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  1. S

    Plan to buy a silent good PC

    Bits on my PC either are breaking or making too much noise, so I'm gonna changing the whole lot. I've already added a few new bits such as my graphics card and my case (so those won't change). My current setup: Fractal Define Desire S, with 2 standard case fans i3570k CPU with Coolermaster...
  2. J

    Will my PSU fit in my mid tower chassis

    I have cooler master elite 310 and i dunno if this PSU will fits in my Mid tower chassis My buying PSU is THERMALTAKE LITEPOWER 500W BLACK EDITION Plss. Answer before i buy it
  3. A

    Pc Crashing when i load into a game of csgo

    Ive just installed my new r9 280x, and its all going well until i try and play csgo... my pc crashes and im not sure why can anyone give advice Pc specs: Cpu: A10 7850K 3.7ghz Gpu: R9 280X Ram: 8gb Voltage: 600w Could i be bottlenecking?
  4. X

    How to set maximum temperature limit for GTX 960m

    My ASUS rog GL551JW GTX 960m is Throttling when temperature reach 75C. I was wondering for awhile why it seems that my temperature would stop dead at 75C and then drop to 70~71C when playing The Witcher 3 or when benchmarking and notice lag, also fps drops. Nvidia inspector is unable to...
  5. J

    Replaced GPU and PSU and am getting 3 beeps on boot up!

    So I recently bought the "HAWK R9 270x" GPU and a 650W PSU and placed them into the correct spots in my PC. When I boot up my PC I get 3 beeps and the fans and lights come on. i have found that 3 beeps means there is a problem with the RAM so I reseated both of my 4 GB sticks and tried removing...
  6. S

    PC fps not as high as expected?

    Hi guys, This is my first post on this forum. I have recently upgraded my PC to the components below: Case : NZXT phantom (full tower) + 6 fans (3 w LEDs) PSU: seasonic 520W (had it from previous build. 3Y old) GPU: GTX 970 G1 gaming. CPU: 4790K i7 CPU cooler: CM V6 GT Motherboard: Gigabyte...
  7. S

    i-7 3770 Won't Reach Full Boost Clock

    I have raised the boost clock on my i7-3770 through my motherboard's BIOS, but my 3770 never reaches its maximum boost clock. I have it raised to a turbo boost of 4.3Ghz, but it only goes up to 4.08Ghz under load.
  8. B

    Should I keep my purchase of the GTX 970 and i5-4690K cpu?

    Ok so about a week ago I purchased the MSI GTX 970 for $299 and it was backordered, so it won't be coming here until like mid-February. Now a few days after I ordered it, news started coming out that the GTX 970 doesn't utilize 4 GB of VRAM, and only goes to 3.5, the other 0.5 is stored and...
  9. JustCallMeAllen

    SSD + HDD Storage and OS Help

    Okay guys, I have my Windows and all of my files stored on my 1TB WD green. I have 131 GB of info on there. I just got my Kingston 240GB SSD and I am trying to run my OS off of the SSD, and keep all of my files on the HDD. I have been working on this for at least a day or so now and I cannot...
  10. H

    Pc reboots when gaming

    Hi, I built my PC about a month ago and it worked with no problems at all when gaming (66h in Skyrim). Now when i game my pc reboots randomly in the game (up to a few hours of gaming). At first i tried to unplug and plug in my PCIe connectors, when i turned my pc on it displayed a message...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Black screen after windows logo after installing new video card.

    So these are the steps I took upgrading from my gtx 680: 1. Removed old card. 2. Installed new card. 3. Uninstalled old drivers using ddu. 4. Installed the new drivers. So when I restarted my computer for things to take effect, the windows logo appears and the startup windows sound when it...
  12. G

    In need of a little help

    Ok, so here's the deal. I have a Nox Urano 500w psu (i know its not much), will this psu be able to handle a GTX660 or a R9 270X ? Oh, and which of this cards would you choose? Thanks
  13. R

    Why does my pc turn off and on?

    Hi, I need help with my computer because it all started when I was playing elite dangerous and went to exit out to get ready for bed. but then as I was exiting the game my computer just turned off. about two seconds later it turned on, another 2 seconds it turned off and it repeats over and...
  14. K

    traffic on UDP protocol is 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP

    My LAN monitoring software show that I have a lot of traffic on UDP, 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP. Also, I've noticed that upload is 4 times bigger than download. I want to know if is usual or not? What kind of services or applications use UDP protocol? Can be identified the application...
  15. spi_ajay

    help me buy 27" monitor for my config?

    hello, my config is fx6300 asus m5a97 r2.0 mobo corsair vengeance 12gb 1600Mhz asus r9 280 dcu ii top 3gb seagate baracudda 7200rpm hard disk asus xonar dx sound card cooler master 212x hyper cpu cooler corsair vs650 ,650w power supply unit nzxt 230h case keyboard razer deathstalker mouse razer...
  16. N.Broekhuijsen

    Nvidia's Board Partners: GTX 980 And 970 Card Roundup

    Yesterday Nvidia launched its Maxwell-based GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics cards, and today we bring you a roundup of various cards from the company's authorized board partners. Nvidia's Board Partners: GTX 980 And 970 Card Roundup : Read more
  17. S

    Whats the reason to slow down My Western digital internal hard disk?

    I have freshly installed win 8.1 on WD hard drive and it took half a day for installation to complete and its taking too long to boot..... So anybody suggest me what to do?
  18. R

    Haswell OC Instability at 4.1GhZ

    I've been trying to OC my Intel 4770k and every time I try to bump up the Clock Speed even to a modest 4.1Ghz I get a BSOD with the error CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. I have attempted to overvolt the CPU up to 1.26V and continue to get the same error. My System: Asus Maximus VI gene Intel i7-4770k...
  19. R

    Swap the Mobo for Same Price?

    Hey guys, I recently found out that the motherboard of this build isn't compatible with USB 3.0. I understand that the case comes with an adapter for USB 2.0, but I figured it is better to have a newer Motherboard. Can anyone swap out the Mobo for one that is compatible with USB 3.0 for about...
  20. E

    Unable to see partition at bios

    Hey there, I've recently made a clean format of my HDD with two seperate partitions for Windows and Linux. I installed Linux (ubuntu) first after formatting my drive and everything was fine. After this I installed Windows (7 Home Premium) and the installation went fine without a hitch...