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  1. Travanj

    [CASE] What MID TOWER case has 4x3.5 bay and a clear side panel?

    I've been trying to search for some good case that can hold AT LEAST 4x3.5HDD with a clear side. SO far haven't found any. Maybe you guys can recommend me one? Oh by the way, my Mobo is ATX and my current cooler has a height of around 160mm
  2. S

    Computer keeps freezing when playing games

    Hello! So basically, I've been trying to play WoW for a while now, but basically when I have the game open, it freezes my PC every so often. It'll freeze when I try and load up a character, I'll run around for 2 seconds, and it'll freeze again and it'll keep doing it, but when it freezes it...
  3. M

    CPU Heirchy Chart

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cpu-hierarchy,4312.html I assume the desirable ones are tier 1 and tier 2, am I right? Refurbished computer CPU availability. I can get an i5-3570 in the first tier 2nd I can get i5-2400, i5-3470T and i5-3470, 3rd tier I can get i3-2120, i3-2100, i3-3220...
  4. G

    With a very strict budget, should I buy another ASUS Strix 970 for SLI? A few additional questions about my build.

    Hello everyone and I hope you're having a great Father's Day! I'm considering purchasing another ASUS Strix 970 for SLI and my budget right now is $150 and no higher so I would have to find a deal on eBay, take a risk and buy used. I've been gaming a bit more lately and right now I'm playing...
  5. M

    Is this a good gaming rig? It's my first time so I'm not sure if there are better deals.

    PC part picker link ( https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Mr.Milky/saved/#view=xh7cCJ )
  6. A

    PC monitor display turns off and on

    hello i am using HP 2311f monitor, while reading text content, nothing happens but when i try to see the images or videos the screen display turns on and off continuously for every 4-5 seconds. but the power light is still blue/green, not in a sleep mode. what could be problem. it happen also...
  7. Lars01

    Best Thermal paste for NH-D15?

    So, the Noctua NT-H1 paste that case with the cooler is used up, so i used Arctic MX-4. The result was 10 degrees higher temperature on my i7 6700k. From 57 to 67 degrees. The cpu is not overclocked. Should i get a new tube of NT-H1 or did i just take too much paste on?
  8. A

    Logitech G700s vs Corsair M65 RGB

    Hello, I have the razer taipan and it's making me problems for over 2 years that i got it (you can look in my threads to see). I want to buy a new gaming mouse. I play GTA V, CSGO, Far Cry and all of these new games, so I doesn't really need a pro special 80000$ gaming mouse. I thought about...
  9. B

    Is this Computer Build Ok?

    I made this computer build and was wondering if it will work out? http://prntscr.com/92jl7v
  10. R

    Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 5 Heatsink "Protector"

    Hi guys, one question... I havea a gigabyte motherboard GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 and it has two like heatsink "protectors"(?), red/black/white color, one on top and other on the left side, i notice it has little spings and it moves if you pull/push it... My questions are if this move is normal? Whats...
  11. M

    plz quick help for upgrading

    hi guys i have hp pc 500-501nx the specs : http://support.hp.com/rs-en/document/c04584005 my motherboard : Memphis2-S i want to upgrade my gpu the pc come with nividia gtx 745 oem . . and the power supply is just 180 w i will upgrade it too can i upgrade to nividia gtx 950 and what is...
  12. S

    Power turned off now computer won't boot

    I was taking a shower and at some point my step-dad had to fix something with the electric, so he shut everything off in the powerbox. When I came back i saw my computer was off so i went to go turn it on and all i got were two short beeps, followed by nothing coming up on the screen. The lights...
  13. H

    What monitors should I use for a triple monitor setup?

    Hi guys, So I have just finished my first PC build that I have been saving up for over the last few months to put together and want to go triple monitor for gaming and general use, only problem im facing is what monitors I should be going for and that aren't overly expensive, around £200 or less...
  14. U

    Comctl32.dll is missing

    How do I get it back? I can't even download or install anything.
  15. M

    did i fry my graphics card?

    i just wanna know guys... i pumped my evga gtx 750ti 2gb up too 400-500 mhz onmsi afterburner and ran it for a few days... did i goof up? or am i ok I NEED TO KNOW PLZ
  16. O

    Do you need a good GPU for 2560x1080?

    Title says all, I've got a 770 2gb at the moment and am wondering if I should upgrade (from 1920x1080) to a nice looking, nice priced, 2560x1080 screen. Thanks
  17. L

    Cloning HDD content to SSD, make SSD primary drive

    Hello, I have recently purchased a samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd. I installed it into my computer via sata power and data cables, and then I used the accompanying samsung data migration software to clone the hdd. My goal is to use the SSD as a primary drive for OS, games, and most of my video...
  18. L

    GTX 970 or 960 for photo editing?

    Heavy photo editing and business system needing to be configured. Trying to keep the budget in control but don't want to sacrifice quality. Which would be better for photo editing - GTX 970 or 960? Do I need overclocking. No gaming involved.
  19. V

    How do I change hard drive name?

    How do I change the hard drive name, "Seagate Expansion+" to a legal linux file name? I literally can't find a way to change the name, anywhere. Thanks! Dora