 75 watt on Acer website on exact model, but only running at 45 max while gaming. So i decided to flash my vBIOS to unlock my maximum tdp , but i cant find the...
  8. D

    Question No Vbios after restart

    I have a gtx 1650 that is giving the error 43. looking into gpu-z that's all the information it gives me After flashing a new vbios with nvflash, more information start to show after I restart the pc it goes back to be like in the first image, i've tried some diferent bios and all it...
  9. ssingh1985

    Question Restoring RTX 3050 Mobile VBIOS ?

    Recently bought an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-58 with RTX 3050 that comes with a TGP of 95W. I then accidentally ran a firmware update through Acer's website, which has modified or damaged the VBIOS, and consequently, the performance has gone down. I have searched the internet for a VBIOS rom but none...
  10. zotx

    Question Saphire pulse Rx 580 4g UEFI not working /secure boot ?

    Hi i bought a used Saphire pulse Rx 580 4g sku:11265-09-20G with the Samsung vram version my problem is it have a modified vbios with 1366mhz core clock 2000mhz vram clock the problem that it doesn't work with secure boot on and my motheboard gigabyte b450m ds3h rev 1.1 the bios is set to make...
  11. M

    Question Cannot find working VBIOS for my GPU.

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a used XFX RS RX 570 Black Edition 8 GB graphics card with the following details: Part Number 113-57085STB3-W90, Subsystem ID 1682 C570, and Device ID 1002 67DF. However, when I initially attempted to boot the card, it didn't work. To troubleshoot the issue...
  12. Haracarlo

    Question Updating VBIOS RTX 3060Ti Asus TUF gaming OC

    Hello everyone, I have been dealing with this "issue" since a while and apparently some other people as well. I would like to update the VBIOS of my card but it is impossible by using the update tool provided by ASUS as it say that my gpu doesn't require any update, which is not true. I know is...
  13. Lucids

    Question Can i flash vbios for another machine with the same GPU?

    i currently have a rx 5500m 4gb gddr6 but I cant find any vbios for my card, so can I flash the vbios of a rx 5500m 4gb but gddr5 from the same manufacturer?
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB bios default??

    Hy guys! I made a big mistake, I didn't save the original bios file, so I can't restore what the video card originally had, since then when Windows starts it gives a black screen, sometimes it starts again. I would like your help in this! Thank you. This is the current state.:
  15. FranzyInHD

    Question Stock BIOS needed for ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger D 8GB OC ?

    Hello everyone, I've bought this card second hand and noticed some artifacts and glitching with it. I tried flashing the card with this particular BIOS, but I noticed that it was already flashed with that one. Could anyone provide a stock BIOS dump of the ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger D...
  16. SaltySpget

    Question Need original vBIOS for RTX 3080 Ti GAMING X TRIO 12G ?

    I bought a used card and it's being detected as a Gigabyte card in GPU-Z and it's not being detected by any MSI software. Please I need the original VGA Bios Firmware for my card if anyone have the same card with the same serial number if you could download it from GPU-Z and upload it. I'll be...
  17. papuSpartan

    Question How can red BIOS warning message for "incorrect" VBIOS be removed

    * thread moved to Laptops forum by moderator. Could someone tell me what keys in a typical AMI BIOS rom might correspond to a red boxed warning that is popping up every time my laptop boots. It complains about my VBIOS flash and its really starting to get on my nerves.
  18. H

    Question Gigabyte 3080 10GB Vision VBIOS update to support RE-BAR

    Hi, Im considering updating the VBIOS on Gigabyte 3080 VisonOC so I can enable Resizeable BAR. Currently card sits on this version of VBIOS according to GPU Z: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/227375/gigabyte-rtx3080-10240-201017 Gigabyte offers these VBIOS...
  19. Eyes_Bloody

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB ex Mining. Bad Flash BIOS for Gaming?

    I got shappire nitro+ rx580 8gb second hand used mining and every time I play games in some of the newest games and in high ultra settings it crashes "no display" but the sound of the pc is still there and the gpu fan is full load. finally I tried to flash the latest bios from techpowerup but it...
  20. R

    Question RTX 3080: GPU-Z says "vbios version: unknown" ?

    Specs: msi z390 mag tomahawk (running latest bios) i5 9600k x2 8gb corsair 3200mhz ram corsair 850 gold psu Hi there! Last week I purchased a Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC 12G from Amazon. When I mounted the card and first booted I didn't get any signal on the display, I tried both HDMI and display...
  21. NexusProx2016

    [SOLVED] I bricked my RX 560, need help identifying vbios chip on my model

    I flash the wrong bios to my GIGABYTE RX 560 GAMING OC 4 GB, and now it won't let me even boot if the card is in. So, after some googling, I see that I need to make some kind of jumper workaround to be able to reflash the original bios. My problem is that I can't find anywhere some picture or...
  22. rgabor

    Question [VBIOS search] MSI Gaming GTX 980Ti 6Gb OC

    Hi! I'm searching for a saved vbios rom file for this card. I tried all the downloads from techpowerup and none of them seems to work. Thank you in advance.
  23. CarlitoTech

    [SOLVED] Black screen when booting 1050ti and when trying to install new drivers I get a BSOD (nvlddmkm.sys)

    Hello I have been having a recurring problem with my Gigabyte 1050ti. When my GPU is plugged in the PC cannot boot, in fact it doesn't even show the BIOS but the GPU is on because the fans are spinning, so what I did was I pulled out an old AMD GPU and slotted it in next to the 1050ti and it...
  24. T

    [SOLVED] How to know if my GPU Dual-bios switch is working when both sides of it have the same BIOS?

    So I bought my XFX RX 570 an year ago from a miner. I got it for a good price but it came with a mining BIOS. Even though the GPU has a dual-bios switch, from what I can see both sides of it have the same mining bios. Is there a way to know whether the switch is working or if it's broken as I'm...
  25. D

    [SOLVED] Corrupted gpu bios

    So, I was trying out some custom bios for my rx 580 but in between flashing the pc crashed. Thus the bios on the gpu are corrupted. Thankfully, the gpu has dual bios that i can enable with a switch so I can use it. The cpu is a ryzen 5 1600 af. How do I fix the broken bios? I have kept a copy of...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] Can anyone confirm that this is the right vBIOS for this card ?

    This is the card: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB XC3 ULTRA GAMING Ampere Graphics Card LN111632 - 08G-P5-3755-KR | SCAN UK This is the vBIOS: VGA Bios Collection: EVGA RTX 3070 8 GB | TechPowerUp Sorry if it is obvious just never done this before and am paranoid. Not totally sure if there are...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] Can't run ATI flash on GPU because it requires 800x600 display resolution ?

    hi So i have a gpu that doesnt give any video or gets detected and im thinking its a vbios issue that the previous owner have been tampering with. I'm currently using Chrome remote but i can only get a 640x480 res and apparently to run ATI flash i need atleast 800x600 so im wondering if...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] Windows has stopped GPU device after vbios

    Hi everyone, I flashed a different vbios for my Zephyrus S GX107GX 9750H Now no matter what drivers i install , the GPU is not recognized by Windows and device manager says there's an error with the drivers. The GPU is also not detected by CPUZ etc. Any way to fix this situation? When i...
  29. C

    [SOLVED] my 980Ti has a super-weird issue

    so, my 980Ti will install nvidia driver 365.19, but that's the latest it gets for some odd reason. Anyway, when i try to install nay other drivers, it just won't install, even if nvidia says they're installed. Weirdly enough, when I install the new drivers, gpu-z says that the new version is...
  30. NM-NM

    [SOLVED] Undervolt Settings For (sapphire RX580 8GB pulse)

    My GPU runs too hot until restart. I need to undervolt so it runs cooler. I don't need high frame rates or resolutions as my screen is 1080p and 60Hz. I think I should edit vBios itself. But I want to use something like AMD Adrenaline Tuning until I get the best settings for the GPU. The...
  31. iwantofixmegpu

    [SOLVED] help i flashed the wrong gpu bios onto my rx 470

    hello i flashed the wrong gpu bios for the rx 470 my model is XFX RS RX 470 Triple X Edition but i flahsed the non tripple x version i didnt save my vbios and cant find the exact vbios i need to techpowerup help what should i do note my gpu still works i am using it right now but it hs lost...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] My Zotac AMP 2060 has a max power target of 100% In MSI AB

    According to this link from tech power-up my current Zotac RTX 2060 AMP should have a 111% power target, but mine is only at 100%. Do I have an old BIOS? I bought this card in March of 2019, the Box has AMP marketing on it, is there a chance they put the wrong card in the box and I've been...
  33. Yunirang324

    Question RX580 4gb Nitro+ Sapphire vBIOS flash Help

    Hello, The bios switches on my rx 580 4gb nitro+ does not have any effect to the card whatsoever. The clock speeds remain at 1340 mhz boost and 1750 mhz memory clock. I was trying to flash bios to one of my switch options. What is the correct vbios to update to? Here is my GPU Z Page...
  34. Torabi121

    Question RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming D2 vBIOS Update Not Working

    Greetings! I've recently purchased a Phantom Gaming RX 5600 XT D2 but it came with the old bios (being I tried to flash the newest BIOS from the ASRock website, followed the steps correctly but after opening the Update cmd file I got an error in the command prompt saying...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] gtx 660 bricked after flashing vbios

    Today i bricked my gpu. (Gigabyte gtx 660) Long story short, i had some issues with its performance, and since reinstalling the drivers with DDU didn't solve the problem, i decided to flash vbios (yeah i know I'm stupid) I don't know if I even did it right, but i downloaded it from the...
  36. upadhyayadity894

    Question Gpu laggy and underperforming on driver update

    I had flashed https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/213649/213649 bios on my gpu and it was working fine on latest 446.14 game ready drivers. Today after 10 days, I thought of reinstalling drivers, I used ddu to remove and then again reinstall drivers, as soon as...
  37. E

    [SOLVED] I messed up the VBIOS

    So the "long story short": i bought an used Sapphire RX 580 8GB Special Edition like a month ago, and the guy mentioned that he messed up the second (silent) VBIOS, so that doesn't work at all, my motherboard was hanging on VGA debug LED if i wanted to use it. I decided to fix it, so i started...
  38. Chaingunchris

    Question Bricked my 1080 ti with a bad bios. But its detected in windows and not nvflash. Is there hope?

    I tried to reinstall graphics drivers, i tried to make a freedos boot usb and use that. NVflash REFUSES to see the card. windows device manager sees it and gives an error code 43
  39. dukeuser

    [SOLVED] GPU factory flashed vBIOS?

    I bought an RTX 2080 Duke OC like 4 months ago. I just downloaded MSI Live Update. It shows my GPU bios version, and I searched it on google because I was curious. I just found out it is an unverified version on techpowerup. This is the one I have right now...
  40. T

    [SOLVED] Purple Screen and incorrect VBIOS on my RX 580

    So I bought a used Gigabyte Auorus RX 580 8gb that was used for mining. It didn't even work when I got it but I eventually got drivers on it and now it works fine until I was playing Destiny 2 last night and the game randomly froze, I saw some artifacts, then the screen turned Purple/Pink and...